Expedition to Uranus
Chapter 1

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Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenage girl working at a planetarium seduces her co-worker and is seduced in turn by her boss.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Workplace  

I jumped out of my car and ran into the planetarium. I went into the control room so Mr. Simple could see me and see that I was there on time. I looked at the clock and damn ... I was even one minute early. Maybe that would make up for yesterday. He finally noticed me and nodded, and I found a chair and sat in the back. Mr. Simple was going over some changes to the script with Dennis and I tried to pay attention so it wouldn’t surprise me later on. Not that anything would be required of me. Once the people were seated we basically pushed the start button and tried to stay awake for an hour. The computers ran the whole show, we almost weren’t needed, and there sure as hell wasn’t need for two people, but I think Mr. Simple thought it looked professional to have people in the control booth. And, for all the people in the audience knew we were doing the whole show by hand.

I’d been lucky to get this job for the summer and Mr. Simple had told me that he’d probably keep me on after school started, if I worked out. Whatever that meant. So far, his only problem with me was my occasional lateness, but I was working on that. Today was a good start.

Dennis was okay, for a co-worker. He was kinda growing on me, weirdly. I almost hadn’t liked him at first, he was cool and standoff-ish, but got along good, and ... well, he was okay. Not super, but okay. Dennis is smarter than he looks, he’s a football goon, but he’s on the honor roll, too, and he’s kind of a science nut. He really gets into the space stuff here and I think this is his dream job. I let him push the button every night to start the show, he really gets off on that. I just laugh at him and relax and, like I said, try to stay awake.

The first show starts at ten in the morning, and then there’s one every hour until closing time. We have to hurry people in and out, there’s barely ten minutes between shows. I gotta admit that I think the only reason I got hired was because of my looks. I’m cute, I know it, and I accept that. I think Mr. Simple likes the aesthetic appeal of Dennis and I, a handsome guy and a cute girl, welcoming people into the planetarium. I saw a picture of the girl that worked here before me, and she was pretty damn cute, too. My looks have gotten me things in the past, and I guess this is no different. Like I said, I accept it. And, of course, when it’s convenient, I play it a little.

Like now. Mr. Simple was done with Dennis, and Dennis made his usual trip to the restroom before the shift started. I’d make mine, here in a few. But first Mr. Simple had to flirt with me a while. We did this almost every day, he’d start out asking me about my day, and get chattier and chattier, and after a while we’d be talking like old girlfriends. I know he likes me a lot, too much probably, but I don’t mind, I suppose I see it as part of my job, giving a lonely old married man a few cheap thrills. Every now and then he even throws in an inappropriate remark, but I always just giggle, and roll my eyes. Whatever it takes, I tell myself.

Nothing but chat today, and then I hurried off to the lady’s room with ten minutes to spare. When I got back people were starting to file in for the first show and I joined Dennis at the door and checked tickets. Ten minutes later we were in the control booth, and ready to go. I looked over the crowd one last time to make sure everyone was seated and nodded to Dennis. With a flourish, he pressed the “start” button, and the lights began to slowly dim. The muzak faded out, and the soundtrack to the show started. I sat, and grinned at Dennis. He smiled back, like he always did, and we sat back and stared at the screen, watching the gobbledygook that the computer spat out as it ran the show. The text was green, warnings were yellow, and actual errors were red. Luckily, nothing ever went wrong. Now the hard part. Staying awake.

The counter-top of the control booth is very high, for some reason, we can’t even see the people unless we stand up. I suppose it’s to hide the “magic” that we do, here in the control room, which is a joke since we don’t do anything but sit. The show droned on, stars and planets moved overhead, and I could see the top of the star ball as it moved to simulate time passing and seasons and precession and all that crap.

By the third show that afternoon, I was bored out of my mind, as I usually am by then. I tried reading on my phone but I got tired of that, too. I looked at Dennis. I’d worked beside him for the last month, but I realized I didn’t know anything about him. Where he lived, if he had a girlfriend, any of that stuff. I didn’t know anything about him, even though I’d gone to school with him pretty much my whole life. I leaned over towards him, and put my hand on his upper arm. He flinched at my touch, and for some reason I found that satisfying.

“Dennis,” I whispered, and his lips moved in reply.

“Who did you say your girlfriend was?” I whispered in his ear, and I felt him flinch again, beneath my touch.

“I...” he put his mouth against my ear, and whispered. His breath felt hot and ... damn ... it felt sexy, in my ear. “Chanelle ... I don’t have a ... girlfriend. I never said I did...”

Oh shit. Well, it was an honest mistake. What, though? A big strong manly guy like him didn’t have a girlfriend? Come to think of it, I’d never seen him with a girl, at school ... had he ever had one? I wondered.

“Sorry,” I whispered back, putting my mouth against his ear. I could smell him, this close, and he smelled pretty good.

“Who is your boyfriend?” he whispered, after we traded ears and mouths.

Well, shit. I guess that was only fair.

“Dennis ... I don’t have a boyfriend, either...” I whispered, half-way giggling. It did almost seem funny to me, that I had asked him that question but then wanted to clam up when he asked it of me. True, I didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d had them off and on over the years, but the last year nothing had happened. I don’t know why, I know I’m more than decent looking, and I think my personality is okay ... I think. I don’t know, though ... in a way, I’m okay with that ... I’m not ready to be tied down yet. I like to think of myself as a free agent ... although I’ve been pretty damn free, lately.

“Awww...” he whispered, and I giggled again.

“I ain’t worried, it’ll happen. You shouldn’t worry either.” I whispered back to him. He nodded.

“I ain’t worried ... much...” he whispered, and we both giggled again. I sat back and thought.

Dennis ... interesting ... I looked at him, sitting two feet from me. He was big and hunky, all muscle and no fat. Well, nothing special about that, I was some muscle and no fat, myself. And his face was ... attractive. Not a Greek god, but attractive. That hair, though ... I’d give him some advice there, about that hair. I stopped. What was I planning? Did I really want to get involved with Dennis? Was it anything more than that he was just available? Did I feel an attraction to him? I decided to give it a few days thought, and see what I came up with. It looked like there was no real hurry needed.

The day passed, blessedly. Finally the last show was over, and we put the machines to bed. We signed out, and walked out to the parking lot. Everybody else, Mr. Simple and his secretary, had gone home hours ago.

“Chan...” Dennis had said, after he walked me to my car. He was nice and considerate like that.

“Yes?” I said, wondering.

“Chan, you are a great girl. Working with you is a ... pleasure...” he mumbled and kind of stumbled over the words, but I appreciated what he said. I grabbed him and hugged him, giggling at the look of surprise on his face.

“Thanks, Dennis,” I said. “You’re a lot of fun too. I’d hate this job, ‘cept for you.”

I thought about giving him a quick kiss, but I decided that would be pushing the pace a bit. I still needed to think about this. He headed for his truck, and I got in my car and drove home, thinking.

By the next day, I’d decided. Yes, I felt an attraction to him. He was gentle, soft-spoken, and a gentleman. I could do much worse. Actually, I had, in the past. Now, I thought, now just make it happen.

That night was fun, for some reason. Dennis seemed more outgoing, and braver. He put his hand on my shoulder for the longest, for no reason. We talked and talked. It was like we both knew. It was like fate, or destiny, or something. That night, we walked to the parking lot after the place had shut down. We stood there, in the dusky twilight, and talked.

We talked about all kinds of goofy shit, and it was fun to just talk. I realized, almost with a start, that we were falling in love with each other. This was it, this was happening right before my eyes. Shit. It’d never happened like this before. All those times I’d thought I was in love with somebody? This time it was for real. Well, kinda, at least. I had some hesitation, then ... like I said, I did like my freedom ... was I ready for this? For something this ... this intense? Was it going to be intense? It was looking like that.

Without really realizing it we’d gravitated closer and closer to each other, like those stupid planets in the show. I finally realized our arms were touching. I sighed. Let it happen, I thought. I can always back out later, if it’s not meant to be. Let it happen.

On impulse I snuggled up against his side, and, just as natural as could be, he raised his arm so I could fit beneath it. He slowly carefully put his arm down, over my shoulders, and suddenly we were standing there, like a couple.

“Chanelle...” he said, slowly. I looked out of the side of my eye at him, and said, “What?”

“Chanelle ... I really like you, Chanelle ... is ... is there some chance in hell ... that you might kinda be my girlfriend?” I could tell he’d really had to get his courage up to ask that one, it showed. I wanted to giggle, but I realized that this was a very critical moment in our relationship.

I sighed. I put my finger on my lip and tapped it, like I was thinking about it. I rolled my eyes around, and finally looked at him again, without turning my head. His head was turned, and he was staring at me. I realized that I held his heart in my hand. If I crushed it, he would probably be scarred for life. But that’s not why I said yes.

“Dennis ... I like you ... you are cool, and a nice guy...” I wasn’t sure where I was going with this. Didn’t I intend on saying yes?

I started again. “Dennis. Let me start again. Yes.” I said, and nodded at him.

I could tell he was greatly relieved. He turned into me, and put his other arm around me, and he hugged me to his body. He felt big and warm and strong, and I liked it. Maybe this will work out, I though. Maybe I won’t have to break his heart someday.

We just stood there, as darkness fell and he held me. I put my head down on his chest and let him hold me. I don’t know how much time went by. Finally I raised up.

“Dennis,” I said, “I gotta go. I’ll call you tonight, okay? Ten-ish?”

He nodded. He seemed to be waiting for something. Oh shit, I thought, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now. I leaned up, and we kissed, a quick little peck thing. My first kiss in months. It wasn’t exactly burning with passion, but it was a nice start.

“Night!” I said, and then as an afterthought, “love you!”

He laughed and waved. “I love you too, darlin’,” and I felt like he really meant it. I was pleased that he was brave enough to say that out loud, I know some guys aren’t into all that lovey-dovey shit. He seemed strong and confident in his masculinity. Or something.

That was Saturday. I did call him that night, and we spent a few hours talking, deep into the night. I finally laid on my side, my phone under my ear on my pillow, and mumbled to him, and listened to him talk. I can’t remember what we talked about, just stuff mostly. Finally I let my hand creep between my legs, and I wiggled my finger on my clitty bump, like I do most nights. That felt good, and it made me kind of horny, and got tired of talking about mundane shit.

“Dennis,” I whispered in the phone, “you ever done it?”

“Done what?” he said, the jerk, of course he knew what I was talking about.

“You know, it,” I said. “Had sex. The vertical mambo, or whatever they call it.”

“Horizontal,” he said, laughing.

“I’m sure it’s been done vertically,” I said. “Have you?”

“No...” he said, and I could tell he was embarrassed.

“Dennis, it’s no big deal. I haven’t either,” I said. “And some of my friends, even, haven’t. Sure some have, but some haven’t. It’ll happen.”

“Yeah...” he said. Guys, I thought. It’s probably a contest, with guys, to see who can lose it the quickest.

I was silent for a while. “Do you think we will?” I asked, trying to make my voice sound sexy.

“Will what?” he said. Dammit, I thought, I’m trying hard here. Work with me.

“I guess we won’t,” I said, trying to sound pathetic.

“Oh, we might,” he said. “I think there’s a good chance of it.”

I laughed. I was seeing possibilities myself. Dennis might be the right guy to pop my cherry. At the moment, I’d sure as hell let him. I wished he was here right now.

“Dennis,” I whispered, sounding sexy again. “If you were here, I’d probably let you...”

“If I were there,” he whispered back, “I’d probably do it...”

We both giggled. I felt that familiar ache in my upper thighs, and my stomach contracted. I was going to cum. I wanted to cum while he talked to me.

“Talk to me honey. Tell me why you like me,” I said.

He laughed, and started talking.

Sunday afternoon Dennis came and got me, and we went to the mall and ate, and then walked around and looked at shit. We finally stopped and sat on a bench and talked.

“Dennis,” I said, whispering. He leaned in to hear me and I smelled him. He smelled good, for a guy.

“You really made me feel...” I wanted to say horny, but I wasn’t brave enough. “Good. You made me feel good last night. In a ... uh ... special way...”

He laughed. I almost think he knew what I was talking about.

“You made me feel good, too,” he said, and he winked at me. Oh, I thought, why can’t we just come out and say it.

“What was your other hand doing?” I said. “Your hand that wasn’t holding the phone.” I giggled.

“Uh...” I think he was a little shocked, but he recovered nicely, and what he said next was satisfyingly naughty. “Chanelle. My phone was laying on my pillow. It takes both hands for some guys.”

I collapsed into giggles. I wondered if he was telling the truth. I looked down at his crotch, and he did seem to have a nice lump. I looked up and instantly turned red, he’d been watching me look at his lump. He just smiled at me and finally I grinned.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, and we both laughed. We killed a few more hours, and he took me home. We kissed again when he let me out, a little longer this time, and a bit more satisfying. No tongue yet, though.

When I went in my house my mom asked me about him and I told her most everything, except for the naughty parts.

“Chanelle,” she said. “I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk to you. Sit down, dear.”

I sat, thinking, oh shit. We’d already had “the talk” a few years ago. I know where babies come from. What the hell was this about?

“Chanelle...” she seemed strangely hesitant. I nodded helpfully. “Darling ... I don’ want you to think I’m encouraging you ... I don’t want that at all...”

Oh shit, I thought. This is about the pill. Getting me on the pill. I’d thought of that just yesterday, that just in case something happened between Dennis and me ... I’d like to be on it. I’ll say yes, if she offers, I told myself.

Sure enough, that’s what it was. We had a nice long talk, and I told her I planned on waiting until I was married, and all that crap that parents want to hear. She said she just didn’t want me to ruin my life with a baby, and she thought it would be a good idea to get me on the pill. I agreed, I tried to seem a little unsure and hesitant, but I agreed. She told me she’d make an appointment with our family doctor. Finally I was able to flee to my room, where I immediately called Dennis.

“Dennis, I just had a talk with my mom, and she thinks it’d be a good idea to put me on the pill.” I couldn’t help giggling. The timing just seemed so perfect. It was fate, I felt like.

“Okay...” he seemed a little nonplussed or something.

“Well,” I said, “I’m not sayin’ it’ll happen ... but just in case, I’ll be prepared, know what I mean?”

“Yeah, Chanelle, that’s cool. Do you want it to happen?”

“Well ... maybe ... maybe someday...” I didn’t want to seem to eager.

He laughed. “Maybe someday it will,” he said.

Monday I got to work early and Dennis finally showed up. We got ready for the show to start, I got my little chat with Mr. Simple over with, and we finally started shoveling people into the planetarium.

After Dennis pushed the button, we looked at each other and smiled. I think he was thinking just what I was thinking, an hour of darkness, in fairly secure privacy. I scooted my chair over to his and nuzzled his arm with mine.

“What you wanna do?” he whispered. I put my mouth to his ear.

“Nothin’,” I said, “just sit and watch the show.” I stuck my tongue in his ear and licked. He jerked away from me and I heard him laugh slightly. I stayed in his face and when he turned his head I kissed him.

“Chanelle,” he whispered, “we can’t start that shit here. We’ll get busted for sure.”

“Oh, Dennis,” I whispered back, “when’s the last time Mr. Simple even came in here during a show? Has he ever, in fact?”

Dennis looked puzzled, then said, “I guess you’re right.”

From there on, it was kiss kiss kiss. Every now and then one of us peeked over the top of the enclosure, to make sure the audience was behaving. And I noticed Dennis kept an eye on the computer, not that anything ever happened there.

Within thirty minutes, his chair was scooted back and I was in his lap. He had his hands around me, and his tongue in his mouth. I felt like I was getting pretty good at the kissing stuff, I mean, I’d kissed boys before, but never like this. We licked each other’s tongues, and all kinds of shit. I was great fun and sexier than hell.

“Dennis,” I whispered, trying to keep my voice low. “Dennis, unsnap my bra...”

He got a rabbit-in-headlights look for a moment and then I felt his fingers fumbling on my back. My boobs sagged free, and damn, it felt good. I love going bra-less, although I sure don’t want my tits to get saggy. But I expected to feel his hands on them, before long.

And I wasn’t disappointed. His fingers crept up my back, then around my sides under my arms. I felt his touch on the sides of my tits, and just melted.

“Oh yes, honey,” I breathed, breathing into his mouth. He laughed soundlessly. A few minutes later I felt his hesitant touch on my nipple, and god, it got me hot and bothered. He squeezed, and pinched my nipples, and I felt my pussy oozing juice.

I was sitting in his lap facing him, with my legs spread wide, around his stomach. I reached up and unsnapped my jeans, and pulled them open at the top. I took his hands and guided them back to my butt. For some reason I wanted to feel his hands on my ass. Pretty quick I did, and I laughed evilly to myself. This was turning out nicely.

And shit. The ending music started. It’d be twenty minutes before we could continue this shit. I got up off him, seeing disappointment on his face. I laughed and he smiled. He knew we’d get to keep going, during the next show. I stood, snapped my jeans, and hooked my bra back together. I leaned down, gave him a long kiss and finally sat back down as the lights started coming up.

“Chanelle,” Dennis said softly, as the last people filed out of the auditorium. “You are the sexiest thing ever. God I love you.”

I laughed at him. Of course he thought that, since I was probably the only girl that’d ever let him do this shit. Of course he loved me.

“Dennis, you’re not too bad, for a guy,” I said. I reached down and pinched the lump in his pants. It was almost too hard to pinch. God, I thought, he must really like me. He jumped when I pinched him, and I smiled.

“C’mon, let’s get the folks in here, so we can take up where we left off.”

I lay in bed that night, thinking. It had been a fun evening. But he was right, we really needed to watch it, or we’d get caught. People had looked over the railing, before, at least before the show started. I couldn’t ever remember somebody doing it after, but then, it was usually so dark in there for all I knew somebody did. I’m sure at least a few technical-minded guys wondered what we did back there. But, so what if they caught a peek.

Dennis had rubbed my ass, over my jeans and then finally inside them. The feeling of his fingers on my bare skin was electrifying, to say the least, and I was so horny I fingered myself in the car on the way home. I had hoped he’d touch my asshole and even maybe my cunt, but Dennis is slow and methodical, he’d have to get there in his own time. Maybe tomorrow night. I really looked forward to tomorrow night.

And for good reason. Tuesday was just too much. The first show had barely started when I was on top of him, my mouth glued to his, my arms on his strong shoulders. I had unsnapped and unzipped my slacks before I crawled on top of him, and within a minute his hands were down the back of my pants. I had planned for this.

“Darling,” I whispered in his ear, “rub my butthole!”

I could see the surprise in his face, even in the dark. I giggled. I felt his hesitant touch, creeping closer and closer to my bootyhole.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered, blowing hot air into his ear, “I took a shower right before I came.”

“I don’t care,” he said, his breath hot in my ear, “I don’t care if you just pooped!”

I giggled at that, and sure enough, I felt his touch on the center of my being. He did just what I asked, rubbed his finger on it, almost in it, and it felt fantastic. It was kinda sweaty, and his finger slid around easily on me.

“Oh, baby,” I said into his mouth, “oh yes yes yes...”

He laughed silently, and I felt his finger press directly into my asshole. Was he brave enough? I thought. He pushed a little further. It looked like it. Soon his whole finger was inside my body, and it felt wonderful.

“Deeper!” I commanded, and he giggled quietly, and pushed his finger a little harder. God, this was turning me on, my pussy was flowing like a river. I could feel how wet my panties were.

He wiggled his finger, and I felt it moving deep inside my body. Suddenly he yanked it halfway out. I had sat back from him a little, and I could see a funny look on his face.

“What?” I whispered. He looked apologetic and a bit flustered.

“I ... I touched something.”

Oh shit, I thought. Literally. I’d actually done that once myself, I was playing around and I stuck my finger in my butthole and touched a turd. I reminded myself to try my best to poop before coming to work in the future.

“Dennis, I’m sorry,” I whispered. “Just don’t stick that finger in your mouth.”

The look on his face was worth a million bucks. I almost laughed out loud. There’s just something about shit that really puts the damper on fun, though. It took him a while to get back in the mood. I was still rarin’ to go.

“Dennis,” I said, after he’d pulled his finger out of my ass and wiped on the bottom of his shoe. “Dennis, go wash your hands during the intermission. There’s something I want you to do when the next show starts.”

“What?” he whispered. I started to say it was a secret, then I thought, hell, give him something to look forward to.

“I want you to play with my pussy,” I whispered. He gulped and I giggled.

“You ever touched one before?” I asked, and he shook his head. So I asked, “you ever seen one before?” He shook his head again.

Well, shit. I would be to dark to really show it to him good. Maybe that could wait until we could be alone somewhere else. He could at least feel me off, and maybe he could figure out how to make me cum. That would be the coolest, although we’d have to be really careful and quiet.

The show ended. I rushed off, to the girl’s restroom, hurriedly pinched a loaf, and washed my asshole with wet paper towels. Dennis was waiting impatiently for me, we were almost a minute late. I rushed in, we sat, and he punched the start button.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered in his ear, “I had to poop. Did you wash your hands?”

He giggled and nodded. It turned me on to share such intimate information with him. I wondered if he was man enough to be in the bathroom with me when I pooped. I wondered if I’d be brave enough to do it with him in there.

I sat in my chair, to give the show a few minutes to start, before I assaulted him. I thought about things. You know, I thought ... I’m ready to show him my pussy, and I haven’t seen him yet. I haven’t seen his weenie. His cock. I haven’t seen any of my boyfriend’s cocks, actually. Although ... I have seen a cock, before. And hell, touched it even. Once, many years ago, when I was maybe eleven, we were at the lake. My Uncle Frank, my dad’s brother, was there ... we were staying on his houseboat, in fact. Once he took me off into the woods on a hike ... I hadn’t thought much about him until then, I mean, I could tell he liked me and he thought I was cute ... he stared at me a lot. In the woods, he suddenly said, “Excuse me!” and pulled his weenie out and started peeing. I giggled and looked at it, it was pretty long, and it got longer the more I stared at it. When he got done he said, “You wanna touch it?” Finally I reached out and touched the end of it. It was so funny, it was hard and warm. Some clear sticky stuff got on my fingers, even. He said, “Big girls put these in their mouths. Do you want to do that?” but I didn’t, I’d just seen him pee out of it, and I didn’t want to get pee in my mouth. Still ... it was kinda fascinating, and I’d thought of it many times over the years. I realized if I had to do it now, I’d do it. Hell yeah, I’d stick it in my mouth.

“Dennis...” I whispered in his ear. “Get it out...”

He didn’t look puzzled, at least. He knew right away what “it” was. He laughed softly and sat back in his chair, fumbling with his zipper. I could see him plainly since the first part of the show was pretty bright, showing planets and stuff. He unzipped his pants, and stuck his hand in the slit. I realized I was holding my breath. At last he pulled it out. Oh, I thought, that is cool. He had a really nice dick, even bigger than what I remembered my Uncle Frank’s being. And those ball things! He pulled them out, also. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I leaned forward, and examined him as closely as I could.

“Chani...” he said softly, “touch it. Please...”

I did just that, I grabbed it with both hands. He was almost right, it almost took two hands to cover the whole length of it. It was pretty hard by now, and it felt cool and sexy in my hands. I squeezed it and tugged on it, and heard him sigh. Oh, I thought, this is cool. This is too fucking cool.

We just did that for a while, I pulled and stroked and rubbed his dick, and he relaxed and enjoyed it. That sticky slippery stuff was leaking out the end of it, and I smeared it all around on the cap of his weenie. I finally just took hold of it with one hand, and pumped up and down on it. And I played with his balls with my other hand. After a while of doing that, though, he grabbed my hand and made me stop.

“I’ll squirt if you keep that up,” he whispered, and I giggled.

“Dennis...” I sat forward, and placed my lips against his ear. “Dennis ... I’m going to do something now ... I don’t want you to think badly of me for it, though. Some people only think bad girls do it.”

His eyes got round at that. I wondered if he’d thought this was even a possibility. I slid out of my chair, and onto my knees. I crawled forward, until his dick was right in my face. Here goes, I thought, opened my mouth, and gulped him inside.

Oh, it was cool. It felt so cool, in my mouth. Why had I waited so long to do this? I wondered. I’d had a girlfriend, Destiny, tell me once about sucking her boyfriend’s cock. I halfway thought she was making it sound more fun than it probably was, but I know now exactly what she meant. It’s fun, it’s hella fun. The feel of it in my mouth was unreal. And I knew he was loving it, I knew it felt great.

I sucked hard, and drew it out until my lips were on the cap. I plunged it back in then, to the bottom. It almost made me gag but it felt sexier than shit. Just to suck it and to feel his hard stiffness in my mouth totally got me off. I’m sucking cock, I told myself. I felt my pussy just streaming juice.

I have no idea how long I went on. At long last I felt him touch me on the shoulder. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“Chani, baby, I’m about to cum...” I nodded and sucked harder. At this stage I didn’t care. I’d still suck, no matter what. All I cared about was the feeling of that stiff tube of flesh in my mouth. I pumped in and out even harder, every now and then scraping the bottom of it with my teeth. My right hand was full of his balls and I cupped them like two fat grapes and gently squeezed.

I felt things inside his body tense up, and finally he did it. My mouth was flooded with liquid, and after the second squirt I hastily gulped it down. After that it was squirt, swallow, squirt, swallow. I had the rhythm down by then and it was easy, although a little bit spilled out of my mouth.

Finally it was over and I felt him getting softer in my mouth. I gave him one last long suck and dropped it. The look on his face was worth a million bucks, I could tell he’d loved it, and I could tell he loved me. I smiled up at him, and he held his arms out to me. I rose half-way, and we hugged.

“Oh, Chanelle ... that was wonderful,” he said, “I love you, darling, I love you. God, I love you.”

I laughed softly. Of course he loved me. Who else would put his weenie in their mouth? I sat down, wiping my chin. The end music was playing. We’d play some more, next show.

We did play more, that day. That’s all we did, in fact. The third show I pulled my slacks and panties down, and let him play with my pussy. He was content for a few minutes, then he, too, slid down to his knees. I stood and bravely slid my slacks and panties all the way off, placing them on the counter-top so I could get back in them in a hurry. This way I could spread my legs like I needed to. And spread them I did, sitting back down, and he nestled inbetween my thighs. The next forty minutes were the most wonderful I’ve ever had. His tongue just drove me mad. He licked and sucked and slurped me, and within just a few minutes I came, the first of many that day. I just sat there and shivered and shook and trembled and came, and a few minutes later I came again. And again. He licked hard, right on my clit, and it just sent shock waves through my whole body.

“Chanelle,” he whispered, rising up to put his mouth at my ear. “Chanelle, turn over so I can kiss your butt!”

We both giggled and I stood, then turned and lay down, my chest in the seat of my chair. He was back on his knees by then, and I felt his warm wet tongue touch me, right in the middle of my asshole. Oh shit, I thought, he really did it. He loves me enough to lick my asshole. He knows I just pooped a while ago, but he’s still licking me there. It made me love him all that much more. It felt good, not as good as when he was licking my clit, but it still felt good. Good and sexy.

The end music started. He sat back down, and apparently he’d had his cock out, because I could see him putting it back up. I got dressed, and we finished out the show. I had a bad case of the giggles as we stood by the door while everybody filed out, thinking what we’d just done, wondering what these people would think if they saw us, his dick in my mouth or his tongue on my asshole. It’s better they don’t know, I thought to myself.

It was a few days before we went any further, though. What we were doing, what we were getting away with was enough fun for a while. We kissed, licked, sucked and tongued each other until we were both pretty familiar with each other’s tastes. It was sexier than shit and every night I zoomed home and pounded the shit outa my clit. I would cum five or six times at the end of Dennis’ tongue or finger, then go home and jerk off again. I was sex-crazy, like hell.

My mom finally took me to the clinic and I got started on the pill. I wanted to ask how soon I could fuck, but I controlled myself, I didn’t want to shock the nurse. I decided to give it a few days, at least.

Although ... there was something we could do, that wouldn’t get me pregnant...

“Dennis,” I whispered in his ear, when the first show was almost completed. We’d been playing around like crazy, me in his lap, his hands on my pussy. His dick was out and I’d been pumping it, as he touched me.

“After the show’s over,” I said, “I’m gonna go poop. Then we can try something...”

He looked a little surprised. I giggled. He wasn’t an idiot, he could figure it out.

I barely made it back from the restroom in time, but we started right on the money. I sat back, smiled and winked at Dennis, and waited for a reasonable amount of time to pass. I had retrieved a small tube of hand lotion from my purse and I set it on the counter.

“Dennis,” I finally whispered. “Get your cock out. I’m gonna take my slacks off...” I did just that. I hadn’t worn panties today, to make things easier. I peeked over the counter-top at the heads under the darkened dome. Once again I giggled ... if those people only knew what we were doing ... it amused me.

Dennis had his cock out his zipper slit, and from what I could see of it in the dim light it was ready to play. I squirted a large blob of hand lotion into my fist, and wrapped it around his cock. I rubbed and stroked, working it in, getting it good and slick.

“Okay,” I whispered, my mouth to his ear. “I’m leaning against the desk, get behind me. And get it in my butt, not my pussy.”

He nodded, smiling. I leaned down, bracing myself with my arms against the desk. I felt him behind me, moving around. I handed the lotion over my shoulder, and moments later I felt his fingers on my asshole as he smeared it on me. I braced myself, waiting, and tried to relax.

When his cock touched my asshole, I tensed up and puckered hard. I just couldn’t help it. He pushed against me, but it wasn’t happening. I tried my damnedest to relax my sphincter muscles. Damn, though ... it’s hard ... every little touch and my butt tensed back up.

I finally reached back and grabbed his shirt, and pulled him into me, hoping he’d get the idea to push a little harder. It sucked that I couldn’t say “push harder.” He did, though, and I felt the head of his cock enter my body slightly. And damn, it hurt. It stung like fire. I hoped to shit he wasn’t tearing my rectum or something. I felt tears come in my eyes, it stung that bad. I’d still been pulling him towards me with his shirt but I stopped that shit. He seemed hesitant but I felt him push into me a little further. I liked Dennis’ dick, he had a nice one, and I’d greatly enjoyed the feeling of it in my mouth ... but at the moment I wished it wasn’t quite so big around.

God, then ... then the bottom just seemed to fall out of my stomach. He pushed really hard, and most of his cock slid into me. I made a little squeak, and slapped my hand over my mouth in horror. The soundtrack was pretty loud at that time and I hoped no one had heard.

Damn, my asshole hurt. It burned like fire. And still he just pushed in and in. How long was his dick again? Jeez ... I wondered if I’d be able to hold my poops in after this. I turned my head around as far as I could, hoping he was watching me. I opened my mouth, hoping he could read my lips from the side, but about that time I felt his hips touch my on my butt. He stopped. He was all the way in.

Weirdly, then it felt good. It felt good to be full of him, back there. It felt like that moment just as you poop, when your turds are poundin’ on the door, wantin’ out, and you let ‘em. I almost held my breath, wondering what it’d be like when he pulled out and pushed back in.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was pretty intense. I felt him slide out of me a few inches, and that was sexy, I could almost feel the cap of his cock sliding along my colon. Then he reversed direction, and I felt him push into my body again. Dennis fucked like he did everything else, slow, careful, and by the numbers. It was, like I said, pretty intense.

I’m still a virgin. I haven’t been fucked in my pussy. But my finger had gone there, many times. Two fingers, even. I’m not sure if I’m technically still a virgin. And, of course, now I’m certainly not a butt virgin. I giggled, in spite of the pain.

Dennis pumped me a third time, and a fourth. The pain was a lot less by now, and the pleasure was getting more pleasurable. I reached down for my clit with my right hand, remembering something I’d read online that said most people couldn’t cum from simple anal sex. I started frigging my clit as Dennis fucked my ass.

In the end, sadly, I didn’t cum. It was still a lot of fun, and anyway, I’d kinda done it for Dennis’ sake as much as anything. If he would have gone longer I probably could have came, but, it was okay. I knew before long he’d be fucking me proper, in my pussy.

I could feel when he came, he grabbed the sides of my ass hard, and pressed his fingers into me. I felt him tense and relax, tense and relax, and I knew he’d had his orgasm. I was glad to do it for him. I knew I’d get mine, sooner or later. I wanted to wait a few more days, to be sure my birth control pills were working.

I recognized from the music that we were maybe halfway through the show. Dennis slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, and I felt something wet slide down my crack. Ugh. Probably wet and messy. And now I’d have to sit here for another twenty minutes, with an ass-full of his sperm. I sighed. Sex isn’t all fun and games, I realized.

I could hardly wait for all the people to file out of the auditorium after the show.

“I’ll be right back,” I told Dennis, and hurried off to the lady’s room. In a stall I stepped out of my slacks and sat. I squirted a little cum into the bowl, strained hard and dribbled a little more, along with a sneaky little turd that I’d missed earlier. I wiped my butt, and examined the crotch of my slacks. Not too bad. I yanked my slacks back up, and hurried out of the restroom.

I watched the auditorium while Dennis went and washed his dick. By then people were filing in, and he hurried back and we started the show. I sat on his lap and we whispered for a while.

“Did you like that?” I asked, and I felt him nod in the darkness.

“Yes,” he whispered into my ear. “It was sexier than hell. I love you, Chanelle ... god I love you...”

Of course you do, I thought. Who else lets you put your dick in their butt?

“Dennis...” I whispered. “In a few more days, we can fuck for real. Do you want to do it here, or somewhere that we can be more ... relaxed?”

He nodded again. “Yeah,” he said, “that’s a good idea. When do you want to try it? Friday night maybe?”

“Yeah,” I whispered. “That’d be cool.”

“Let me talk to my brother,” he said, “maybe he can rent us a room or something.”

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