The Cruise

by OldBillyBob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, DomSub, FemaleDom, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ginger and Leeann go on a cruise, and take their toys with them. The story was sent to me a couple of years ago by a woman I emailed with regularly. I had to do a lot of editing to make it readable.

I was just getting out of the shower when Ginger walked back into the bedroom. “OK, Leeann,” she barked. “The itinerary is printed and the cab will be here in about ten minutes. Get your ass in gear!”

Oh, just get yourself ready. Don’t worry about me,” I shot back. “I’m always on time.”

Ginger walked out of the room, with her carry-on bag in tow, while I hopped across the bedroom floor on one foot trying to put on my panties. “Those panties remind me,” she called over her shoulder. “I’m not wearing any.”

The very thought of her pussy, bare under her dress, had my heart pounding fast. God it was going to be a long day of travel and temptation before I got my hands up and under Ginger’s dress and into her juicy cunt. After I towel-dried my hair, I poured some styling gel into my hand. It was clear and sticky, just like... “Why does everything have to remind me of Ginger’s juices?” I thought to myself.

“Ginger?” I called down the hallway. “Did you pack the toys?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

“How about snacks? You know they won’t feed us on the plane.”

“Yes, I have some snacks for us,” she said. “Five minute warning. Are you almost ready?”

My short shorts were still unbuttoned as I walked into the kitchen, pulling a t-shirt over my head. I started grabbing stuff and shoving it in my backpack - iPod, cigarettes. “Where the hell is my lighter?” I muttered. Right then, Ginger stormed into the kitchen, grabbed the cigarettes, tossed them in the sink and turned the water on them.

“You quit smoking, remember?”

“Damn you Ginger,” I yelled. “God, I’m already so horny, and it’s only fucking eight AM. “We don’t have time to play? I can’t have a drink? I can’t smoke? How long do you plan on keeping me on edge today? Just tell me, please. Give me a little heads up on this, OK?

“No,” she said. “Cab’s here. Go!”

I took a deep breath, slammed the door and locked it. Ginger was already in the cab. God she looked amazing in that red sundress, and it was going to be a long effing day ahead. I shook my head and got in the cab for the half hour drive to the airport. The whole way, I was watching the driver trying to look up her dress. Ginger tipped the driver when we got out.

“Honestly, Ginger,” I hissed at her. “Could you have shown him any more pussy? I saw him looking up your dress in the rear view mirror.”

Ginger just smiled at me and said, “Get in line. We need to hurry.” She was already five steps ahead of me, talking fast and snapping her fingers trying to hurry me up, and I was hoping to God that she’d learn to relax a bit on this cruise. She’s been working so hard lately that I’m worried about her. But she seems to like it. We made it through security just in time. They were boarding when we got to the gate. That’s when I discovered that we were in the very back of the plane. I look at Ginger. “Are you fucking kidding me? All the way to the back?”

She put the suitcases above our seats, pulled out a blanket and two pillows before she whispered in my ear that she asked for these seats because they’re close to the bathroom. I get it now! What a great idea! So now I’m excited about either getting some action going under the blanket or in the bathroom with Ginger – The sooner the better – I’m so frustrated! I let her go ahead of me since I know she likes the window seat and in no time we were taking off. Before long, the flight attendant came by to offer drinks. “Yes!” I blurted out. “I’ll have a penis and a beer, I mean peanuts and a beer...”

Ginger glared at me and said, “Soda. No alcohol for you.” Then she smiled up at the flight attendant and said, “Red wine please, and a diet coke for my gal. I saw Ginger give her a big wink.

“Seriously Ginger?” I snapped. “Flirting with the flight attendants?” Reaching down for her purse, I asked her what she’d brought for snacks, but she snatched the bag fight out of my hands.

“You’ll get a snack when I say it’s time,” she said firmly. “Don’t forget who’s in charge here.” I let out a deep sigh. It really is going to be an effing long day. I tried my best to curl up in my seat, hoping I could just sleep though this. “Oh no you don’t,” Ginger said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a small clamp. I knew that vibrating clip the moment she slipped it into my hand. “Go into the bathroom and put this on your clit,” she whispered in my ear.

‘WHAT?” I hissed so loudly that people in the seat in front of us turned around. “What the fuck is this?” I whispered. Ginger calmly told me to go do it, or she’d say it louder. Then she gave me that look that says, ‘move it NOW or you’ll be sorry.’ My heart was racing as I slipped into the airplane lavatory, thinking to myself, ‘I’m already sleep deprived, delirious and horny as hell. How am I going handle having a vibrator clipped to my clit with Ginger holding the controls on a three hour flight?’

I tried to calm myself down by splashing some cold water on my face. Then I attached the small clamp to my clit and put my clothing back together. I was thinking maybe it’s not that big of a deal after all; the clamp was small enough that I probably wouldn’t feel it too much. When I stepped back to my seat, Ginger was sitting with her legs crossed, her foot bouncing and her red dress hiked up very high, showing off her thighs. “Did I get the right size?” she whispered. I nodded. “Perfect!” she giggled, then reached into her bag and pressed a button on the remote.

“Oh, shit!” I squeaked as I almost jumped out of my seat as the toy clamped to my clit began to buzz. Ginger was smiling while people around us are trying to see what’s going on. I was beet red, both with embarrassment, and with excitement at the thought of Gingers control over me now. Ginger handed me a piece of black licorice out of her bag. “Great,” I groaned. “You know this shit makes me horny.” Ginger gave me an exaggerated nod and smiled slyly at me.

The low buzzing of the toy clamped to my pussy continued as Ginger leaned her head against me, covering us both with a blanket. I could see the remote control in her hand. “Wake me when we land,” she sighed as she closed her eyes.

Of course, I didn’t sleep a wink. I really don’t think Ginger did either, because the toy clamped to my clit would give a buzz every now and then, so she had to have been playing with the remote. The toy would buzz and I’d be pushed nearly to the edge of a huge orgasm. Then it would stop. Then it would buzz again.

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