Online Temptation

by Katinka

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Pedophilia, Reluctant, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Body Modification, Needles, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two young girls are blackmailed into doing sexual actions, when they befriended the wrong person on Facebook. They have started exploring themselves, but it all goes pretty rapidly after they give in. And then they start cooperating actively...

Hi. My name is Maria Fuentes. I am a detective at the vice squad in Dallas. In our daily practice we have to do with all kinds of nasty things. Wikipedia describes vice as a word that serves as “an umbrella for crimes involving activities that are considered inherently immoral, regardless of the legality or objective harm involved.” It sounds great, but it involves prostitution, drugs, alcohol and gabling among other crimes. It is less poetic then.

One day, a very pregnant girl entered our office, carrying a bag and said she wanted to register a complaint of rape. I say girl, as she could not have been older than seventeen or eighteen, by the looks of her. She had that slightly mature look in her eyes. As I had just finished a case of involuntary prostitution, i.e. white slavery, I had some time and the desk sergeant assigned her to me. When I settled the girl at my desk, a cup of water in front of both of us, she started her story. Just two minutes onto our conversation and I stopped her. This case was much bigger than expected and I needed to record her story on a sound tape and probably involve my colleague, Jody Fore.

So then we took her to an interrogation room. We have to deal with sex offences all the time and we have a special victim’s room that is rigged with audio and video, but has a friendly atmosphere to make victims feel at ease. And so we sat in the green room, on the couch. I asked her to start her story from the very first beginning and she did.

My name is Victoria Xxx (name left intentionally blank to protect the innocent). At present I am fifteen years of age, almost sixteen and seven months pregnant. My story started about two years ago, when I had just turned fourteen years old.

I was and am friends with Gloria Xxx, who is my best friend since kindergarten. She and I played together all the time and we were ready to start High School after the summer. One Friday I stayed over at her place for a sleep over and she sat behind her computer to update her Facebook account while I played Candy Crush on my tablet.

“Vicky,” she called me over. “Look, I have an invitation from a guy in Fort Worth. I don’t think I know anybody from there. Do you?”

“Really?” I asked. Gloria always had these strange things happening to her. I always refused to befriend people I didn’t know, but before I could tell her that, she had already clicked on ‘accept’. “Why did you do that? You don’t even know him! It could be a mass murderer.”

“Well even if he is, he will hardly come over to Dallas to do some mass murdering, don’t you think?” Gloria giggled. “The two of us can hardly called a mass. He won’t be doing anything to us, I promise.”

“To you you mean.”

“Come on, don’t be a party pooper. Oh: he is on Messenger and pinging me.”

“Don’t answer him!”

“Party pooper!”



<R u Gloria Xxx from the prep team cheer girls?>


<oh. Sorry for disturbing u>

[Don’t you wanna talk to me anymore, now that I am a different Gloria?]

<didn’t want to sound rude>

[So? Do ye?]

<talk to ye? Sure. Can you send me a pic? Here’s mine>


“The pic he sent was of a young guy, maybe fifteen. He was very cute. We knew we were going to high school and that there would be masses of cute guys and we were ready to meet them as well.”

[don’t have a recent one]

<just open your webcam for a sec, so I can c u>

“Shall I?” Gloria asked me.

“Why not. I can’t see the harm in that.” She clicked the webcam application.

‘A third party or program is trying to get access to the webcam application. Do you allow Facebook to have access to be able to use your webcam? Yes/no’

“Yes,” she said and clicked. I saw the light come on on the webcam as Gloria opened the application.

<wow. Yer a stunner!>

[thx ;-)]

<whos that behind ye?>

“Don’t answer that. I don’t want to get involved!” I said to her. I had forgotten that he could see my mid-section as I stood behind her. I already wore my night attire that was just a tight top and panties. Same as Gloria.

“Party pooper!” she answered and before I knew it she had typed my name.

[shes my bestie: Victoria Xxx]

PLING, my tablet said and I picked it up to see what was going on. There were a lot of sub screens and I clicked them all away.

<hey Victoria> he wrote me. Now I somehow had befriended him as well. He could have found me in the friends list that Gloria’s account would show him. Strangely enough, my messenger was on chat. What screens did I just click away then? I had clicked on all the crosses in the top right hand corner. How could he have started a chat with me? The light next to the build in webcam blinked once.

{not interested}. I wrote to him.

“Party pooper,” Gloria said to me. Obviously he had told her of my reaction. Suddenly she stood and looked at her screen.

“What?” I asked.

“He asked me to stand for a sec. I am not sure why. Oh, here we go again.” She sat down and typed.

Later, we were in the bed that we had shared on sleepovers as long as I can remember. Gloria had continued chatting with Brad for another thirty minutes and then we watched a romcom, before getting into bed. The bed was getting smaller and smaller with every growth spurt. We were however not squeamish. We liked being close to each other and didn’t mind if we touched.

“Do you have like...” Gloria started, but then stopped.


“Maybe you think it’s a strange question.”

“You always have strange questions.” And she did. She wondered about the strangest things. We always laughed about her creativity.

“So,” she steeled herself. “Do you have, like ... hairs?”

“Duh” I said.

“Nooo. I mean, like ... down there!”

“On my cunny? You know I have. You see me naked all the time.”

“But I don’t look at that.”

“Of course you do. I don’t mind if you see me. You have seen me naked since we were three.”

“I mean that I see, but I don’t look. It is ... like ... private,” she said.

“Bullshit. I don’t have anything private for you. Wanna see?” I quickly threw the covers from me and kneeled on the bed. When I pulled my panties down, her eyes were at the same level as my cunny.

“You have more hair than I,” she remarked, her eyes interestedly focused on my little slit now that she had explicit approval. I only had a few pubes yet.

“Let me see,” I said and she too sat herself on her knees and pulled her panties down to just below her crotch, same as me. I bend forward to see better. “You’re a blonde. You don’t have less hair, just lighter ones.” I extended my finger and touched the pubes on her mons. There were only a few hairs and they felt nice. “They’re also less course than mine.” I said and stuck out my mons as an invitation to her to feel.

She did. Her hand, palm up, cupped a bit and with three extended fingers, she felt my pubes. Then they slid between my legs and felt the few scattered pubes on my lips.

“You have hair here too,” she said.

“Yes.” I confirmed. I don’t know why, but I spread my legs wider. Her reaction was to put her hand between my thighs. My panties were restricting me and I shoved them down to my knees that were still on the bed. I couldn’t move them beyond that point.

“Take them off,” Gloria said softly. Before I could do so, her middle fingers slipped between my lips. “Do you finger yourself?” she said and I felt her finger enter my lips lengthwise.

“Uhunh,” I confirmed.

“Me too. Almost every night now,” she said and her finger did wonderful things at the top of my cunny. “Want me to finger you?” she offered.

“Uhunh,” I repeated myself, moaning now. It was an instinctive reaction, but later I rationalized it with the reason that if she wouldn’t continue, I’d take over from her right that instance and finger myself in front of her. And by then she was well on her way. My panties were gone and when she took my hand and put it on her own vulva, I found that hers had gone as well.

“Are we lesbians now?” I asked later, when we both recovered from our orgasms, lying next to each other.

“Do you love me?” Gloria asked.

“Yes,” I admitted easily.

“I know that you love me, as do I you. But do you love me romantically?”

“I don’t know? How do you know?”

“I think you just know.”

I rolled myself halfway on her and put my mouth against hers. Her lips met mine. She wasn’t shocked or resentful, but pressing our lips against each other didn’t tell us a thing.

“Mhh. That didn’t help,” I said, looking into her face from my top position.

“In the movies, they always open their mouths,” she suggested.

“Okay,” I agreed and my face descended once more to hers. There wasn’t anything in that move either, that told us anything. Then Gloria extended her tongue against mine.

Five minutes later we came up for air.

“Holy Moses,” Gloria panted.

“I guess we are lesbians. Nothing could feel that good unless we love each other.”

“I’m wet on top and wet below.” She confirmed. “I guess that thing you did with my nipples got me going again.”

“I did what?” I said. What was she talking about?

“When you grabbed my body! You grabbed me by the tits! Didn’t you feel that?”

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