Chapter 1: The Island

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fan Fiction, Superhero, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Food, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus, Teacher/Student, Public Sex, School, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Island - This is a version of The Incredibles that takes a serious detour partway through. It will mostly focus on Helen and Vi throughout.

“We have a confirmed hit,” Mirage informed Syndrome, sounding sad. “Target was destroyed.”

Bob Parr, currently held in the restraints placed by Syndrome, looked as if his world had just shattered.

Syndrome casually waived at the distraught here, “Ah, you’ll get over it. I seem to recall you prefer to ‘work alone’,” he taunted, beginning to laugh madly. Bob’s face began to contort in a visage of rage as Syndrome turned to walk away. He struggled to pull the restraints closer together, causing Mirage to gasp. As Bob lunged for Syndrome, she quickly dove and pushed Syndrome to the side. Bob’s grab snatched her limply up into his grasp instead.

“Release me! NOW!” he yelled.

“Or what?” the cocky villain replied.

“I’ll crush her.”

“Oh, that sounds a little dark for you. Ah, go on ahead.”

“It’ll be easy. Like breaking a toothpick.”

Syndrome laughed at his bluff. “Show me!”

As they stared each other down, Mirage felt terrified. Finally, Bob’s resolve weakened and he released Mirage, dropping her to the ground.

“I knew you couldn’t do it. Even when you have nothing to lose! You’re weak! And I’ve outgrown you.” With Mirage reluctantly following, Syndrome left the containment cell.

Later, elsewhere on the island, Helen is talking with Violet outside a dimly lit cave. “You have more power than you realize. Don’t think. And don’t worry. lf the time comes, you’ll know what to do. It’s in your blood.”

And with that, Helen set out into the jungle. Vi thought for a moment, and realized she needed to help. She went back into the cave to her brother. “Dash, I need you to help me follow Mom. Dad’s in trouble.”

“But Mom said not to leave...” he began to object.

“I know! But, this is life and death. We can’t let her face this alone,” Vi argued with resolve. Dash thought about it for a moment, then nodded grimly.

“I’ll carry you. We can keep up with anything.” And with that, they set out.

In a control room, Syndrome surveyed his rocket still being assembled, weeks from completion.

“He’s not weak you know,” said Mirage from a nearby console, interrupting his musing.

“What?” Syndrome breathed.

“Valuing life is NOT weakness”, she said firmly.

“Oh hey, look, look. If you’re talking about what happened in the containment unit, I had everything under control.”

“And disregarding it is not strength.”

“I called his bluff, sweetheart, that’s all. I knew he wouldn’t have it in him to actually...” reassured Syndrome as he began to stroke her face.

“Next time you gamble,” said Mirage, standing up. “Bet your own life!” She shoved her notebook at him and stormed off.

After a harrowing ride on a transit pod by Helen, and the kids sneaking along underneath the tracks, Helen was riding the pod into the base. She could see a large hangar as the pod flew by it.

Vi tapped on Dash’s shoulder, clinging hard to his back, as he ran slowly (for him) into the tube. Dash stopped on the edge of the bridge passing through the hangar. “We should split up here. You’re faster,” explained Vi. “You search for Dad, and I’ll stick behind Mom since she won’t see me.” Dash nodded, carefully putting her down and sprinting off.

Vi turned invisible and started to head into the tunnel, stopping abruptly as Helen came out of it.

“A rocket?” Helen gasped.

The doors to the main containment cell slid open, lighting the ground at Bob’s imprisoned feet. Mirage walked in slowly. “Mr. Incredible, I’m so sorry for what happened.” Grim silence was her only answer, as she walked towards the console. “I didn’t know what that monster was capable of. I want to help you out of here, so we can be together.”

Bob looked up in confusion and dismay. “My wife just died ... with your help ... and you’re trying to come onto me?”

Mirage slipped her shirt off, revealing half her slender body. “Not ‘trying’,” she said stepping out of her skirt.

Becoming furious, “He’s not the only monster on this island!”

Mirage’s face hardened in anger.

Helen explored further into the base, often wedging herself into side crevices and ceiling gaps to avoid detection by the many guards. Vi was able to easily just walk along behind her.

After a short while, Helen snuck into a guard outpost (along with her invisible shadow), bracing herself on the ceiling, seeing all the monitors showing various camera feeds around the base.

One of the guards exclaimed “woah! Check this out!” Suddenly the left hand large screen in the room was showing the feed from the containment cell, showing Bob pinned to the right edge of the screen. A very beautiful and naked woman standing to the left edge.

“Holy crap, is that Mirage?” stammered one of the guards, not believing they were getting to see the long-lusted after head of the operation.


Helen was stunned into stillness. Vi found herself not breathing in the corner of the room, wondering what to do.

“I thought you were different. I thought I meant something to you!” Mirage angrily demanded.

Bob growled, “Whatever you thought, anything good I might have thought about you was destroyed by that missile. Get out of my sight - you disgust me.”

“Do I?” she replied. She stalked over to him and grabbed his cock, beginning to rub it, quickly hardening. “This seems to disagree!”

Bob howled with rage, and even through the higher settings, twisted his arms with a mighty heave, grabbing her. As he began to try to crush her, Mirage screamed and pushed against him, causing his arms to quickly whip back to extended. She dropped the short distance to the floor.

“Tricky move, I won’t let that happen again.” She returned to the console and sent a mighty jolt of electricity through Bob’s body, causing him to cry out.

Helen quickly ducked out of the room to go find the cell. Vi failed to notice, pinned in place seeing her first naked woman and watching what might be the last moments of her father’s life.

“But that’s not the only thing I can do to your body and mind while you’re in there,” Mirage gloated. “This particular setting will be perfect for this.” And with that, she turned a dial up to 4.

Bob gasped as suddenly all he could think was about how much he wanted the naked woman. His cock strained at the fabric of his pants. He began to writhe trying to get to her.

Mirage walked back over to the suspended hero, and yanked his pants down, freeing the hard, large erection. She began to lovingly stroke it. With a desperate, animal need, he snarled and began to thrust his hips with powerful lunges. “Now that’s the Incredible I wanted.” And with that, she leaned towards his angled body and engulfed his cock in her mouth, carefully wrapping both of her slender hands around his thickness to prevent his motion. He visibly relaxed after her head began to bob on the head of his shaft. With him calmed, she began to slide one hand up and down, caressing his length. Mirage slipped her other hand down between her spread legs and began to spread her growing wetness all over the outside of her lips. As she took more of his cock in, filling her mouth, she thrust a few fingers inside herself to open up.

“You know,” she said after leaning back, still stroking him with one hand. “I was hoping you’d be as big as I imagined. I’ve worked hard to prepare my body to take it.” Bob groaned in response and continued to gently rock his hips back and forth with need.

With that, she pressed her whole hand against her opening, squeezing it in with a moan. “I love feeling so full”, she said while slowly moving her hand back and forth. “There’s one thing I want to try.”

Mirage opened her mouth and took him back in. Determined, she began to work her mouth further and further down, moaning at both the effort and the extreme arousal. Mr. Incredible, feeling his cock surrounded by hot and wet, in the fog of the machine’s grasp, did what came naturally and thrust his hips forwards. She gasped through her nose in shock, which opened her throat just as the enormous head was racing forward. To her surprised pleasure, she took his entire length, finding her nose pressed against his pelvis. She climaxed just as Bob pulled back, letting her take a fast breath before he filled her again.

As soon as the naked woman had bent forward, the guard on the right quickly punched a few buttons. The second large screen on the right switched to a view looking directly at Mr. Incredible, but with the shapely naked back and backside of Mirage blocking much. The guard zoomed in on her pert rear.

Vi’s eyes were glued to the large screen where the guards had carefully zoomed in to see the action, a little red circle blinking in the corner. She had never seen any erection, and she was taken aback by how large they were. She couldn’t help but think of her slender mother and how that cock must fit inside her.

“Hey, uh, Larry, do you mind if... ?” one of the two guards near Vi began to ask.

“I was thinking the same thing,” the other replied, both pulling the pants open to reveal to Vi the second and third erections she had seen in her life, these two much less intimidating. The guards began to quietly and slowly jerk off as they watched and listened to the action in the cell.

Violet’s gaze wandered over to the other screen, just as Mirage’s hand began to play with herself. She stifled a gasp as she watched the woman push a whole hand inside herself, the brief sound washed out by a whispered “Holy shii...” by one of the men. She couldn’t help feeling aroused, watching sex for the first time. She found one hand had just wandered down between her legs, and was just holding against a growing heat with her eyes locked on the woman’s spread lips.

“No way...” the other guard muttered in response to the other screen. Vi was amazed to watch as her father’s prodigious cock was visibly making the woman’s throat larger. She could see, as he thrust down into her upturned head, the bulbous head sliding up and down inside of her.

Mirage pulled her mouth off the cock before her, pulling her hand from between her legs. “That was, well, incredible. Now, I want you nice and wet, like me, for this next part” she said raising her now slick hand up and coating the head of his cock.

She took a quick step away from him, pressing a button that caused the containment arc to pivot backwards and lower, putting Bob’s squirming body almost horizontal.

She climbed up his prone body, practically scampering over him, quickly putting the tip of his straining member to her entrance, and thrusting herself down onto him as far as she could take him, about halfway.

“Oh. My. God!” she cried out, convulsing in a rapid orgasm from being so filled. Against his will, Bob’s hips began thrusting, as the lust surging through him demanded he fill the woman above him.

She braced herself on his wide chest as more and more cock battered into her slender form, building quickly towards another peak. “Oh god, you’re so damned big!” She pressed her naked breasts against his scratchy chest, and just hung on as he curled and relaxed, thrusting with long and deep lunges. Mirage kept stroking his straining arms and chest, feeling the powerful muscles moving.

Beneath her, Bob was quickly finding himself building towards a more rapid release than his usual, grunting as he began to thrust fully inside. Mirage sat up on the huge man. As she flexed her legs, he continued to pump into her from below, making for rapid and short thrusts with him deeply embedded. “You fill me up so well! Look,” she exclaimed. She could see her lower abdomen expand and stretch each time he push into her. She put one hand on her stomach to feel the thrusts push from within, her other hand roughly gripping one of her small breasts. “I can feel every inch! And I’m so stretched.” She released her breast and reached between them to caress her stretched lips. “Oh god, I’m”, she started, then stopped as she curved her body in a backwards arc, her beautiful face showing her orgasm with a wide eyed, open jawed expression. She let out an amazing moan, shuddering, then collapsing forward.

In the unrelenting grasp of the mind control device, Bob continued to pound into the small woman on top of him, who was now gasping each time he bottomed out. Mirage looked up at his contorted face. “Now I want to feel you come inside me!”

She began to thrust herself down, letting him push her back up. With each downward push, Mirage whispered “yeah”, squeezing her legs together around the big man’s hips, making her squeeze his shaft tighter. With only a moment more of thrusting, Bob began to growl and Mirage began to howl as they fucked with abandon. She could feel their climax approaching. “Yes, yes, come for me, Mr. Incredible!”

Bob began to spray his seed inside of her, moaning with the unexpected intensity of the release. Mirage screamed out as she came on top of him once more, “Yes, yes, fill me up”, milking his cock by pistoning her ass up and down, drawing out his orgasm. She could feel the thrusts both pushing his come both deeper inside, as well as beginning to collect on her labia.

As Mirage climbed up onto Mr. Incredible, one of the guards worked a few switches and knobs, changing the two screens. Now the one watching from behind was carefully centered on her bent over ass, showing the huge cock sliding into the tiny woman. One of the men had turned up the audio, so they could hear every slap of his powerful lunges and the gasps of pleasure.

Vi couldn’t help her hips pushing against her hand cupping herself. She had experimented with masturbation plenty of times in the bath and before bed, but this felt more intense.

As Mirage leaned back, the screen on the right framed her well, showing her feeling herself. Vi’s eyes darted between watching the woman’s powerful orgasm from the front and back, finding herself getting closer too.

One guard moaned and began to shoot onto the floor in front of him as he watched Mirage have her shuddering orgasm on top of Bob. The other followed as Mirage started pumping herself up and down, filling up with Bob’s seed. Vi shuddered to her own peak, biting one knuckle to keep quiet, while watching the bouncing ass of the blond squeeze every drop out.

Coming to her senses, Vi looked up to see what her mom was doing, only to realize she had left. Vi quickly fled the room in search of Helen.

Mirage climbed off the still spasming form of Bob. The energy pulsing through him would not let him soften or think about anything but fucking.

As she dressed, she said over her shoulder, “You know, we could have been allies. Now you’ll just have to be a toy for amusement until you’re all used up.” Bob continued to let out lustful grunts, desperate to keep going.

She looked at him contemptuously, doing the last button on her blouse. “I think I’ll come back for more in a little while. For now, I’ll leave this setting on so you’ll appreciate the time we spend together better.”

Leaving him prone, grunting, half undressed, hard, his hips twitching trying to thrust the empty air about him, Mirage walked out.

Helen, at that moment, was sneaking through the hallways again, on her way to the cells from the map she had seen on the displays in the guard’s room.

As she followed silently behind one guard who was patrolling, using his key card to unlock the doors in this secure wing, she restrained a gasp as a door closed while she was sneaking through it, pinning her midsection, her hands pinned in the door itself. Ahead of her, the guard disappeared on the other side of a door that snapped shut.

“Oh great.”

Further behind her, a pair of guards were on their way back to quarters. As they turned the corner, they were met with the unusual sight of a pair of red legs, a beautiful ass clad in tight black, topped by a yellow belt, sticking through a closed door.

One guard began to reach for his radio, but the other stopped him. “What?” said the radio-guard.

“Let’s ... check that ass out a bit before we call it in, right?” replied his partner, suggestively, swinging his gun around behind him.

“Oh, right, we should investigate thoroughly,” laughed Mr. Radio evilly.

As they got closer, they could see Helen’s worried face through the glass, not having yet seen them, looking around on her side of the door, stretching to try to find some way to escape.

“Oh man, she’s a stuck Super. Look how far she’s stretching.”

“I’ve always wanted to find out if Supers were ALL super,” said Mr. Rifle, reaching for the belt clasp. Helen tried to kick out, but Mr. Radio grabbed both feet. “And if she’s this flexible, I want to find out what else is.”

Helen’s head whipped around the minute she felt fingers touch her. The guards could see her trying to say something, looking scared and talking fast, but the soundproofing was solid, and they could hear nothing of her frantic pleas, since she was still trying to be quiet on her side of the door.

The belt came undone easily, and Mr. Rifle yanked the bottoms off of Helen roughly. “Oh yeah, that is one super ass.”

Helen felt a pair of rough hands spreading her ass open. She tried to stretch her ass up towards the ceiling, away from the men, but the furthest she could get it with her hips and feet pinned ended up being right in front of the face of the guard who had his hands on her a moment ago. He grabbed her hips on either side roughly to prevent any further motion, and licked from the bottom her spread slit all the way up over her asshole.

“Hey, man,” he said after a taste. “I can’t let go, can you yank my pants down? I’ll hold her for you after.” He felt his pants tug down, freeing his hardening thick member. “Thanks!” And with that, his thrust his tongue into Mrs. Incredible’s anus, working on opening her up.

Helen spasmed in reaction, not used to any stimulation there, and getting terrified what the guards would soon do. She started yelling, “Please, no!”, which did carry through the door. Unfortunately for her, it carried through another nearby opening door.

A guard popped out of a room just down the hall, and seeing the strange sight of a woman caught in the door, ran over with caution, aiming his pistol. “Hey!”

Helen’s head whipped around from watching her own violation to see the man aiming at her. “Please help me. Open the door, sound an alarm, just, please stop this.”

The guard carefully looked around her, and saw the guard who had his face currently buried in her naked ass. He looked at her with a leer and began to open his pants, revealing a very long and thin cock quickly hardening. Her arms stretched towards the man standing before her, but with them pinned in the door, she couldn’t reach past her shoulders. “No, no, please!” In desperation, Helen lunged her hips downward, and tried to kick towards the guard at her feet to free her legs.

This caused her hips to pivot forward as they went down. Unfortunately for Helen, this made it a perfect angle, and Mr. Rifle’s cock speared just a couple of inches into her still closing sphincter. He wasted no time, thrusting all the way into her, letting out a groan of “Oh god, yeah, she is TIGHT!”

On the other side of the door, her face contorted and her mouth opened wide to scream. Mr. Curious wasted no time, and stuffed his almost completely hard cock into her mouth, putting the gun to her temple. “Do a good job and we’ll only take you into custody.”

Vi was looking everywhere nearby when she heard a strange thing from around the corner ahead about something “tight”. She quickly ran to the intersection, and turning, saw the baffling scene of a guard on the floor, holding black boots, going up to red rumpled cloth, a naked ass, and a guard with no pants on behind it. As she snuck closer, the guard was thrusting hard into whoever it was. When she got closer, she could see red hair through the door glass, and froze, realizing her mother was the unlucky recipient of that thrusting, and there was a gun to the side of her head.

“Anything I do now, they’ll shoot her!” she thought with a great deal of worry.

On the other side of the door, Mr. Curious was delighted to find that he could cram his entire cock into her throat, since she was so flexible, and he was pounding into her with no care at all for her ability to breathe. Helen was beginning to get dizzy from the battering and lack of oxygen, fading almost to black as the men pummeled her.

Mr. Radio had been hanging onto her feet, continuing to struggle hard to maintain his grasp the whole time. But, he felt the kicks starting to get weaker and weaker, finally stopping. “Hey, I think she likes it!” he laughed to his partner.

“Yeah, she’s not fighting at all now.”

“Hey, I got an idea. She’s super flexible right? How about you stretch her down here so I can fuck her too?” Mr. Radio said, letting go of her legs to open his pants.

“Oh yeah, nice one!”

Mr. Radio lay down under them, and Mr. Rifle pulled her down towards him. As soon as he felt Mr. Radio’s cock bump into his, he said “Careful, fuck her, not me.” He felt Mr. Radio reach between them, and aim the tip into Helen’s cunt. With that, Mr. Rifle just yanked her down, giving Helen a new cock.

Mr. Curious felt her head going limp, making it harder to fuck into her mouth. He pulled his cock out, causing Helen to gasp and choke, getting air back into her weakly. He roughly twisted her head around to face the ceiling and began to jerk himself. “I’ve always wanted to come on a Super.”

Vi was torn by the situation. She couldn’t see any way she could put a stop to this without risking her mother getting captured, nevermind shot. From where she was, she could see both of the guards thrusting rapidly in and out of her mother. She didn’t even know you could fuck someone’s ass. While she was horrified, she was also getting aroused again. The mix of shame, lust and helplessness was overwhelming.

Mr. Rifle was the first one to fill Helen, his rapid thrusting turning into a rough lunge, spraying the inside of her ass with his seed. This pushed Mr. Radio further into her, almost painfully far, causing him to shoot inside her as well. Helen was horrified inside to find the double thrust pushed her into an unwanted orgasm, crying out. This caused Mr. Curious to begin to paint her face, shooting some on her cheeks and into her open mouth.

Vi felt her knees go weak listening to her mother’s orgasm, clenching her thighs together hard.

Mr. Curious carefully took his key card from his belt with his cum covered hand, gun still to Helen’s temple, and inserted the card into the door, which slid rapidly open. Helen collapsed onto Mr. Radio, seemingly passed out. Mr. Curious put is pistol in his holster.

“OK, let’s get her to a cell where we can have some more fun with her,” Mr. Rifle said, pulling out of her ass.

Vi was about to do something, “anything,” she thought, when suddenly Helen’s arms grabbed Mr. Curious, smashing him through Mr. Rifle, knocking them both out. Mr. Radio was trying to move quickly, cock still embedded in her, when Helen grabbed his head and smashed it into the floor.

Helen gingerly climbed off and looked down at the amount of cum dripping out of her, causing more to fall off her face. She quickly adjusted her clothes back into place, looking around for somewhere to hide the unconscious guards. Seeing a wall of storage closets nearby, she yanked the keypasses from their belts, then shoved them in, pushing hard to close the door on them.

With a moment to deeply sigh, she muttered to herself, “Get Bob, get the kids, escape. Right.” Helen set out to head for the containment cell.

Vi realized there was no way she could appear now, as her mom would find out that Vi saw the whole thing. She decided to go find Dash and started to make her way back to the hangar.

When Helen arrived at the cell, the door opened easily to the stolen passcards. She stopped short just inside the door, seeing her husband’s state of undress and obvious erection being thrust into the air above him. After a moment of shock, she ran over to the console and slammed a release button.

Bob’s containment orbs hissed and fell off, dropping the twitching and moaning man to the floor. Helen ran over to him to check his condition. “Bob, honey, are you o...”

Bob’s wide eyes taking in the presence of a woman in front of him, he interrupted her concerned question by roughly grabbing her. With a lightening speed, he had pushed her to the ground on her chest, rolled over her, and hopping so his legs were between hers. “What are you doing?!” she cried out.

Paying no attention, Mr. Incredible roughly pulled her pants down. “Bob! NO!”

Vi found Dash near on of the control rooms. “Dash, we need to get out of here. Mom is on her way to Dad now, and they’ll expect to find us back in the cave. Can you run us there?”



At Violet’s insistence, Dash sped them back towards the cave.

Bob put one of his big hands flat on her back, pinning her to the floor and knocking the air out of her, his other taking hold of his cock and aiming it into her.

With the lubricant still inside her from the previous rape, Mr. Incredible’s fairly substantial cock thrust deep into her in one push. He groaned with pent up need being released, shooting his seed into her almost immediately. “Why Bob,” Helen sobbed.

But the powerful machine’s energies weren’t quiet dissipated from Mr. Incredible’s battered brain. His cock stayed hard and throbbing with need as he began to frantically fuck his pinned wife beneath him. Helen made a desperate lunge forward, succeeding in getting him out of her.

But, he grabbed her by both shoulders this time. As his hips sought to push him back inside, for the second time today, Helen’s luck was terrible. Still leaking a little moisture from the load in her ass, and the wetness over his cock from violating her, combined to let his too-wide cock aim just a little off. When he slammed down into her, he was instead pushing deep into her tiny anus.

Helen let out a blood curdling scream of pain and surprise. The heart rending sound had an immediate effect - it pierced the fog still clearing in Bob’s brain, releasing him from the last effects of the energy fields. He took in the sight before him, his half naked wife collapsed under him with his cock buried to the balls in her tight ass.

“Oh god no!” he cried, freaking out and pulling not very carefully out of Helen. He scrambled backwards, his back pressed against the machine as the memories of everything crashed through his consciousness. He began to howl like a deranged beast.

Helen turned her head to take in the sight, when suddenly an alarm began to go off. Trying to control her sobs, she staggered to her feet, pulling her clothes back on. She went to Bob’s side, trying to shush his howling, shaking him to get his attention. “Bob, we need to get out of here. Now.” There was no change or even reaction.

She, deservedly, hit him in the face as hard as she could. Bob stopped howling, and seemed dazed. “Bob. We need to go.”

Bewildered, he stammered, “Honey ... you’re alive?”

“Pants, on. We’re going. Explanation later.”

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