Michael Conover Midshipman

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Pedophilia, Rape, Fiction, Historical, Cheating, Aunt, InLaws, White Male, Hispanic Female, First, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Violent, Military, War, Royalty, Politics,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Prelude - Michael's ship is assigned to Boston. Troubles have started. A family is told to house him during his stay. After some introductions to the American family he becomes engaged. Duty and a hurricane further complicate matters.

His father was a captain for the East India Company. He had been a captain for years before Michael had been born and had been captain for years after. His mother had died while his father had been at sea when he was but five years old. She had gone to bed with a headache and never woke up. His Aunt Jennifer had arranged her funeral and he had learned about death.

Whenever his father was at sea she tried to keep track of him. She indulged him too much most people said. But was it overindulgence? After all he did love the sea like his father. He had a small sailing boat and if he needed to be found you could see him sailing in the bay. He swam like a fish and knew what the weather could do in that bay. He had little to do with anyone but was respectful of others. He never spoke back to his Aunt or Uncle. Uncle Tom and Aunt Jennifer had not been able to have children of their own and Michael was a blessing for them. Uncle Tom taught him how to ride and other useful things that seemed silly to most of their friends. It would probably be called a ‘survival course’ today. Michael thought of it as camping. Also Uncle Tom quizzed him and tested him every day. Any topic was fair game. Foreign languages to fair maidens might have been subjects at any time. Medicine to calculating a ships position at sea were other subjects.

Aunt Jennifer taught him about the fairer sex. Her emphasis was on respect and demeanor. He was taught how to speak and what may be permissible to say in front of ladies. She even taught him how to dance.

Uncle Tom was a Lord through inheritance and a member of the House of Lords. Michael’s dad was much richer than Tom but being the older son Tom had inherited the title and lands. Uncle Tom was aware that Michael would inherit his title but he had no qualms about his nephew’s character and knew he would represent the family well. That is until his nephew turned thirteen.

Michael’s hair was brown as were his eyes. At thirteen he had already reached 5’9” in height. His sailing and survival training had given him a good physique. His training had also given him a sensibility around women that few men had at any age. He had a small amount of spending money from a trust made by his mother. He had been a regular customer of the ship chandlery in town. Mr. Brown had been the owner for years. He had originally sailed with Michael’s father but an accident had left him with a bad leg. On a storm tossed ship he became a liability instead of the asset he had once been. His father hadn’t asked him to retire but when he did his father had helped him settle into his current business. Mr. Brown had married before his retirement from sailing but his wife did not regret his retirement. Now that he had settled down, children had become one of its products. He now had four lovely children. One of which was the eldest, Sally who was the same age, as Michael and who always seemed to be at the shop when Michael visited.

He had found himself visiting the shop every day. He would linger around until Sally saw him. She came over each time and walked around the shop talking about various sail and rope. She slipped one day and he caught her before she fell. He found that his hands were full of nice soft breasts. She had been facing away when she fell and had stumbled back onto his pelvis. Her lightweight summer dress had shift up against his belly as her bottom had slid down to his crotch. As she wiggled around trying to get back her balance and stand up, she had noticed that something else that she had been acutely aware of had stood up. Suddenly she was not in a great hurry to extricate herself from her current predicament. Her partner on the other hand was in great anxiety. Michael was not used to being so close to the object of his affections. He didn’t want to have her think poorly of him. That she could want to have the situation continue did not cross his mind. Michael was thoroughly embarrassed as he finally got her to her feet after a couple of minutes of effort.

“Sally, please forgive me. I’m afraid I have not acted in a gentlemanly fashion.”

“Michael, it was all my fault. If I had not stumbled and fallen I would not have bumped into your manhood. Please forgive me if I have hurt you. It seems so stiff and hard. I hope that you will not have to retire like my father. His leg is also stiff and he is unable to be at sea. I know that mother helps him to relax by rubbing it. Please let me help you now.”

With that said she was unbuttoning his pants and gently stroking his erect penis. Michael was astounded and his brain had completely gone to his cock. That he still had his hands on her breasts as she stroked him had not even entered his thoughts. He did not even wonder when her lips touched his and he kissed her. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as he lifted her dress and found her bottom. He brought her closer and never considered how his cock had found the entrance to her pussy. That it had found a warm slippery haven to enter was all that his seafaring mind could comprehend.

Her hands had put Michael’s cock at her portal. A slight move and he had it lodged where Sally knew it belonged. But the pain that it had caused her when her hymen broke surprised her. Her cry of pain was replaced by a feeling of fullness. This was the boy who had been in her dreams for weeks. Now he was a man who would some day be her husband. A little pain was not going to stand on her way.

“Are you all right Sally?”

She felt him starting to shrink inside her and she replied rapidly.

“Oh, you’re so big Michael. I never dreamed that it would be so good. Please stay in me. I’ve always liked you and now I think I love you.”

Michael’s cock responded to her words and grew even larger. He felt so good and he began to stroke her with his cock. He looked down at his prick moving in and out of her naked cunt. It fit so snuggly in her channel. Her blond hair and pretty face were a contrast to most girls he knew. Most had had small pox and their faces reflected what had occurred to them. He knew that his family and the Brown’s had been able to have some type of thing called a vaccination before they could catch the pox. He saw blood on his prick and felt Sally’s insides start to clamp down on his invading tool. He almost passed out as his member spurted its semen into her. He saw the whitish fluid mixing with the blood and cling to both of their flesh. His feeling of manhood and possession of her grew inside him. She was his now and he was hers. If he were to marry her then he had to find a job.

“Oh, Michael. I feel so good. But what are we to do? I’m so confused. I know that we should not have done this. Yet I have known you all my life. I just let myself go when I should have considered the consequences.”

“I’m thirteen Sally. I’m old enough now that I can think of marriage. My Aunt and Uncle may not agree and your folks may not agree but we’ve become man and wife. Now I need a job to support us. I think that I can become a midshipman in the navy and give us some income.”

“But Michael! You’ll be gone from me almost all of the time. Yet you’re right. I know you’re right. I will be a good wife to you Michael.”

She held his head to her breasts and cried tears of joy onto his head.

“I will go at once and talk to your father about our marriage.”

“I will go with you Michael. My father may not understand but I may be able to help.”

Michael walked to the front of the chandlery and found Mr. Brown. He had just concluded with a customer. He welcomed Michael and asked him how he could help him.

“Well sir, I would ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage. I hope that you will give your blessing.”

“Sally? What has caused this? I want answers now!”

Michael saw that Mr. Brown was far from happy. He had never seen him angry but this was definitely anger. He looked at Sally and tears were in her eyes. He suddenly became angry that she was hurt.

“Wait a minute Mr. Brown! I will not have you talk to her that way! My future wife deserves respect from you. As my future father-in-law I would ask you to give her that respect.”

Michael had not yelled at him but the emphasis he placed on his words made Mr. Brown turn to look at him. Now he saw Michael’s father in him. He saw the man that had helped his family. He shook his head and then realized that Michael had that magnetism and command that his father had when he had been at sea with him. Sadly he knew that even more than ever he had to do what he had started out to do. His eyes stayed on Michael and told him what he had to tell him.

“Michael, I love you like a son. I also love my daughter very much but I cannot let the two of you marry. I wish I had stopped this before you both had reached this point but maybe it is in time. Even if I said yes to the marriage, your Aunt and Uncle would not concur. You are to be a lord of the country and as such need be wed to a suitable lady. Now understand this, I do love my daughter but she is not a lady. So that is that.”

“No it is not sir. I know that we are meant for each other. Blessing or not I will not leave without Sally’s hand. I will provide for her and we will be a family.”

Whatever prompted him to tell them what he said may have been that stubborn spirit that he saw in Michael. Mr. Brown knew that he had to stop them.

“Michael, Sally, I need to tell you something that no one can ever know. Both of you have to promise me that you will never say anything about what I have to tell you.”

Both of them surprised by his intensity yet respectful of his wishes said yes.

“It happened at sea under your father’s command. I was injured and had to retire. Your mother and I, Sally, had never tried to have a family. The ships physician told me that I would never be a father. I tried to comfort your mother Sally but she was so sad. You cannot have imagined what that was like. Then I thought about your dad, Michael, and what hardship he must have just gone through to lose his wife. He was and is my best friend. He – he saved my marriage and maybe my wife’s life for she had been wasting away. He helped us several other times as well. If my wife wants another child I’m sure that he would not say no. That’s why you cannot marry. Sally is your half sister.”

Michael’s mouth was open and his face had a whitish cast. Sally had already fainted and Mr. Brown was trying to wake her. Michael, in shock, left them and wandered home. He stayed in bed for two days and finally spoke to his Aunt and Uncle.

“I need to find my place in life Uncle. I would like your blessing to go to sea. I would like to serve in the navy.”

“Well, I’m sure that your father’s company can find you a place as a mate and you can work your way up to captain.”

“No sir, I’m looking to serve for King and country. I would be a midshipman. As such, I know that it would cost us some money but I would hope to pay you back with whatever they pay us.”

“This is very dangerous Michael. You’re the only heir to the estate and title! Please don’t ask us to give our consent.”

“I do ask it. It is not lightly asked. I love you both but I need to go. I need to get away from this area. I feel a need to wander and see other lands and people.”

“Maybe it would be a good experience. We are not at war. Yet there is always the need for our people to serve. Yes, Michael, you have my blessing to do this but please be cautious. You are such a good and kind boy I hope that this will not hurt you.”

“Thank you sir. I hope that I will be back after whatever course is taken and give yours fears a rest.”

His Uncle gave his father a note about the course his soon had taken. He also made contact with the admiralty office and got his nephew a captain to serve under.

He and his wife waved as Michael was rowed to his new home, the frigate Pegasus. They neither saw little Sally Brown waving her kerchief to Michael nor Mr. Brown take his daughter by her shoulders and turn her away before they could see them.

Michael saw all of them and with a tear in his eye turned his back and waited for the boat to bring him to his future.

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