BFF Secrets
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Frank Jackson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two BFF schoolgirls discover the pleasure of sex together. From their last days as ninth-graders to the last days of summer vacation, they share their sexual experiences as only very best friends can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

“OMG! I gotta get home fast.”

“Don’t you wanna go watch the team practice?”

“We, like, do that all the time. This is different.”

“How different could it be?”

“Didn’t you see Mr. Hodgins in detention today?”

“Duh, yes. I was sitting right behind you.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t see his hardon.”


“The man had a stiffy that totally bulged out in his pants!”

“No way.”

“And he kept looking right at us the whole time. Well, me anyway. He totally wants me!” Helen gave Christen a playful shoulder bump.

“You gonna let him?” Christen’s eyes widened at the mental image of her BFF spread-eagle with Mr. Hodgins between the legs, humping away.

“No, duh. But I am going right home and pretend.”

“You mean, like, masturbate?”

“Yeah, sure. Don’t you?”

Christen twitched a shrug that set her breasts giggling. “Well, yeah. Sure I do.”

It was Helen’s turn to pop her eyes open. “Are you not wearing a bra? OMG! Hodgins was totally looking at you!”

‘I didn’t notice,” the long-haired blonde said with an aloof, nose-in-the-air head tilt.

“You slut. Come on or we’ll miss the bus.”

As the girls strutted out of school to the line of yellow buses, Christen was torn as to what to do on her own. Boobs giggling like Jello, she tried to keep up with Helen. Suddenly watching the jocks work out on the football field didn’t seem so much fun.

“So, like, what am I supposed to do?”

“Obviously you didn’t see Hodgin’s dick. If you did you would be going home like me and taking care of business.” The short-haired blonde climbed up into the bus. Christen hesitated before following.

“I didn’t see,...” the schoolgirl held her tongue until they were out of the driver’s earshot. “I did not see it. All I can do is wish I did, while you go and have all the fun.”

“I don’t know what you want me to do about it,” Helen said to her friend as they took a bench seat. “All you gotta do is imagine him staring at your awesome, loose, sexy boobs. Pretend you were wearing a skirt today, and he’s, like, looking between your legs. Oh, yeah. That would sure get me hot.”

“Yean, well you’re already hot,” Christen said with a pout. “And talking about it is getting me sort of hot too.”

“There you go. Lock yourself in your room and go for it.”

“I can’t. I have a little sister, remember? Besides, there’s no lock on the door.”

“So where do you do it then?”

“I don’t know. Where ever I can.”

“I guess you don’t do it much then,” Helen quipped. The rest of the ride to her street corner passed quietly. When the short-haired teen stood to get off the bus an idea came to her.

“Christen,” she said in a whisper, “Why don’t you come to my house? No one’s home. We’ll have, like, two hours to do what ever we want.”

Christen shrugged. “I guess.”

“You gotta stop that,” Helen said, referring to the tit-bouncing shrugs her companion seemed to favor. With the long-haired teenager wearing a toothy grin, the duo debarked, and nearly ran to Helen’s house.

“Did you see how that bus driver looked at you?”

“Mr. Maxwell? You mean when we were walking up the aisle and he was staring in the mirror the whole time?”

“Yes. I bet he had a hard, too.”

“I didn’t dare look.”

“I did, but his hand was in the way. I bet he was whacking it.”

“Helen! You are so bad.”

“He knew you didn’t have a bra on. I bet he was stroking his dick until the last second before we got there.”

“OMG. Maybe next time we should sit up front. I know, I’ll wear a skirt. I bet he sees everything in that mirror.”

“Oh, god. I am so hot right now. Come on.” Helen took Christen’s hand and took her to her bedroom. She did not even bother to close the door before pulling her shorts down. She hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her panties then froze, staring at her friend.

Christen stood motionless in the center of the room, stunned by her companion’s eagerness to disrobe. It made perfect sense- if she were alone - but a bit strange with company right there.

Helen sat on the edge of her bed. “That was a bit awkward. Sorry, Christen. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

The long-haired girl shrugged, wiped some of her strawberry hair away from her face, and said; “I know, right? So, like, now what?”

It was Helen’s turn to shrug. Her small, haltered tits scarcely moved.

“Well, I know I want to play with myself. Um, don’t you? I mean, it’s kinda why we came here. So we could play with ourselves. Not with each other, I mean. Just both of us wanting to get off.”

Christen moved to the foot of the bed and sat. “I never did it like this before,” she said.

“Me neither,” Helen assured her. “I’m just way horny, and I guess I didn’t think...”

“Yeah, me too. I really liked it when the bus driver was watching me. I got all tingly inside.”

“Your headlights were on, you know.”

Christen bit her lower lip and flopped back on the mattress. “I know. I was kinda hoping he would grab for me or something.”

“I’ll grab for you,” Helen said impetuously, falling beside the long-haired girl and throwing an arm across her middle. When her classmate giggled but made no move to fend her off, the white-haired teen closed a hand around a fold of Christen’s knit top. “If I was Mr. Maxwell, I’d pull your sweater right up and look at your tits.”

“No you wouldn’t,” Christen challenged.

“Yes I would,” Helen shot back, and pulled the other girl’s top up. Christen squealed and squirmed, so Helen took another handful of material and yanked it all the way up. She had never seen her friend’s breasts before, and took a moment to appreciate their perfection before continuing to pull the sweater over her head and arms.

Topless, Christen covered herself. She had never before been exposed to anyone, other than her mother and doctor, and certainly not so blatantly. When Helen gently pulled her arms to her side, the blonde schoolgirl did not object. After a long moment of silence, Helen said; “I am so jealous.”

Christen laughed and rolled up to a sitting position. She palmed her own breasts. “Do you thing Mr. Hodgins would like them?”

“He would cum in his pants!”

“I think I would too if that ever happened.”

“Oh, god! Enough talk!” Helen took her blouse off. After hanging it up properly, she swiped the front of her panties with curled fingers. When she saw Christen unzip her jeans and slip a hand inside, the white-haired teenager began a sultry dance in her underwear. She scratched gently at her now tingling mons. The expression of ecstasy on her face was all the encouragement the other schoolgirl needed to remove her pants.

Exchanging conspiratorial grins, the two girls continues their manual arousal techniques. Soon both of them sank into their private worlds as excitement built. Helen was first to start whining at the edge of release, but hearing her companion’s desperate gasps, Christen’s orgasm burst within her. The spasms rocked the bed, igniting Helen’s own climax.

Too weak to stand, the coeds lay still for long minutes, basking in the halo of satisfaction. Then, gingerly at first, they rose, dressed and went to the kitchen for snacks. The interlude was not mentioned, and conversation turned to school, homework and jocks.

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