Heritage of the Blood

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Fantasy Sex Story: Cast - After the Fall of the Age of Technology, the near-immortal races, the Dwarves, Gnomes, and others have re-emerged from their underground sanctuaries. The immortal elves, though previously extinct, re-awaken from among humans who carry their blood. One other race is also returning. One girl finds she is destined to be the representative on Earth of an ancient Goddess of the Light, while the forces of the Dark rise to destroy all that is good.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Tear Jerker   Post Apocalypse   Paranormal   Furry   non-anthro   Were animal   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Analingus   Slow   Violent   Transformation  

Dramatis Personae

Janet/Janethavarael Hai Draconia:

Mortal nineteen year old female, destined to be a Goddess’ representative on earth, and likely to save or doom an entire plane of existence. Natural Healer, potential Spellmaster.

Ellis/Ellisanavriel Hai Draconis:

Once Janet’s stepbrother, later her lover, he is the only link to Janet’s past, as well as one of her truest friends. He will do anything to protect her. He is the Ritemaster of the Spellweavers’ Battle Wings.

Anika/Anikathlianra Hai Draconia:

Once hoping to become Ellis’ lover, later is Janet’s sister, in heart, mind, and spirit, becoming her confidante, and perhaps more ... She is the Battle-Leader of the Female Wings of Eyrie Draconis’ Guard Forces.

Killian the Ancient:

Last of the old, true dragons. She has only been awake in this era a few centuries, having slept through the Age of Technologies and Sciences under a temporal stasis spell, which somehow miraculously did not fail, as it did for others. She guards one last egg, which is still stuck under a twisted temporal stasis spell of its own. She is greatly respected for her wisdom.

Collan/Collanyral Ver’Sulamyn:

Tanner. Father of Verissa. Janet’s uncle by marriage, though they had never met before.

Verissa/Verissanyrael Hai Draconia:

Teen girl, soon to begin her apprenticeship at the Healers’ Guildhall. Fragile of health herself, due to minor taint of Blood Magic left over from the fall of the Temple City where her Mother died and Verissa was brought to her Father by his Mother.


Male Mynkathi wolf cub. Becomes Janet’s sworn Protector, and gains the ability to shapeshift to Elvish form thanks to a magical pendant given to him.


Alpha bitch of the Mynkathi wolf pack, and Guardian’s mother.


Elder on the High Council.


Elder on the High Council. By chance, this was the Elder that Collan saw each time he tried to approach the High Council to get a healer to see to Verissa’s illness.


Head of the Healers’ Guild, member of the High Council. Janet’s main teacher in the Healers’ arts.


Goddess, known as the Huntress, the Protector, and also the Warrior of Light. Known and worshipped by the Mynkathi as Great Huntress, Slayer of Darkness, Protector of Woods and Skies. Was once a True Dragon, considered to be the most powerful. Wounded to the point of dying in battle against the Dark, she was raised among their own ranks by the Gods of the Light.

The Light:

The force of Good throughout reality. Is knowingly served by many mortals, mostly all Immortals, and most Gods as well.


Chaotic being of the Dark, sealed in deep cavern by the forces of the Light eons ago.

The Dark:

The force of Evil throughout reality. Is served by many unknowingly, and many who do know. Those who know usually are the powerful, and power hungry.

Nightmares and Remembrances Dark

The strange golden colored owl stood in the tree, watching a camp below. The camp contained several animals of different kinds, and one lean-to. From this angle, the owl could clearly see the humanoid form within.

The form lying in the lean-to tossed and turned in nightmare-ridden sleep, muttering “No ... NO!”

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