THE Harem Tales 3: What's So Maybe About Katie!
Chapter 1: Her Big Mistake

Copyright© 2016 by Omachuck

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Her Big Mistake - No matter how bad a sponsor turns out to be, his concubine is powerless, right? Well, maybe... This story is the third in THE Harem series and needs the first two to 'get' many references.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Slow  

Katie came to realize she had made a very bad decision, and she was scared -- horrified and scared. Her new master was a predatory pedophile, and she felt powerless to protect her children from him. Then, she carefully thought through the problem, set her goals, and prioritized them.

First -- protect her children from immediate harm. Second -- ensure they were shielded on a long-term basis, especially from psychological spillover. Third -- her own personal survival. Fourth -- kill the deviant SOB.

That seemed to cover the problem adequately.

Nehemiah Joseph (Scud) Scudder was not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. If the CAP test had been a high school class’s final exam, he would have passed on the curve with a rounded up 6.45. What Scud was, was crafty and very patient. He was also a closet pedophile and latent predator.

The pedophile Scud had tried to satisfy his urges with written and video porn and the occasional young-looking prostitute. As much as he wished, he had never acted out his true desires -- he even verified the ages of the call girls before committing himself. Tales of child abusers raped, beaten, and killed in prison, served to keep him in check.

The coming of the Sa’arm changed things. Scud was one of the first to get CAP tested.

The AIs, evaluating CAP factors in silos, failed to correlate this ‘latent’ tendency with a potential for acting on it once he had absolute power over other humans. So they gave that factor a ‘pass.’ The predator began stalking pickups but for years he was very unlucky. Now, at age forty-two, his luck was about to change.

Katie Knott knew that she was never going to be extracted. She was a lesbian who simply could not envision sex with a man, so her CAP score was dragged down to 6.4 -- unacceptable as a sponsor. And if she wouldn’t/couldn’t allow a male to impregnate her, she would only be a temporary plaything for any woman sponsor who took her along.

On April 1st, the year following the Swarm’s landing in Canada, things changed.

Katie and fellow teacher, Betty Sperling, had herded the final twelve first and second graders into a dairy bar waiting for parents to retrieve them after a field trip.

When the gray interdiction field came down, Katie and Betty moved the children to the back of the restaurant to shield them from seeing the orgy that was sure to follow.

Katie turned to the petite Betty and urged, “Go find yourself a man! I’m too lez to be with a male.” Then she added, “Don’t forget you can take some of our kids with you, if you find a good guy who will allow it.”

That wasn’t an idle reminder. Since the arrival of the Swarm, many, if not most, schools offered parents the opportunity to give ‘conditional guardianship’ to the school’s faculty and administration so the kids could be picked up should an extraction occur. It was rare for a parent to decline.

Each teacher on the field trip had two bundles of permissions in her purse. Today, each permission slip named her or Betty as guardian of a child. Katie pulled out her two bundles -- clearly, the one with her own name would not be needed.

She had the students sitting on the floor in a circle playing a guessing game when Betty reappeared, naked and dragging along a well dressed, middle-aged man. “Katie,” Betty pled, “please come with us. This is Nehemiah Scudder, and he says he will take all our kids if you will come to help care for them. Please! For the kids!”

Betty knew exactly which string to pull, which button to push, and Katie relented. It was very much against her better judgment, but she loved kids, all kids, but especially her kids. She removed all her clothing except her shoes.

She went through the formality of becoming Scudder’s concubine, but only if all the kids were allowed to come with her and Betty and that they were to be their responsibility -- care, education, discipline, whatever a parent should do -- as long as they were minors. With his agreement, it was done.

One of the marines appeared and said to Scud, “Private, if you are taking this gaggle, the AI is offering you one more concubine to assist. It suggests that you find a teen that likes to babysit. That’s not typical advice, but you probably ought to heed it.”

Scud turned to the two teachers and declared, “That’s your department. Go find us a sweetie so we can get rolling. I’ll watch the kids.”

Surprised, the two new concubines surveyed the room.

In a corner, a young teen huddled with two preteens. Clearly the girl wanted to join in the pickup, but wasn’t going to leave the youngsters alone. Tears ran down her cheeks as she hugged a young boy and girl close.

“That one!” Katie pointed, and they hurried over.

“Over fourteen? Babysitting?” asked Betty, receiving a nod and another. “Got written permissions on the kids?” Yet another nod. “Wanna come with us? Lots of kiddies!”

“Oh-yes-please,” tumbled out of the teen’s mouth as she began to strip. “I’m Tabbi -- Tabitha -- Roth. This is Max Coburn and Ellie Jones. I’m their regular sitter whenever school’s out.”

The teachers led the three over to Scud and the children, where Tabbi affirmed she wished to be his concubine. In the hubbub, none of the three concubine candidates noted that Scud had failed to test-drive any of them.

As they started towards the marines and sponsors gathering with their new wards, a naked woman ran up dragging a thin girl of indeterminate age. The girl could have been ten to fourteen, but she was bald and so very thin. The woman was sobbing. “Take my Sandy, please! No one wants me. She has cancer, and I heard the Confederacy can cure her. Please. Have mercy. I beg you! She’s only thirteen. Please!” She fell on her knees.

Scud feigned indifference. “Oh, what the hell. What’s one more?! Take one of these used permission slips, cross out the kid’s name, put in Sandy’s name, initial there, and sign below. Then come with us to the marine so it can be witnessed.”

As described earlier, Scud was crafty and had just added another ‘playmate’ to his family.

Scud led the parade into the holding bay, and a real parade it was. The lieutenant in charge took one look at the gaggle of young children and promptly assigned three of the marines’ concubines to assist. “Sammie, get the whole bunch over to medical before the tubes fill up. We’ll want them all in at the same time so we don’t have kids wandering around with no supervision.”

As a practical matter, all excepting Scud and his concubines were kept in tubes until they could be released together. Sandy took longer than typical so that the nanites could fix her runaway system and start the repairs that would progress over several days.

Once the new family arrived in their quarters, the AI briefed Scud on needed functions. When he thought he understood the need for permissions, he told the AI, “My concubines have permission to use whatever they need to care for the children -- food, clothing, entertainment, education -- whatever. They may also order food, entertainment and other necessities for themselves. Until further notice, no one may leave these quarters without my permission.”

Everyone was hungry and tired, so after consulting with the AI, he led them to the dining hall to eat. There, several other concubines obtained permission from their sponsors and assisted in getting the children fed. Scud figured that with a few more chaotic trips, no one would think twice about the failure of the children to appear again. Isolation had begun.

Both Tabbi and Sandy proved to be real gems at handling the children, and their common skill, near ages, and the uncertainty of their new situation bonded them quickly.

Upon their return, Scud turned to his concubines and the older children, “I’m turning the youngsters over to you. I suggest that baths be skipped and we all get some sleep.”

Wanting to subtly establish a precedent, he continued, “If any of the kids need to snuggle with an adult or older kid, I’m okay with it, if you ladies are. Just in case, no sex tonight, but I’d like at least one of you in my bed. You folks decide.”

He left to take a shower and let his concubines manage the chaos into order.

As he had anticipated, most of the little ones needed someone near in the night. Katie, clinging to Scud’s comment about no sex, elected to strip and crawl into bed with him, hoping that would put off the inevitable as the others took their turns.

In the morning, their master proved to be very good with the children. He obviously liked them and they, in turn, liked him. As the day progressed, Scud played games, read stories, and let them snuggle and sit on his lap. While he didn’t help with food preparation, Scud helped ensure that the kids ate well-balanced meals. Later, he said that picking up after the kids, especially clothes at bed time, was not his thing, but he was all in there to help with the massive task of bathing twelve active and noisy youngsters. He was again establishing a precedent and a pattern.

Scud alternated sending his new concubines to all their required briefings and attended his own. He wanted no questions about his future actions, so he took his family to the dining hall several times over the next few days. Each time, he both exhibited care and interest in his new family, and he made it plain how difficult it was to have the whole bunch out at once. He continued the cover for isolating them.

Once all of the concubine briefings were completed, Scud scheduled them for body modifications in the med-tubes. He did not discuss his proposed modifications, but sent Katie and Tabbi together, followed by Betty upon their return.

They returned with no hair below the neck, and much slimmer. Over the next few days, their apparent age regressed -- almost to prepubescent. Boobs virtually disappeared, and Tabbi, seeing her newly acquired pair melt away, was inconsolable. She sat clinging to Katie, sobbing.

Scud ignored their questions and refused to discuss the changes.

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