Jennifer and Jason
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twins spend the summer with the horniest old goat in the pasture.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest  

“Oh, Mom! Do we have to go visit GranPa for the whole summer? He lives way out in the sticks and there’s nothing to do out there. We’ll go crazy!”

Jennifer’s tight teenage body fairly quivered with indignation at the injustice of it. She and her twin brother had been looking forward to enjoying the summer with their friends before school began again in the Fall.

“We’ve discussed this a thousand times and you kids know that I have absolutely no choice in the matter. If I’m going to get that promotion I need, to keep a roof over our heads, I have to take that assignment in Germany for the summer. There’s no other place for you to stay. Besides, you’ll have Jason for company.”

“Oh, great! I get to have my twin brother for company. Wowee!”

“Listen, Miss Smarty Pants. It won’t be long before you’re having to work for a living, yourself, and you’ll know then how hard it is to get ahead. Your being bored for a few months just doesn’t stack up against the benefits we will all get from my taking this assignment. I may even get VP out of it.”

“Really, Mom?” Jason finally weighed in. “That’s neat! My mom, the VP. Wait till I tell the guys.”

Sarah flushed. “Don’t tell them too soon. It would be embarrassing to say something now and not get it later.”

Jennifer recognized the futility of her position and started looking for some way to take advantage of the situation. “If you get the VP, do I get the car?”

Sarah laughed as she tousled the hair of her enterprising daughter. “We’ll see, dear. We’ll see. Better wait till it happens to start spending the money.”

“Hey! Can I have one, too?” yelled Jason as he headed out the door to shoot some hoops.

Jason and Jennifer’s fears that GranPa wouldn’t even have TV way out there in the woods were put to rest when they saw the satellite antenna on the roof. After all, he was an engineer. There were a lot more surprises in store for the young couple.

“You kids drop your stuff anywhere you like. There are some bedrooms upstairs you can use as you like. Things are so casual around here by myself that I don’t even bother going to bed some nights--just pull up a dog and sleep on the floor.”

It took Jennifer a moment to realize he was joking about the dog, but saw that he was serious about being casual. He was wearing overalls with no shirt and from the looks of things, maybe nothing else under it, either. What’s more, they had a button fly which was completely unbuttoned. Her questing eyes wondered if his dick might pop out at any moment. She had never seen one in real life, but she had seen the pictures in sex education class, so she thought she knew what to expect. Little did she know.

“You mean you don’t have any rules for us, GranPa?”

“You can sleep when you want, you can stay up as long as you want. If the dirty dishes bother you, wash them. If you’re hungry and don’t want to cook, there’s the phone. The pizza joint bills me monthly. The only thing I ask is that you respect my privacy and stay out of my video collection in that bottom drawer. Ok?”

“Wow! Really! You mean it?”

“As sure as God made little green apples, Missy. Nobody does anything around here unless they feel like it and I sure as hell didn’t sign on to babysit anyone. I agreed to take you guys in for the summer because I love you and I’ll try to keep anything bad from happening to you. Otherwise you’re on your own. Now who’s up for some pizza?”

The pizzas came with all the trimmings, but soon disappeared down three hungry throats.

“You kids make yourselves at home. I have my lodge meeting tonight and may be kind of late. Bolt the doors if you like and don’t mind me waking you up to get in. I stocked up a few videos you might like. Have fun.”

“Wow, Jason! This is kind of neat, huh? We can get away with a lot more stuff here than when Mom’s around. Which bedroom do you want? I’m going to unpack and take a shower.”

“Doesn’t matter to me. I’m going to check out the videos.”

Jennifer luxuriated under the heavy stream of soothing hot water. She had never known how sensual a heavy flood of hot water could be. Her shower at home put out a fine mist that always seemed to be too cold. Her hand unconsciously found a nice place to rub between her thighs as the luxury of the water sluice sank deeper into her being.

If she had known that my “lodge” meeting was a get-together for all the retired engineers in the area, she might have checked the shower room closely enough to find some of the cameras the “lodge” of horny old guys had installed. Each of them had their showers and guest bedrooms wired and tried to outdo the others in luring nubile guests to their traps.

“Hot damn! Check out the tits on that kid!” yelled Archie, grabbing his prick and giving it a few energetic strokes. “Boy! I’d love to ram my dick up that hot little snatch!”

“Patience, asshole. You’ll get your turn. Can’t have my daughter’s girl fucked by an asshole on her first night in town, can we?”

Jason found the videos GranPa had left for them and sorted through them. There were some pretty good ones, but he had seen them all, so he decided to take a look at GranPa’s stash. Sure, he had asked them to leave them alone, but how would he know if anybody looked at them?

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed as the nature of the forbidden videos dawned on him. “No fucking way!” he blurted as he rifled through dozens of porn flicks of every description. There were some that were hand lettered and probably homemade.

Jason chose one at random, based on the size of the tits on the blonde, and without admitting it to himself, on the size of the dick that the black guy was ramming into her. All thoughts of Jennifer were pushed to the back of his mind. He had a fuck movie in one hand and a stiff dick in the other. Jennifer was taking a shower and GranPa was out for hours. Sticking his choice in the VCR, he laid back on the couch to enjoy it while he beat his painfully distended prick into submission.

Jennifer finished her long, luxurious shower and took her time drying herself under the bank of heat lamps (that coincidentally gave superb lighting for the cameras). Her attention to detail in drying every single drop of water from her swelling tits, to her pussy hair was appreciated fully by her unknown audience.

“Jake, you’ve won the prize for the year, by damn!”

“Thanks, asshole. She is a looker, ain’t she? Let’s have a round of stump poker to see who buys the next round.” I closed my eyes as I got into the beat that was bound to have me getting my gun before the others and reveled in the memory of my granddaughter’s trim body. I knew that one way or the other, I was going to fuck her before the summer was over. It made owning the company her mother worked for worth every penny I had paid.

“Ja--!” Jennifer started to blurt out as she reached the bottom stair and saw Jason openly whamming his fist up and down on something that looked very different from the pictures in her sex education class. They had all been short, dangling things that were ugly and funny at the same time. This one was straight, red and shiny. Jason’s face was red and shiny, too, as his fist pumped out another stream of goo.

Jennifer hoped that he hadn’t heard her outburst, so she could keep watching what he was doing. Apparently he was lost to the world except for his dick and the action on the screen, which she couldn’t see, but she could hear the moans and could guess that it was pretty exciting from the way Jason was acting. She crouched behind the corner of the stairwell to watch the rest.

“Look! The kid is getting his gun again!” yelled Frank, who had come in a close second in the stump poker contest. “If he keeps that up, he may get me up again.”

“Dream on, you old fart.” yelled someone from the back row. “You ain’t got it up twice in one night since Dewey beat Truman.”

“Fuck you! If I get it off again, you can suck my cock tomorrow night, in front of the whole lodge. Deal?”

“Deal, you fat fucker! And if you don’t you have to suck mine. Deal?”


I had to admire my grandson’s energy as well as the very respectable size of his equipment. The fact that he had cum four times without slowing his beat didn’t impress me that much. I could remember doing more than that at his age. However, my mouth watered at the expectation of having those kids around all summer. Tonight was a great start.

“Ten to one the girl watches them after he goes to bed.”

“You’re on asshole. No fucking way that sweet, innocent little thing is going to watch that shit.”

“If she does, you have to send your wife over to my house ten times. All right?”

“Yeah, and if I win, I’ll send her twenty times.”

The lodge got a big kick out of that. Jim got whoopee points added to the scoreboard. Two more and he got his choice of the wives for a weekend. The women never knew what the process was that we went through in determining where they slept, but they were all getting more cock than they had been getting before we started our lodge, so nobody was complaining.

Jason slowly stopped beating that piece of meat in his lap when his aching balls demanded that he stop until they could reload. “Damn! What a hot movie!” he thought. He couldn’t wait to see the rest. “Oh shit!” He had forgotten all about Jennifer. Where was she?

He padded up the stairs and peeked in the open door of her room. She was lying face down across the bed in her Jockeys, apparently dead to the world. A ray of moonlight illuminated the sensual swell of her tight ass.

“Damn! I’d love to fuck Jenny!” he thought as he grabbed his prick again and began idly stroking it. He scampered for the safety of the hallway, though, when Jennifer moaned in her sleep. He retired to his bedroom to try to recover from his evening of passion with the porn tape.

If he had known that Jennifer’s moan was caused by the sight of her brother stroking his prick while lusting at her ass, he might have stayed right where he was. She had been watching him under her arm as he came to the door. In fact, she had barely gotten to her room and fallen across her bed as he came up the stairs. The memory of her brother’s prick spewing cum all over his chest time after time had her senses reeling.

She waited a few minutes to give her brother a chance to go to sleep then crept in his room to get a closer look at his prick. She knew he slept like a log and there was nothing she was likely to do that would rouse him. She slowly pulled the sheet down until his dick was exposed, but it was only a faint reminder of the angry red thing she had seen before. Disappointed, she went downstairs to see what he had been watching. However, Jason had replaced the one he watched, so she didn’t know which one to see. She finally selected one with a handwritten label.

“No way!” Jennifer thought. There was her GranPa on the screen with a young girl about her own age, and he was licking her pussy. They were both naked and Jennifer couldn’t take her eyes off the pole that swung between GranPa’s knees.

As she watched, he brought the girl to orgasm time after time. Every time her body would stop quivering, he would do something else to send her over the edge again. Sometimes it was just a flick of his tongue against her little nubbin. Sometimes it was a finger slid up her ass. Each time she came, his huge prick jerked as if a string were tied to it.

After the girl had all she could stand, she knelt between Jennifer’s GranPa’s legs and took his fuck log in her small hands. She lovingly caressed it, as she would a puppy, stroking it, rubbing it against her cheek, and planting kisses all up and down it’s length while she tried to get both hands around it. Jennifer’s hand stole down to her crotch again.

“What time will she be coming over, Fred?”

“Ok, you win. Hot damn, this kid is hot stuff. It’s worth losing the bet just to watch her play with her pussy, even if she still has her panties on. Double or nothing she keeps them on. Deal?”


Jennifer couldn’t watch this anymore with all that cloth in the way. Without being fully aware of what she was doing, she slipped out of her Jockeys to have better access to her throbbing cunt.

“Shit! Look at that, will you?”

“Guess you have to send your wife and your daughter, asshole.”

“Who am I supposed to sleep with if both of them are gone?”

“Jack it off or sleep with the goat. Serves you right for making such a stupid bet.”

“Tell you what. We’ll double up again on whether Jake gets any of that pussy before the end of the week. Deal?”

“You just keep making stupid bets. Deal.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened as she watched her GranPa’s dick draw up and begin shooting streams of hot cum all over the girl’s body. She managed to get her mouth over the end of it for a couple of shots, but most of the hot slimy stuff ended up on her face and across her tits.

This was more than Jennifer could stand without joining them vicariously. Her own orgasm shook her entire frame, just as she heard her GranPa knocking at the door. Hurriedly straightening herself and grabbing a robe, she ran to the door to let him in, little guessing that he had been watching through the window for the right time. He wanted to be next to her in the flesh while she was still hot from getting her rocks off and still had the image fresh in her mind of his big dick spewing cum all over a girl that could have been her.

“Everything ok, Jenny?”

“Oh, yeah. No problem.”

“You seem a little flushed and out of breath.”

“Uh, I was in the kitchen when you knocked and ran to let you in.” She couldn’t tear her eyes from his unbuttoned fly, wondering if she could get a glimpse of his massive organ. As big as it was, how could it hide when the buttons were all undone?

I saw her sneaking peeks at my fly and cast about for some deniable way to give her a shot. “Would you like for me to bring in the rest of the boxes for you, Honey”

“Oh, thanks, GranPa. I forgot about them, but I do need some of those things tonight. Mom made me bring my special pillow so I won’t get asthma. Do you want me to help you?”

“No, you just sit right there and I won’t take a minute.” On the way to the car, I pulled my dick out of my fly and left it lolling through the opening. When I picked the box up, I held it low over my dick until I rounded the corner to take it upstairs. Jennifer was sitting in the perfect position to get a great view as I lifted the box up for the climb. I heard her make a little gasp and saw her hand dive to her cunt, out the corner of my eye. She thought I couldn’t see her. Just to give her an extra thrill, I stopped with my foot on the first step and stood holding the box against the root of my prick to make it stand out even more as I chatted with her. I acted as if I had no idea it was out.

My dick got harder and harder knowing that I was standing a few feet from my inquisitive young granddaughter while she studied my supposedly hidden prick.

After some long minutes, when I couldn’t stand not to touch it any longer, I took that box on up the stairs and crept quietly back to a place where I could watch her play with her cunt. She was driving two fingers in and out very fast. I forced myself to tear my eyes away and made a lot of noise coming down the stairs so she would hear me, and went out for the other box.

This time, I jacked it up even more and positioned the box at exactly the right place to make it stand out before taking it into the house. Again, I stood sideways to Jennifer and chatted with her, knowing that my hard prick was the only thing she was paying attention to.

“Listen, since you’re still up, why don’t we go in the kitchen for some of my patented hot chocolate. Did Jason go to bed?”

“Yeah, he zonked out a long time ago. Guess the excitement was too much for him.”

“Well, you sit right down. You’ve never tasted hot chocolate this good. Don’t tell your mother, but the secret is to add just a taste of cognac to it. You’ll love it. Tell you what. Since you’re in your robe, why don’t you stir this milk while I go change into mine. These old coveralls aren’t the right thing for sipping hot chocolate. I’ll start a fire in the family room so we can roast some marshmallows, too. Would you like that?”

“Oh, that sounds neat, GranPa. You’re sure I can have some cognac?”

“Of course I’m sure. The reason they don’t let kids drink is because kids don’t know when they’ve had too much and don’t know how to handle it and themselves. I’ll be here to guide you and watch out for you, so we can have our own little party.”

I could see Jennifer’s mind lock on the word “party,” remembering the vision of that huge prick swinging between my knees and looked forward to sitting around the fire place in just our robes.

I whistled to myself as I stripped off my overalls. They were pretty sticky from the cum I had stripped while winning the stump poker match. After all, it was my own granddaughter we had been watching. I took a quick shower and threw on my robe before going down to light the fire.

Jennifer had beat me to it. “You go ahead and finish the hot chocolate, GranPa. I’ll start the fire for you.”

Her fine ass stuck back in my face as I walked up behind her. My prick lurched at the thought of ramming Big John up her tiny cunt before long.

“Oh, Jenny. That’s a great fire. Lie back on these pillows and see how you like my great chocolate while the fire burns down enough to roast these marshmallows. I’m a little too stiff to get down there with you, so I’ll stay on the couch, but you can spread out.” I arranged my robe very carefully for maximum viewability while maintaining maximum deniability. I knew she could see everything hanging out below the robe while I appeared to be trying my best to cover up. Her eyes were glued to my dick, but I appeared not to notice. I had practiced this maneuver many times and knew exactly how to show everything without being obvious about it.

“Ooh, GranPa, this is great!” breathed Jennifer, hoping I would think she meant the chocolate, but her eyes never wavered from my expanding prick. The knowledge that she was not only seeing it, but grooving on it made it rise rapidly.

“Yes, but remember to sip slowly. The cognac takes a little getting used to. Is it starting to make you feel warm?”

“Oh, yes, GranPa. Very, very warm.”

“Good. Just sip slowly and let the flavor seep into your nostrils.” I opened my legs a bit wider as the cognac started to loosen her up even more. For someone not accustomed to alcohol, I knew she would be getting looped pretty fast, so I accelerated the process. My prick kept rising and I made no effort to hold it down. Jennifer’s eyes grew wider and wider as it grew. I knew she could see every detail of the veins that stood out along it’s length.

“Sit back here against my legs and I’ll give you a neck massage,” I offered.

“Oh!” she sounded disappointed that she would have to quit watching my prick grow, but dutifully leaned back against my knees and offered her neck to my hands. At this point, I probably could have forced the issue a bit, but that wasn’t my desire. This was too good an experience to waste on haste. There was time to do it right.

Jennifer could feel her GranPa’s dick rubbing against the back of her neck as he massaged her shoulders. She knew that she should probably tell him to stop, but she felt so relaxed in front of the fire and the chocolate really was great, and after all, he was her GranPa, wasn’t he? Without really being conscious about what she was doing, she began rolling her head against it as it continued to grow. Something deep inside her wondered if she could make him cum like the girl in the video, and desperately wanting to try, although she couldn’t consciously will herself to think it.

I kept up my slow, gentle massage as I felt the cognac and the effects of the video as well as the setting relaxed my granddaughter to the point of no inhibitions. Her head was gently rolling against my rigid prick in a very sensual manner. If she kept this up, she was going to get cum down the front of her robe pretty soon.

Jennifer hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she got to see what it was all about, first hand. It felt so good to be here and to feel so safe and she wanted so much to see if she could make that big prick cum. She reached over her shoulder and placed one small hand directly on the distended head of my prick, which was nearly all I could take.

In my mind, I began raining cum past her ear in great spurts. I imagined Jennifer calmly turning her head and doing what she had seen the girl do in the video. She would clamp her lips over the end of the cum cannon and swallow all that she could. I would leave the head in her mouth until my prick was shrunk back to normal size, and let her suck it like a baby bottle.

“Mmmhh. That was delicious GranPa. Good night. Thanks for the chocolate.”

She was woozy from the cognac and the extreme sensations of her hormone-driven actions and staggered a little as she tried to rise. Perhaps she had shared my vision.

I rose with her and took her face in my hands. “Good night baby. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing my cream with me.” I kissed her deeply, imagining savoring the taste of my cum in her mouth. She kissed me back as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have her grandfather’s tongue down her throat.

I lifted her in my arms, took her upstairs and tucked her in while I still had enough control to keep from ramming my raging prick in her.

“I’ll leave the bathroom door open in the morning when I take my shower,” I told her. “The water is so loud I wouldn’t hear you if you needed anything and the door was closed. Just yell at me if you want something.” I knew what she wanted, but wanted to draw out the suspense as long as possible.

As I had hoped, there was a curly head peering around the corner of the bathroom door the next morning, so I gave her a good show, splattering cum all over the shower room.

I wanted to get Jason out of the way for the time being. “Jason, when you finish breakfast, I promised Mrs. Johnson that you might be willing to give her a hand around the house this morning. I wouldn’t normally commit you without your knowledge, but she has the cutest little red-headed daughter that I think you might enjoy meeting. Think she’s a cheerleader or something. Is that ok?”

He was out of there like a shot. I sat back and savored my cereal. I’m not sure, but my robe may have gapped open a little as I ate. Jennifer sure seemed intent on something in that direction.

“Jenny, I know you guys didn’t come here to work, but I wonder if you would mind holding the ladder for me while I clean out the gutter over the back steps? It’s full of leaves and pours water right down your neck when you go down the steps.”

“Sure, GranPa. I’ll be happy to help.”

“I’m sure you will, my pretty penny,” I thought as I went upstairs to get into my flashing uniform. I ran back down the stairs in just a minute, fly buttons flashing.

“Come on, let’s get the ladder.” I set the ladder up well back from the eave so I would have to lean way out to reach it. The step at my waist was in perfect position to force my dick out right at Jennifer’s eye level, a tongue’s throw away.

She looked straight ahead the whole time I pretended to clean out the gutter, never taking her eyes off the huge dick head almost close enough to close her lips around.

“Well, you certainly are a great helper, Jenny. Thanks for holding the ladder. Why don’t we go in and have a nice cold lemonade?” I knew she really wanted a chance to stick a couple of fingers up her twat, but she readily agreed. I think I was becoming some combination of her missing father figure and male icon. I didn’t want to break the spell for her by making any sort of overt move toward her, but she was becoming more and more open in her perusal of the grandfatherly fly.

As I sat in front of her, enjoying the lemonade, I knew she could see the fat head of my prick peeking out at her. I planned it that way.

“Tell me a little about yourself, Jennifer. What sorts of things are you interested in?”

“Oh, you know--clothes, CDs, movies, that sort of thing.”


“Oh GranPa, not really. They are all so immature.”

I stood to refill our glasses, making sure my dick slid out the open fly as I got up. Her eyes glued to it.

As I stood at the sink, pouring the lemonade, I casually reached down and slowly rubbed the skin back and forth as if it were the most reasonable thing in the world to do, then walked back across the kitchen behind my waving prick, right up to my young granddaughter and handed her the glass.

“Drink up, it’s almost time to pick up Jason and Suzy and go down to the old swimming hole.”

“But I didn’t bring my bathing suit. I didn’t think there would be any place to swim here.”

“Don’t worry about that, Honey. We all go skinny dipping here, anyway.”

“Really? Wow!”

At the swimming hole, there were a few people in and around the pool already, and there was little doubt about the question of “skinny.” Men, women, kids and old ladies dove, swam, splashed and lounged in their casual nakedness.

I lost no time in dropping my coveralls. Jennifer’s eyes grew wide as she saw the whole thing for the first time in person.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or are uncomfortable with,” I told her. “Stay if you like. Take your clothes off or leave them on. Swim with me or just sit in the shade. It’s up to you.”

I watched the wheels grind as she made up her mind. “I’ll swim with you, GranPa,” she said as she dropped her dress and stepped out of her panties.

It was my first real look at her in person, too. What a doll! My dick started to rise. “Race you to the water,” I said.

We hit the water simultaneously and swam across to a sand bar on the far side of the creek, away from the crowd. I pulled up on the sand and lay back to absorb the sun’s rays, my half hard dick waving in the breeze.

“Is it always hard like that, GranPa?”

“Is what hard, dear?”

“You know. That.” She pointed at my prick.

“Only when I’m around a beautiful girl,” I replied.

“Oh, you’re just saying that. I’m not beautiful. You’re so old an I’m just barely fourteen. You’re not supposed to get hard around your grand kids, are you?’

“Honey, when a girl is as cute and desirable as you are, no dick will stay soft long. I noticed one of my tapes was out. You’re about the same age as Suzy. She was the girl in the tape you watched.”

Jennifer blushed at being caught. “Did you like fucking her?”

“Are you kidding? She was the best thing I’ve seen around here until you came.”

“You mean you would like to fuck me?’

“It would make my old heart sing, baby. See how Junior stands up when you talk like that?”

“Wow! Aren’t you afraid somebody will call the cops, GranPa? Your dick is really sticking up big and everybody can see us.”

“No, we have a policy around here that anyone can do anything they like as long as they don’t force anyone else to do anything they don’t like. It’s a great system. Watch this.” I grabbed a handful of Long John and stroked him up to a record height in plain view of our neighbors and only inches from Jennifer’s face. I was so stoked by the situation that it only took a few strokes before my 64-year old prick was spewing cum all over her. The crowd gave me a round of applause as Jennifer peered through the ropes of cum dripping off her eyebrows.

“Wow! GranPa. I can’t believe you did that! Right out here in the open, too.”

“We do everything in the open here, darling. If you feel like playing with yourself or sucking this old dick of mine, you just go right ahead.”

“Really? Nobody will mind what I do?”


“Then I’m going to try what that girl did in the video.” She reached across my lap and grabbed the head of my prick which was doing its best to shrink back up, but her action caused it to rise to the occasion. Her mouth wasn’t big enough to take it, but she nevertheless worked the tip until her jaws gave out, managing to milk another shot out of my aching balls just from the sight of her trying to give her first blow job.

“Why is everybody laughing at that man over there, GranPa?”

“I think he just lost a very expensive bet,” I smiled.

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