Liberating Sona
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Cheating, White Male, Indian Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, Foot Fetish, Hairy, Big Breasts, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sona is a 28 year old neglected Indian wife. Her husband Kumar is a chauvanist. Her next door neighbour sets out to seduce her, and to introduce her to all the sexual adventures that he can think of, including sex on nude beach, in the back of a limo and at a lingerie shop.

“Amazing ... fucking amazing” I muttered under my breath.

What was amazing was the white creamy cum that clung to the dark lipped pussy that continued to pulsate right in front of my eyes. The pussy belonged to my next door neighbor Sona. She was a 28 year old married lady who had emigrated from India with her husband Kumar just over 3 years ago.

Being from India her skin was a beautiful shade of brown, accentuating the whiteness of her cum cream.

The cum was all hers. I hadn’t fucked her yet - soon very soon I was going to introduce my long fat white skinned cock to her tight pussy. It was tight - squeezing my finger tightly as I finger-fucked her to her last orgasm.

My tongue was drawn back to her wetness, licking and swallowing her spend. She tasted tangy unlike any of my previous partners.

Sona was a lonely housewife - stuck at home whilst her chauvinist husband went out to work. I could hear him berating her on a daily basis - shouting at her and slamming doors as he moved from room to room.

“You are my wife - you keep my house. You do not need to work - I provide for you” was what he told her often.

I had befriended her when we met across the side fence between our townhouses. That had been four weeks ago when I first invited her in to have a cup of coffee and some morning tea. She had been initially reluctant but I had worn her down with my charm and she had accepted my invitation.

I guess she figured that a 40 year old guy like me was harmless. That was a bad assessment by her, and lucky for me.

“Oh ... oh ... oh fuck” she moaned with my tongue parting her engorged lips and burrowing into her swampy wetness.

I was amazed when I discovered that she had never been the recipient of oral sex from her husband. He, on the other hand, insisted that she suck his cock - which I discovered from her was quite small ( well ... very small compared to my monster ).

My first view of her pussy was restricted - restricted by the abundance of hair on her mound and around her lips. I foraged through her bush with my tongue and fingers to bring her to her first oral induced orgasm.

I was surprised that she was agreeable to my suggestion that I trim her pussy of its excess of growth. The result of my efforts was very pleasing - her lips completely hairless, with her mound now sporting a two finger wide landing strip that pointed to her wet core.

Getting her into my bed took four weeks of careful planning on my part. She was beautiful, and I told her often that she had potential to be a photographic model with her looks and skin coloring.

I introduced her to my profession - author and story editor. Initially I shared with her some tame stories that had minimal detail sex scenes - ones that left room for the readers imagination to fill in the gaps.

Then I introduced some more graphic stories, and finding her not repulsed by them, I planned the event to hopefully deliver her into my bed. Luck was with me when her husband decided to travel back to India without her - leaving her home alone for three weeks.

“Could you read this one for me. I’m having problems getting my head around it because it’s told from the perspective of a woman” I explained handing the tablet to her.

I watched her as she read it. I could see that the storyline was exciting her - she was squirming about in her seat. It was very graphic in describing the sex between a younger lady and an older man.

When she had finished reading I asked “What did you think?”.

She hesitated. She was turned on - and nervous too. I prompted her with some leading questions which she answered truthfully, then she asked me a question.

“Is it really like that between a man and a woman?”

Her sex life with her husband had been sadly neglected by his attitude.

She had already cum twice on my tongue and fingers, and was building towards her third orgasm when I moved to kneel between her thighs, resting my cock across her mound with the soft landing strip caressing the underside of my shaft.

Holding my cock at the base, I slid it up and down between her sodden and slightly parted lips spreading her juices all over my cockhead. With the head glistening I positioned it at the entrance to her tight canal.

With hands on her hips I drew her back onto me, penetrating her slowly.

“Fuck me ... you’re so fucking hot and tight” I groaned.

Her entrance parted, allowing me to slide into her depths. I could feel her sheath grabbing at my cock as it slowly sank into her.

I could feel a spasming building around my cock. Her cum was very close so I pushed hard and fast - burying myself fully inside her, balls resting against her ass. I stopped all movement to enjoy the sensations of her grabbing me from within.

“Ahhhhh ... oh ... ohhhhhhhhh” she screamed, announcing her new cum accompanied by the tightening of her canal around my fleshy invader and the release of more of her cum juices. It grabbed and released me for the next ten seconds or so before I was able to move again within her.

“Put your legs around my waist” I asked her as I leant forward to kiss her whilst I firmly and deeply fucked her clinging pussy. She returned my kiss with passion - her tongue coming out to play after mine showed her the way.

I was close to cumming myself. I knew that it would be a big explosion - I had been saving my cum for the last week in anticipation of this eventuality. My balls were starting to ache - I redoubled my efforts with my body slapping against hers, with her cum splattering everywhere on bodily contact.

“Yes ... yessssssssssssssss!!!!” I yelled with my balls jettisoning my huge load into her depths. Her legs held me tight against her, pulling me close as her body erupted also in another massive cum.

Her sexual education ( and liberation ) had begun. I had much planned for the next three weeks.

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