BSC10 Jared Reznik Becomes a Dad
Chapter 1: Blanke Schande College, Here I Come!

Copyright© 2016 by Murray Wilson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Blanke Schande College, Here I Come! - Jared Reznik takes his step-daughter to her first day at Blanke Schande College where she surprises herself and everyone else at what she is capable of. Later on this young woman becomes responsible for a whole town becoming TOTALLY NUDITY REQUIRED and in the process also escapes the terrible wrath of her derranged father.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism  

“See you around, Jared ... Professor Jared!” said Vanessa Benson with a quirky little smile on her face. Underneath that quirky little smile was another thought that remained unspoken. Vanessa Benson was thinking how one day she would like to call Jared ‘dad’. He was her step-father but she still never felt quite right about using this salutation while her own true father was still alive. Her own father might be in prison but he was still Vanessa’s proper father and the title of ‘dad’ still properly belonged to him. Troubling as these thoughts were they still only occupied a fraction of a second in Vanessa’s mind. Vanessa very quickly dispelled those thoughts with just a quick flick of her hair from around her eyes as she put her mind to the events of the day.

Jared Reznik leaned over and gave his step daughter a quick kiss on the cheek and said in reply, “That’ll do now! No smart comments from you today. OK!”

Vanessa leaned across the front seat of the car and reciprocated with her own kiss on Jared’s cheek and said, “No problem. You have a good day and I’ll see you back her at 5:00pm.”

Jared just nodded quietly in agreement but with a concerned look on his face. Just before they both got out of the car Jared said, “Look, are you sure you are going to be OK? This is just your first day and all, so do you know where everything is and have you got your class timetable all sorted and...”

“I’ll be just fine” said Vanessa without giving Jared a chance to finish his sentence. “Stop worrying will you. I’m nearly nineteen now and not a little girl anymore! And besides all that I have been up here several times already over the last week or so. We had that inaugural assembly just the other week where all us new girls ripped off all our clothes together. After that I drove up here a few times all by myself just to get to know the layout of everything so I do now my way around quite well, Mr Jared Reznik! Now come on, we both need to get going or we will both be late.”

Jared turned his head again to look at Vanessa as she climbed out of the car. She really was a beautiful young girl. A young woman, actually. She was a beautiful young woman - not just a pretty young girl but a lovely young lady who looked especially good in the nude. Jared watched Vanessa’s naked, eighteen year old body open the car door then pull itself out until it was standing up just outside the passenger’s seat. All Jared could see now was the gentle curves of Vanessa’s back as it flowed down into her gorgeous butt cheeks then on down to her thighs and legs. This girl was very, very beautiful and Jared Reznik felt just so proud to be her step-father.

Jared shook his head quickly to snap himself back into life again then climbed out of the car as well. When he was standing up he looked across the roof of the car to Vanessa’s lovely face and very, shapely breasts. Vanessa looked back at Jared giving him a beautiful smile as she closed the car door on her side. Jared closed his door too then activated the locking mechanism on his key ring. He then walked around to the other side of the car and gave the naked Vanessa Benson a great big squeeze and another kiss on the cheek. His right hand also dropped down to Vanessa’s left butt cheek and gave it a very big pat and a squeeze with his fingers.

“I know you will be OK. You will be just fine, just fine!” Jared finally said to Vanessa as he released her naked body from his embrace. “And who knows, you might even meet some nice young man here. You just never know!”

“Yer, right” responded Vanessa. “Like just on my very first day - not likely!”

Jared was probably talking more to himself when he spoke just now. This was also probably more just his own attempt at convincing himself that such was the case - that his step-daughter, Vanessa Benson, was going to be OK on her very first day at Blanke Schande College. And Jared did really hope that she might meet some nice young man here one day too. Not just on her first day, of course, but one day. It would need to be someone that shared all their same values on sexuality and was happy about the gradual rise of public nudity in everyday life. That would be good, really good, Jared thought to himself. It would just save so much trouble with explanations and awkward ‘cultural adjustments’ he thought to himself.

After a brief pause Jared and Vanessa gave each other another very quick hug then the two of them set off together down the footpath that was running just close by. Vanessa’s butt cheeks and breasts swung in a beautiful rhythm as Jared walked beside her with one arm draped around her bare shoulders.

As they headed off together Vanessa looked at Jared’s face then turned to look at the buildings coming up to them and said, “Well, Blanke Schande College, here I come!”

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