BSC09 the Fall and Rise of Jared Reznik
Chapter 1: Amanda's Birthday

Copyright© 2016 by Murray Wilson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Amanda's Birthday - Jared Reznik is an out of work and down on his luck Math Teacher and his girlfriend has just walked out on him. But things all start to change when he rescues a mother and her daughter from a rampaging husband/father and he also finds work at Blanke Schande College - where all the females are naked 24/7.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism  

“BINGO!” said Jared Reznik loudly to himself. Immediately after saying that Jared reached into the drawer just below the newspaper he was reading and pulled out a blue pen. A circle was then quickly scribed around the small article in the Job Vacancies section of that same newspaper. Jared didn’t actually read the article then and there but did quickly take note of three capital letters that headed that one particular job vacancy listing. Those three letters in boldface type were simply the letters B S C. Jared didn’t take any further notice of it than that but closed up the paper and started clearing the bench space.

“Right!” said Jared to himself again. “I’ll get to you later but right now there is work to do!”

The newspaper on the kitchen bench was then very quickly folded up and placed neatly into the magazine rack that stood in the lounge room of the two bedroom bungalow he rented with his girlfriend Amanda Shore.

Once the newspaper was tucked away Jared set to work fixing breakfast for his girlfriend. Today was her birthday and Jared wanted to surprise her with a little bit of TLC before her day started. For some strange reason the relationship between the two of them had seemed a little strained lately and Jared was hoping to circumvent some of that with this breakfast in bed gesture.

Thus it was that Jared Reznik set to work preparing a bowl of Amanda’s favorite muesli cereal accompanied by two slices of toast with marmalade and genuine New Zealand butter. Jared also poured a lovely hot cup of coffee that he set down with everything else on a very pretty breakfast tray with a soft, pink floral design that he had bought specially for the occasion.

When all was ready the tray was carefully lifted off the kitchen servery and carried with great care down the passage way to the bedroom. As Jared entered the room he began to sing, “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday my Amandaaaaaaa! Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!”

As Jared finished singing he dropped the tray a little bit so he could see over the top and down towards the crumpled figure lying under the blankets. That crumpled figure stirred as it began to stretch out under the warm bed clothes. Amanda Shore then rolled onto her back and opened her eyes and looked back towards Jared’s frame as it stood motionless in the doorway. Amanda quietly looked at the tray of stuff Jared was holding then she looked at his face then she looked out the bedroom window then she looked just as quietly at the the green LEDs of the digital clock just by her face. That was when the quietness ended - very abruptly!

“Oh, SHIT!” burst out of Amanda’s mouth as her mind began to register what those green digits actually meant.

“Oh, SHIT!” she said for the second time. “Is that the real time. Fuck sake, Jared! Why didn’t you wake me up sooner. You know I’ve got a very important client to see this morning!”

Jared looked back at his girlfriend with a slightly bewildered look on his face before replying with, “Yer ... I know about that! But that’s not until 10:00am. It’s only 7:30am! You’ve got time for some breakfast, surely? Look, I made you a whole tray of stuff.”

Amanda just glared back at Jared and snorted back with, “You just don’t get it do you!? You think I have to stop my whole life just to fit in with yours. Well, that’s just not how it is. Quick ... move aside so I can get into the shower.”

The bewildered look on Jared’s face was growing and he was doing nothing to hide it.

“NO!” he eventually replied. “I’m not trying to take over your life or anything like that. I ... I ... I just thought ... I just thought ... I just thought you might like some breakfast in bed for your birthday. That’s all! You’ve got two and a half hours ahead of you yet before you have to be at that appointment so why the sudden panic!”

At that point Amanda Shore threw back the blankets revealing her totally naked body to Jared’s very appreciative eyes. She really was a lovely piece of work ... or so Jared thought anyway ... and he probably wasn’t wrong either. Amanda’s body was just so shapely with lovely, big round tits that even on the flat stood out from her chest in very strong, bold relief. Those breasts sat atop a chest that flowed in Venus like curves down to her stomach, waist, thighs and legs. Those legs, in themselves were a true work of art too. They were just so well toned in a truly feminine way that just accentuated every other lovely aspect of this girl’s nudity. That beautiful nudity all came together in one big beautiful pile of very dark pubic hair that rose from Amanda’s erogenous zone in glorious wisps of very tight, black curls that covered an amazing set of pussy lips. Jared’s tongue had had many happy moments exploring that whole region and his tongue twitched a bit now as he observed this beautiful specimen of womanhood rise from her slumber in all her naked glory.

As Amanda climbed up off the bed her breasts swung and bounced in front of Jared as he just stood motionless in the doorway not really knowing what he should do or how he should respond. He had felt so certain that she would appreciate this kind gesture of his and that appreciation might even lead to a little bit of extra love making before they both headed out for the day. But not so!

As Amanda’s naked body came towards Jared - who was still in his pajamas - she motioned quickly for him to get out of the way. Jared just stared at Amanda’s very pretty face with its dimpled cheeks, blue eyes and dark, curly, black hair. He was still holding the breakfast tray up to his chest as he began to back out of the doorway when he asked, “But why ... but why ... but why this sudden rush? What else do you have to be at?”

Amanda just glared at Jared again as if that last question was just the worst affront he could possibly aim at her. As she pushed on passed and headed into the shower she just mumbled loudly, “It’s Tuesday, dickhead. You know I always go to the gym on a Tuesday. We’ve been together for two years now and you still haven’t worked that out. Jeez, Jared! Get with the program will you!”

Jared listened quietly as the the shower was turned on then said, “Well, actually, I do know that - but just that seeings as how it was your birthday and all, I thought you might like an excuse to go a bit later or not at all. Just this once! And I was still prepared to do all the cleaning up and make the bed and do all that other stuff so you wouldn’t be late for that other appointment. I just didn’t think that the gym thing was so important to you! That’s all.”

There was another brief pause before Amanda’s voice floated out through the steam that was building up in the bathroom from all the warm water.

“Yer ... well that’s just it, isn’t it! You don’t think, do you, Jared. You never think!”

To say that Jared felt disappointed by all this was an understatement. He was totally shattered and flabbergasted. “Where on earth had all that come from?” he quietly thought to himself. But what he said aloud was, “So what do you want me to do with all this stuff on the tray?”

Amanda popped her head out of the shower cubicle to look at the tray of breakfast food Jared was still holding and said, “I don’t know. You eat it or give it to the neighbor’s cat or something. I’ve gone off that brand of muesli anyway. That’s something else you should also know, Jared. But you never were that observant were you!”

As Amanda pulled her head back into the shower cubicle Jared just slowly retreated back to the kitchen and chucked everything that was in his hands into the large trash can just outside the kitchen door - pink tray and all!

By the time Amanda had finished her shower and was heading back into the bedroom to get dressed Jared had left the house. He had quickly cleaned himself up in the laundry then got dressed just as quickly before grabbing his car keys and wallet and the newspaper he had been reading earlier. Together with those items he headed off down the road in his car to the nearest Hungry Jack’s Pancake House.

Jared had no idea why Amanda had been so unappreciative of his attempt at a little bit of TLC but neither did he care. He decided that he wasn’t going to stick around and find out either but had headed off downtown to get his own breakfast and plan his own day in a form of peace and quiet that he understood!

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