Skater Girl

by JumpingHotdog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Analingus, Caution, Prostitution, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: To be human is to suffer, but what would you give to have all that pain go away? For fourteen year old Kimberly Turndown, the answer is anything and anything is a very high price to pay. Forced into prostitution to meet the needs of her strange benefactor, Kimberly must best self destruction and the machinations of her benefactor both if she is to survive.

K.T. hated school. She hated her parents. She hated everyone and everything that crushed her and pulled her down. The only time she was ever happy was on her board.

She kicked with her foot and let the speed take her. The skateboard shot down the sidewalk and all that power flowed up into her. The hips were the key, where all that force came together. The board was a wild animal straining to break free, but if you got the hips right it was yours to master. That was why boys couldn’t really skate, not really.

A slight twitch of her hips and her board jinked around a geriatric pedestrian. He looked forty or something. K.T. couldn’t imagine being forty. That was old. Like really old.

She leaned in the opposite direction, felt the wobble start, shifted weight to her back foot and straighten her board again. More walkers ahead, this time some placid cow of a woman dragging her mewling spawn. That didn’t matter.

K.T. kicked the tail of the board, let her front foot slip forward and bought some air. Her wheels came down on the bench and that let her skate right passed the cow. The dismount was just as easy and she hit the concrete on the other side. A kick and she was going faster than before.

Her off ramp was just ahead. She kicked to pick up speed and hooked an elbow around the lamp. Momentum swung her around and she released at the perfect moment. Like a bullet from a sling, she shot down the steep descent but there were stairs just ahead.

At the perfect moment she bought air again and caught her board on the hand rail. This was the hardest part, but she settled her knees and hips and ground the rail all the way to the base of the stairs. Her board sang. When the rail disappeared, she hit the park pavement going an incredible speed and using that speed, rolled all the way to the hidden grotto behind the gazebos. There she dropped a foot and ground to a stop.

“K.T.,” said Taylor and gave a lazy wave. She lounged back on a stone bench, board propped to one side, an ear-bud in one ear.

“Taylor,” said K.T. A smile tugged at her lips. She popped her board and collapsed beside Taylor.

Taylor was a year older than K.T. at fifteen and just about the only person in the world K.T. could stand. She skated like a pro, had wicked blonde girl-dreads, piercings through her nose, tongue and nips, and wore tattered old clothes like she didn’t care what anyone else thought.

“The guys are coming over,” said Taylor. “You cool?”

K.T. frowned just a little. The guys meant Taylor’s boyfriend Blaze and his friend Thatcher. K.T. forced a smile and nodded her head. Not the way she wanted to spend her Friday evening. “I’m cool.”

While they waited, K.T. scrunched up beside Taylor. Taylor handed over the spare ear-bud and K.T. popped it in. The cable was short and their heads almost touched. K.T. liked being close to Taylor. The older girl smelt of clean sweat and honesty. None of the fakeness that clung to the suck-ups at school.

“You’ll like this,” said Taylor. “The new Triple R album.” She hit play on her Sony Walkman and a thumping punk song came out the earbud.

The stone bench was in a secluded corner of the city park, shielded from view by the bushes and a high stone wall. It was already getting late into evening, but K.T. had her washed-out hoodie and was warm enough huddled close to Taylor. They both listened to the song until the boys showed up.

Blaze descended the off ramp on his poser board and Thatcher stomped down in his steed toed boots just after.

“What’s up, babe,” said Blaze as he rolled up to Taylor.

Taylor rose to her feet and Blaze pulled her close. They kissed, lips and tongues mashing together. K.T. had to look away.

“K.T.” Thatcher nodded his head.

K.T. grunted and gave Thatcher a slitted eye look. Blaze, she could stand, but she was sure Thatcher wanted into her pants. Plus he dressed like an emo looser, all black, with his big buckled boots and a coat only one stage off being a trench coat.

Taylor and Blaze broke apart, both panting lightly.

“You bring the stuff?” asked Taylor.

“Sure did,” said Blaze and pointed at Thatcher.

Thatcher raised a plastic carrier bag and jerked it. Glass jingled from inside.

“Wicked,” said Taylor with a wide smile. “Give me one.”

Thatcher pulled out a bottle and threw it to Taylor, who caught it and twisted the top off. She drank deep. “Ah,” she said, “that’s good. Want one K.T.?”

K.T. felt her heart beat fast. She was only fourteen, but if Taylor was doing it...

“Course,” she said and scoffed. “Give one here.”

Thatcher passed her a bottle and K.T. looked at the label. Black Tower beer it said. The liquid was a muddy amber color. She tried to pull off the cap but it wouldn’t come.

“Gotta twist,” said Thatcher and gave her a gormless smile.

K.T. sent him a black scowl in return. “I know how to do it, alright!” She tried to pull the cap off and failed again. Fine. She turned her back slightly, twisted the cap and it came off. Foam fizzed up and sloshed over her hands.

Slowly, she raised the neck to her lips and took a sip. It tasted horrible, like sour dog hair. But Taylor liked it and the boys were already guzzling their own drinks. She took a longer pull and faked a smile. “Good stuff,” she said, as if she knew the first thing about beer.

They spent awhile drinking and chatting. Well, Taylor, Blaze and occasionally Thatcher chatted while K.T. stood in awkward silence. After the beer was done, Thatcher produced a bottle of cheap vodka and they took turns taking swigs from it. It felt like fire going down K.T.’s throat, but she pretended to enjoy it even while her eyes teared up.

The night wore on, and Taylor and Blaze heated up. Taylor pulled off her beat-up skater hoodie and sat on Blaze’s lap, facing him. Beneath she wore a ripped black t-shirt fronted by a fading band logo. The t-shirt covered her breasts and Taylor had quite large breasts, especially for a fifteen year old. The hoodie and baggy jeans gave her body a shapeless edge, but K.T. had seen Taylor in less and knew she was fit.

As Taylor and Blaze set to making out, Blaze slipped his hands under Taylor’s t-shirt and began feeling up her breasts. His hands squeezed and Taylor ground herself against Blaze’s torso. Moans escaped from between their mashed together lips.

“So, um,” started Thatcher, “do you want to...”

“Touch me and I’ll cut your dick off,” hissed K.T. and jabbed a finger at Thatcher. Or rather, where she thought Thatcher might be. The alcohol made her head spin. Her feet wouldn’t stay put and the world kept swimming in and out of focus.

She took a threatening step towards him and fell over. Red hot blood flushed her face and she pushed herself up. Gravel clung to her cheek and she brushed it away.

“I’m going,” she shouted towards Taylor. Taylor managed to free a hand from mauling Blaze’s chest and waved her goodby.

K.T. gathered up her board under one arm and stomped off towards home. It was dark out but the acid orange of street lights ate away at the night. K.T. moved from orange oasis to orange oasis. Above the sky was a washed out black. The city’s lights killed all but the brightest of stars. With drunk eyes she tried to find the distinctive shape of the big dipper but not even it appeared that night.

She climbed the stairs out of the park and then began the long trudge down the main road home. The occasional car thundered by, headlights so bright K.T. had to look away to avoid being blinded. In the ringing silence left by the car’s passing, she could hear her parents screaming at her for breaking curfew. They just didn’t understand and didn’t care.

Her route home took her past a run down collection of boarded up factories and abandoned industrial buildings. A tangled nest of alleys ran between them, home to street bums, druggies and worse. She could see the flickering light of a handful of trashcan fires, set back from the road so cruising cops wouldn’t twig.

There were less street lights here and those that did exist were as often as not smashed or blown. K.T. looked up at the sky. Perhaps a few more stars than before. They were dim and muffled, as if she looked at them through dirty glass.

One star caught her eye. It was bright, so very bright, and growing brighter. It burned with white phosphorous fury as it streaked across the heavens.

K.T. watched it with wide intoxicated eyes. It grew bigger and bigger until it was right over head and in her drunken state, K.T. took a wobbling step back.

As she struggled for balance, the star fell from the heavens and shot to earth as a lance of light somewhere in the mess of alleys and industrial buildings. The ground rumbled. A front of noise rolled out, sounding like a wave made of shattering glass. That proved too much for K.T. and she fell backwards onto her ass. Her board hit the ground on a corner, bounded and skidded wheels up into an alley.

K.T. swore and pushed herself up. The world was weird and twisty. The acid orange of the few street lights leached the realness from the world. All the sounds seemed both too loud and hollow to the core.

On feet that wouldn’t quite stay level, she tottered towards the alley where her board lay. Only in the dark she couldn’t see it. She went deeper and still couldn’t find it. The alley was filled with discarded junk such as broken wood and shattered glass, loose trash and small darting things K.T. feared were rats. Violet after images danced before her eyes, like tormenting demons.

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