Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young 16 year old girl makes a bet with her friends, which they do a lot. But this time when she lost, they blackmail her and make her perform many sexual acts.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Reluctant   Blackmail   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Mother   Brother   Father   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Analingus   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   Nudism  

Tracy had lost a bet with her two best friends, Linda and Christina. She had lost these bets before, but never expected to have to do the dare she was about to do now. The bet was made a week earlier and since she lost, she was told that on Friday of this week, she would get the dare that she had to perform.

She waited all week to find out what stupid little thing her girlfriends would have her do. Thoughts ran through her mind of past bets and dares and figured she would get through this one just as easy as the last ones she had lost. Tracy usually lost these bets, but it was fun doing the things her friends put her up to.

Tracy thought back to all the things she did when she lost a bet. Once she had to go to the men’s room in a mall and pee. Luckily for her, there were no men in the bathroom when she went in and no one entered. That was pretty simple, she thought. What could these two other girls think of worse than that?

The three girls had played this game many times, making little bets about anything. Then the loser would get a dare to do, but usually the dare came right after the loser of the bet was decided. But this time was different, and she was made to wait until Friday morning, right before midterms started the following week. Tracy didn’t have to worry about the midterms, because she was an above average student. But her two friends needed to study all the time, just to get some passing grades. Even though Tracy was smart, she lost most of the bets. She knew that both girls had the most problem with math, and had said she would help them study anytime they wished, and both of them had taken her up on it. They usually spent weekends together at one of their houses, just to study, and Tracy thought this weekend would be no different. It was Christina’s turn to have her friends over for the weekend, and plans were already made with the other two girls’ parents. However, no one else knew that Christina’s parents were going tobe away for the entire weekend.

So, here it was, Friday morning and Tracy was waiting for her friends to arrive at school, so she could learn what the dare was to be. She waited outside for her friends, and just before the bell rang to go into their classes, her friends showed up in Linda’s car. She was the only one of the three with a driver’s license and she even had her own car to drive. Tracy smiled and waved at them as they parked the car and got out. She met them half way and the girls giggled as they handed Tracy her assignment for the dare.

Before she could open the envelope, Christina said, “Tracy, before you look at that, you do promise to do whatever it says?”

Tracy said, “Of course I do.”

Then Linda said, “No matter what the dare is, you’ll do it without fail?”

Again Tracy answered, “Yes, no matter what the dare is, I’ll do it.”

Both of the other girls said, “Good. We’ll see you later,” and off to class they all went.

Tracy didn’t have time to open the envelope right then, but once she got to her homeroom, with a little free time, she did open it. She was shocked to see what was written on the paper inside. It read, “Tracy, after school closes for the weekend, you will sneak back and break into the school. Then you will go to Mr.

Frank’s math room and get the test and answers to the midterms. Make a copy of both and bring them with you to Christina’s house.”

Tracy was totally shocked, but she had told her friends that she would do the dare since she lost the bet. And, in order to keep her friends, she had to do this, even though she knew it was wrong. She began making the plans in order to get into the school to steal the test and answers.

First she went to the bathroom on the first floor of the two-story school.

There she rigged the window, so she could open it up later, with the hopes the janitor didn’t see it and close it. Then she paced herself from the bathroom to the math room on the second floor, making sure just how much time it took. She didn’t want to stay any longer in the closed school than she had to. Her next step was to figure out how long it would take to get to the copy room, also on the second floor and how long it would take to warm up the copier, run the copies and return the original to Mr. Frank’s room. The only thing she couldn’t count on was where he had put the midterm exam and answers.

She had a hard time getting through the rest of the day, and saw her friends again before they all went home to get ready to spend the weekend at

Christina’s. Once again, both girls asked her if she was going to do what they wanted and she again, said,” I lost the bet and have to do what you have dared me to, even though I know it is wrong and don’t like it. Yes, I am going to do it.”

They all went their separate ways and headed for home. Once it started turning dark, Tracy told her parents she was on her way over to Christina’s for the weekend to study for midterms. Her Parents said that is good and we do hope you can help your friends pass the exam. They knew the other two were not as smart as Tracy and thought it was a great idea for her to help them.

So she left the house, but instead of heading for Christina’s, she made a detour to the school. When she arrived, she saw the janitor just closing up the front doors and watched as he got into his car and leave. She waited, nervously, to make sure he didn’t return. After about twenty minutes, she decided to continue and went around the school to where she had left the window unlocked and slightly ajar. Lucky for her, the window was just the way she had fixed it earlier and she carefully opened it and crawled inside.

Little did she know that Christina was watching her with a video camera as she entered the school? And that Linda was already inside, in the math room, hidden in a closet, also with a video camera. Tracy made her way up the stairs to the second floor and down the hall to the math room. Opening the door, she turned on the small flashlight she carried and made her way to Mr. Frank’s desk. She shuffled through some papers and hit upon the midterm exam, right on top of his desk. Quickly, she looked through them and then searched a little more and found the answers close by. She grabbed them all and made her way to the copy room.

This gave Linda time to get out of the room and down the stairs, so she wouldn’t be seen. Of course, she had all she needed on video. Linda then went down to the bathroom where Tracy had entered and crawled out to find Christina waiting for her. They both waited for Tracy to crawl out of the window.

When she did, the cameras were running and they had her escape also on video, with the copied test papers in her hand. They knew it would take a while for

Tracy to walk to Christina’s house and as soon as the coast was clear, they made their way to Linda’s car and sped to Christina’s house. This way, they would both be there when Tracy arrived, and had time to set up the VCR with the tapes, so they could show it to Tracy.

Just as Tracy arrived, they finished their preparations. They greeted Tracy at the door and asked if she got her dare completed. She said she did and showed them the papers. But now she wanted to tear them up and dispose of them, so she and the other two couldn’t be accused of cheating.

But Linda said, “No, just let me have them. I need to pass this test and I am going to with your help.”

Tracy was confused and said, “But I can tutor both of you and you will pass.”

The girls said they didn’t really want to waste the weekend by studying, so the papers would be useful. And besides, we have something to show you.”

They took Tracy into the living room and had her sit on the sofa. Christina said, “Now, we are all alone because my parents had to go out of town for the weekend, and we are going to have some fun.” With that, she turned on the TV and VCR.

Tracy’s jaw dropped as she saw herself climbing into the window. Then she saw herself taking the test papers from Mr. Frank’s desk and also it showed her finding the answers to it. The next scene was her climbing out of the same window with the copied papers in hand. She just didn’t know what to say or do. Tracy sat there with such a puzzled look and questioned her friends as to what and why.

Christina then told her it was time to make the good little girl do whatever they wanted, and that if she didn’t, the tape would be given to many different people around town. Her parents, the principal, and Mr. Frank just to start with. Tracy couldn’t talk or say anything. Linda then continued and told Tracy that they were both tired of her getting all the good grades and most of the cute guys in school. She continued saying that from now on, you will belong to us and you will do whatever you are told, no matter what it is.

Tracy said, “Come on now, we are all friends and this has to stop. We had our fun, so let’s just get busy with the studying and forget about this. Let me have that tape, so I can get rid of it.”

“NO,” shouted Christina,” you belong to us now and will do as we say, or the tape is going out to everyone.”

Tracy sat dazed and very confused. Her best friends turning on her. “But”, she said, “we are friends and friends don’t do this to each other.”

Linda spoke up and said, “We were friends, but now you are our slave and slut, and will do as you are told, unless you want the tape distributed. What do you think your parents and the school will do with you when it is known the only reason you get good grades is because you steal the test papers and answers.”

Tracy tried to remain calm as she spoke. “You can’t do this to me. I am going to call my parents and tell them what you are doing to me. Then who will be in trouble?”

Both girls then said, “Go right ahead Bitch, but remember, tapes don’t lie”

Tracy thought for a moment and then said, “Ok, you win, but let’s only do this for a little while and don’t tell me to do anything stupid.”

With that, Linda slapped her hard across the face, and said, “We are going to own you and your pretty little body for as long as we want, and you won’t or can’t do anything about it. Now, cunt, stand up and strip out of those clothes.”


Scared, Tracy jumped up and began to strip. She removed her blouse and jeans, but then just stood there in her panties and bra. “Well, continue. We want you totally naked whore,” said Christina. Tracy hesitated and found the other side of her face slapped by Christina, with a warning, “You do everything we say slut, and you won’t get hit again. Now get naked!”

Trembling with fear, she slowly took off her bra, exposing her firm young tits to the other girls, and then hooked her fingers into her panties and pushed them down her legs to her ankles and then off. She tried to cover her body with her hands, but only got a slap across her bare ass, with a warning of not to try to hide anything. Linda told her to put her hands behind her back and clasp her fingers together, then to spread her legs apart.

Tracy followed their instructions with the fear of being hurt and of being kicked out of school for stealing and cheating. “Very good” said Christina, “Now you will find out about your new rules”

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