The Warlock
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Introducing Martin a warlock with a strong independent streak and few secrets and projects in Modern Day Detroit.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Paranormal   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory  

I always did like to make a grand entrance. Unfurling my wings I slid in between the newbie necromancer and the two paladins. Surprisingly there were enough streetlights working tonight to make it easy to see.

“What’s up boys?” I asked sardonically.

The two men in front of me pulled up and readjusted their weapons. Short swords and pistols.

“Just bringing in a rogue Necro, no concern of yours, fiend.” The blonde haired do gooder replied. His swarthy counterpart stood up a bit taller, probably trying to look more intimidating.

I laughed. Playing with newbie Paladins was so much fun.

“Well far be it for me to interfere with such esteemed paragons of virtue as yourselves.” I replied. “But I have to ask, do either of you have a detainment writ for this poor little lady?”

The look on their face was priceless. I knew they were expecting something different. Damned if I didn’t like stirring the pot.

“Because if you don’t, I would have to take exception to you attacking a fellow supernatural. As the one who would be taking exception to you attacking a fellow super, then I would be honor bound to formally defend her against any threats. Since I now choose to place this young woman under my care and protection, you would be honor bound to attempt to incapacitate me.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

“In other words, bring it.”

It was over quick. They split up with one going to the right and the other going to the left.

I launched a fire bolt at Blondie and rolled into Swarthy’s attack. Coming up under his guard, I hit him the throat then turned the body to act as a shield. Blondie had managed to avoid most of the firebolt and leveled his gun at me. He held his shot so as not to hit his friend. Using a burst of magic infused strength I threw Swarthy at Blondie. As they crashed together to the ground I sent two invisible tendrils of power to them. Once the tendrils locked on I started drawing power from them and using it to give me strength. Strengthening my wing muscles with stolen power I lifted the two wanna be white knights and held them against the wall of the abandoned factory about 20 feet off the ground. Then I summoned hell forged shackles and attached them to the wall with some telekinesis. After snapping the shackles around their wrists I released the soul siphon tendrils and let them hang. Swarthy was gasping for air. I slapped Blondie to get him out of his daze.

“Your compadre is going to need some help. I would get on the Pally head radio and get a big boy or two to come pick up the pups.”

Ignoring both the cursing and the gasping from the suspended paladins, I turned my attention to the cause of our little dust up. The figure was small and huddled against the wall next to a dumpster. The green shield she had up was thick enough to obscure fine details about her. Looking at the energy shield I was impressed. Those two yahoos would have been beating on that for a while. She had some power, why didn’t she handle those guys then? I was intrigued. I dismissed my wings and other fiendish traits. Now I looked like the human I was. I extended my hand to her.

“I am Martin Melshembar, I am not sure how familiar you are with supernatural law but I offer you sanctuary which legally prohibits me from causing you any harm. If you come with me I can get you a safe place to sleep, a couple warm meals, and a hot shower or bath. If you choose not to accept, you can walk away but I would get out of the area as quickly as possible. Pretty soon there will be at least four Paladins in really crappy moods looking for you.”

As her shield came down I noticed how haggard and tired she looked. I also saw she was a lot younger than I thought she would be. She looked at me suspiciously for a moment but ended up grabbing my hand and pulling herself up.

“Why not?” she said, more to herself than me. “It’s not like I got a lot of other choices.”

Grabbing her hand I teleported us to my home.

Most would probably think that a warlock’s lair would be a cave or maybe a tower out in the boondocks. That is so 17th century. My new ward and I popped into my teleport circle on the 40th floor of the Oldsmobile tower. I had bought the building 7 years ago and completely refurbished it. The top 3 floors were all living quarters, summoning chambers, meeting rooms and libraries. It had a beautiful view of the Detroit River and the skyline was gorgeous.

“So I am Martin, I guess I should get your name.” I said looking down at her.

“Chloe Martinez.” she replied. It looked like she wanted to run.

“Well Chloe, I am going to show you to your room shortly and you can make yourself at home. I am also going to introduce you to Xandra. Don’t be alarmed by her appearance. She won’t bite unless you ask her to. She is going to be responsible for getting you settled in here. We have a few minutes before the staff knows we are here so if you have any questions, now is the time.”

“Just one big one.” Chloe responded. “What the FUCK is going on?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. This girl had a spark. Obviously not well taken care of and apparently only rudimentarily trained, she was able to hold off two paladins and then handle what might have been her first teleportation without freaking out. If she was this adaptable at her craft we would be getting along very well indeed.

“Fair enough.” I said, clapping my hands together, “Let me bring you up to speed on a few things. How much do you know about the supernatural community?”

“What supernatural community?” she asked.

Ok, I was gonna have to start at the very beginning.

“First let me tell you that I am not going to dump too much information at you right away. Very generally there is a community of people who have the ability to do extraordinary things. We refer to ourselves as supernaturals. There is a very strict code about how to treat each other and non supernatural beings we encounter. This code has been in effect for over thousands of years and those who don’t follow it have a tough time using our abilities. What this means for you is that if I try to harm or let you be harmed I will not be able to access all my power. So for right now you got friend in me.”

The look she gave me was unreadable. She was good at shielding herself emotionally as well as with magic.

“So what is your power?” She asked.

“I am a warlock. Actually I am pretty much THE warlock. I use energy from souls and the emanations from the lower planes to power my magic. You are a necromancer. You use the power of death and decay to power yours.”

“Ok let’s say I believe you. Why help me? What is in it for you?” She asked.

“You represent a lot of power. I plan on unlocking that power and using it.” As

I said this I walked over to a fruit bowl. I tossed her an apple and tried to gauge her reaction.

As I grabbed an apple for myself, I smiled at her.

“And here you thought it was because I was a nice guy.” I said as I bit into the fruit.

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