Linda Shakes Up the Rest Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus, Doctor/Nurse, Clergy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Linda's lovely cheeks were beginning to sag a bit when she hit 65 and she was faced with banishment to the Shady Arms Assisted Living Facility out in the country. It bothered her no end to be forced into secluded retirement just when her naughty urges were running rampant like giggling schoolgirls on a pleasure cruise.

Linda Lovelaw didn’t seriously consider sixty-five to be “old” in the generic sense of the word. She was only a month past her sixty-fifth birthday, when she was informed by her eldest son that the family, along with the family’s attorney, had decided the best place for her now was in the Shady Arms Assisted Living Facility in a recovered-from-farmland community of frenzied recent development.

She had been getting through the long empty days recently with a generous portions of her favorite wine list making her benign enough to tolerate even the most annoying situations. Linda would be the first to admit that she had let her hair go a bit because it was so boring to keep brushing the long tresses like a chore for the benefit of strangers. Actually, her dresses, mostly out of style, were fitting her much better these days, because she had lost interest in eating rich foods loaded with unnecessary calories. Her last husband, the polo player, was already pushing up daisies in Arlington for almost three years. She did have a shameful regret at not visiting him one time during that period. He had been an attentive lover, but dreadfully committed to his circle of male friends that often stole him away with lures of sports, gambling and the smelly “fishing” business that she was totally unable to comprehend.

Linda’s three children were adamant about her closing down the family home and moving into the facility. She was equally as adamant about staying in her home, until she was ready to be sent up the chimney with economic efficiency. She was actually more upset over the fact her most dependable asset was beginning to droop quite outrageously in abject surrender to the march of time and the law of gravity. She had considered the deployment of a “form-fitting” girdle to create the perception of a more middle-aged looking backside but the constriction didn’t suit her as it was far too uncomfortable. Every now and then, she would look over her shoulder at the full length closet mirror to reassure her qualms about allowing her “droop” to be seen in mixed company.

The loss of the house was not as depressing as the fact she hadn’t had a decent fuck-fest for almost a year and using her bottom drawer battery-operated device was getting a bit too convenient to substitute for the real thing. Her face was still in good shape because she had made a point to stay out of the sun after forty and her tits were adequate even if their customary perky presentation was now more a matronly presence. She never left her bedroom without a nice “natural-looking” make-up job that offset her messy hair and her annoying drooping ass.

Her children were all married and had their own families to look after, so she buried her urges to be motherly or grandmotherly and pretended to be disinterested because the generation gap had struck with a vengeance.

Linda listened to their advice and wanted to throw things but calmed down and just had another glass of the delicious Chianti. It reminded her of Venice and the canals that struck a romantic chord in her soul. It made her laugh a bit because, in all honesty, it might be more lust than romance that filled her with thoughts of wrapping her legs around faceless men with huge tools that never seemed the least bit disinterested in filling her needs.

Eventually, they wore her down and she signed the papers that insured a place at the Shady Arms Assisted Living Facility. At first, she was concerned about her “things” and what would happen to the accumulation of material objects over her lifetime. They solved that worry in a hurry by turning the entire affair over to Mister Gaddington and his quartet of Estate Auctioning experts that picked her house clean in a single weekend. All she had left was a single old fashioned trunk that looked like some vaudeville joke hiding a murdered corpse inside. Of course, she still had her small valise with her jewelry and her second pair of teeth that she wore in an emergency when there was a problem. The absence of her “choppers” was the only thing that sent her into a tizzy because she recognized she looked ten years older than her actual age when she didn’t have them nestled snugly inside her lips.

She took a shower in the upstairs bath that was equipped with the “sit-down” ceramic bench on one side and a pair of safety bars that made getting in and out a snap without much effort. They had assured her the Shady Arms had a similar bath in each private unit and she had looked at the brochure with a tinge of distrust in her heart because it all seemed a bit too contrived.

The last thing she did before making the move was to go to the local mall. The mall was in her estimation a dreadful and disgusting place to make purchases but it had the right mix of stores for her purchases and she liked the fact she could park her beloved Jaguar with the real wood interior right next to the entrance. She made a point of never parking in a handicapped zone because she was afraid people would get the impression she was feeble and “over the hill”.

The saleslady in the ladies evening wear store was friendly but Linda could tell she was bored to be waiting on a “person” old enough to be her grandmother. She wanted to put the pretty little thing right over her knee and show her the proper way to show respect to her elders. The girl must have sensed her thought because she suddenly smoothed down her tight pencil skirt over her shapely buttocks and absent-mindedly twirled her errant curls in front of her triple pierced sexy ear lobes. It had been some time since Linda had tasted another woman’s ear and sucked a delicious ear lobe scented with French perfume. She purposely picked out a pair of soft leather high heels and asked the girl for assistance in placing them on her feet. That required the young lady to kneel in front of her and hold her leg up high for the insertion into the narrow opening of the open toe foot gear.

Linda knew her special new French undies were on display with the girl’s embarrassed face only inches from the edge of her skirt. The girl got up off her knees and squatted down on her haunches to get a better angle on the shoes and Linda was now able to see the little slut was wearing the skimpiest of Brazilian undies. It was obvious she was minus her between the legs pelt and there were no loose hairs visible on either side of the narrow wisp of fabric. Only the familiar line of a puffy camel toe to reveal the girl’s desires for instant attention in her private parts.

Since they were completely alone and there were no cameras in the changing room, Linda reached out innocently and rubbed the girl’s slit with a soft, gentle motion that promised more urgent action if warranted. She was ready to cease her subtle movement, if the girl made any sound or motion of reluctance to engage in a little bit of afternoon relaxation. She was quite relieved to see the girl peek out the curtain and pull it a little bit tighter closed, before she moved closer to Linda’s spread open knees and returned the favor with spirited fingers that dug deeply into her mature folds with youthful enthusiasm. The girl got slightly carried away and wiggled her slender form until her too-tight skirt was wrinkled around her waist leaving her beautiful bum waving like a red flag for Linda’s astonished attention. The salesgirl bounced and obscenely gyrated on her senior citizen lap like a ball of contained TNT ready to explode at any moment.

Shamefully, Linda later revealed to her confessor her gasping enjoyment and her gushing release inside the changing room with many secrets.

Now, she had a nice new wardrobe to take with her to her “final stop” on the roller coaster of life and she tried to look at the bright side of things but had difficulty in finding very many.

The complimentary ride on the Shady Arms Assisted Living Facility minivan was the ultimate indignity in Linda’s opinion. It seemed to her that the other drivers and the people on the streets looked at her inside the purple monstrosity with pity written plainly on their faces. The silly minivan might have well had a sign on the side that said,

“Department of Corrections”

The place was laid out in a design that made it look more like a funeral parlor than a rest home and she wondered if they had that lucrative enterprise as a sideline for additional profit. She had the distinct feeling that the place was definitely what one could consider “not for profit”.

At least, they had a pair of workers in uniform to carry her bags and trunk to her unit which was located in the described “West Wing” making it sound very presidential. She had worn her Kathrine Hepburn slacks with the flared bottoms to look interesting, if not adequately nubile or sexy. Her secret was the tight Brazilian thong underneath that dug into her slightly drooping ass cheeks with a vengeance that made her on edge and ready to meet any contingency on her toes.

Linda ruefully pondered her last anal adventure with the horny deliveryman shortly after her last husband’s demise. She was feeling particularly vulnerable that day because he was delivering the ashes in a box that she was certain was well-known to the muscular, well-built man with the close-cropped hair and the bulge in his uniform shorts that promised exciting moments of passion providing he was not behind schedule like the last time.

That was a day when her wine consumption was already at maximum capacity and she barely noticed when the hunky deliveryman bent her over the Louis XIV settee and spread her cheeks for immediate entry. It was only about three years ago, but she remembered his happy shout of joy upon seeing her freed ass cheeks bouncing with perky reaction to his determined insertion. She was slightly frightened at his merciless passion, but her instinctive needs superseded any shattered thought of dignity and she surrendered to him with humiliating appreciation for his welcomed assault on her normally well-behaved bottom.

Fortunately, her Kathrine Hepburn attire held her freely swinging buttocks in reasonable grasp and the fact only her Brazilian thong was underneath buried up the crack of her soft white ass made it look like she was daringly “Commando” or had simply forgotten her undies in a classic “Senior Moment”.

The room was small in her opinion but she had to admit it was more than adequate and it had the advantage of being “private”. At her age, she valued her privacy more than anything else since eligible male companionship was getting more difficulty to find no matter how hard one looked.

Two ladies from across the hallway smiled at her in a friendly way and she was unable to avoid meeting them without seeming to be anti-social. She discovered that they were sisters and neither of them had ever been married. They were both about seventy and wore glasses with identical silver chains around their necks which must have been purchased in the same store.

The younger Miss Smith told her,

“You have the nicest room on this floor, dear. Myrtle and I look out on the dratted parking lot and all we see are the visitor’s cars all day long.”

She was the one that did most of the talking and, in all honesty, Linda couldn’t see that her claim to be “younger” make a whole lot of sense because they looked almost like identical twins.

The talkative one just kept on chatting and Linda began to turn a deaf ear because the woman was far too boring for mere words.

“Those are adorable slacks, Linda, where did you find them?”

Linda knew that the chatty half of the Smith duo was the type that would never shut up no matter how much her captive audience gave hints about their desire for peace and quiet. She pretended that it was time for her to repair to the bathroom to “freshen up”. That resulted in their hastened exit and she locked her door with a sigh of relief, stripped off all her clothes and took a long hot shower to lower her stress enough to catch a quick cat-nap before dinner.

One of the things she remembered from the Smith sister’s conversation was their constant agreement that the place was overrun with a bunch of “Don Juan’s” looking to nail any slow moving females with low resistance to male overtures. It was the only bright spot in their boring dialogue and she hoped they were accurate in their assessment.

Perhaps the “Shady Arms Assisted Living Facility” was not going to be as boring as she originally assumed it would be.

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