Long Day's Journey Into Susan
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Susan tells her side of the story from "How My Day Was," and the events that follow after.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Mind Control   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Revenge   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Size   2nd POV  

“I ain’t afraid of lovin’ you, baby. I been lonely too long to get hurt.
I don’t care what it is that you did when you lived in Ft. Worth.”

-Cornell Hurd Band, “I Don’t Care What It Is That You Did When You Lived In Ft. Worth.

My name is Sue. Susan. Still getting used to that. It’s only been a couple of days since everything in my life changed.

Sue’s life (Despite the short time, I honestly think of myself back then as an entirely different person, so I may talk like that a bit. Other names that Chad called me felt like people I don’t even want to remember.), in a word, sucked. She thought having a boyfriend was the most important thing in the world, so she got one. She thought he had to be a hot guy with lots of muscles and who cared what kind of person he was like, so that’s who she ended up with. And when that guy started getting drunk and beating her and making her do things in front of his friends, she thought that was the way it was supposed to be. He was supposed to take her waitressing tips for beer money, and when the utilities got shut off and it was somehow her fault, that’s what was supposed to happen too. And if her possessions magically teleported to the pawn shop so his rice rocket could have new rims, that was just normal.

So it was completely normal when the money Sue had set aside to pay her phone bill was more urgently needed for Chad’s beer and she got her phone shut off. Sue had learned to adapt to this by then. Stop at the college library to tell the internet she’d be without a phone for a while, then over to the diner to beg for double-shifts for the weekend to pay it off.

All of that stopped being normal the moment a nice guy let me into the computer lab even though it was closed. He seemed to really care and I just found myself opening up to him. Troy told me a lot of things I’d heard a million times before, how I can do better, how I don’t have to take Chad’s shit; but somehow this time, I really believed it. He talked about love and romance and all the things I’d been missing and he made me feel like I deserved them. He ... awakened something in me. I felt free. I felt like it was ok to be Susan. That Susan was someone strong and beautiful and confident and a great person to be. And DAMN, did I feel like thanking him! I’d never just GONE for a man like that, the whole library heard us. Well, heard me, anyway.

Sue would have died of embarrassment, staring at the people who’d just heard her cum screaming. (But then, Sue never came like that.) Susan, on the other hand, feared nothing. I gave them a smile that I hoped conveyed “Yeah, that’s right. I needed a good hard fuck, so I got one. Wanna make something of it?” and gave them my best Shirley Temple curtsy. That busted up the librarian and soon everybody was laughing their asses off. God, if any of them had thought to take out their cell phones, we’d be all over YouTube by now. You know something, though? Except for the fact that it might’ve gotten that hot librarian in trouble, I wouldn’t have cared if someone HAD been recording. It would have been hot to see Susan getting fucked into existence from the outside.

Thinking the librarian was hot was a new thing too. One of those ... other girls I don’t like talking about was with a girl once. Because it was Chad’s birthday and there was a stripper he wanted to see her with, and he just assumed she’d like it, and it was obvious that she’d “embarrass him in front of his friends” if she didn’t.

She didn’t like it. It was such a relief when he took the stripper home that she didn’t mind that he wasn’t back until the next afternoon.

But Troy had opened my eyes to the possibility that sharing love with another woman could be beautiful, and when he told me about the one whose love he wanted to share with me, the drive back to his place was so exciting ... well, I DIDN’T touch myself on the way there, however, I felt sure enough of myself that if I HAD felt the need to show myself love there in the car, I totally could have. And Troy was just so cool ... REAL cool, not the kind Chad and his friends wished they were; he probably would have kept on driving. Just all business, eyes on the road, getting hard listening to me moan and writhe in the passenger seat, keeping cool til we got back to his place and got inside. He was such a damn gentleman. He was going to be fun. Everything was going to be fun now!

Troy’s house was much bigger than I expected two college students to be living in. Apparently, the economics degree wasn’t just for show. He told me he’d gotten a great deal on it. All that and good with money too. It was hard to wait til we got inside to show my love for him. Yes, I loved him already. People can make that kind of connection over an afternoon, can’t they? Especially if they’ve never seen real love in their lives.

We fooled around on the couch for a while until Julie and her friend came in with Chinese food. Troy had shown me a picture of her and it didn’t do her justice. Some of the letters in those “magazines” Chad reads would use the phrase “tits that begged to be sucked.” I never really got what that meant until I saw Julie. Her hair looked like she’d gone blonde a couple months ago and now long brown roots were showing, but it turned out it just naturally looks like that. It was a stunning effect on an already stunning lady. When he introduced us, Julie walked over and gave me a kiss. The kind that started as a polite smooch, then another, then moved on to tongues and just sent the message all through me “You are going to fuck this woman.” I welcomed it and tried to convey the same with my kiss.

Troy went to help her with the bags (Another thing in the book of “Nice Stuff Chad Never Did.”), and while they set up dinner together, (Another one for the book.) I got to know their other new friend, Claire. It seems that while Troy was opening my eyes to new things, Julie was doing the same with her after they met hiking. Claire was learning to explore new things at the same time I had been learning how sharing love can be wonderful. We’d just been starting to explore each other when Julie told us that dinner was ready and there’d be time for that afterwards. She had that same easy-going manner that Troy had and it just made sense to go have dinner before moving on to the main course of the evening.

Troy had told me that they’d been childhood best friends who became lovers, and you could see it in everything they did from the little “Welcome home, hon” smooch to the way they’d set the table and put out dinner together, it wasn’t like watching a pair of robots, rather, two people who knew each other and how they moved and did things well enough to really function as a couple. When Troy brought out drinks, he handed one to Julie and she just took it and drank it without asking what it was. Strawberry Daiquiri, as I found out a few moments later when Troy offered some to Claire and I.

Julie turned out to be just as nice and easy to talk to as Troy, but their differences became clear over dinner. Troy’s “polite gentleman” demeanor was nicely counterbalanced by Julie’s personality. She was the kind of self-assured woman who could be at a fancy cocktail party and just let a “cunt” slip out in conversation without caring or emphasizing the word. I don’t think I’d ever said it myself before that day. But something Troy awakened in me and the free and easy attitude Julie had toward the word had taken away it’s power and given it to her and I wanted that power too. And when the conversation between Julie, Claire, and myself turned to the subject of our cunts, Troy just remained quiet and blushed a little while he sipped his drink. When the subject naturally then turned to cocks, Julie just said “It took a while, but I’ve found the cock I want inside me for the rest of my life” and patted Troy’s thigh. He smiled and patted her hand back. It was sweet, I thought it’d be embarrassing for him and he’d do that “try to be cool” thing I’d been finding hot since I had that cock at the library and I wanted more.

By the time we got to the fortune cookies (Mine said “A new day is dawning for you.” Never got one so accurate before.), everyone at the table’s crotches had feet rubbing them, and it was decided to move the conversation to the master bedroom. (The house had a LOT of bedrooms. Julie said they picked it with that in mind.)

The master bedroom was very aptly named. I mean in the sense that it could have beaten my own bedroom in a fight every time. The lighting was low, but not so dim that detail of the room couldn’t be seen. The large bed was, naturally, the centerpiece of the room, and everything seemed to draw the eye toward it. Chaise lounges flanked either side of the bed, and some of Julie’s paintings hung from the walls. (Her work has a definite spiral motif.) There were also display cases on the walls, containing the oddest little things: a rock, a preserved dandelion, a pinwheel, a toy raygun, a stuffed frog, an old video game, concert tickets and photos (Some of them signed by the whole band!) ... a lifetime of “best friend” gifts. I noticed the most recent was a pair of pink lace panties. There were spaces for more to come.

Troy took Claire’s hand and led her to one of the chaises and Julie did the same to me. She started talking to me in that same calm, relaxing way that Troy explained things before. We undressed as she explained how hot and wonderful this night was going to be. How Susan would be shown the love she deserves and everything would be amazing if she trusted them and enjoyed it. She explained that they were going to play a little game and they wanted us to watch. The winner would get a prize, but really, we’d all win. I imagine Troy behind her was saying similar things to Claire and she was finding everything as agreeable as I was; I was too busy focusing on Julie’s beautiful body and somehow getting more turned on than I had been before to notice. It was like I’d just learned HOW to be aroused back in the library and all I could do was want more. Julie leaned forward and kissed me deeply, her hands roaming my body. I hungrily returned the favor, wanting to push her back down onto the bed and show her how strong the love I want to share with her is. Instead, she gently lowered me down onto the chaise.

“Let us show you the love we want to share with you,” she whispered, punctuating it with a playful smooch. As she crawled onto the bed and Troy took her in his arms, my hands picked up roaming my body where Julie had left off.

They knelt embracing for some time, whispering to each other. Words that I couldn’t quite hear, whispered in that same relaxing, agreeable tone that I’d now heard both of them use. Words that caused them to react as if the one who’d just spoken had given the other another of the sensual caresses they were exchanging. One phrase became clearer than the others, “go deeper and relax.” I deserved to feel that sensation too. I began to go deeper and relax. and it felt wonderful. And the moan that I heard from Claire’s direction told me that she agreed.

Troy lowered Julie onto her back and kissed her passionately before moving down her body. As his left hand and his lips lingered on her breast and his right stroked slowly up her thigh, Julie began talking loudly enough for both of us to hear. As she started talking about the hike she went on earlier, her speech filled with moans and gasps as Troy shifted so his mouth and hand could meet between her legs.

As I listened to Julie’s story of opening Claire’s eyes the way Troy had opened Susan’s, my eyes drifted from the two of them to Claire on the other lounge, moaning and touching herself as she watched them. Her obliviousness to my staring at her fingering herself while she watched Julie dance under Troy’s tongue made her even sexier, and when her eyes met mine and she began staring hungrily back at me, it was electric. We shifted our positions to give each other a better view of our bodies.

Our strokes began to to synchronize as our fingers explored our dripping pussies in tandem, moaning giving way to panting and need. Claire was a strong, beautiful goddess like Julie and Susan. I wanted to share love with her, I wanted to show her the love we both deserved and receive that love from her as well. When she mouthed “I want to fuck you” between gasps, I was so deeply lost in lust that all I could do was lick my lips and nod in agreement.

Julie’s gasps and cries of imminent orgasm drew our attention back to them. From our new positions, we could see Troy’s hard cock eagerly twitching between his legs as his mouth pleasured his best friend. The memory of that magnificent tool inside me and the knowledge that soon I’d get to have it in me again or see him thrust it deep inside the lovely Claire or Julie pushed me over the edge as Julie began bucking and thrashing on the bed. The sight of Julie and Susan cumming so loudly and so powerfully brought Claire to her orgasm along with us, and as I teased the last little spasms out of my cunt, and Troy crawled back to the head of the bed to kiss her with her taste on his lips, I thought “That man just made three women cum at once with his tongue.”

I was jealous that Julie was moving into position to worship his cock before I would get the chance to show my appreciation for all it had done for me. When Troy suggested that Claire and I get to know each other better while he told his story, I quickly got over it. I had expected Julie to be the first woman that Susan properly showed love to. but Claire was a strong and beautiful goddess as well, and sharing love with Claire first was an equal honor and a pleasant surprise. Watching Julie take Troy’s cock into her mouth again and again became a second priority to the beautiful tits I held in my hands. I could still see it while I was kissing Claire’s neck, and I’d heard this part of the story already.

That other girl I’d been had been robbed. If the stripper had been as beautiful as Claire, or as enthusiastic, or made me as wet as Claire did, Sue would’ve been the one going home with her and never would’ve looked back. As we moved into a 69, I saw Julie kissing her way up Troy’s shaft while she cupped his balls, and while Susan had learned and changed so much since I became her, the sight of Julie’s mouth sliding up and down that amazing cock told me that I could never be exclusively lesbian as long as Troy was walking around with that thing in his pants.

After Troy won the game, Julie did some more explaining to us. She told us how Troy was in charge tonight and anything he suggested would be the hottest thing we’d ever heard and we’d get even wetter and more turned on at the thought of doing it. And when he told me to share love with Julie while he shared with Claire, I was a little disappointed, but the thought of sitting on Julie’s face while she lapped at Susan’s cunt was irresistible. The two of them even held hands as Claire and I rode them. We leaned forward and kissed as she rode his cock and my clit got the tonguing of it’s life.

Julie had been right: Every idea Troy had got hotter and hotter as the night went on. I stopped counting after my fifth orgasm. Troy taking me from behind while I returned the favor to Julie, Claire taking my place on her face. Sucking Troy’s cock while he ate out Claire and she ate out Julie. Us three girls playing together while Troy rested and watched. 69ing Troy while the other girls licked his balls. Then Claire and I playing with each other on one of the chaises, while watching Julie ride Troy til they both came screaming together. (Turns out he likes his women on top.)

When everyone was exhausted, I thought we’d all be sleeping curled up to Troy like he was a pimp with his three hos. (Which didn’t sound like a bad career for Susan to get into. I’d always thought being a slut was a bad thing, but a slut is just a woman who wants to feel like this all the time. How could that be a bad thing? Sign me up!) Instead, Troy and Julie held each other while Claire spooned up to Julie and I spooned up to Troy. The kisses and roaming hands gave way to satisfied dreams of my new friends.

The next morning, as Troy made us all waffles and bacon for breakfast, Julie explained some more things to us in that agreeable way of theirs. That we were welcome back any time except Tuesdays through Thursdays because those were reserved for “Just Us” nights, but call first. And if they called us over, to make time at the earliest opportunity, find an excuse to be gone at least overnight, and pack a bag. That for Claire, as far as telling others what happened, she met some nice new friends hiking, decided to hang out with them, and had a fun night partying. She didn’t have to change her life in any way she didn’t want to, and if she had any friends she’d like to have another fun night like this one with, to let them know.

Before Julie left to take her back to her car, Claire handed us business cards for a yoga studio. (Odd, I never thought to ask her what she did for a living. Or anyone’s last names, come to think of it.) I felt something on the bottom of mine, and when I turned it over, she’d written her personal number on the back and the lipstick where she’d kissed it was still sticky. It had a lovely, now familiar smell to it and I realized she’d rubbed the cards against her pussy before giving them to us. Such a sweetie. I knew who the second person I was calling as soon as I got my phone back on would be. I’d been a bit embarrassed when everyone exchanged numbers and I had to tell them my phone was still off, but Troy said that Chad would take care of that soon. (Oh yeah, Sue had a piece of shit boyfriend named Chad. Not for long, though.) Julie also said I should give Troy her address and have him text it to her. When I did, she looked at the map and said she’d meet us there in two hours after she dropped Claire off. They both kissed us goodbye and left.

My place was half an hour away, so I figured we had some time to kill and asked Troy if he was up for another ride. When he said “Not just yet,” I started to jump him like back in the library and he suddenly straightened up and said “NO! Not yet, Susan.” I hadn’t seen him this stern before. Not angry like Chad, but everything he’d said until now had been something I just felt like going along with Now it felt like something I HAD to do and made me just want to back down and go back to finishing breakfast. I trusted him. He had a plan. We’d fuck soon, just not yet.

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