Meeting Her Mother and Friend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cuckold,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young wife meets her mother for the first time when she is 22. Her mother wants to get to know her. Her mother brings a friend who has ideas of his own for getting to know the sexy young wife.

Pam hung up the phone and just stared at the floor. She was in shock thinking about the call she had just received. At 22 years of age Pam was a fairly stable young woman who didn’t shock easily. She couldn’t get her mind around the fact that her mother, Carol, had just called her. She and a friend were in town and she wanted to come over to see her. Without thinking she gave Carol her address and agreed to the visit.

Pam had never known her mother. Carol left Pam, just an infant, with her fraternal grandmother the day she left. Pam had been raised by her Nan. With help from her Dad and her stepmother Pam had built up very spiteful attitude about her real mother. But now, she felt feelings that she could not explain after talking with her.

Tears started to drip from Pam eyes as she sat down on the couch. She wished Wayne was home to help her deal with this but he was gone for three weeks to California to work a job for his company. She had left him at the airport just yesterday, what bad timing. As much as she wanted to hate her mother as she had since she could remember, she found herself getting excited about the prospect of finally meeting her. She knew that Wayne would help her get her feelings in order if he were here.

Pam finally snapped out of her fugue and started cleaning up the trailer. Carol said they would be there in about 30 minutes or so. She quickly cleaned up the kitchen and the living room then moved to the spare bedroom just in case she wanted to stay the night.

Looking at the clock Pam saw that it was 7:20. It had been about a half hour since the call from her mother and she was getting very nervous. She found herself trembling and getting queasy. She kept looking out the window to see when they showed up.

Ten minutes later she was sitting at the kitchen table when she heard the sound of motorcycles in the road. She didn’t expect her mother to be on a motorcycle so she tried to ignore the sound until it got louder then stopped. She stood up and looked out of the kitchen window and saw two motorcycles parked behind her car. One of the bikes was empty and a tall buxom woman was walking toward her front door while a stocky muscular man was sitting on the other bike. He was looking right at her. She stared for several seconds taking in his rough look with tattoos on both bronzed muscular arms. He was wearing a sleeveless denim shirt, jeans, and biker boots. She felt a tingle in her stomach as his lips moved into a grin. An unexpected shiver of excitement ran through her body as she looked at this man. She had only felt this type of excitement a few times in her life, and they always occurred when she was attracted to someone.

Pam was frozen until she heard the knock on the front door. Butterflies in her stomach, she walked to the front door and opened it. She looked into the face of her real mother and knew instantly that she had craved this meeting all her life. Gone was the hate and spite and suddenly she wants to hug the woman who gave birth to her.

“Mom... ,” she said as tears rolled down her face.

Carol stepped up and into the trailer hugging her daughter. “Oh baby ... I am so sorry! I missed you soooo much!”

“Momma, why did you leave me,” Pam cried as she buried her face in her mom’s ample bosom.

“Oh sweetie ... it’s a long story and I will tell you everything you want to know.” She hugged Pam tightly and just stood there in front of the door for several minutes.

“Let’s go sit down,” Carol said as she moved them both toward the couch. “Is it okay if Harley comes in,” she asked.

“Oh ... of course, yes,” Pam replied wiping the tears from her eyes. She had momentarily forgotten about the man outside and another shiver of excitement rushed up and down her body. Pam headed to the bathroom to clean up her face while Carol went to the door and told Harley to come in.

By the time Pam had returned to the living room Carol and Harley were in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and a wooden box on the kitchen table. Two duffel type bags were sitting near the front door. She walked into the kitchen to see the man she had stared at pouring champagne into three glasses.

“Pam, I want you to meet Harley Evans. He and I travel together a lot,” her mother said.

Harley reached out to shake Pam’s hand which she took after staring him in the eyes for a few seconds. The excitement she was feeling caused goose bumps to rise on her arms and her and nipples suddenly hardened embarrassing her.

Harley smiled at her as she shook his hand and she knew he could see she was excited. His eyes, his knowing grin, and his body language made it clear to Pam that he was interested in her. She was sure that he could tell she was attracted to him as well.

“Nice to meet you Harley,” she said letting go of his hand. “Excuse me for a minute, I have to go to the bathroom.” She walked quickly down the hall to the bathroom and closed the door.

Pam pulled down her shorts and sat on the toilet. She started to pee and the sensation was like nothing she ever felt before. Her Nipples were hard and very sensitive under her top and she tried not to move to avoid and further excitement. When she wiped herself she noticed her pubic area was sensitive and another flash of excitement ran up and down her spine as she wiped herself brushing across her sensitive hood in the process.

‘Oh my god, ‘ she thought. ‘What is happening to me? Am I attracted to this man, my mother’s man? I am a happily married woman who loves her husband! I shouldn’t be having these feelings!’ Finally, getting herself together, she went back to the kitchen.

“Here ya go ladies,” Harley said in a deep resonant voice. He handed a glass to both Carol and Pam.

“There is no doubt that you are your mother’s daughter,” Harley said to Pam as he held out his glass for a toast.

She smiled and clinked his glass then her mother’s glass before taking a good drink.

Trying to get her stomach to settle down, Pam took another deep drink from the glass.

“Let’s go sit down and talk honey,” suggested Carol

Pam finished her glass and caught Harley staring at her with that odd grin that made her shiver again.

Harley filled the two women’s glasses again and then went over to his duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of bourbon. He walked back to the table and opened the bourbon and poured some into his glass.

“To mother and daughter,” he said turning up the glass and throwing it down his throat. “YEAH ... that’s good!”

Pam couldn’t understand how anyone could drink that stuff straight. She took another drink of her champagne and then she and Carol walked to the couch and sat down while Harley sat at the kitchen table.

“So,” Carol said. “You are married! Tell me about him and when will he be home?”

“His name is Wayne and he works out at the space center...”

“Wow, that sounds cool,” Carol said interrupting Pam.

“It is but he just left for California yesterday and won’t be back for three weeks.”

“Oh ... too bad ... I wanted to meet him, make sure he is right for you!” Carol laughed making a small joke as she finished her drink. “Hey Harley, I’ll have a bourbon now please.” She looked at Pam, “how about you, please have a drink with me while we get to know each other,” she begged.

“I don’t really drink whiskey, especially not straight,” Pam replied.

“Mix Pam a drink too babe,” Carol told Harley.

Harley was sitting at the table working on rolling a couple of joints from his ‘special’ stash while listening to the women talk. He had noted Pam’s comment about her husband being gone for three weeks. She was a sexy young thing, built a lot like her mother - big tits and all, and he imagined what he could teach her that her punk husband hadn’t.

Harley and Carol rode together often and they had great sex but they were not exclusive and were not connected at the hip. He had told her that if her daughter was good looking he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep from making a pass at her. Carol had laughed and said he could do whatever he wanted. She just wanted to meet her and find out how she had turned out. She had reached for Harleys crotch and given his sizeable manhood a nice squeeze through his jeans and told him that he was on his own with her daughter.

Carol loved getting fucked by Harley. He had the equipment to make her cum over and over for hours at a time. She had watched him fuck other women and even been in bed with one or more women with him. He had always satisfied her and anyone else he slept with. They often found lovers while they rode together but they always seem to gravitate back to each other. She couldn’t say she loved him, she didn’t really love any man, but she sure enjoyed his company, at least until he got into a bad mood. Fortunately, he didn’t get angry very often but when he did he liked to hurt people, physically. He had hurt her on more than one occasion but in spite of that she liked being with him.

When Harley was searching for more glasses he found a bottle of vodka. He set it and the two glasses down on the table. He found some bottles of coke in the fridge and after pouring a good amount of bourbon and a shot of vodka in one glass he filled it up with coke. He poured straight bourbon into the other glass for Carol. When done he picked them up and took them out into the living room and handed them to the girls. He headed back to the kitchen to finish rolling his joints.

“Thanks,” Pam said accepting the glass.

“Yeah, thanks babe,” Carol said as she brought her glass up to Palms. “Here is to our getting to know each other sweetie,” she said clinking her glass with her daughters’. She raised the glass to her mouth and drank almost all of it in one gulp.

Pam couldn’t believe how easily her mother drank the powerful whiskey. She brought her own glass up and took a good swig and shook her head as the liquid burned on the way down.

Pam and Carol talked about her life and how she had been brought up and how she had felt about her mother. Carol explained that her situation with Pam’s father was not a good one and rather than create more problems she felt it was better that she left when she did. She tried to explain what was going on in her mind at the time and why she felt it was better to leave Pam with her grandmother.

While the they talked Pam would take a swig of her drink now and then. Carol was on her second bourbon when Pam finally finished her drink.

Pam was feeling rather tipsy and found herself giggling now and then as they talked. Harley freshened up her drink and sat down beside her on the couch.

Picking up the glass, Pam was surprised to see it was full again. It was as she took another swig that she noticed Harley was sitting beside her and watching her, that grin she had seen before on his face.

Pam felt that excitement again but the liquor had mellowed out her concern and she found herself enjoying the sensation.

Harley winked at her and then pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit a joint he had placed to his lips.

Harley took a long pull on the joint and handed it over to Pam. She took it and passed it on to Carol.

“Don’t you want some of this honey,” Carol asked.

“No thanks you... ,” Pam said with a slight slur. She was feeling the drink now. “I doan smoke weed.” Suddenly feeling thirsty she reached for her drink and took a long swig, almost finishing the bourbon/vodka/coke drink.

Turning to Harley Pam said, “You makes a pretty good drink Harley.”

Harley took the joint back from Carol and offered it to Pam who again refused saying, “Wayne usually takes the toke and then kisses me to blow it into my lungs ... when I do ... smoke.” Her eyes were getting bloodshot and it was clear she was getting drunk.

Harley took a deep lung full of the powerful weed then reached up and pulled Pam’s head to his and clamped his mouth on hers slowly forcing the smoke out of his lungs and into hers. Pam resisted, a bit, but finally let the smoke into her lungs. When Harley finally pulled away she held her breath then let the dark smoke out slowly.

“Youuu shun’t have done that... ,” she slurred out with a smile. “I doan wannn to get stoned. You have nice lips though Harley...”

“I know babe ... how about another drink?” He got up, handed the joint to Carol, and took both Carols and Pam’s glasses into the kitchen.

Carol took a toke on the joint and handed it to Pam. Pam brought the joint to her lips and took a small hit then handed it back to her mother.

“Nah ... you take another hit to make up for the one you passed on earlier,” Carol said.

Pam was so stoned and drunk that she was barely able to think. She took another hit off of the joint then coughed as the acrid smoke burned her throat. She gave Carol the joint and sat back on the couch with her eyes close.

Harley came back with new drinks and sat down. He looked at Pam with a lecherous grin.

Carol smiled at Harley. “I know what you are up to Harley,” she said.

“Hey babe,” Harley said to Pam as he gently shook her awake. I have your drink here.

Pam sat up and lifted the glass taking a small drink then put it back down. She giggled and slapped Harley on the leg and then Carol on the leg and said, “I ammm wasted...”

“Yes you are honey,” Carol said. “Hon, would it be okay if Harley and I crashed here? We will be going to Daytona in a few days and I would like to use this time to get to know you better.”

Harley lit the other joint and took a long toke holding the drug smoke in his lungs.

“Shureee ... I fixed the spare room for you...”

Harley pulled Pam to him again and pressed his lips to hers. He gently forced the air out of his lungs and into hers. She didn’t resist and the cooled smoke filled her lungs. He held her close waiting for her to exhale. When she did he pulled her lips to his again and this time kissed her probing her mouth with his tongue. Pam didn’t resist and soon her tongue was sparing with his.

Pam finally pulled away from Harley to get some air. Taking a deep breath she looked at him with dilated eyes and said, “You are a great kisser ... but ... you shuunt have done that ... I am married and you are my mom’s boyfriend...”

“Oh, baby, he’s not my boyfriend ... he is my friend. He does kiss good though, I agree, among other things.” Carol smiled a wicked smile at her daughter.

Pam picked up her drink and took another sip and barely got it back onto the coffee table. She sat back on the couch and closed her eyes enjoying the best high she had ever had.

They finished the joint and listened to music for a while. They talked but Pam was so out of it that she didn’t really know what was being said. Finally, Carol got up and said it was time for bed. Harley got up and grabbed the two duffel bags and carried them into the spare room. Carol went into the kitchen and grabbed the box of weed and headed into the spare room with Harley and closed the door.

Pam finally got up off of the couch and was barely able to walk to the stereo to turn it off. She found her way back to her bedroom and closed the door. She slowly got out of her jeans pushing them to floor and stepping out. She pulled her top off letting her full 36C breasts out into open air. She left her panties on and climbed into bed after turning out the light. She fell into a drunken sleep very quickly. She didn’t’ even notice the small rhythmic shake of the trailer as Harley fucked her mother in the spare room.

“Oh yeah ... you’re a fuckin stud Harley,” Carol exclaimed trying to keep her voice down.

“I am gonna be doing this to your daughter later you know,” he said as he slammed his cock into Carols wet and clasping pussy.

“I know baby ... she looks like she could use a good pounding from a stud like you! For now, though, give me a good pounding! Suck my titties baby ... show them some love!”

Harley held himself above Carol as he drove his thick nearly 11” cock in and out of her pussy. He pressed his head down and got one of her big nipples in his teeth and started gently grinding the nub back and forth.

“OH Gawd yes!! That feels so good baby, oh yeah ... give it to me!” Carols hips were now pumping up against Harleys down thrust their pubic mounds meeting with a moist slap. She had her legs up and on his broad shoulders and her hands were linked around his neck.

They continued their fucking for 15 more minutes with Carol cumming multiple times. Harleys 30-year-old body was built for stamina and he never slowed down until he felt he could not hold it back any longer. Then he pressed his cock into her pussy and held it as his hips vibrated against hers.

“Oh GAWD ... I’m cummmmmmmming again... ,” Carol yelled as she felt squirt after hot squirt of his love juice spray into her womb.

“UUUGGGGHHHHHHH ... Yeah baby ... take it ... take it all... ,” Harley grunted out as he pumped his baby seed into his lover. “Oh man ... good thing you are fixed honey,” he said. “That was enough juice to get anyone pregnant!”

He stood up on his knees and pulled his softening cock out of her soaked pussy with a ‘plop’. He slapped it against her clit several times causing her body to jerk with electric excitement.

“That was so good... ,” she cooed to him.

After they had both settled down somewhat from their mutual orgasms Harley rolled onto his side letting his now softened cock flop onto the bed. He lay on his back catching his breath. Carol rolled over and grabbed his slick manhood.

“Let me clean this for you sugar,” she said as she started licking and mouthing his cock and his nut sack. When she finished she rolled back over onto her side facing away from him and closed her eyes.

“Night honey,” she said.

“Yeah, night,” he responded. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep quickly.

Harley woke up and remembering where he was. He could hear Carol sleeping soundly next him. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 2:10 in the morning. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and grabbed his boxer shorts pulling them on as he stood up. He grabbed his duffel, opened it up, and pulled out a wife beater and his stash box. After he pulled the shirt over his head, pulling it snuggly down his muscled torso, he took the box and quietly opened the door and left the room closing it behind him.

Harley walked into the kitchen and set the stash box down on the table. He grabbed a glass and poured himself a glass of tea he found in the fridge. He drank half the glass and set it down on the table.

Harley opened the stash box and pulled a small mirror out, a small vile, and credit card sized plastic. He opened the vile and poured a line on the mirror then closed the vile and put it back in the box. He took the plastic card and moved the white powder around until he had two smaller lines instead of one big one. He then pulled a small straw out of the box and put one end in his left nostril and quickly sniffed up one of the lines of coke. He snorted a couple of times and rubbed his nose then placed the straw in his right nostril and sniffed up the remaining line of coke.

Harley shook his head and rubbed his nose as he waited for the effects of the coke to kick in. He felt a sudden warmth pass through his body and his heart sped up. A rush of euphoria passed through his torso as he suddenly felt alive.

He put the mirror, straw, and card back in the box and closed it. He picked up the glass of tea and finished it. His cock was coming to life in his boxers, he reached in and started gently rubbing it.

He thought about Pam and how innocent she seemed. He wondered how tight her pussy was? He had no idea what her husband was like, whether he had a man’s cock or just a tiny prick. Harley knew she was attracted to him; he could see it in her eyes and her body language. The way her nipples poked out when he shook her hand was an obvious give-away but the kiss he stole from her made it clear that she was turned on by him.

‘Time to get some of that young married pussy, ‘ he said to himself. He stood up and walked to the back of the trailer towards the master bedroom where he knew Pam was sleeping.

Quietly he opened the door and listened. He heard her breathing and could tell she was asleep. He moved into the room and closed the door behind him.

Harley pushed his boxer shorts down and stepped out of them, His cock hanging 8 inches below his sack. He crossed his arms and pulled the wife beater up and over his head dropping it to the floor beside his boxers. Reaching down, he gently stroked his cock, coaxing it to life as he stared at the barely discernable outline of Pam’s body as she slept.

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