A Woman Waiting to Happen Part 3

by qhml1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part three.

Chapter 1: Mike

I was seated in a lounger, two more in front of me. I glanced at my watch. They had made it with a minute to spare.

“Sit!” I commanded, making them flinch slightly before they sat down. “I going to tell you some things, and at times I’ll pause. When I do I expect to hear an immediate ‘Yes, Honey’. Understand?”

They nodded their head, and I just looked at them. Carrie got it, smirking at Sarah. “YES, HONEY”. Sarah followed suit, cursing herself for not getting it first.

“All right, the hard stuff. I’m a domineering man, always have been. I’ve never been able to truly express that until I met you two. What I say goes, always. I’ll never humiliate you in public or treat you with disrespect, never physically abuse you, but I will own you, and what happens in private stay private. If I think you need discipline, or an order reinforced, I’ll not hesitate to spank you, and you will never, not once, resist me. Sometimes the discipline will be nonphysical but hopefully effective. Just so you know this doesn’t mean I want to whip you on a regular basis, im fact, I’d prefer not to. And if I didn’t think this was what you needed, or wanted, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Am I clear here?”

They almost screamed it. “Yes, Honey!” I looked at them closely. Their faces were flushed, and they seemed to be short of breath. Nipples on both women were straining their tops.

“Well, at least part of you likes what I have to say. Tops off, now.”

The sight was distracting to me, so I made them face each other and play with each others’ breasts. Yeah, that wasn’t distracting, not at all. They were really getting into it when I started talking again.

“I control your sex life. You don’t play with each other without my permission, not ever. Get caught disobeying this order, and it’s three swats with the ping pong paddle, on each cheek, understand?” Carrie, the paddle fresh in her mind, answered quickly. Sarah, lost in the feeling of having her nipples being pulled, was a little slow. I frowned, knowing I was going to have to give her a swat soon, so she’d understand.

“All right. Now sit back down.” They moaned a little but immediately sat down.

“Carrie, come and sit on my lap.” She almost jumped, she was so eager. When I had her settled down, I kissed her, hard. She responded with equal force. I actually caressed her mouth when we were done, hoping it wasn’t bruised.

“Sarah, switch places with Carrie.” They scrambled around each other, the fleeting caress they gave each other making them smile wider. Sarah was determined to give as good as Carrie. After the kiss I put them back on the loungers.

“Now, I know you girls think you love me. I believe you do, on some level, but let’s face facts. We’ve known each other for nine days. That really isn’t enough time to fall in true, deep love. I have to suspect some of it is gratitude for taking you out of a bad situation. Whatever happens, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of, make sure you have a good start on a new life.

But, I need to be honest here, I’ve never been in love so I’m not sure what it feels like. I have a suspicion it feels a lot like this, but until I’m sure in my mind I’ll never say those words to you. Despite what I just said, I have no intention of micromanaging your life. I won’t be choosing your clothes, except maybe play outfits, I won’t be checking up to see where you’ve been or how long you stayed at a certian location, or who you spend your time with while I work, as long as you’re home when you’re supposed to be. Acceptable?”

They looked like bobble heads nodding.

“All right, this is the plan. We’re going to stay here at least one more week, relax, get to know each other a little better. We’ve had plenty of distractions up until now. Then, if we’re still all in agreement, we go home, home meaning my house. You guys should like it. From there, well, from there we’ll just have to see.”

“One more thing I need to stress again. You’re mine. MINE. If you as much as kiss another person in a sexual way, you’re both gone. I don’t care if the other wasn’t even there when it happened. This is effect makes you each others’ guardian, keeping you on the straight and narrow. You may talk now, and I need you to say the words I need to hear.”

They both started babbling, until Sarah stopped, deferring to Carrie. She ran on until I had to put her on my lap and kiss her to shut her up. “I get it. You accept. Now, Let Sarah have her turn.” She hopped off my lap, gave Sarah a massive kiss, and pushed her forward.

Sarah didn’t so much babble as sniffle, but the message was the same. I wondered, and time would tell, if I was making a good decision. We’d see after a couple of months of living together. Would Sarah be bitchy when she got her period? Would Carrie get over her hero worship of me and behave like a normal woman, griping because I left the toilet seat up or forgot to tell her I’d be late for dinner? I hoped so, I needed real women, not puppets. Completely subserviant would be fun for a little while, then it would get boring. And anyone who knew anything about me knew I hated being bored.

Chapter 2: Carrie

He was gonna do it! He was really, really going to take us home with him. He said it was just for a trial period, but I for one was never going to leave. I’d chain myself to the bed if I had to. From the looks Sarah was giving him, I knew she felt the same way. We talked later, and she agreed, when he said FAMILY meeting, a thrill shot straight to our sensitive spots.

We talked down in the cabin, as he took the boat out, agreeing to do our very very best to keep him interested, making sure he’d never be bored with us. I made some iced tea, guessing he didn’t want alcohol right now, and carried it up for him. He smiled at the gesture, drank almost the whole glass in one long swallow, and tucked me under his arm as he watched the water.

“What are we gonna do the rest of the week?” I asked, at last.

“Hadn’t thought about it. But for the first time in a long time, I don’t have a schedule. We’ll sleep late, or get up to watch the sun rise over the lake, then stay awake to watch the moon set. We’ll eat what we want, when we want, go where our whims take us. Love on each other in between adventures. Is that structured enough for you?”

“Down to the last detail, Honey. You can count on us.” I ran down, pulling Sarah up, telling her the plan. Then I bumped Mike out of the way, taking control of the boat, and shoving him towards her.

“Explain the details to her, Honey.” Somehow, the way I said “Honey,” seemed to make him feel all warm and fuzzy. Or that’s what it looked like to me, anyway. Could just be gas.

So he told Sarah, asking if there was anything special she’d like to do. Her answer was immediate. In twenty-six years, she had been to the movies five times, and there was a tear jerker romance out based on a book by her favorite writer. She was dying to see it. We googled the closest cinema, and off we went.

Chapter 3: Sarah

I couldn’t believe it! He was taking us to the movies. I felt like a fifteen year old on her first date. We still had our sundresses on, so Carrie and I went into the tiny bathroom( Head, say head, Carrie giggled, and we both laughed at the double meaning. I wanted to eat her up, right there, but remembered the rules our man had outlined.)and prettied up as best we could, brushing our hair out, freshening up our minimal makeup, adding fresh lipgloss.

Forty minutes later we were pulling into a marina on the edge of the largest city on the lake. Honey(I really liked saying that) had called ahead, and a cab was waiting for us at the dock. We arrived at the cinema with a few minutes to spare, and I insisted we all get popcorn, candy, and drinks. Mike spent as much on that as I usually did for a whole weeks’ worth of groceries in my past life.

Ninety minutes in, popcorn tubs discarded, candy wrappers littering the floor, I was snuggled under one arm, Carrie under the other, as we sniffled to the sight of the lovers reuniting, after a long struggle, to confess their deep, abiding love for each other, and promise to live happily ever after.

We patted our eyes with napkins while the credits rolled, making Mike wait a long time as we repaired our makeup and took a much needed potty break. We smiled when two young girls, barely out of their teens, talked about Mike.

I spoke up. “Careful, girls. I know for a fact his girlfriend is a really jealous bitch.”

Carrie jumped in. “Yeah, the poor man is completely pussy whipped. It took her a long time to train him, and she’s not about to let all that work go to waste.”

The smaller one eyed us in the mirror. “I don’t know. We’re not as hot as you two are, but we get our share of attention. I bet she’s old, maybe got a few wrinkles, her ass and boobs starting to sag. Once he gets a look at these babies, he’ll be lucky to remember her name.” She grabbed her massive tits, straining against her thin bra and tight shirt, grinning as her nipples popped out.

Carrie went bright red, and only my tight grip on her hand kept a fight from erupting. Suddenly she calmed, and grinned.

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