The Curse of the White Witch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Clergy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eve is still a White Witch and she wants desperately to graduate into the coven of the Black Witches. The new warlock comes into the village to do the honors.

Hexes were not Eve’s best showcase of her witching skills.

She always had to look up the fine details in the thick book of spells and curses before she could hope to cast one in direction of someone that deserved it without any semblance of doubt or slightest hesitation.

In all honesty, young Eve didn’t look much like what the average person would suspect a witch to look like.

The common folk in the farmland area were not well versed in the mysterious ways of the covert witches long suspected to be right in their midst. That was only to be expected because they were basically an uneducated lot, highly superstitious, and not inclined to sit down and think things out logically. It was common knowledge in most quarters that the witches were ordinary housewives and daughters with a look of innocence in their bright shining faces during the daylight hours. It was after the sun went down behind the mountains that they stripped off all their clothing and danced in the deepest forest around blazing fires that threw sheets of sparks into the dark black moonless sky with a vengeance of countless ages.

Eve had not graduated into the circle of black witches as yet because she had failed to complete the required coupling ceremony with the resident warlock. It just so happened that the resident warlock was on loan from a nearby village because their warlock of long standing was unfortunately mortally wounded in a harvesting accident involving the sharpening of cutting tools for the workers.

None of the coven approved witches including Eve were present at that scene but she overheard two of the farm workers laughing at poor Mister Higgins getting it “good and proper” from behind in retribution for buggering the Parson’s virginal daughter in the hay barn taking advantage of the fact she was unable to speak since birth. Apparently, they had all taken a whack at the guilty party to assure no one person could be seen as individually responsible.

In a way, Eve was relieved that Mister Higgins was attended to in that fashion because she had heard from the other witches already initiated into the coven that he was prone to favor their hindquarters taking his pleasure and roundly spanking their flanks with his workman’s hands in a most undignified manner. Since they were witches, they had to put up with it because the appointed warlock had the final say in such matters without question.

She found Mister Higgins to have an unseemly figure with his round bulk and hairy body and the warts on his ugly face were enough to drive away most of the ordinary village females uninterested in his peculiar sexual demands. It was rumored that the postmistress with the crippled leg was one of his favorites because she had no other takers and was submissive to his unnatural desires whenever he made a visit supposedly for his post. A post which must be added was totally non-existent.

Eve kind of admired the postmistress because she was a God-fearing, hard-working woman in mid-life who had buried two husbands and whose children had all gone away to find their fortunes in other places. It just so transpired that she had witnessed the appointed warlock of the coven addressing poor Mrs. Brown’s bare bottom with his huge tool of deliverance on an early Saturday morning when most of the young maids were still at their milking duties with skillful gentle hands. The sounds of the poor lady receiving the covert warlock’s hard blows on her delicate white rear end caused some tears to come to Eve’s immature eyes because she could also hear the older woman’s whimpers of shame and humiliation in the early morning air. Only her ears were in range other than the pair of coupling mortals far too involved with the business at hand to even notice her presence.

It was right there and then that Eve decided to postpone her initiation with Mister Higgins because she was in fear of his long tool and definitely did not like his attitude with females. She really wanted desperately to leave her “White Witch” status behind her and join the ranks of the other Black Witches with their potent spells and hexes that worked behind the scenes to shape the future of the village. It seemed to her that the coupling ceremony was a trifle old fashioned and that her skills as a witch should not be centered around her obedience to some uneducated warlock whose only skill was in wielding his human sword with lack of conscience and only for his own pleasure.

The farm workers had solved her problem with Mister Higgins but now she had to contend with the borrowed warlock sent to take his place and satisfy each and every witch under his care and guidance. The replacement warlock was none other than the new assistant Parson whose sanctimonious voice far out-measured the boring tones of the regular Parson who managed to put most of the congregation to sleep before the service was halfway over.

The new assistant Parson’s name was Mister Cotton and he was both fair of face and fine of figure along with being of a desirable age for most of the nubile females in the village. Eve could not help but notice the stir of interest in the coven of witches expectantly awaiting their coupling ceremonies under the guidance of the new assistant Parson, Mister Cotton. In fact, she was experiencing some noticeable tingling in her lower extremities cautiously perusing the Parson’s tight trousers barely hiding the bulge in his manly crotch in showing the visible vitality of his youth and manly pride.

Needless to say, none of the females in attendance at the services were in a state of sleepy disinterest. It was safe to say that just the opposite was the case with many of them crossing and uncrossing their twitching legs in a fever to test the new Parson’s poking skills in private.

On the surface at least, Mister Cotton pretended to be above the considerations of the flesh but at the first midnight conference of the coven in the deep forest the entire coven was astonished at Mister Cotton’s ability to satisfy all eleven of the female witches desires both fore and aft leaving them stretched out on the bed of grass and soft moss naked and sated with his soothing juices. Only Eve was excluded because she was still a “White Witch” and not fully pledged to the ways of Black Magic. She saw Mister Cotton look at her a few times even when he was pounding one of the other shrieking witches. It was obvious he was desirous of guiding her into full coven responsibilities with his long, thick staff of enlightenment but was observant of the rules and regulations of coven procedures. It was really up to her to ask for the initiation ceremony and it was almost on the tip of her tongue to do just that. The only reason why she still hesitated was the fact that she did not want to be only one of twelve getting the warlock’s attention on such a special night. She suggested to him in private that they might have a one on one meeting of the flesh in the same location to put her on the same level as the other witches and after that she would be obedient to his wishes.

The new Parson agreed immediately and she was suddenly taken by a fear of the unknown since her delicate female slit had not been introduced as yet to the mysteries of granting passage to male members. She rode her fingers hard that night thinking about the scene to come in the forest hoping that she would perform to the new warlock’s satisfaction and allowing her to make her rite of passage into true Black Magic Witchery. She had noticed in that initial greeting of their new master, the witches were taken in their vaginal channels and not the nether regions preferred by the nefarious Mister Higgins. Only one or two of the witches requested an expedition up that tight narrow channel with unmistakable positioning of their hindquarters for his favor. Of course, as the warlock, he was in no position to refuse and he did his duties with admirable determination. Her conclusion was that he was more inclined to the usual method of copulation but was more than willing to give the witches what they wanted whenever they wanted it just like a warlock of the finest quality and superior training.

She walked into the forest on trembling legs ready to run away at the slightest indicator of danger.

It was already pitch black on a moonless night and she knew the stars were aligned for a coupling of great magnitude. She had prepared by bathing twice that day and paying special attention to her female slit and her posterior with the perfumed soap her mother had purchased in the market. It was reputed to be from the country of Italy and used by the women of that country to make their bodies the center of attraction for the sex-deprived males in their locale.

Mister Cotton was already in the clearing and he had prepared a small fire to heat the tiny branding iron that would be used to stamp her rump after he had initiated her into the coven of the Black Magic witches. Until that time, she was still simply a White Witch with paltry powers and little potency to cast a powerful spell. He smiled at her and she was entranced by the handsome face and his totally naked body with an already aroused member that greeted her in a way that she found difficult to ignore.

“Take off all your clothing, my dear, and let’s see the splendor of your precious gifts.”

Eve blushed and was happy the darkness hid her lack of sophistication in matters of coupling and mating with the males of the species. She slowly removed her garments knowing that her body was easily seen in the light of the fire and feeling the Parson’s eyes glued to her flesh.

“Now turn around and let me see the glory of your fabulous breasts and the soft temptation of your sit-down region.”

She turned in a circle and suddenly was struck with a sense of shame because she wanted him inside her so badly that she was willing to be his submissive slave and follow his every command like some obedient domesticated animal with no control over her own destiny.

“Good girl, you have fine equipment to make a superior Black Witch my dear. Now we will take you into the coven and you will feel the touch of our dark Lord between your legs making you his faithful servant.”

The new assistant Parson took hold of her long hair and led her into the circle of the fire pressing on her shoulders to force her to her knees. She was now on a level with his throbbing shaft and it was only inches from her mouth. Eve wondered if he wanted her to perform the swallowing act of love that most of the other witches used to bring males under their sway and complete control. Her special place between her legs was tingling with the thought of wrapping her sweet lips around the huge thing but she was willing to follow his every order.

“No, not your lips, my silly girl, get down on your hands and knees like a good little girl and I will mount you and ride you into your first explosion of female happiness.”

She followed his instructions to the letter and soon his appendage was rubbing between her legs and slowly spreading her willing lower lips apart for proper insertion from behind. Eve turned her head to ask a silly question and was forced to gasp instead because that the exact moment his powerful tool entered her to the hilt and she was suddenly no longer a White Witch but a fully ordained Black Magic Witch with powers of the coven behind her.

After that, she lost all sense and feeling, remembering only her shameful shouts of joy that disturbed the forest creatures attempting to sleep in the cold night air.

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