The Drifter

by JRyter

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Western, Cheating, First, Pregnancy, Tit-Fucking,

Desc: Western Sex Story: The story of a boy who spends his younger days living in a rundown shack beside a railroad. The lonesome sound of the outward bound, gives the boy a restless itch to go west. He's thirteen when his Ma dies, and the yearning to follow the restless wind grows until there comes a day he can no longer deny his need to roam. There is some sex in this story, as the boy begins learning how to be a man.

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Story tagged with:
mt/Fa / Mult / Consensual / Fiction / Western / Cheating / First / Pregnancy / Tit-Fucking /