Two for Eden

by Lady Jade

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Zoophilia, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mom & daughter enter Eden and sex errupts.

Chapter 1

It was the late spring holiday of 2014 and Mrs Lavender, in need of a break from her managerial job in the city, had decided on the Eden Nature Resort that they had so enjoyed as a family last year.

She, Dan and their daughter Kim had found another world there; far from the rush of London where their work was. There was a warm tranquillity and time to enjoy each other’s company. It had been a wonderful vacation that mixed well-mannered people with gentle nature; It had charmed and recharged them all and they vowed to return.

However, this time it was just Mom and twelve year old Kimmy who were driving down to Devon. Both had dressed in short white tennis skirts; Eden camp style; and they now felt the hot sun on their thighs.

Mrs Lavender unconsciously stroked her daughter’s thigh, “ The sun’s strong today Kim, your skin feels really hot!

“Mmm, feels really nice though.” Kim’s crooned as she guided her mom’s hand up into her groin.

Mrs Lavender blinked in bewilderment but continued to caress Kim’s warm inner thigh.

She glanced at her daughter who was soon to be a teenager, “ We can sunbath round the pool at Eden when we get there sweetheart?”

“I’m a bit nervous over wearing a bikini; do you think my figure is OK for one yet Mom?”

Mrs Lavender gave Kim’s snatch a teasing squeeze, “ You know darn well well it is! Just mind who you make eyes at; or you could find yourself in at the deep-end!” Her fingers worked under Kim’s gusset.

“Uh, Mm, that’s cool Mom.”

Mrs Lavender recalled being thirteen herself; of masturbating in bed to her recurring fantasy of lurid sexual acts with father.

Suddenly she realised Kim may soon have similar fantasies about her father; even be enticing him before long! He was such a weak man!

She visualised Dan fucking with Kim in her bedroom and a felt a slight panic.

She glanced again at Kim. Her thighs parted, her eyes glazed; O M G, she was all sexed up!

Mrs Lavender withdrew her hand; placing it back to the steering-wheel; her face flushed and her throat felt dry. Then the sign-post came up; five miles after the next junction for Eden Resort.

Chapter 2

Mrs Lavender and Kim walked into the Eden Club bar where at around mid-day it was relatively peaceful with just the tinkle of soft jazz piano blending with a low chatter of pre-luncheon guests.

Having just found their cabin they hadn’t wasted time before seeking refreshment after the long drive down. Yet before they reached the bar there was a friendly greeting, “ Now there’s a fine lady I’m pleased to see!” said a smart looking middle-aged man who was with two other chaps at the bar. It was Ed Lewis with his pals Nigel Finch and Malcolm Dowel. They were all advertising executives and as such spent most of their time living the easy life as they toiled for inspiration dreaming up TV adverts to sell soap flakes and corn flakes.

They had sort of made the Eden Club a get-away from work and wives and shared a permanent cabin from which they came and went in their company cars. The cost was peanuts for them and they always kept the staff sweet with generous service tips. For them this truly was the Garden of Eden.

Ed took her hand saying, “Mrs Lavender what a nice surprise to see you here; is your husband about to join us?”

She out-streched her arm saying, “ Dan just couldn’t make it this time Mr Lewis, sorry.”

Ed, taking her hand looked into her brown eyes and a soft grin formed on his lips as he gallantly kissed her outstretched hand. “That’s such a pity Mrs Lavender”, said Ed. “ Perhaps you would join me for dinner this evening?”

Kim feeling ignored said impatiently, “Could I get a Coke mom?”.

Ed ushered them to his table and whistling up the steward; ordered drinks before getting cosy with Mrs Lavender.

Chapter 3

Kimmy Lavender had soon left the club bar to visit the play lodge where there was pool and and arcade games.

But the few girls there seemed not to notice her, and one the boys she spoke to teased her about her flat chest. No way were they going to mix with an immature girl unless she impressed them somehow.

With that in mind, Kimmy returned to the cabin and got into her new two-piece polka dot bikini.

She looked in the mirror and was pleased with herself. Then she placed a straw sun hat on her head, donned her new sun-glasses and made off for the pool. As she passed the Club Bar Ed’s two companions were just leaving. As she walked passed them they eyed her lustfully; one gave a knowing whistle. Kim realised the bikini and glasses did make a difference.

Kimmy detested the water, but a bikini was as nearly naked as a girl could get in public and she had a new urge to display herself. She walked around the pool’s edge, checking out the boys.

She picked out the lifeguard. He was the older beefcake kind and Kimmy was thrilled when he looked and smiled at her. But then she wished she were invisible because she had a sudden urge to pee. It was that huge glass of Coca-Cola that Ed had given, to keep her busy while he made out with Mom.

Kim’s bladder was bursting. The guy was gazing at her; what to do? To dash to the loo would kill her cool with the life-guard. So, she simply struck a pose and peed herself where she sat on the wet decking.

The acting worked because the young life-guard had begun making a move in her direction.

This was not good for Kim. She didn’t want to risk him finding her sitting in a puddle of pee!

She rose from the deck in a slow fancy fashion, threw a cute little wave towards him and drifted out of the pool area without a backward glance. She felt very pleased with her performance even though her thighs were damp with urine.

Kim’s mind was spinning. The day was bringing all kinds of new sensations. On the drive down with mom, she had felt a sexy urge in her groin with moms hand stroking her leg. She had wanted to put her hand between mom’s legs too. It had juiced-up her snatch! It was strange. Then those men coming out of the bar! They were eyeing her up like a tart! Why was that? They were older than dad! But mostly she was excited over the life-gaurd – he was really cute and with muscles; It was just possible she could pull him.

For now she was enjoying walking alone through these woods with her thoughts when suddenly there was a dog on the path ahead. It was a handsome brown beast; stood facing her, wagging its tail as she approached him. He must have a master but he was not to be seen. So she paused and stroked his head and then his neck as she cooed to him. “Golly, your such a fine dog, what a lovely boy you are!” Kimmy loved the feel of his brown-haired body, her hands rippling through the warmth of the animal and his friendly panting.

He sniffed between her legs; curious about her urine odours. The dog’s owner was probably sunbathing outside a log cabin somewhere imagined Kim.

It surprise Kim as the dog began licking her legs which felt kind of sexy as his tongue swiped across her thigh. Without a thought she stood astride, allowing him more access to her treasure.

The nudge of the dog’s black nose on her pubic mound sent shivers of excitement through her thighs and the notion that this dog might lick her clit made her head spin with excitement. Her heart was pounding and her cunny had never been so juicy in her life.

Her short dark hair flew out as she quickly looked guiltily around her, “ Oh My god! Please let know one see me doing this!” There was not a sound or soul in sight. Recklessly she pull her bikini-bottom down and opened wide her thighs.

He sniffed some and then his tongue slurped at her snatch ... Her head jerked up at the exquisite sensation and began panting like the dog. She felt the sweat beading on her forehead as her heart raced.

Although no-one was in sight, Kim’s impulsive behaviour was being observed discreetly by the dogs owner.

Chapter 4

Ed Lewis lent over their table for two in the Piano Bar and lit Mrs Lavenders cigarette. The pair of them made an attractive looking couple and the music had been a romantic background to their dinner. After taking a long pull she blew the smoke through pursed lips into his face before taking a sip of wine. At 32 she was the mom you’d like to fuck. She was a petite brunette with a cute face who could easily bring out the brute in a man.

Ed broke into a weak smile, “ Your a cool one Mrs Lavender; that’s for sure.

You enjoy my company, and you know I fancy you too; yet you keep that invisible fence up. Am I wrong?” Ed slipped his lighter away.

She somehow smiled with downturn lips. “ I’m a married woman Ed; but your right I do like you.

I also like this lovely tune being played. I’d like to dance Ed.”

Ed rose and took her sedately onto the floor where they began smooching to the slow melody.

Ed said softly in her ear. “ OK Mrs Lavender give me a break, what do your friends call you?”

“It’s Margot.” she said without enthusiasm.

“Margot; well that’s just fine, lets dance on.” whispered Ed with satisfaction.

Margot felt his groin come a little closer to her and that pleased her. Their dancing pleased the pianist too and also enticed another couple onto the floor.

But a couple of minutes was all that Mrs Lavender was giving her eager Ed. She drew away saying, “ excuse me Ed, I rather need to visit the powder room, do you mind.”

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