The Beach - Revisited

by HAL

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sandie and Jerry go back to the nudist beach where they lost their virginities. This time they take their friends: Jack a slightly geeky guy, Mandy a living barbie doll, Mary-Anne - from strict Christian family and Aadila the newcomer who is a practising Muslim. Read how they got on.

Jerry and Sandie who went to the nudist beach before on a dare and ended up moving their deep friendship several steps.

Mandy, buxom, beautiful and experienced.

Mary-Anne, part of a strict Christian sect that doesn’t approve of ... anything

Jack, a bit geeky, but he wants to know what else there is to life

Aadila, the new member of their little gang; parents as strict as Mary-Anne’s, Aadila has gone along with that for now

Ever since that day when Jerry and Sandie had been to the nudist beach on a dare, their other friends had kept bringing it up in conversation. It was obvious things had moved on between the two of them, but they had stayed close friends with the others; and the others were distinctly curious, what had it been like, what had they done there?...

“But I could just as easily ask you why you dress that way, how does a short skirt and push up bra make you ‘empowered’” Aadila was standing her ground well, Mary-Ann was actually broadly on her side.

Mandy replied “Because it makes me feel good, feel sexy”

“Are you heterosexual? Yeah, yeah, of course you are. So when you say sexy you mean sexy in the eyes of the mindless jocks who eye you up and down as you sashay down the corridor? No offence Jack, I don’t really mean you, though I’ve seen you do it too. If not then WTF?”

“No, no, sexy isn’t for somebody or some group. Okay I accept that boys look at my ass when I walk past, and yes I even enjoy that, but no, I dress so I feel good. Sexy is an absolute, a state of being. I look good so I feel good, end of”

“Nah, I don’t buy that. In Victorian times you would have dressed in a bustle or something and felt good that way. It’s a fashion thing and therefore something imposed from outside, not an internal absolute. You dress that way because you have an animal instinct to mate and this is your mating display” She laughed “And this is mine, as you can see, I’m aiming to attract a blind man”

They all laughed, that was why they liked her, she didn’t take things too seriously. When she had arrived with her long dress and Hijab there had been comments, cat-calls. “Are you going blow up then?” Asked Joey standing just behind her, he always thought he was really funny. “Too late, mate, already done it” was her reply, and then they smelt it. She’d let out a fart and he was in the target zone. Even he thought that was funny. Gross, but funny. She was okay after that.

She’d joined their little group by some undefinable osmosis. Maybe it was her snappy, quick-witted answers, or the way she stood up for her beliefs, her religion, her ideas. Mary-Anne’s parents were horrified, since Christianity was the only true religion, being friendly with a pagan (as they called her, Mary-Anne calmly put them right on the difference between pagans and other mono-theistic religions) was the first step to destruction and Hell. Mary-Anne argued successfully that she had a duty to explain to Aadila the error of her thinking. And she did, and Aadila explained just as vigorously back, and they became friends. Since they both dressed conservatively to not attract men as sex objects, they tended to side together on the great ‘skirt length’ debate. She kept wearing her Hijab; she did admit to the girls once that she wore sexy underwear. Mandy had forgotten that, since that backed her argument that what you wear is to make youself feel good. They enjoyed these arguments, Mandy and Aadila, there was no rancour, ever. The principal had once heard them arguing and had stepped in to stop Mandy attacking the ‘minority’; he was confused when they both said it was fine and a free exchange of views was sacrosanct to the American Constitution. He walked away contemplating how he didn’t understand teenagers, and especially teenage girls!

Aadila maintained that she was freer because her body was not on open display, Mandy maintained that she was freer because she could display her body on open display. Mary-Anne broadly agreed with Aadila, but maintained that Mandy should have the right to display her body if she wanted, Aadila didn’t really disagree with that. The two boys laughed and said they were happy with what Mandy dressed in; Sandie pointed out that she, alone amongst the girls had taken this argument to one of the logical extremes. Had it felt liberating? Well, yes, she thought perhaps it had. Perhaps, she suggested, they should all try it. The bell went for end of lunch break and the thought was left hanging in people’s minds.

Sometimes fate moves things in odd ways. Some film director decides to make a film about a burning building and then discovers that the other studio is working on a very similar plot (and Towering Inferno is born, full of stars from both studios). In the year that Titanic was launched a novelist wrote a novel about an unsinkable ship sinking. Yay! There are probably lots of other coincidences like this, but I’m too lazy to find them. The point is, this idea preyed on all the minds of our little group, even sensible, safe, neat and religious ones like Aadila and Mary-Anne (okay, so she was up for kicking a few traces anyway, just because... ). So the next day the conversation rapidly came back round to that idea.

“But” said Jack, “that wouldn’t be a fair test. I mean how do you know that you wouldn’t feel freer dressed as Aadila unless you try it?”

“What have you got I mind Jack?” asked Jerry, he knew how Jack’s mind worked.

“Try Aadila’s dress for a day and then try the beach for a day”

“Wooo! Wait a minute, I’ve heard you talking about that beach, I’m not taking everything off” This was Aadila, she wasn’t comfortable about dressing like Mandy, but complete nudity? That was down the road, over the next hill and beyond the horizon of possibilities!

“The thing is, Aadila” This was Jack again “You might think it would be worse, but it might be better, we’d all be naked, the whole beach. You wouldn’t be dressing like Mandy to be an object of desire. No offence Mandy, I think you are – I mean you are an object of desire and dressing to be one” Well, that was an unintentional revelation, seemed that the resident geek in the group had the hots for Mandy, maybe not surprising they all privately thought, he was clearly hetero, and she was a hetero dream.

“What? Are you saying that you boys would come to the beach too? That doesn’t seem fair” Mandy opined “After all, you aren’t dressing in a yashmak or whatever”

“Yashmaks are ... no, never mind” Aadila realised that was off the point, and she was starting to be interested in this. She would after all see male nudes in a totally safe environment.

“Mandy, we’d have decided to go at some point, and you know that all male groups aren’t allowed, even” Jerry didn’t add (though Sandie knew he was thinking) that he’d love to see Mandy naked too, Sandie was totally aware how boys minds work; he might be her boyfriend, but would he look at another girl’s nude body? Of course he would (and not just the pictures she found on his search history) Would he fuck her? Not if he wanted his dick still attached next time she saw him.

She said she’d think about it, and by the end of the day somehow she had thought and agreed. The girls would all come dressed for a day with their head covered and a long, shapeless dress. Although Mary-Anne’s parents weren’t keen on the reason she gave ‘to understand a different culture’, they actually liked the unattractive dress. They wouldn’t have objected if she had opted to dress like this all the time for good Christian reasons. As for the others, the official reason for doing it was accepted, mostly; and it was at least largely true.

It took some training to get the dress right. Aadila’s parents were shocked when three white girls turned up to learn how to dress as she did. Mandy and Sandie arrived in skirts that would have got them stoned in the ‘old country’, here the parents realised that it was normal. The other girl, they liked, she was conservative, quiet, polite. Even if she was a Christian, at least they could relate to her, and she seemed to enjoy wearing the head scarf. The only thing that Aadila’s mother noticed (when she helped with them fixing their clothes) was that Mary-Anne actually suited the scarf, she looked more attractive; not for hiding herself, but it framed her face and focused on her sweet face.

“No makeup?” Asked Mandy

“No, none, look, Mary-Anne looks good that way, so will you. You have great bone structure”

For a whole day the girls found themselves not to be an object; after initial comments which included some other girls saying they fancied the idea too, things settled down and the girls found the lack of lusty, lustful looks and comments that they were expected to see as compliments was actually quite pleasant. Even Mary-Anne had had people looking at her legs and bust in ways which she knew was objectifying her, and her clothes were definitely not sexy normally. Now the three newcomers to the Muslim dress code found it more freeing than they expected. Mandy admitted at the end that she enjoyed just being herself rather than her sexy self and image that she had to live up to all the time. Boys didn’t get that at times girls felt less attractive, less sexy, or wanted to, they expected the dress code to please them all the time, whatever the time of the month.

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