Poses 1: Poses

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Erotica Sex Story: Poses 1: Poses - Sydney Delacruz's father might be DLC of Chainsaw Beaver, but she's a shy runner with no interest in the rockstar lifestyle. But when her mother sends her to domineering photographer Lucia for prom pics, Syd discovers sides of herself she never suspected, and that strength can come from submission. Once she Poses, nothing remains the same.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Teenagers   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Fiction   Cuckold   FemaleDom   First   Anal Sex   Small Breasts   Slow  

“You love photography so much, Syd. It’ll be fun to be model.” Her mother pushed the brochure into Syd’s glass of orange juice. The cover photos was spectacular, even if she just said it was rubbish. Whomever shot for LT Studio was good enough to work for Vogue or Rolling Stone.

“Avedon didn’t model, Maplethorpe didn’t pose for the camera, and hardly anybody knows what Ritts, Leibowitz, Sainsbury, Estevez & Belloso--”

“You don’t need to name every photographer you know. I paid for the sessions.”


“You know, you used to be an outgoing girl. But ever since we moved, you’ve withdrawn into a shell. Outside of track, you hardly ever go out. You’re going to be in college soon. I just want you to--”

“Mom...” Syd sighed. They’d had this discussion a dozen times. “I just want to be left alone. You don’t know what it’s like to be DLC’s daughter.”

“I’m his wife, sweetie. Everybody assume’s I’m stupid arm candy. But you can’t get taken seriously for yourself hiding. Just go and have fun.”

“Fine! But you know Austin is not going to do this.”

Syd stepped off the bus into the shadow of old warehouses with solid metal doors. The streets were clean, but there wasn’t a sign of anyone anywhere. She checked the address again for the sixth time. Why couldn’t Austin have come with her? Sure, she complained about having to take the photos for a week, but he was her boyfriend. Besides, they were going to do it for the first time after prom. Getting in her pants ought to be worth a few trips to the warehouse district.

She pushed a dirty intercom button with what looked like a torn business card taped to it.

“LT Studio,” a woman’s voice creaked out from the speaker box.

“Hi, I’m, uh, Syd, um, Dela ... Sydney Delacruz. The contest.”

“Come on up. Fourth floor, end of the hall. Sorry, the lift is out.”

Syd was a miler, so climbing four tall flights wasn’t a problem, but she wondered what kind of studio was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t even have a proper entrance. The businesses along the hall all had flat metal doors. Some had stenciled on their business names: Candyland Models, HKM Distributors, Secrets LTD, Hussy, Restrained Leather, and P0wnage Boards. Some kind of fan or machine throbbed above the roof.

The door at the end of the hall was silkscreened with a black-and-white photo of a dancer, posed with her legs folder up to--barely--hide her breast. It was gorgeous, the kind of picture Sydney wanted to take, maybe would take if she had any talent and could stand asking anybody to pose for her. When the only person you feel comfortable taking photos of is your mother, you don’t do nude shots. Her mouth twitched. She’d heard Austin’s friends say her mom was a MILF. Which was undeniably true. All she had to do was watch how Austin looked at her mom instead of her. Like the model on LT Studio’s door, her mother had big boobs. Not super big, but totally the opposite of Syd’s. Even after she took off her bra, Austin didn’t pay them any attention. He didn’t even hide staring at Emily’s boobs, even though Emily was her best friend.

Why was she here? She was, as Austin said all the time, “cute.” Which meant not sexy. Cute like a girl. She wasn’t tall. She wasn’t fashionably willowy, either. She was a runner, with strong legs and no boobs. She turned to go, but remembered the next bus wasn’t for another hour.

She knocked on the door and the woman said, “Come in.”

“Hello, Sydney.” The woman greeting her was the dancer. She was wearing a dress that showed a lot of cleavage. Syd was suddenly happy Austin wasn’t there.

“Do you go by Sydney or Syd?”

Syd blushed, realizing she had just stared at the woman’s boobs. “Um, Syd.”

“I’m Lucia. My husband Tom and I run the studio. Why don’t you come in and have a seat. Would you like a drink? We have soda or water.” She laughed, “or wine if you were a bit older.”

“Just water, ma’am.”

“Is your boyfriend parking?”

She shook her head. “Its just me. He’ll come for the photographs, but he didn’t want to rehearse.”

Lucia frowned. “That’s unfortunate. We don’t normally work with non-professionals. Boys tend to need a lot of training before a formal shoot. Can you call him?”

Syd bit her lip. Nice job, Austin. “He had practice.”

“Well, this is practice.” She crossed her arms. “Look, we don’t normally work with non-professionals. This was a favor. Is your boyfriend going to cooperate for the photos?

“Maybe? He didn’t like the idea but my mom made a big deal out of it.” Syd looked at the walls, covered with posters of glamorous models ... with large, luxurious boobs. She glanced at her tiny things.

Lucia’s mouth twisted. “You don’t sound like you want this. I thought your mom set this up for you as special treat. She said you love photography.”

“I ... I do. I just...” It was stupid that she was crying. She used to be crier, after her dad went on the road with his band and never was home. She cried a lot. But she got over that. She didn’t even want to be here and now she was crying that she had to leave.

“Do you have a tissue?”

Lucia grabbed a box from the dais. “Oh, dear. Syd, look. You’re here. Maybe we can try some shots to see if this will work. Did you bring the release? You did that, right?”

Syd nodded and wiped her eyes. She got the release her mom signed from her backpack. Her mother complained that getting prom shots should require an eleven page release, but Syd had pleaded.

Lucia took them. “And your driver’s ... you don’t have a driver’s license, do you? Proof of ID?”

Syd started to cry again as she shook her head. She didn’t care!

Lucia sighed, “Syd, you’re a trouble maker, aren’t you?” Then she laughed. “Don’t worry. Do you have a state ID of some sort? We can take a school ID, I suppose, if you don’t.”

“I have a state ID.”

Lucia disappeared with Syd’s release and the learner’s permit, leaving Syd with a portfolio full of fashion photos. Lucia and Tom were fantastic! The poses were creative and the models made Syd feel “cute. Maybe she should leave. Lucia was doing somebody a favor, probably somebody who worked with her dad. She was wasting their time. Austin didn’t want to get formal photos. Her mom would be angry, but if she got up now, she wouldn’t have to embarrass herself and she had a good excuse.

“Nervous?” Lucia came in just as Syd got to the door.

“I don’t want to waste your time.”

“Don’t be silly. Tom pointed out that I was being ridiculous. You like photography, right? So you know something about modelng even if you’ve never been in front of the camera. If Austin is a dead fish, we’ll work around him. Have you done any modeling? Maybe something with your father?”

Syd shook her head.

“Well, first, I need to teach you how to hold yourself. You look like you keep fit. Are you a cheerleader or a dancer?”

She shook her head.

“Well, you have a model’s figure, Syd. We just need to work on your posture. Lift you’re head and look at me. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

Syd looked her in the eye. Lucia thrust her head forward and bit the air, laughing. “Okay, maybe just a little. But I promise you’ll have fun today. I’ll walk you through the posing. Both Tom and I will be taking picture. The main thing to remember is to just be yourself. You’re not here for me or your boyfriend?--just for you. Okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just nervous. I’m really shy.”

Lucia smiled. “I figured that out. It’s okay. You’re pretty. I bet you’ll be good at this and have some fun. Is your boyfriend in school with you?”

“He is. Austin. His name is Austin.” They’d been dating for over six months now. He was a jerk half the time, looking at Emily and everybody else’s boobs, even her mom’s. Caring more about soccer games than her and making stupid jokes. But when she told him that her belly chain was as low as his hands could go, he respected that. Well, maybe not respected it. He didn’t understand how she could be a virgin at eighteen or why it was she thought their first time was a big deal. But he kept his hands above her belly chain, except for her butt. He loved her ass. If he played with her nipples a bit, maybe she would have let him go farther.

“You’ve been dating a while?” Lucia lead her through red door into a large studio. All of the windows were covered with heavy black curtains and photography lights were everywhere. Despite herself, she smiled.

Lucia leaned close to her and whispered, “it’s exciting, isn’t it? The first time in a studio?”

Syd nodded.

“First, I want you to stand in front of this wall while Tom sets up the lights. You go to Newell, right?”

Syd nodded and stood as Tom moved the lights. They were surprisingly hot, not at all like the lamps at home.

“Are you sure you don’t want a Coke or something? Maybe a Starbucks? I got a frappuccino at lunch and never touched it. It’s in the freezer.”

“No, thank you, ma’am.”

“Call me Lucia, Syd. I know you’re nervous and telling you not to be won’t help. But this can be fun. I was just like you when I first modeled and then I realized it was a blast.”

A blast, maybe, if you looked like Lucia. Or were outgoing like her dad. Everybody thought because her dad was a pop star, she’d be a party girl or at least super outgoing. But she hated attention. If she didn’t like winning so much, she’d be tempted to throw her races so she wouldn’t have to get on the podium afterwards.

“Just be comfortable. We’re going to take some shots just to get started.”

“I don’t know what to do with my hands.” Syd’s arms just hung there, floppy-like.

“You look lovely, Sydney,” Tom said from on top of a stool.

“You really are a beautiful young woman,” Lucia said. “Don’t worry about your arms right now. Just try to relax.”

Syd tried to relax, but found herself slumping. “Sydney, watch your posture,” she heard her mom’s voice say in her head.

“Try this,” Lucia said, leaving against the wall. The pose was so simple, yet elegant.

Syd mimicked it and both Lucia and Tom started shooting.

“You don’t need to force a smile, dear. You really are lovely. Just be yourself.”

Syd wasn’t sure how to be herself in front of a camera. Herself was reading on her bed or running in the woods by herself. Sometimes, even Emily or her mom was too much company. Even Austin got to be too much when he didn’t have Saturday soccer games and Sunday practices.

“Could you show me another pose?”

“Did you like that?”

Syd nodded.

Lucia had her put a foot against the wall and push her butt back. “Slide your foot out. Yes, right there. Arms back against the wall, but push your chest out.”

“Looking great Sydney,” Tom said from behind his camera.

“Look at you, so sexy, Syd. Here,” Lucia said, sliding her hand behind Syd’s back, “Let me adjust you a bit.” She guided her into position, adjusting her spine and hips.

Stood back and smiled. “God, Syd, you’re a beautiful girl. Just special. I was so silly to get caught up Austin not joining you...”

As Lucia guided her through more poses, Syd discovered it was fun!

Lucia poses her again. “Its amazing how transformed you are. You came in her a shy little girl, slumped over and not able to look me in the eye.”

Syd blushed.

“With a cute, cute blush! But now you look so grown up and confident. Look at you, Syd!”

Lucia turned her camera around and showed Syd some of the pictures. She was just dressed in a sweater and yoga pants, but she almost looked glamorous. If she had bigger boobs, she might even look sexy.

“It’s too bad that you’re sweater bunches so badly. You have such a lovely figure. I can see what sexy abs you have.” Lucia ran her hand over her belly.

Syd was breathless.

“And I love this top. It’s adorable. But it’s not very photo friendly. See?” She turned the camera to Syd again, show how wrinkled the sweater was.

Syd nodded. It was her favorite sweater, but it didn’t look right for the shoot. She smiled. She was thinking like a model.

“It’s too bad...” Lucia look to Tom. “We can’t even ask, right?”

“No. Of course not. I know how special Syd is, how great the photos, but we shouldn’t,” Tom said, peering down from his stool.

“What? Do you want me to do an advanced pose? I’m really flexible.” She slid down the wall into a full sideways splits.

Both Lucia’s and Tom’s eyes went wide.

“Wow. You didn’t even warm up. But that’s not it. I was thinking...” She looked up at Tom. He shook his head.

“Conan...” Lucia nodded.


“Conan Thai. He asked us to take this job. We want to keep this conservative.”

“I know I’m not a model or anything.” She felt herself slump, then tried to regain her poise. “But I study fashion photography. Not like with a class, but my favorite book is by Avedon. I try to keep up with what people are doing. We could do something more interesting. I’d try, at least.”

“Let me think about it, Syd. We’ll do some more shots. You’re having fun with this, right?”

“I was so nervous, but now I feel ... I don’t know, I guess I do feel special. I almost feel like if Austin saw me, he’d...” She blushed, realizing how much she’d said.


“Nothing. I was just thinking out loud.”

“You’re really shy, aren’t you, Syd?”

She nodded.

“But look how much you’ve opened up.” Lucia hugged her. “I’m proud of you. I’ve never seen a model accomplish so much in just an hour. It’s like the girl who walked into grew five years and is now a woman.”

“Not quite a woman.”

“What do you mean?”

Syd was suddenly aware that Lucia’s very ample boobs were pressed into her and they were still hugging.

“What are you thinking about, Syd? You got quiet there.”

“I do that a lot.”

“Were you worried you’re not a woman?”


“Okay. Ready to do some more poses.”

Syd pointed to her boobs. “I mean, I’m not ... I’m a runner. Not special...”

“Oh, Sydney. You are so, so very lovely and beautiful. Special.”

“I’m cute, right. Extra cute.” That was Austin’s phrase.

Lucia smiled. “You are extra, extra cute. But you’re also beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy.”

Syd’s mouth twitched. Maybe beautiful, but not sexy. Not like Lucia and that fantastic cleavage. Those breasts had some weight.

“You know that’s you’re a very sexy young woman, right?” She glanced up at Tom. “Do you think we’ve ever had a sexier model?”

“Am I excluding you, dear?”

Lucia laughed. “You had better.”

“Well, then, no. Sydney, you just radiate something unique. It’s not just that you’re pretty, which you are in spades. It’s the way your passion peaks through your shyness. Like their is a secret you the camera can only catch a glimpse of. A you the rest of the world doesn’t get to see. And that is so sexy. So...” he brought both hands to his lips and kissed his fingers.

Lucia kissed her fingers as well. “Have you heard of a century flower?”

Syd shook her head.

“Once every hundred years, it shoots into the sky and shares the most glorious flower with the world, but all the rest of the time, it sits meekly in the forest. Everybody passes it by without knowing how unique and special it is. If Austin saw the girl our lenses are capturing, he’d ... Well, maybe it’s good that he doesn’t!”

Syd didn’t mean to say it, it just came out. “We’re going to do it prom night.” She blushed furiously.

Lucia and Tom looked at each other and smiled. It was like they had just said “I love you.”

“He’s special, then?”

She nodded, not quite able to look Lucia in the eyes.

“Are you ready for it?”

She nodded.

“Well, lets have a toast, then. To your special night. Tom, do we still have that sparkling cider?”

“Right away.”

Tom hoped off the ladder and jogged across the studio, returning with three champaign glasses and a bottle of something with French on the label.

“To Sydney for her big night.”

The sparkling cider wasn’t sweet like apple juice. It felt sophisticated and grown up. Like somebody who wouldn’t be a virgin in two weeks would drink.

“Darling, I hope you’ll come back after the prom. Not to tell us all the little details, but so we can capture how radiant you’ll be. You’re just so special and sexy. Being a woman is going to complete you.”

“Thank you.” Syd wasn’t sure how to respond to that kind of complement. A part of her thought it was shocked that she was sharing such intimate details with people she had only know for an hour. But she felt so relaxed with them. It was like they saw part of her that she had hidden even from herself.

She sipped her cider. She should do something special. A sexy pose. She knew exactly the one, too.

“You know that picture of you, Lucia?”

She laughed. “Of course, Syd. I know exactly which one ... of the thousands.”

Syd laughed. “I mean ... I’ll have to show you.” She pointed to the door to the reception area. “May I?”

“Of course.”

She came back with the portfolio and sat on the floor, flipping through the pages until she found the picture she’d remembered. A black-and-white photo of Lucia kneeling, knees pressed together, her hand holding up her breast, her head thrown back in ecstasy. She was naked. Syd was drawn to how big Lucia’s nipple were. Her own nipples were kind of weird. The areola got more erect than the nipple. She wondered if maybe that was part of the reason Austin didn’t like them so much. but her sweater would hide them. It would still be sexy dressed.

“Oh,” Lucia and Tom both murmured. “That’s a very sexy pose. You’re going to look almost too good.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that expression. And...” She pointed to her boobs, which wouldn’t have the same kind of presence.

Lucia touched Syd’s temple. “It’s all in her, darling.” She ran her fingertips over Syd’s cheek and down her throat, which gave Syd goosebumps. “You’ve got all you need.”

Tom put aside the cider and glasses, while Lucia help Syd pose.

“No, darling, push your chest out, but your shoulders back,” she said, her hand stroking Syd’s arm. “Take this hand and reach for your other ear. Yes.” Lucia adjusted Syd’s feet and hands, pushing Syd’s fingers into her breast, lifting it up and bringing the nipple forward. The very hard nipple. Her bra was a fancy one, but not one that did much to hide pokey nipples. The idea of being so exposed even with her sweater was strangely exciting.

“Now, the secret to this pose is to imagine your lover touching you. Before he took that picture, Tom touched me softly on the neck like this. Does that feel good? Does Austin do that for you?”

It felt very good and Austin would be doing it for her.

Lucia ran her finger down Syd’s back. “Tom didn’t stop at my ass. What do you think he did?”

Syd couldn’t answer. She’d imagined letting Austin do more than caress her ass many nights. Just two more weeks.

Lucia’s fingers left Syd’s ass in reality, but in her imagination, they continued on turning into Austin’s fingers. They pushed past her panties into her pussy. God, she couldn’t wait to let him make love, no, to fuck her. Fuck her wet, sloppy, slutty pussy. Her pose pressed her thighs together, but Syd pushed them together more, trying to get that feeling.

She heard the camera snap, and another and another.

She stood and buried her face in her hands. Humiliation washed over her in red waves. She’d forgotten all about the cameras.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Tom clapped. “That was magnificent. Truly special. Special special. Outstanding.”

“Hush, Tom. Give us a moment.”

Lucia pulled Syd into a hug. “Syd, darling, don’t be embarrassed. You’re a sexy woman, full of desire. That’s natural. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Will you delete the pictures? I’m so embarrassed,” Syd said through her sobs.

“Of course, dear. Of course. When we finish with the shoot--”

“I”m finished. I can’t. Oh, God, I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. Really, be proud. Can I show you the first picture we took today? then show you the one I just took? Let’s go sit.”

Syd let Lucia guide her around the movable wall she’d been posing against. They sat on a sofa and Lucia show her the first picture on an iPad. She was stiff, boring, exactly what everybody thought Sydney Delacruz was. Lucia slipped through the album and Syd could seer herself becoming more confident. She was smiling. And even before Lucia got to the last photos, she saw that she didn’t need big boobs to be sexy.

Lucia took her hand. “Are you ready, my little century flower? This is the picture where you really blossom?

She bit her lip. She knew she must look like a slut. She was so lost in her fantasy. “I can’t.”

Lucia stroked her arm. “Sydney, before Austin took off your bra, did you think you’d ever be able to let a boy do that?”

She shook her head.

“You blushed when you took it off, didn’t you? And had to look away when he touched you.”

She nodded. “How did...”

“I was the same as you, Syd. I was so shy, but so passionate. I couldn’t imagine anyone would think I was sexy.”

“But you’re so beautiful and...” Syd put her hands on her breasts.

“So heavy like a cow.”

“Oh, shut up. You’re perfect.”

“No more than you, and I was no more able to see it in myself than you. You’re lithe and nimble. You’re delicate like a tender flower, but have so much strength in your core. Let’s see how sexy you are, Syd. See all of that passion and fire that you hide even from yourself.”

Syd nodded, knowing if she opened her mouth, “no” would come out. An undesired, fearful no.

And there she was, on the screen. Sexy. She didn’t need another word for it. Syd Delacruz, sexy.

“Do you want to try some more poses?”

She nodded. “Maybe not quite so, you know?”

“Of course, darling.”

They returned to the studio. “Tom went out to get us some coffee.”

The shot some more athletic poses. Syd running in place, then some yoga poses. She heard Tom come back, but he just brought Lucia a Starbucks and offered her a frappuccino.

“Too many calories. Can I have a coffee?”

“And I suppose Ms. Delacruz drinks her coffee black, no sugar?”

She laughed. “As a matter of fact, yes.”

They all laughed and Tom left again.

Syd and Lucia sat on the floor, sipping their coffees. “Its not always this fun, is it?”

“No, it becomes a job. We’re doing the fun stuff, just letting you be you. You’re so special, Syd.”

“You can stop saying that.”

“No, I can’t because its true. It’s true enough that I wouldn’t give you a modeling contract if you begged me.”

“Oh, right, I’m so special I’m not good enough to be a model. Thanks, Lucia.”

“Modeling would make you jaded and you’d hate it. I was just--”

“Like me. I know.” They laughed.

“But I was. Really. The right man found me when I was sixteen and working with him was amazing. But when I got out into the commercial world, I discovered it wasn’t like that. Nobody cared about me, nobody looked out for me. There are a lot of girls who don’t mind. They like the attention, like the glamor, enough that they put up with it or even like it. I was burned out before I hit eighteen.”


“Yep. If Tom hadn’t found me selling drinks at a club, I would never have gotten back into it. I almost didn’t go out with him when he told me he was a photographer.”

“He seems way cool.”

“He is.” Lucia leaned over. “Want to know a secret?”

Syd nodded, amazed at how much Lucia felt like a best friend.

“That picture was the first photo Tom took of me.”

“No way!”

Lucia pressed her lips against Syd’s ears and spoke so softly, she almost felt the words more than heard them.

“Yep. He’d just fucked me. I had his come running down my thigh. That’s why it was so hot.”

“Down your leg?”

“Where do you think it goes if you’re standing?”

“I never though about it. Down your leg? Ick.”

Lucia took Syd’s coffee. “Get up. Let’s do something new.”

Syd stretched, putting her palms on the floor as Lucia caught a quick snap. “Something from the book?”

“I want you to take off your sweater.”

“But I don’t have a shirt on under it.”

“I know. It’s like a bikini shot, that’s all.”

Syd bit her nail, feeling the heat of her blush bake her face. She’d already gone too far with the sexy poses. She’d forgotten she was supposed to be here for prom and...

“You can do this. I’ll just shoot you back. I felt the muscle there. They’ll be so beautiful in black and white. Face the wall and take it off. I don’t have to see anything.”

“I don’t--”

“Imagine how confident you’ll feel. You’ve come so far. I don’t want to see you give into your shyness. Not when you’re doing so great.”

“Okay. God, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but okay.”

“Remember the kneeling pose? Toss me your sweater and then do that one. It’s going to be fantastic. We don’t even need to adjust the lights for it.”

Syd kneeled facing the wall, holding her arms over her breasts.

“Oh, just spectacular, Syd. You’re back is art. It’s fucking art. I want to lick it, it’s so beautiful.”


“Austin must love to kiss down your spine. You let him kiss your breasts, right?”

Syd pulled her arms together. “He isn’t interested in them. He stares at boobs like yours. God, if he were here, even with my shirt off, he’s still be looking at you.”

“Is he gay?”

“No. He just like big tits.”

“Yours are perfect. I bet tonight when Tom is slamming his cock into me, he’s going to be thinking about yours.”

Syd blushed, despite knowing it was a lie.

“Stand up. Press against the wall so I can see that luscious back. Is Austin an ass-man, then?”

“We have a rule. He can’t go any lower than my belly chain, except my butt. I wish he would play with my boobs.”

“Push your ass back a bit. Good.Nice. Yes. Gorgeous, Syd. Maybe he’s just trying to finger you. It’s stupid, but that’s the way boys think. Right to the cunt. Does he finger you?”

“No, he respects the rule. I shouldn’t complain about him. Austin is really sweet and he respects me. The first boy I dated grabbed my boobs on our second date! He didn’t get a third.”

“Have you dated anyone else? Turn to the side. Yes. Slide your right foot back. No keep your hands casual at your waist. Yes. Perfect, Syd, perfect. Just look at me from the corner of your eyes.”

“No, just Austin.”

“What about girls? Did you and your friends ever practice kissing?”

Syd her two snaps and realized Tom was back up on his stool, taking her picture in profile. She felt confident and comfortable. She smiled at him. He winked at her.

“Hi Tom. Syd, you don’t mind him, do you?”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Can you be brave and turn to face us? I know you can, Syd. You’re doing great.”

“Look at me, honey. Look right at the lens,” Tom said.

“Oh, that’s going to be nice, sweetie. Did you ever with your friends?”

“Kiss them? No. Well, when I was in third grade, my friend Katie pecked each other on the lips twice and told everybody we kissed. But not really. I felt up Emily once,” She laughed.

“Emily is your best friend? Put one foot on the wall and stretch the other one way out. Yeah, that’s it. Great move with your head.”

“We were trying on clothes at Abercrombie and she’s a size twelve or fourteen, so, you know, Ambercrobmie is bad for her. She complained about it and I told her how much Austin stares at her boobs and how much I envy them.”

“You have perfect tits, baby. Perfect.”

Syd blushed. “Well, somehow that conversation lead to us holding each other’s boo--tits. She just put her hands on mine and took them off, but when I had hers in my hand, they had this weight, you know? I liked that. Mine don’t go down, but hers rested in my palms. I wanted to know what they were like? Not that I was turned on or wanted to, I don’t know, suck on them. I just wanted to find out what they were like. Emily got a little weird. Not that I can blame her. I just kind of lost myself.”

“Mmmm ... that’s your hidden passion, Syd. God, you are so sexy. You know how guys want a virgin in public and a whore in bed? Take a step forward, overlapping your feet. No, heel toe. Yeah. Stretch your arms up and grasp your hands over your head. Look at Tom. perfect.”

“No. I think Austin likes that I’m just, I don’t know, shy I guess when we make out. He respects me.”

“Well, I don’t know about Austin, sweetie. But most guys like the idea that there is fire inside their sweet little girl. You’re like a volcano. You’re so sensual. Do you think you get that from running? Knowing your body so well? I got mine from dancing. Sex is like dancing. I bet its like running.”

“Oh my god, honey, that smile makes me fall in love!” Tom said, reminding Syd he was there.

She giggled.

“Do you go down on him?” Lucia asked. “Suck his cock?”

“I ... twice. For his birthday. I just use my hands.”

“Do you like it. Like the taste of him. Like the power of having him in--”


“You can control him. Once you know what he wants, you can do more of it or less. Let him come or deny him. Leave him begging. Sometimes, I won’t let Tom come for a week.”

“What?” Syd’s eyes shot open. She never talked this freely even with Emily. Not even with Austin when they were fooling around. And she was posing in her bra in front of these virtual strangers.

“You have power, sweetie. Your cunt is a sacred vessel if you take control of the passion inside of you. Does he eat you?”

“Belly chain rule.”

“Have you tasted yourself.”

“No. Ew.”

“Syd, darling, I guarantee you taste fantastic.”


“Lick your lips. Imagine the belly chain rule is gone, Syd. Austin is kissing your ass. His tongue touches against your asshole.”

“Oh God.” Syd wasn’t sure if her exclamation was disgust or...

“Oh God is right, Syd. That was sexy. Did you get that, Tom.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget that, love.”

“Yes, I have, Syd. I love women’s bodies as much as I love men’s. That doesn’t surprise you, does it.”

Syd swallowed.

“I want you to kneel down, parallel to us. Bend back over your feet and arch your back. Thrust those hot little nibbles into the the air. Show me how proud you are of those perfect titties.”

Tom got off of his stool and joined Lucia on the floor, shooting Syd from a low angle. They leaned towards each other and kissed passionately.

“God, this is so hot, isn’t it honey?” Tom said breathlessly.

“Syd, if I were Austin, you know what I’d be doing right now?”

“Playing Fifa 2015?” Syd laughed.

“I’d be pulling those yoga pants down so I could eat that peach.”

Syd swallowed.



“Answer honestly. Are you wet right now?”

She swallowed again. She couldn’t say it, but it was true.

“You need to be honest, Sydney. You need to tell me that you’re gushing. I can smell how wet you are.”

She shook her head. She couldn’t say it.

“Stand up, Syd. That’s a hard pose to hold. That’s it. Stretch your legs, but don’t forget how wet you are. You’re going to tell me, because it’s true, isn’t it.”

Syd’s heart beat fast, but her breath had stopped.

“Okay, Syd, Since you’re being shy, we have to push you a little bit. Here’s what your’e going to do. You’re going to bend over. Yes, that’s right. Not too far. Yes. Now pull off your pants. Just slide them down those perfect legs. You still have your panties on. It’s just like your bra, just like a bikini.”

Syd covered her face as her blush went from her face to her chest.

“Good, you can do it, Syd. I know you can.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Syd slide her yoga pants off.

“Toss them to Tom.”

Tom caught her pants and held them to his nose. “Oh my god, love, she smells even better than you! Syd, you must have the perfect cunt. Sorry, love.”

He tossed him to Lucia as Syd bit her knuckle. She had her underwear on, but was more than naked.

Lucia breathed in deeply and then sucked the crotch of Syd’s pants.

“Oh, wow, you are heavenly. Are you ready for more poses?”


“Poses? You know, modeling? That thing we’re doing?”

“Oh. Yes.”

“When you showed up today, did you think you’d be in your underwear?”


“Even when you saw my tits on the door?”

Syd’s embarrassment disappeared in a fit of laughter.

“If I’d known, I would have trimmed,” she pointed to her pubes, which poked out from her panties.”

“You are getting waxed before prom.”

“I didn’t make an appointment. I’ve never done it. It seemed...” She shrugged. She felt childish.

“II’ll take care of the appointment for you. Eyebrows, bush, the whole thing. Now, remember that pose with one leg on the wall and the other stretched out? Yes, that’s it, even sexier with all of that leg. So Austin never licked you from ankle to pussy? Or sucked your toes into his mouth?”

“People do that?”

“Heel toe, arms over the head. Oh my god, you hit the same smile! I love you Syd. I adore you. And yes, they do. They put mouths and tongues just about everywhere.”

“Ha. Armpits.”



“Use all that flexibility Syd and bend over putting your hands agains the wall, head parallel to your hips. Feet wide. Wider. No, as wide as you can go without losing your balance.”

“Oh God!” Tom said.

“Hold it, Syd, hold it. Yes, they even put their tongues into dirty little assholes. Imagine those nights when you’re touching yourself and your hand slips. Goes a little far. Yes wiggle your hips a bit. Oh, perfect. Yes, Syd. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you.”

Syd bit her lip and nodded.

“It feels so good. Would my tongue pushing into you ass feel good?”

She was breathing deeply now and felt her juice running down your thigh.

“I know it’s hard to talk right now, but I want you to hold that pose as long as you can. When you feel you’re going to lose it, lift your head up. Nod if you understand.”

Syd nodded.

“Now while Tom is getting some photos of that amazing ass and those hot pubes poking out of your bikini, I’m going to ask you a few questions, sweetie. They’re trick questions, because the answers might be the opposite of what you thought. But be honest. Can you do that for me?”

She nodded.

“Were you a virgin when you came here today?”

She nodded. Her inner thighs were starting to burn.

“Have you enjoyed your training?”

She nodded. She was being trained.

“You understood that, didn’t you?”

She nodded.

“You’re so special and wonderful Syd. I’m a little bit in love with you. You’re a little bit in love with me, aren’t you.”

She nodded.

“Would you like to see my breasts?”

She nodded.

Lucia unzipped her dress and shimmied out of it. She kneeled down next to Syd and caressed Syd’s cheek with a breast, stopping when her nippled brushed Syd’s lips.

“Kiss my nipple.”

Sad swallowed deeply before puckering her lips and placing them against the plump nipple. She felt electricity race down her spine as she sucked it into her mouth. She wanted to touch herself, but she couldn’t without falling over. She couldn’t even push her thighs together because of the pose.

“I asked you if you were a virgin when you came here.” Lucia pulled her breasts away and stood up. “Do you know why I phrased it like that?”

She shook her head. Her inner thighs were starting to quiver. These weren’t muscles she used like this.

“Are you a virgin now?”

She shook her head.

“Did you give your virginity?”

She shook her head.

“I want you to speak the next answer. Who took it?”

Syd’s whole body was shaking. Her legs couldn’t support her in this position any longer.

“You did.”

“Do you want me to finish?”

“God yes. Please.”

“No matter what that means?”

“Yes. But I need to get down.”

“Not yet. Stay up until I come over and put a finger in your cunt.”

She nodded. Lucia wasn’t quick and Syd rocked against the wall, trying to shift the pressure from her inner legs to her arms. But the position strained her arms. The burn ran down the sides of her body.

Then Lucia’s hand was on her ass. She pulled back her nylon panties and stabbed three fingers into Syd’s soaked cunt. Syd fell to the floor, spasming from the most intense orgasm of her young life. The orgasm seemed to last forever, spasm after spasm of joy as intense as the pain in her limbs.

When she finally came down, Lucia kissed her ass, then her hipbone. Her belly--twice--the bottom of her rib cage, her left nipple and her right. Syd came again, weakly as she was too spent for much else. Lucia kissed her sternum and her throat. Then she pulled Syd against her and kissed her mouth.

As they kissed, Tom laid down behind her and wrapped his arms around both of them. She could feel his cock pressing against her thigh.

“In a moment, I’m going to watch Tom fuck you. I might play with you while he does. That’s part of ‘no matter what it means’. Austin is only going to fuck you when I allow it. You know that, right?”

She nodded.

“Say it. Say all of it, my smart little one.”

“I can only have sex with Austin if my master allows it.”

“Did you know about slaves and masters before?”

“Not really. Do I have to call you master?”

“No. Call me Lucia. There’s less chance of a problem that way. But my little slave, you have to call your mother and lie to her so you can be raped by my husband. Does it shock you that he’s going to rape you?”

“Will he hurt me?”

Lucia put a finger on Syd’s lips. “You may ask your master questions, but only after you have answer hers. Did it shock you?”

“The word did. I don’t want to be hurt.”

Lucia bent down and took Syd’s nipple into her mouth, released it, then darted her tongue around it until Syd started to moan. Tom pressed his pinky into her ass. Syd was surprised, but it felt good.

“Oh God, oh god, oh god,” she chanted as Tom messaged her clit. Just as she was about to come again, Lucia bit down on her nipple. Bit hard. She came harder.

“My perfect little slave, I’ll only hurt you when it will make you happy. You liked that, didn’t you.”

She nodded, still recovering her breath.

“Call your mother now. Tom has your phone.”

They gently caressed her as she lied to her mother. She was afraid they’d get her aroused, but they kept their touch soothing.

“Are you apprehensive about Tom fucking that virgin cunt?”

“Yes and no. I’m excited, but I feel bad for Austin. I really do like him and I promised. And I’m really sore.”

“Kiss me. You’re so special, Syd. I own you now, but I don’t want to hurt anybody. However, you need to understand that if I want to fuck Austin, I’ll fuck Austin. If I want Tom to fuck Austin, to drive his cock deep into Austin’s ass until Austin splashes his come all over your perfect little tits, Tom will fuck Austin. And if I want you to fuck Emily while I watch, you’ll be munching on her cunt. Do you understand?”

“Wait. What if--”

Lucia covered her mouth. “I won’t punish you with pain, but you will remember the rules.”

Syd nodded. “I don’t understand, Lucia. Austin isn’t gay. Emily got weird when I played with her breasts. I can’t agree to doing things they don’t want.”

Lucia looked at Tom and nodded. Tom pushed his cock between Syd’s thighs. Lucia reached down and guided the tip of his penis into Syd.

“I suspect Austin’s disinterest in your breasts is telling.” She kissed both of them as Tom pushed further into her. Syd moaned. “But I won’t force him any more than I forced you. The same with Emily. And if I share your body with anybody but Tom, Austin or Emily, I’ll make sure you want it. I may not listen to you say no, though. Okay?”

Syd’s breath was ragged as Tom plowed into her. “Yes.”

Lucia devoted herself to Syd’s breasts, discovering how even when Tom pulled out of Syd, she could be kept close to orgasm with just nipple play.

“Try to hold back until I tell you. You’ll fail, but try.”


Tom put his cock back into her and together they tormented her with pleasure. Syd imagined telling Austin she wasn’t a virgin and pulled away from the orgasm, but somehow that argument turned into imagining Austin on his knees as Tom pumped into him.

“Keep holding back,” Lucia whispered. “Wait for Tom to finish.”

With that, she imagined Austin’s cock splattering the sheets with come as Tom groaned. She came almost as hard as her initial orgasm. Tom came immediately afterwards, groaning just as in her fantasy.

Lucia petted her hair. “What did you think of when you came down? You went someplace very unsexy, didn’t you? Telling your mom you got raped by a 45-year old photographer? Telling Emily you think you might be forced to fuck her? No ... it was Austin, wasn’t it?”

Syd nodded.

“And what did you think just before you came?”

Syd bit her lip. It felt like a betrayal to say it.

Lucia kissed her gently. “My little lover, you have to be honest. I’m making you strong, but only by clearing away the little lies we all tell ourselves. What were you fantasizing about?”


“Tom...” Lucia kissed her. “Tom what? Don’t tell me you were imaging making love to Tom without me? Or do tell me if it’s true.”

“No, I wouldn’t. Tom fucking Austin. Making him shoot all over the bed. I never thought. I want to see it.”

“Oh, little Syd, we are going to have a lot of fun.”

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