Mark Smythe, Esquire, Naked in School
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Col. Jack Harrison

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Naked In School Program affects a preacher's son who just transferred from a Christian school. But he's not quite the innocent, naïve Bible thumper that they expected.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   mt/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Blackmail   Consensual   Rape   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   BDSM   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Revenge   Violent  

I felt a real knot grow in my stomach as I arrived at John C. Fremont High School for my senior year, seeing the notice for the Naked In School program that had become mandatory in much of the nation. Ugh, I thought. I need this like I need a hole in the head! How am I supposed to ignore the sight of a sexy ass naked girl wandering the halls and not get hard? I'm a virgin, but not by choice! You try getting laid when your father is a full-scale, Hellfire and brimstone, revival tent running, fundamentalist Baptist preacher! Yeah, that's what I thought. I've got a better chance of going to prison, especially given my disgust with the whole fucking corrupt system!

Granted, some things in the Program made sense, but that didn't mean that I reveled in it. I doubted that I would personally benefit from the increased sexual enlightenment. Some lucky football captain would get those honors, wouldn't he? Dad railed against the new Program, but in the end, Mom and he decided to hope and pray that I didn't get selected. They would burn that book when they got there, I supposed. Yeah, I love my folks, but an open mind is not one of their strengths.

The worse thing was that the poor selected girl would have to shower with the guys, use the men's room, and all the other jazz. Well, as it turned out, I should have worried less about her and more about me. You see, when I got there, I was immediately stopped by Principal Anton Goldman, a nice enough guy, with a few Ph.Ds, but still he had chosen me as his victim. Why in the name of Whoever had I been chosen for that?

"Mr. Smythe, bad news for you. Your number came up. We got tired of charges of favoritism, so we drew names by lottery this year, and yours fell out. You're to strip now, leave your clothes with us, and walk naked to your homeroom class, Mark. Again, sorry about this. We have to be fair, and if someone else had been selected, we'd be telling him the same damn thing," Dr. Goldman assured me.

"Just my luck, I guess. Lucky me! Not your fault. At least you're trying to be fair and considerate. Rules are rules, I suppose," I grimaced as I bared my body in front of the principal, getting a reaction that I didn't quite expect ... a bulge in his pants ... was Principal Goldman gay?

Anyway, I managed to walk naked to my homeroom without too much trouble while reading the guidelines of the absurd exercise in public humiliation that I had to undertake that year. I was to wear nothing but shoes the entire school year, yes, BOTH semesters, while using the ladies' restroom and locker room, and I had to grant every "reasonable request" made of me. What the hell constituted a "reasonable" request, anyway? What, for that matter, would be considered an "unreasonable" one?

In my homeroom, I discovered that there were not one more, but two more students now included in the Program this year. One was Adela Royce, an exchange student from Bristol, England. She was pretty in a pale, classic British way, with long, white blonde hair and baby blue eyes, and she seemed to take the news with remarkable grace. The other student was apparently part of another experimental change, including students who fell outside of the gender binary. I took one look and was startled at just how attracted I was to Chloe Zamora, a Latin male-to-female transsexual who was definitely pre-op.

It was impossible to hide this, much to the annoyance of Evelyn Howard, our homeroom teacher, who had been saddled with all three of the school's unfortunates from the Program this year. I personally suspected that she must have angered Principal Goldman or Vice-Principal Lucinda Clarke somehow and she knew it, so would take it out on the rest of us. Ms. Howard had been the subject of much gossip in recent years about her supposedly bedding other teachers, parents, and even students, but no evidence had ever surfaced about her in that way. She struck me as a normally nice person who had simply been pushed too far and had snapped, but I doubted that others would see it that way ... that woman needed to work on her PR!

"So, class, let me clear a few things up, right now! I know that this is only homeroom, and I know that we now have three Program members in our classroom, but I expect a degree of respect and decorum around here. You're teenagers and like to think that you're mature? Prove it! Yes, for the record, Mark Smythe, Adela Royce, and Chloe Zamora are Naked In School enrollees, and yes, they must honor all 'reasonable requests, ' but let's keep this within bounds. I bet never hear of any rapes. If they let you take it 'all the way, ' count yourselves lucky, but if they decline, respect their refusal. That includes for Mr. Smythe. It's rape to force a guy, too, not just with a girl. Arousal does NOT equal consent! Are we clear, class?" Ms. Howard slapped her ruler down to punctuate her point.

"Yes, Miss Howard!"

"Good, now, any questions?" Ms. Howard asked us.

"Yes, so, would it count as a reasonable request if I wanted to suck that she-male cock of Chloe's? And if so, does that make me gay?" Andrew Corbin, as usual, demonstrated both abysmal ignorance, prejudice, and self-loathing, not to mention a crassness that I would never duplicate, no matter how liberated I might be (and thanks to the internet, I wasn't nearly the homophobic bigot that my parents were).

"She's not a 'she-male, ' Andrew! She's a girl, okay! She's not a circus freak! Just because she has a dick doesn't make her male at all. If you suddenly had a pussy, would you then be a girl?" I spoke out of turn in sheer disgust.

"Well, look who's speaking, Mr. Son of a Preacher Man! Didn't know that your church taught political correctness instead of the Bible!" Andrew taunted me.

"Both of you, pipe down! Mr. Smythe, I want to see you after class. No detention, just don't repeat it, okay? Mr. Corbin, learn some respect! Mr. Smythe spoke out of turn, but he was right and I can understand why he did it! Compassion for another human being is a good thing, as is standing up for others who are being bullied. Just cool it on the foul language and leave it to the teachers to handle this sort of thing in the future. Anyway, you made the same point that I was going to make, just a bit more profane than how I would have said it myself. Mr. Corbin, you get detention for bullying today. Do you want to make it two days in a row?" Ms. Howard scolded us, but especially him.

The look on Chloe's face was priceless, of course, going from outrage and sadness at Andrew's query to pleasant surprise when I stood up for her, and then even more warm fuzzies when Ms. Howard punished Andrew right away for his cruelty. Adela blushed a little, but then moved closer to me, as did Chloe, as if shielding me from whatever backlash I might suffer. Ms. Howard kept giving me strange looks for whatever reason still mystified me. The rest of the homeroom was quiet after that, until I stood up, at which point Chloe planted a kiss on my left cheek and Adela on my right.

"Mr. Smythe, I want you to know that I really do respect that you said what you did. I get it. I don't know you very well yet, but I am already impressed and I don't impress that easily, young man. For anyone to speak up for another person like that, even at the risk of breaking rules and getting in trouble, that's real courage. That's what a man should do, if he is a real man, that is.

"However, I still have rules to uphold, one of which is do not speak out of turn. I was going to put him in his place, though I can see that you're skeptical. You're not much for trusting authority figures, are you? You tend to think that we're mostly crooks, don't you? Well, not me, but I can see why you feel that way.

"Still, it was nice to see the look on everyone's faces when you told the star running back of the football team what you thought of his transphobia and his bullying. I can guarantee that it will leave an impression on him, on her, and on others, though I have to warn you that he could seek to retaliate in some petty way for what you did. Him or some of his friends, that is.

"Also, I want you to know that I can only sympathize and imagine how weird this must be for you. It's a bizarre situation for you, but I hope that you can turn it around to your favor. If you're smart about it, and I know that you're bright enough that you could be, you'll figure out how. Still, that's your call.

"I know that I come across as a bitch in class, but that's part of the job. I've had to play glorified babysitter to kids who half the time don't wish to learn anything anymore, so that tends to grate on me, plus the county doesn't pay me well enough or even cover all of the school supplies. I'm expected to pick up the slack. Anyway, enough of that. TMI, I suppose. Suffice it to say that I'll keeping you my eye on you, young man," Ms. Howard declared with conviction, her dark brown eyes suddenly revealing her lust for me.

"Thank you, Ms. Howard. I understand, too. I guess that we're both going to learn some lessons this coming year," I tried to will my cock to go limp, but the presence of what was frankly an attractive, thirtysomething African-American woman didn't make it easy.

"Yes, I suppose that we are," Ms. Howard winked at me, much to my shock, as I walked toward my first class, for which I was already running late.

"So, did you get taste any brown sugar? Got jungle fever now, horse cock? With a dick that size, your mama clearly did! Bet you fuck her, don't you? You're a zebra left by the mailman when she was stepping out on your old man! You're fucking all the white pussy, even your mommy's!" Larry Scott, the football wide receiver, taunted me in the hall.

"Ignore him! He's just jealous that you have a big cock and he wants to suck it! I personally say that he's a 'wide receiver' in bed, too. Likes to take the dick in the butt!" Chloe spoke behind me, her own pretty little cock quite stiff, despite her efforts to keep it soft and tuck it in.

"Or he's a racist prick, not that I give a damn. His buddy Andrew clearly put him up to it. He can kiss my ass, for all I care. Mark, by the way. Chloe, right?" I introduced myself properly.

"Yes, I'm Chloe now. I was christened Carlos, but that was then. This is now. I could have gone for Carla, but I liked the name Chloe better. It just seemed to fit me more. Oh, and Mark, he should be so lucky as to get to pucker up to you like that. We all should. I wouldn't mind doing it myself," Chloe stunned me as we entered the biology class five minutes late.

"Ah, the naked kids! Two of them, no less! I don't know what you were doing in the hallway or whatever, but we don't cut any slack for people who are late for class, whatever the reason!" Mr. Waldron, a heavyset, balding man who genuinely seemed to hate his life and everyone in it, snapped at us, "Now, sit your naked asses down and listen to the lesson!"

Mr. Waldron, for whatever reason occurred, chose to single me out in particular for abuse, though he thankfully left Chloe alone. I hadn't said a word out of line in the entire session, but he kept finding excuses to correct me, belittle me, and make snide remarks at my expense. I resented him very much, at least until he made a revealing comment that brought everything into focus.

"So, Mr. Smythe, I know that you probably think that science is godless, but some of us here still believe in it. Perhaps you'd care to explain to me why your father and his brethren hate science and logic so much!" Mr. Waldron attempted to put me in my place the one time that I objected to something even small that he said.

"Mr. Waldron, I can't speak for my father, only for myself," I told him rather bluntly, which drew more than a little attention to me and made the teacher's ears perk up from the unexpected independence.

"Okay, why do YOU reject science, Mr. Independent?" Mr. Waldron chuckled, expecting a typical creationist talking point.

"I don't, sir," I stated baldy.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room right then. Chloe squeezed my hand to show her support, which made me feel even bolder. It was clear that I had made at least one friend that year. I smiled at her, while Mr. Waldron coughed and sputtered.

"So, you consider the Bible to be a science manual, then?" Mr. Waldron then picked up some Chick tracts of the sort that my parents freely distributed, "Or perhaps these?" He pointed to one in particular that mocked evolution from a very dubious standpoint.

"No, I don't, sir," I clarified, shocking him further ... his face was red now, with both surprise and embarrassment (and I was the naked one here).

"So, are you saying that you're NOT a creationist, Mr. Smythe?" Mr. Waldron opened the door, and naturally I walked right through it.

"That's exactly what I'm saying, sir. I believe in evolution, Mr. Waldron," I answered clearly, making jaws drop now.

"And how did you decide this, when your parents have drilled the exact opposite into your head all those years?" Mr. Waldron demanded to know.

"I simply decided at some point of my life to think for myself and do the research, sir," I explained, really making him nearly choke on his coffee.

"Oh ... that's ... unusual, Mr. Smythe. Very admirable, but abnormal, I'll tell you that much. Clearly, you are a very rare young man, doing that much, you know, science, for lack of a better word. Just as clearly, I've misjudged you. I owe you an apology," he now stammered as he recovered his composure.

"Apology accepted, Mr. Waldron. I understand. Believe me, I do. Everyone thinks that I'm just like my parents, so it's not just you. I'm my own man, though," I declared, while Chloe gripped my hand tightly and smiled at me.

The bell rang, but before I left, Mr. Waldron walked over and shook my hand, "I think that perhaps we got off to a rocky start. Clean slate?"

"Clean slate," I agreed, now feeling that I might have yet another friend, "And in case you're wondering, sir, I also believe in man-made climate change."

"Be still, my beating heart! There is hope for this country yet!" Mr. Waldron exaggerated his shock, but he really was a bit stunned by my intellectual emancipation.

"Maybe, but time will tell. Friends?" I asked him as Chloe held my hand.

"Friends, but I think that you should pay more attention to your other friend there," he grinned at me right then, while I blushed and turned around to find Chloe's lips pressed to mine.

"Chloe ... wow! That was a kiss!" I turned a little red, but I didn't let go of her hand.

"That's kinda the point, Mark. It's what boys and girls do when they like each other, you know," Chloe winked at me as she held my hand through the hall, clear to the classroom for my next period, which was English class.

"I have to let you go now, but I'll see you after it, if you don't mind, Chloe. Just so we understand, since you're being so bold, you're wanting to date me, you know ... be boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked her to be clear.

"Yep. Don't worry, I know that we can't be exclusive, at least not this year. What we want to do after that, if we're even still together, we can cross that bridge when we come to it. Let's just date and have fun with each other for now, not worry about what we do with others. We may or may not last, so why spoil it with jealousy, right?" Chloe amazed me with her common sense.

"Why me?" I asked her.

"Because I like and trust you, silly! And we're in the same boat," Chloe swayed her hips as she walked to her own class, American History.

"That we are," I thought aloud, nearly tardy for yet another class ... nearly.

"Well, well, I thought that we'd have to send out a search party, but here you are! The Streak himself. Welcome to my humble classroom, Mr. Streak, where in spite of your lack of clothing, I will still endeavor to teach you how to write essays. This is English Composition and Literature, after all. This class will kill both birds with one stone by means of, you guessed it, required reading and book reports! I'm your new teacher, Mrs. Cavendish. Any questions?" Mrs. Gladys Cavendish, our English teacher, announced to all of us, but singling me out.

"Yes, can I sit on his lap while we study?" Sarah Karloff, a majorette, asked the teacher ... like most majorettes, she had only her spankies under her skirt to separate her flesh from mine.

"Well, you CAN, but may you? And requests like that are made to the Program member, not to the teacher, Ms. Karloff. Well, Mr. Smythe? May Ms. Karloff sit on your lap during class?" Mrs. Cavendish blushed, but still posed the query.

"Yes ... I guess," I agreed, though part of me dreaded the serious tease that she would give my dick from her fine tush resting close to it.

"Sweeet!" Sarah giggled and planted her booty on my lap, uncomfortably close to my exposed, very stiff cock.

"I'm going to enjoy doing this to you all school year long," Sarah whispered wickedly to me, as she rubbed her butt-crack on my dick and giving me seriously blue balls.

I'm not sure how I absorbed any information during the class, given how much Sarah deliberately kept moving her ass as she slid it along my dick to tantalize me through her spankies. I was hard as steel by now and she obviously delighted in this fact. Sarah very much on purpose went out of her way to maximize the effect of her cute tush on my prick. I groaned in a low voice, but tried my best to move past the distraction. I actually did better than Mrs. Cavendish, in fact, who visibly poured beads of sweat as she saw how shamelessly Sarah teased me. The bell hadn't rung before she wrapped up her lesson and let us go, wiping the sweat off her face and trying not to stare at, not my cock, but Sarah's lovely tits and ass.

"Thanks for helping me put on a good show for the teach, stud. Who knows? You're no jock, but you're built rather well for a preacher's son. You're still a virgin, though, aren't you? At least you're not a closet case like the teacher. I bet you that she's gay all the way," Sarah giggled as she delayed lowering her skirt so as to tease me more.

"A bet, huh? That seems like an obvious one. I bet you that she'd sleep with you if you let her," I countered as we walked through the hall and Chloe caught up with me.

"Oh, care to make it interesting? What are the stakes? How about this bet, since we're betting ... if her husband knows that she's gay, then you win. If he doesn't know, then I win. We send him an anonymous text to see if he knows or not. We wait to together to find out. And before you complain that we're ruining her life, remember that he deserves to know if his wife is putting him off because of lesbianism, right? He deserves the truth about something that affects him," Sarah thought openly.

"Or we could just ask her directly if she wants to date you or whatever. If she does, you can decide if you want her to really tell him and dump him," I retorted.

"Betting on Mrs. Cavendish's sexuality? Don't bother. I know that she's gay ... and divorced. She filed as she came out to him. Can't blame either of them. She's not exactly heartbroken over him, just over the uber femme bitch who didn't keep her end of the deal and leave her husband for her. Mrs. Cavendish ain't exactly butch, but she's not a total femme, either. Now if you want to make it really interesting, how about we bet that Sarah can't make Mrs. Cavendish her willing, drooling, slavish pet. I bet that she can't. Want to join that bet or simply act as a neutral arbiter?" Chloe laughed now.

"No, I bet that she can't. That way, even if I lose, I still win something. Besides, the way that she slapped me down, it's clear that she can stand up to me and then some. You'll lose so bad it's not funny," Sarah challenged Chloe.

"Then it's a bet? Chloe vs. Sarah? What are the stakes? I'll judge, if you can look past my fondness for Chloe here," I commented as we reached shop class.

"Very well, though we don't have much time. If I win, I get Mark as my slave for a week. Whatever excuses he has to make, he's my slave. Whatever I want him to do, he has to do it. And I can tell that you like him, so that's going to bother you at least a little, even if you already must know that you'll have to share him, anyway, for the duration of the year," Sarah proposed.

"Only if it's okay with Mark ... please, Mark? I'll make it up to you somehow later if I lose," Chloe pleaded with me, batting her lovely brown eyes at me.

"Wow, less than a day, and she's already playing you like a fiddle! Well, what's it to be, before we're caught and all given detention?" Sarah dared me, her hands on her hips.

"Deal, but what if Chloe wins?" I agreed reluctantly, not sure what Sarah had in mind for me if I became her slave for a whole week.

"Since Mark is taking the risk, he gets the reward, too. You have to be Mark's slave for a week. And no cheating, you have to honestly try to dominate and manipulate her into bondage, even if you would prefer to own Mark," Chloe insisted.

"Of course. Either way, I get a cute slave to cater to my whims. No skin off my back," Sarah blew me a kiss as we separated and I entered the workshop.

"What a bitch! A cute one, though," Ryan Sommers remarked as I walked past him.

"Who, Sarah?" I asked him.

"No, you actually. I think that you'd look great bent over that machine there, your cheeks spread and my cock up your fairy ass!" Ryan chuckled and high-fived his buddy, Jordan Lerner.

"And you're calling ME the fairy? I think that you need to look into a mirror, dude," I scoffed, making the shop teacher, Mr. Sanchez, smirk more than a little.

Ryan and Jordan both turned beet-red with anger and embarrassment, but Ryan quickly recovered and turned to the teacher, "He has to agree to any request, right? So, I want to fuck him in the ass, right here, right now, and then he should let Jordan do the same."

"The rules say any 'reasonable' request, Mr. Sommers. Would you really say that gay sex counts as reasonable from a guy who has exhibited fewer homosexual tendencies than yourself?" Mr. Sanchez put him in his place.

"It's only gay if you're taking it, right, Jordan?" Ryan insisted, "The top isn't necessarily gay."

"That's a very debatable proposition, Mr. Sommers. You see, in case you missed it, I'm gay myself, and I think that I know a lot more about homosexuality, and particularly, sodomy, than you do. If Mr. Smythe doesn't want to bend over for you, I won't waste valuable class time harassing him to do so. Now, let's get on with class, shall we?" Mr. Sanchez didn't mince words with them.

"Fine, be that way! But I still say that you welshed on the rules," Ryan huffed.

"Really, okay, let's see you put your money where your mouth is! I'll take both you and your friend up my ass on one condition, but, and this is very important, you must agree to the condition ahead of time, not knowing what it is," I dared him, knowing that this should scare him straight, if you'll pardon the expression.

"Done!" Ryan laughed, thinking that he still had the better of me.

Clearly, he was at least gay enough to want me that way, but in serious denial about it.

"And you, Jordan?" I asked him.

"Hey, you're on your own there, Ryan. I don't agree to anything until I know what it is."

"Smart guy. Still want this booty that much, Ryan? Enough to see a deal through without knowing the consequence? You're obviously thinking with your dick, aren't you?" I taunted him,

Despite his frustration with the distractions, Mr. Sanchez seemed to take delight in my confrontation of this obvious closet case ... it turned out that later he conceded that the life lesson was even more useful than the assignment that day, which could always be postponed. Ryan was in very real denial and acting extra macho to compensate for it. The sooner that he accepted that he was at least bi, the better off he would be.

"Well, Mr. Sommers? The clock is ticking and we still have a valuable lesson to learn," Mr. Sanchez needled Ryan a bit.

"Bend over, dude. I'm gonna take your sweet cherry ass if it costs me a month in detention," Ryan decided firmly now.

"I'll take that as a yes, then. If anyone questions Mr. Smythe's right to claim his prize afterward, this is now on record, and give the circumstances, I think that they will back him up," Mr. Sanchez smiled like a Doberman who had cornered a burglar.

"Lube, of course, is necessary. No one can safely do sodomy without it. Spit just doesn't cut it. Trust me, I know from both ends, from, shall we say, hard experience," Mr. Sanchez insisted, and he got out some peanut oil to apply to my sphincter to prepare to take it in the butt.

"You're one brave, tough cookie to take them on, and obviously quite secure in your manhood. More than I would expect from the son of Reverend Noah Smythe. Here, bite down on this. Even with lube, this guy doesn't know what he's doing. It's gonna hurt like hell," Mr. Sanchez added in a whispered warning.

Mr. Sanchez wasn't joking, of course. One minute, my cheeks were pried apart completely, and then the next, Mr. Macho Guy himself just rammed his long, thin cock up my tight, virgin asshole. It felt as if a razor blade had cut into my colon, that's how much it hurt, I'm not gonna lie about that, and that was with the lube. The man simply had no technique, none at all. His idea of butt sex was fueled by prison rape fantasies, or so it seemed to me. If he had thick at all, I might have been bleeding from my bunghole for days and needed stitches. Luckily for Ryan Sommers, he had a skinny cock, not a thick prick.

This painful sodomy continued for several more minutes until, just when it started to feel good from his dick hitting my prostate at last, Ryan couldn't hold out any longer and he deposited a massive load of cum up my asshole. He pulled out ... and freaked, rushing to the nearest john in a hurry, not even asking for a hall pass, as he saw what was on his cock from where he had put it. Despite the pain, I laughed more than a little, as did the other students, including Jordan.

Unfortunately, Jordan also changed his mind for the oddest reason right then, "Look, if I don't get into the same trouble as Ryan, I'll never hear the end of it. Can I please share in his deal after all? We're best friends and I don't want him wondering if I've let him down."

"Very well, then, but at least you're doing it for the right reasons," I told him, bending over yet again for Jordan's dick.

At least Jordan had the good sense to slow down and take it easier on my bottom when he sodomized me, though he also commented more than once how "cute" and "sexy" it was, not to mention how tight it felt on his prick. He also seemed to get off on his friend's sloppy seconds for some reason that was mysterious to all of us. Ryan was just coming back from the bathroom when he saw Jordan groan while cumming in me, at which point he pulled out with a "plop" sound to his withdrawal. It still hurt like hell, but I already knew that I'd get my revenge on the both of them now.

"Well, enjoyed your fun, didn't you? Ready to pay up?" I taunted them.

"Hah, we're not paying any such thing to you! You took it in the ass like the nancy boy that you are with the slightest excuse, wimp! Faggot!" Ryan insisted.

"Really, now what was that about welshing on deals and rules again? I seem to recall you making a deal with Mr. Smythe here, in exchange for him letting you take his ass, each of you. If you took his anal virginity by fraud, that could be construed as rape, or at least sexual battery or forcible sodomy. Which is what you'd experience in the state pen," Mr. Sanchez reminded them, while taking pictures of my asshole in its cum-drenched, somewhat stretched state, "This would look tame next to what they'd do to you. You'd shit knives for a month. They'd rip you right open. Especially pretty boys like you two."

Ryan went pale and Jordan whispered something to him before he nodded, and they both turned to us, "Okay, we'll do what you want. What's your condition?"

"That's easy. You two get to join me in the Naked In School program. We'll have an unprecedented five people in it this year. Cheers!" I chuckled, knowing that the teacher would hold them to the deal, too. This one good time of taking me would cost them for the rest of the year.

"Alright, boys, come with me. Away to the Principal's office. Mark, you're in charge, while I'm gone. Seems only fitting. This should be quite the fun to explain to Principal Goldman, I suspect or Vice-Principal Clarke, as to why two of their football players will have to be naked in school for the rest of the year," Mr. Sanchez chuckled as he led the two boys to the administration office of the high school.

Something told me that they wouldn't be allowed to back out of this bargain ... they were stuck like Chuck and would pay the price for the rest of the year. The rest of the class largely consisted of other students staring at my cock while pretending to work, from what I could tell. I wasn't quite sure why I was suddenly in such demand. I had been at Saints of God Christian Academy for three years and never got any attention there (and before you say that it was due to it being a Christian school, well, they weren't exactly virgins, either) ... Then again, I finally admitted to myself that it was the most obvious, glaring, seemingly shallow reason of all ... my cock size. People really were fascinated not just by my nudity, but by my often fully erect dick, which was a bit on the long and also thick side. I had already lost one of my virginities, and that was only in third period!

"You know, that's a porn star cock, right? You should totally go for it. Go into porn. You'd make bank and get paid to fuck whenever you wished it," Marcie Waters, one of the few girls in the class, a fun-loving tomboy, told me.

"I don't think that's quite how porn works. The women run the show there. They make bank. The men are just props. It's the most female-dominated profession in the world," I coughed.

"Except for gay porn, you know," she winked at me when she said that.

"You enjoyed watching me take it in the ass, didn't you? Yeah, you did. That and you're a size queen, aren't you? And here people seem to think that you're gay," I teased her back.

"Hey, sorry, but just because I'm not a girly girl doesn't mean that I play for that team. I like guys ... hung guys, especially. Yes, I'm something of a size queen, at least in terms of who gets unconditional mating rights to me. Sorry, it's just how I roll. I actually prefer a smaller dick in my butt, for obvious reasons, but in my twat, the bigger, the better. And, yes, I'll mix it up now and then, but I want a permanent booty call, and I think that I'm looking at him right fucking now. So, how about it, Mr. Priapus?" Marcie said in her smoky voice, leaving no question that she wanted me to nail her often.

"Well, I have a girlfriend as of today, but she's given me something of a hall pass and I have done the same for her this year. So, at least for the year, I'm inclined to take you up on that, as long as it's mutual. You have to be my booty call for the year, too. Agreed? Fuckbuddies?" I called Marcie's bluff.

She wasn't bluffing, "Okay, deal, then. Fuckbuddies. I have to warn you, though. I'm going to get hooked on this cock and not want to give it up ... ever."

"Not even if you marry?" I laughed now.

"The sort of guy that I'd like would just want to join us in bed. Especially if he got to suck that cock and take it up the ass. Besides, I do like girls, too, and would gladly let him fuck your girlfriend if you and she were okay with it as well," Marcie laughed again.

"So, you're bi, and your Mr. Right would be bi as well. Smart thinking, actually. Would lead to a lot more fun, I think. Wait until I tell Chloe," I smiled now.

"Chloe, the Mexican T-girl? She's yummy! I see her and I just want to handcuff her to the bed, get her into a 69, and stick my fingers up her ass! That's your girlfriend now? Lucky you! All anal, all the time, whenever you want it, no fear of pregnancy! No periods, either," Marcie teased me, though she knew better than to think that it was all wine and roses for transwomen.

"That's her, though please don't call her a 'T-girl.' She's just a girl. Not a sideshow freak. Not a novelty. She's a woman. Period. I like her ... a lot. That's just how it is, and we just started being a couple today. Since we're both in the Program, we decided that monogamy just isn't practical for either of us, at least for the duration of the school year. Savvy?" I mimicked Captain Jack Sparrow in my voice.

"Oh, I get it! You're in love! Just like that! Look at you, quite the romantic! Smart of both of you to agree to defer the whole fidelity issue for at least the year. It eliminates a lot of potential issues, such as when I do this," Marcie then knelt to take my massive, but circumcised cock in her mouth and begin sucking like a mad woman, right in front of the other students ... and of Mr. Sanchez, who returned with the now naked Ryan and Jordan.

"Sorry, but reasonable requests, right? I thought it was reasonable to get the chance to empty those poor blue balls of Mark's. Don't you agree, Mr. Sanchez? I'd suck your dick, too, if you'd actually want me to, but then you wouldn't, would you?" Marcie winked at him.

"No, but if Ryan and Jordan want to suck my cock and get me off after being so damn turned-on from their whole gang-bang with Mark here, they are strongly urged to do so," Mr. Sanchez hinted rather forcefully.

Tragically for Mr. Sanchez, that was when the bell rang for lunch hour, but just as unfortunately for the two guys, Marcie got a brilliant idea, "Well, reasonable requests can be made by a student, right? I want to see them suck your dick, both of them! They can't go to lunch until they do it!"

"That sounds sensible. Boys, get working on your lunch! If you wait too long to make me cum, that protein shake is the only lunch you'll get!" Mr. Sanchez instructed both guys, who amazed even themselves with how quickly they fell to their knees to give him a "double header."

I chuckled, walking out of the room to run right into Adela Royce, the English exchange student that was in the Program, who had apparently been pressured into sucking every guy in the hallway, even teachers. When she saw me, however, there was a special gleam in her eyes, and before I could protest, she practically devoured my dick. It wasn't but seconds before the cum that Marcie started to extract, but ran out of time to swallow, went down the eager throat of this saucy British tart. When Adela saw Marcie leave the workshop, she pointed to my dick and Marcie nodded, making her giggle.

"So, that cute tomboy that I thought was a Sappho got you started for me. Well, I'll have to return the favor for her someday. Anyone else get you nice and primed for me?" Adela licked her lips as she rose to kiss me eagerly on the mouth.

"Sarah ... Karloff, and then Ryan Sommers and Jordan Lerner. The guys fucked my ass and Sarah dry-humped me, practically fucked me through our clothes," I shrugged and blushed slightly from so much profanity and risque talk.

"Did they now? And Chloe?" Adela winked at me.

"She was herself. Lovely, sexy, eager to please, and quite ardent in her affections," I noted with pleasure as Chloe came up from behind and put her arms around my waist.

"And now she's your girlfriend," Chloe turned me around to kiss me hard on the mouth again.

"She can be your girlfriend, but I want to be your wife," Adela informed me abruptly.

"Wait a second, first I get a girlfriend, then a booty call, and now a wife? What the hell is going on here?" I asked half-seriously.

"It's that big cock of yours, papi. None of us can think straight around it, not with it on constant display, teasing us all. It threatens guys and arouses girls," Chloe explained with brutal candor, "And it's a deal, as long as I'm his permanent, lifelong girlfriend. Agreed?"

"Done," Adela consented to arranging my life for me while I stood there in utter shock, "I'd offer to swap places, but I really need a green card!"

"Okay, then ... I agree to this, you do realize that I can't be faithful to either of you, right? Not even to both of you, in fact," I reminded them.

"So? Neither can we, but you don't hear us swearing off a lifetime commitment! To hell with monogamy! I don't give a toss about it! I just want permanence!" Adela said as she squeezed my buns.

"Face it, papi, you're off the market now! Twice over. You're our stud, though we'll gladly share your cock, as long as you know that you're our man, our papi!" Chloe added some tongue to back up her view of things.

"Is it really just my dick, then?" I wondered openly as we walked to the cafeteria for lunch.

"No, by Jove, that was at least partly in jest, you lovely, darling fellow! It's also your sweet bum," Adela winked, and then added, "More importantly, your character, at least for me and I'm pretty sure for Chloe, too. You stood up for someone being bullied, taking a complete risk with your body and your standing in class to stand with her and for what was right. I didn't see a lad there. I saw a real bloke, a true gent. You're a grown man. These others are just lads."

"What she said, papi. Including the part about your fine ass," Chloe slipped me more tongue as we stood in the lunch line.

"Just don't forget your booty call, porn cock!" Marcie spoke up from behind us.

"Oh, yeah, she kinda invited herself to my sexual favors, for as long as you're cool with it. Which evidently now means for life. She's the booty call that I mentioned," I blushed a little.

"Fine with me, papi. How about you, future Mrs. Smythe?" Chloe asked Adela.

"Sure, why not? He gave her his word of honor. He should keep it. It's only right," Adela said as she winked at me again.

"Don't forget me, slave," Sarah called out to me, blowing me kisses as if she weren't actually asserting dominance for a whole fucking week of my life.

"Hey, don't count your bets until you've won them," I observed.

"Oh, I'll win, honey. Just you wait. I'll win," Sarah giggled.

Famous last words, I thought, as I sat down to eat with my girls, only to have what seemed like fifty other females swarm me, or so it felt. More than a few of them whistled and slapped my ass on my way to the table, too. A few of them, including one cheerleader, grabbed my junk, and in the cheerleader's case, she stuck her tongue down my throat, too. All part of the NIS program, I realized, much to my mixed arousal and chagrin ... this was going to be one hell of a year.

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