A Virtuous Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, School, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Swinging, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After having sex with his mother-in-law at the Garden of Eden nudist camp Eric continues his sexual involvement with her. He finally becomes involved in the family ménage. After the children are born He and his wife forbid the grandparents to tamper with the children. When the children reach puberty the grandparents secretly welsh on the deal. Ethan--the son--becomes involved with an upper-class girl

They went together in high school but were a year apart. When Eric Newberry went away to college it wasn't a particularly sad parting, Maryanne made it clear to him that she wasn't ready for sex and Eric had to find a way to sow his wild oats. When Maryanne went to Princeton they were friendly to each other. Eric always had to the desire to get into her pants but Maryanne always kept a renewed relationship at arm's length.

It was the summer before Eric's senior year when they ran into each other at the Turf, a diner that had been their high school hangout. Over milkshakes Eric found Maryanne to be a "kick: that he hadn't remembered. And now she seemed like she really wanted to be with him. Everything about her was affecting him like an aphrodisiac and he promised himself that before they went back to Princeton in the fall he was going to get into her pants.

When he took her home that night and kissed her she responded in a very welcoming way. Like he had in high school he fondled her breasts and put his finger in her pussy. Unlike in high school she found his penis with her hand and got him off. But that was as far as she would go at the time. But he knew she was coming his way. The next night when they parked in a secluded spot she finally allowed him to fuck her. To Eric's surprise, based on the experiences he had with other girls Maryanne didn't whine about having recriminations and seemed quite comfortable with it. Not only was she finally ready he thought she now seems like she's really horny.

From that point on Maryanne Johnstone became the most exciting woman in his Eric's life. Not only was she a willing and passionate lover, she was even instructive, telling Eric the right spots to touch and she seemed to know how to make him last longer—like pressing on his male g-spot to suppress his ejaculations, or pulling her mouth off to keep him from coming before the fucked.

They talked about marriage but agreed to wait a year until Maryanne would graduate—the best laid plans. Just before Christmas vacation however Maryanne missed her period. Eric did the right thing by marrying her. And Maryanne's parents helped them by supporting a comfortable lifestyle until he could graduate and start making money on his own.

For Eric the evening that began at Turf's sealed his destiny with Maryanne Johnstone. During his and Maryanne's high school relationship her father Carl, editor of the local newspaper, was more like a buddy to him than the father of a girlfriend. It was different though with Pauline, Maryanne's mother. She was a touchy-feely woman who always seemed to be flirting with him. He knew she was just being good natured about but, being a typical male Eric always felt like Pauline might be available to him if he made the effort. Regardless he always fantasized making love to her.

What Eric had no way of knowing though was that the Johnstone family was not what they appeared to be on the surface. From the time they were children he knew that Kit and Maryanne went with their parents during the summer to a cabin they owned in the Poconos. But he had no idea that the cabin was in The Garden of Eden, a family nudist camp. During that time the Johnstones became close to two other families, both with children of similar ages to their own. Along the way Carl and Pauline became intimate with their nudist friends, swapping spouses during their two weeks stays at the Garden. From time to time they visited in each other's homes.

As the Johnstone children reached the age of acceptability, 14, Carl and Pauline introduced them to sex, slowly immersing them in the joys of familial incest. During the nudist vacations, while they weren't initially included in the adult romps, the children enjoyed sex with each other as well as with other youngsters of parents at the Garden of Eden. Once they reached fourteen they could join in the swinging romps with the adults. Eric was totally unaware that sex was rampant within the Johnstone household, the reason Maryanne was so "natural" with sex. Nor did he have any idea of the nudist vacations.

When Maryanne became pregnant Eric had no reason to think that the child could be anyone else's but his. He had no idea that while Maryanne was telling him in high school that she was not ready for sex she was not only having sex with members of her own family, but with both the children and adults of their swinging friends. So he was completely clueless that there were numerous other possible culprits in her pregnancy: Maryanne's older brother Kit and her father Carl being the most likely candidates.

It wasn't until after Eric's graduation from Princeton when the secret layers of the Johnstones' relationship began unfolding for him. Maryanne was in the final phase of her pregnancy but the family still wanted to introduce their son-in-law to their nudist lifestyle. As far as Eric knew the Johnstone family's vacations in the Pocono's just had to do with a cabin they owned by a lake in the mountains. He had no idea of the Garden of Eden and the nudism that went on there.

At home in the Philadelphia area the Johnstone's were stalwarts in their community. Carl owned Johnstone Publications, a conservative newspaper. He was a pillar in the Episcopalian church and a leader in various community charity activities. Pauline was a Sunday school teacher as well as a significant benefactor to many non-profits. Though Eric liked the Johnstones a lot he thought they might even be too religious for him, even a touch on the namby-pamby side. In his mind there was no question that they weren't one of the most straight-laced families in Philadelphia.

During his college career Eric had done freelance writing for the school paper which made him a natural for the Johnstone family business. Upon his graduation from Princeton Carl Johnstone offered Eric a job at the paper with pay that was significantly well above entry level. With an eye to bringing his son-in-law into management of the paper he made sure that he was mentored by the most qualified of his staff. As Eric started making headway in the business Carl talked with him about bringing him into ownership down the road.

Six weeks before the family vacation at the Garden of Eden Carl took Eric to lunch where he began dropping hints about a nudist camp in the mountains. Folding naturalism into the conversation he said, "Have you ever noticed how comfortable Maryanne is with nudity?" Though Eric was taken aback by such a question from his father-in-law it made him realize that, in comparison to other girls with whom he had been involved Maryanne was indeed more comfortable with being naked than any of those. She even seemed gleeful when she took her clothes off. Still, coming from the father of a young woman, Eric thought Carl's question was a bit on the inappropriate side.

That night when he told Maryanne about the luncheon conversation and what her father was saying about nudity and her relaxed attitude toward it, she said, "Of course I am, silly. We've been going to a nudist camp every summer since I can remember."

Had his wife punched him in the nose Eric couldn't have been more stunned. Having known her since the age of thirteen he had no knowledge that their family vacations had to do with nudity. Looking back he was amazed that the subject of nudity had never come up. To him the family always seemed that they would be too "middle of the road" for such a far out concept.

When he reacted with shock she said with a giggle, "It's just natural phenomenon sweetheart." When she had finally cooled him down she said. "Believe it or not Eric when everyone else's clothes are off you has the tendency to look more into a person's eyes, to accept them as real people. I was too young to even think of it as anything other than natural at the Garden of Eden. And when everybody there is naked it's even less distracting than a group of people wearing clothes. I've heard from new people that they are uncomfortable at first. But within a day or two it's just not a big deal any more. And once you get past the nakedness, people at a nudist camp seem to be more sincere than they are even in what most people consider 'normal society.' Once you get used to it Eric you'll be amazed at how much more in touch you will be with your inner self as well as with others at the camp."

When Eric kept saying to Maryanne how he couldn't believe that her family was truly involved in nudism she took him over to her family's house and showed him their "alternative" family album. As he gawked through the album, unable to keep his eyes off the sexual parts of the people involved, the concept of looking into their eyes seemed impossible to him. He liked his father-in-law, liked being in business with him and liked him as a person. But he didn't feel comfortable with the idea of being naked with him. Pauline was a different subject though. Pictures of her gave him an instant hard-on. He had always wanted to see her naked and, when he saw her pictures, had to keep his legs tightly together so his wife couldn't see the bulge in his pants.

The day after Maryanne told her father that she had given her husband the baptism of fire Carl asked Eric to join the family in their traditional visit to the Garden of Eden. Though he was totally not comfortable with it he decided that it was in his best interest to at least go and find out what it was about. "But," he asked, "What about Maryanne being eight months pregnant?"

Carl answered, "Maryanne doesn't have a problem with it Eric. You'll find that there will be a number of pregnant young women there." He chuckled, "And some not so young."

On the way to the Garden of Eden and just before they got there the family suggested that he would feel more comfortable wearing swimming trunks at first. "Pauline and I have gone through it Eric," his father in law said. "And now we can hardly wait to get there so we can take off our clothes."

To his surprise there were a number of other men and women wearing swim trunks and bikinis, some with just bikini bottoms. On the second day most of the swim trunk-clad men were naked, all of the women were topless and some women completely nude. With most of the bikini bottomed women he found that they were having their periods and were merely hiding tampon strings. Most of the men who had worn swimming trunks the day before were naked but sheepishly sporting partial erections.

On the second day Eric would have gone nude the swimming trunks were masking his erection. There was no way he could keep his fickle organ hidden in the nude. By the end of the day his unruly penis had drooped into a permanent half-hard-on. But by morning it hung in its flaccid state. The crisis had passed; he was learning how to control his eyes as well as bringing discipline to those unpredictable erections. By the fourth day he began feeling the freedom that the Johnstones had been telling him about. To his surprise, not only were there numerous pregnant women parading naked, he was beginning to find some of those misshapen bodies quite erotic.

During their son-in-law's introduction to nudism the Johnstones had decide to pursue the recreational aspect of the vacation, forgoing the sexuality with their swinging friends until they could bring a level of comfort to their uninitiated son in law. Though disappointed their friends, having been forewarned, completely understood what it would take to break in someone new to the discipline.

Maryanne's mother however had a completely different agenda in mind for her son in law. From the time Pauline Johnstone met the boy as a youngster she had been attracted to him. Had it not been for the strict Johnstone rule of keeping that side of their life a closely held secret she would have long ago brought Eric into the fold (so to speak). Now that he was a member of the family and soon to be father of their grandchild Pauline couldn't wait to initiate him into family sex. Prior to the trip it was mutually agreed upon by the family that Pauline would finally have her chance with him

Because Maryanne's pregnancy was so far advanced she and Eric had been doing only oral sex. Maryanne and her mother had been plotting Pauline's seduction of her son in law and how they expected it to come about. It was the morning after a late-night party at the club house where Eric had been encouraged to and did indeed drink too much wine.

Eric was still sleeping when Carl, Maryanne and her brother Kit went to have breakfast at the clubhouse. Pauline stayed behind. Pauline, slipping into Eric and Maryanne's bedroom got under the covers with her son-in-law, snuggled up to him from behind and gently groped his morning erection.

In between slumber and emergent wakefulness Eric reached back, stretched his hand over Pauline's hip and patted her soft, warm and naked bottom which threw up a red flag. Something about Maryanne's body didn't feel right. As wakefulness grew he realized the closeness of the soft female body. But there was awareness with Maryanne's body that didn't quite add up. Because his wife's pregnant belly she should have been further behind him. There was no huge preponderance pressing on the small of his back and the breasts he felt against his back seemed softer and smaller than the large, milk filled ones his wife's which weren't leaking. As his hand patted Pauline's ass he tentatively asked, "Maryanne?"

The girlish giggle he heard was different too. And when the felt the kiss on the back of his neck it was longer than he was accustomed to. When she giggled again, a laugh that turned into a sexy chuckle his entire body went rigid. He heard the familiar voice say, "Relax Eric, Maryanne knows what's going on here." The chuckle grew gleeful and morphed into prolonged laughter. "You're the only one in the family who doesn't know what's going on here," Pauline's husky voice said.

The voice tripped flashbacks of his mother in law's flirtatious behavior in the past. His next question was preciously naïve, "Pauline?"

"Yes Eric it is Pauline. And I have to tell you that I've been longing for this for such a long time baby." As she nuzzled into the back of his neck memories of the past that hadn't made sense at the time all of a sudden began adding up. Jesus he thought what kind of a family have I married into?

As if she was reading his mind Pauline said in her seductive, Lauren Bacall voice, "We're a family who believes sex shouldn't be stifled or stressful Eric. Everybody knows what you are going through by being celibate. I've just come to take care of some of your um needs darling." Her hand stroked the ultra-hardness of his stone-like erection. "Maryanne both knows and approves of it."

Stunned at the impossibility of his situation he thought she said they all knew about it. So Maryanne knows. As he felt her hand moving the loose skin of his erect cock out and back he knew it was too real to be a dream. And should he be pissed? I'm too much of a guy to be pissed. And God knows I've jerked off too many times with this woman on my mind. But Jesus they all KNOW about it. CHRIST this cannot really be HAPPENING.

His body was still almost catatonic. "Is there something wrong Eric?" Pauline asked. "All along I thought you liked me. Do I have to beg you?" she asked with a fake sniffle.

Her sniffle jolted him to wakefulness. Christ I've said something wrong. He thought his words might have done something to upset his mother in law. Starting to bolt out of bed he said, "Jesus Pauline, I'm sorry."

"Shh, Shh, Eric," his playful mother-in-law said as she held him tight, "I didn't mean to threaten you Honey, there's nothing wrong. Everyone else has gone out for breakfast. You and I are all alone here." She giggled again and said, "Seems like everything is just right, hmmm?"

His body coiled tighter when he heard, "I just thought we could take a little time to, um, get know one another a little um better Mr. Newberry."

Pressing her moist lips against the back of her son in law's neck she said, "We know you've been having trouble getting comfortable here sweetie." Her arms were around him, her flattened palms massaging his tight abs. "I'm just trying to make you feel a little bit better about being naked darlin ... I mean with someone besides Maryanne." She patted his hip then slid her hand over it, found his rock-hard erection again and enfolded it in her soft, warm grip. "At least," she murmured with a chuckle, we are definitely keeping it in the family."

Holy shit! Eric thought. The shock took on numerous aspects. First, he had been daydreaming about Pauline Johnstone since high school, even included her in some of his masturbation sessions. Second, he was still trying to get comfortable with the family's nudist lifestyle. Third, she was Maryanne's mother and Carl's wife. How can I possibly be such a scumbag as to have sex with her? And, what's going on with Pauline and Carl that's making her DO this? What was making it even more uncomfortable was that he had to piss so bad that his balls felt like they were going to explode. "Um Pauline," he gasped, "I've to go to the bathroom so bad that it hurts."

Giggling, she said, "I understand, baby," and opened her hand. In one motion Eric sat up, rolled off the bed and made a hasty escape to the bathroom.

As he stood in front of the toilet holding his obstinate cock his muddled brain wrestled with conflicting thoughts. He needed to pee. But being so hard he was having trouble starting a stream. Usually in this situation his cock would soften enough to allow the stream after a series of starts and stops, until the blessing of a forceful rivulet would bring relief. But with the residual feeling of Pauline's fingers wrapped around his most private part, his sphincter wouldn't cooperate. Trying to force it made his throbbing balls throb ache worse. Hoping it would help he sat down. It didn't. Finally, by deep meditation he caused a drip, a truncated squirt then a blissful gusher. Closing his eyes he rejoiced, "Thank God!"

Midway through his long relief he thought "What the fuck am I going to do about Pauline? Maybe she won't be there when I get back, maybe she was just teasing; maybe it was just a wild hare. But when he walked back into the room there was his mother in law lying in the middle of the bed, naked like a Playboy centerfold. She looked like a picture of a woman over the bar of a gentleman's club, smiling and ready.

In her smooth, husky voice his seductive mother-in-law said, "Why don't you lay down Honey, lie back and let mama take care of things." Jesus, he thought, I'm trapped! But as he eyed the forty-three year old woman for whom he had been lusting since he was teenager, surrender was a conclusion he couldn't deny.

To his eyes she was an older version of Maryanne—not pregnant though. She was of normal height, about 5'4," her mid-length hair was chestnut with no visible strands of gray. Her legs were shapely and well-toned. Her ample breasts sagged more to the side on which she lay but they looked like they would still be fairly perky had she been standing. Punctuated by nipples of excited redness they looked like Spanish peanuts set in circles of two inch areoles that had a number of pimply bumps. The smile Pauline gave Eric for giving good marks with his eyes went straight to the plumping pulsation of his hardness.

Eying Eric, Pauline thought my son-in-law is heavenly. ­ Standing 6'1," he was muscular with moderately pronounced six pack abs. His chest was thatched with chestnut hair, his piercing blue eyes staring at her in disbelief. Having been a "player" since she was a young girl the experienced woman had seen enough male organs to know that Eric's, a veined and sculpted work of art, could have been hanging in the pornographic section of any museum, had there been such a room.

Patting the mattress she said, "Come to Mama, Baby; let me take care of that for you." Awkwardly Eric sat on the bed. "Closer sweetie," she coaxed with a seductive smile, "We can meet half way if you would like."

He had been sexually active long enough to feel comfortable with a strange woman. But this woman, though new to him, was quite familiar, too familiar. That's the problem. Lifting his legs onto the mattress he hesitantly scooted closer to Pauline. Leaning closer to him she challenged, "Are you afraid to kiss your mother-in-law Eric?"

But when her incredibly warm, soft and moist lips melted into his it was all he could do to keep from yelling, "Holy Christ!" When she opened her mouth Eric, unable to keep his lips closed, was first to give her his tongue. While attempting to remain cool his lungs betrayed him, gushing gouts of hot air through his nostrils. When Pauline's breathing increased to the same level he thought, damn, she's an older version of Maryanne, which brought a frisson of guilt that hung only long enough to make him uncomfortable for a few seconds.

During their sensual, passionate kissing Pauline caressed Eric's body. Fondling his cheek and neck she toyed with hairs on his chest then circled his nipples and playfully pinched them. Tracing a line with her fingernail through the trough of his abs to his navel she circled it, sending thrilling jolts to his balls. With all of her fingers she scratched her nails through his pubic hair until they bumped against the swollen magnitude of his phallus. Holy fucking God Eric thought as she stroked his nearly eight inch expanse.

Pauline's heavy breathing became mixed with moans of anticipation. Breaking the kiss she pillowed her head on Eric's stomach and said, "Oh sweetie your cock is a work of art. If I had known it was so pretty I wouldn't have waited this long."

As he watched his mother in law's hand stroking him hee couldn't believe the electric sensations that coursed through his body. Could it have been the sophistication and years of practice that made it seem so much more effective than the young Maryanne. The tightness of her fingers seemed just the right pressure to expose nerve endings he hadn't felt before on his veined and muscled shaft. The husky sound of her voice and the hot wash of her breath against the skin of his stomach sent out darts of thrill. As he felt Pauline's head move on his stomach he strained his neck and lifted his head to glimpse her face hovering over the end of his dick.

"I dearly love this gorgeous cock as yours Eric," she cooed. "Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted it better. No man could have resisted the compliment. When she whispered, "Its stunning love," waves of pleasure frolicked over the surface of his body. He couldn't help thinking, God she's hot.

Pauline's tongue darted over Eric's helmet like a hummingbird's, its fleeting touches on the tender skin of his glans making him wince and moan. He watched the visual impact of his precum being stretched from tip of her tongue to the delicate thickness of a spider web. It was magical. Just as he saw it break, the end flipping to her nose, he heard her coo, "I've got to have this magnificent thing of yours in my mouth Baby."

With wide eyes he watched his mother-in-law's lips open and shuddered with ecstasy as his helmet-like head disappeared past her lips and inside her warm and moist mouth. As she licked and bobbed in short strokes her abundant saliva coated his taut, purplish knob. Matching inch for inch her sultry moans "mmed" until his glans touched the back of her throat. Feeling its head sink into the pudding of her supple, soft palate it was as if it were touching some kind of spongy, warm pillow.

It was something he had never felt with Maryanne or any other woman for that matter. As he watched her wiggle her head and felt the constriction of her trachea holding his head like a tight O-ring he thought of a mother bird feeding a worm to her nestling, putting it way down the chick's throat. When her chin touched his balls she gagged as she forced the tight circle of her windpipe over his bulbous crown.

Unable to control his emotions he gasped, "Jesus Pauline, how can you even do this?" Something that Pauline had obviously done over and over again had, for Eric, become an epiphany. Having never been deep throated he could barely keep his eyes open. He felt faint as he thought in shocked awe, Jesus, I can't believe it!

His beautifully naked mother-in-law was now on her knees giving him a blow job like none other he had ever had. Her hair partially hid his cock as she bobbed up and down it. And he could feel the moist tightness of her lips, the soaking wetness of her mouth and the corrugation of her tight trachea. As she arched her back Eric writhed as he saw lovely tits swaying back and forth ... to and fro, making him think if she were wearing pasties they would be twirling.

Once again a frisson of guilt clouded his young mind. What would Maryanne think? "Fuck it," he blurted, "there's nothing I can do about it now."

Pauline acknowledged him with a muted chuckle as the warm slickness of her mouth; her darting tongue and the tightness of her gullet squeezed him from his circumcision scar to the end of his glans. He clamped the cheeks of his ass to keep from losing his load while Pauline seemed intent on working his cock down until his pubic hair touched her nose and his balls bumped her chin. He didn't want to come in her mouth at least not for a while, this is just too good.

Eric remembered when he first started making love to Maryanne and how she chided him for getting off too quickly. He didn't know where she had learned to suck cock so well and how she taught him to last as if she could suck him forever. He just thought it was talent she was born with. She was so good at it that she could have taught him to be a porn star, never cumming until the camera stopped rolling. Now with his mother in law doing the same but even better he was adding two and two and coming up with a stunning answer.

She must have been sucking for fifteen minutes when he said, "I don't want to come in your mouth Pauline." Her eyes fixed his, "At least not yet. I want to be hard inside you P-Pauline ... um to f-fuck your pussy," he said, still unsure of himself. I want to c-come inside you." For Christ's sake, he thought, what a way to be talking to my mother-in-law.

As Pauline opened her throat and let his cock slip out of her mouth he thought, Maryanne has never done this to me. Maybe it's a trick that only Pauline knows. "Shall I do you from behind?" he asked. He wasn't prepared to say "doggie" to her yet.

"I love being fucked like a dog Eric," she answered in her sexy, husky voice. "I would say 'woof' for you. But since it's our first time Eric I want to see the pleasure on your face when you push your cock inside your mother in law's cunt." Having originally thought she would straddle him she chuckled and said, "Let's do it the old fashioned way Pastor Eric."

He laughed at her joke and said, "I get it Pauline, you like the missionary position huh?"

"It's not my favorite Eric but I want to see the expression on your face: your pleasure, your eyes, that incredible look a man has when he comes."

As an afterthought she added, "Actually sweetie pie I like being fucked in any position as long as the person who's doing the fucking is good at it." Winking she said, "But in the case I want to see you getting religion he-he-he."

"What's that supposed to mean?" her baffled son-in-law asked.

"It's a surprise cutie, but you'll see." Moving to the middle of the bed Pauline laid her head on a pillow and with an eager smile she opened her legs.

"Pauline," he murmured. "I like to start missionary from a standing position; me at the side of the bed. I can do it better that way, is that ok?"

Impressed that her son-in-law spoke up this way she thought actually I like it better that way. It's only the unadventurous who like it strictly on the bed. Smiling up at him she cadged to the edge of the bed and swung her legs over. Positioned her ass and pulled her feet flat to the edge of the mattress. Spreading her legs she opened them wide, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Eric grinned.

"I guess I've never thought about how gorgeous your um pussy would be Pauline," he said." Dropping to his knees he reached out and pressed on her large pussy lips with his thumbs. They opened with a moist "chlichk." Leaning forward he covered her clam with his mouth, probing her slit with his tongue.

Lacing her fingers in her son-in-law's hair Pauline pulled his face tightly against her cooch and sighed, "Oh you gorgeous, gorgeous boy, eat Mama's cunt lover, make me CUM."

Thrilled that she had used the word, "cunt" that made so many other women uncomfortable, the taste and scent of her quim filled his senses. As his tongue explored the wafer thin labia of her ginger colored pudding he pushed into the indentation of her inviting hole. When his tongue couldn't fully satisfy it he licked to swelling bump of her hooded clitoris.

Before sealing his ears between the soft flesh of her still smooth thighs Eric's ego swelled with pride when he heard his mother-in-law's coos and sighs. While Pauline's was the oldest pussy he had ever tasted he couldn't perceive a difference between the fairy-like textures of a fourteen year old girl, his twenty-two year old wife and a woman of 43. Cunts, I guess, are universally delicious.

As he probed and pressed with his tongue, fluttering on the slippery node, the only difference he could distinguish was the intensity and sophistication of Pauline's passionate responses. She knew what she wanted. Some women he had eaten were universally awed, some were insipid. But Pauline, her body writhing like a trapped python, was wildly explosive. Even with her thighs closed tightly on his ears he could detect the shrieks of her closely spaced and loudly vocalized orgasms that were emphasized by the increased wetness percolating into his mouth.

When he pulled away and looked up along her smooth, slightly pooched belly and through the valley of her breasts he thrilled to see her face craning to look down at him along her heaving chest. She was smiling as she sighed, "I've always wondered about you Eric and can see just another reason that our Maryanne had to have you."

So far everything about Pauline commanded his complete attention. He wanted to be inside her and knew she wanted him there as well. Getting to his fee he assessed his mother in law's naked body. Grasping her ankles he pulled and coaxed her closer to the edge of the mattress to make her pussy more easily accessible to his cock. Holding his rigid phallus in his left hand he opened her moist, pink quim with his right, wiggling and soaking his knob in her drenched trough. He found the indentation of her vaginal portal, found the threshold and leaned forward.

"Yes baby," Pauline pled in her husky, ragged voice, "fuck me Eric. Oh DO IT baby"

As his taut, lavender head plowed her furrow Eric's shaft sunk deep inside the pussy he had dreamed about of for so long. For Pauline it wasn't just another hard cock, it was the one that belonged to her daughter, which had seeded her and made her pregnant. She knew it had been neglected for nearly a month and thought I'll just make it mine for a while. But more than that it belonged to the young man she had flirted with as a teen and for what she had dreamed of for such a long time. It was a beautiful cock but she had had those before. What made it so special was that she was now sharing a family treasure with her daughter, which made Eric's marrying into the Johnstone family complete.

Determined to show her son-in-law the special skills that had thrilled so many men Pauline was inspired. What she was doing had nothing to do with a selfless act. Eric's cock might belong to my daughter's pussy, she thought, but every time he fucks her he will always think about how her mother overwhelmed him today.

Few women could do what Pauline Johnstone could. By the time the head of her son in law's cock was brushing her cervix she had already tightened the walls of her pussy like a vise.

Eric had never before felt anything like it. It was as if his cock were a virtual part of his mother-in-law's body ... like her cunt was the mold for his perfect sculpture. Jesus, he thought, how can she be doing this? But that alone wasn't what turned him into such a wild animal. It was the undulations the seemed to be rippling inside Pauline's love canal, separate muscular rings that worked their way up and down his tumescent shaft. Jesus he thought, her pussy is like a fucking a MILKING machine. In his wildest imaginings he had never considered such a feeling; even LSD couldn't have created hallucinations that could give the sensations that Pauline's pussy was giving him.

Out of control Eric began fucking like he had never done before. Complying with Pauline's siren cunt he slammed until he emptied his balls, gobs of cum painting her cervix and lubricating the walls of her pussy.

It never failed. Pauline had exhausted seed that every man who fucked her had to give. Always doing it gloriously she came in such a wild stated of supreme ecstasy. This time it was even more special. Kicking wildly for the ceiling she saw the rapturous look of surrender on Eric's face. "You're mine," she shrieked in a possessive way that few women could have commanded.

While Eric's cock was deflating Pauline's rippling vagina still held him tightly inside, working his sensitive shaft and head in the confusion of painful pleasure. Though his balls hurt from trying to pump semen from dry wells he both wanted her to stop yet wanted her never to stop. Where the last ounce of semen was propelled by his balls and prostate Pauline's cunt was literally sucking out more.

When he had finally been fucked dry she cuddled him close making him feel felt like he was being snuggled by a goddess. He was Ulysses in the arms of Circe, unaware of that his mother-in-law's was thinking He's mine you little cunt, just like your father and your brother, and all the other men we have both fucked. They're ALL mine.

The sound of the door opening and people talking should have had Eric bounding from the bed. But he was just too weak to move. "Jesus," he groaned, feeling like a helpless invalid, "they're back!"

Pauline covered his mouth in a luscious kiss then assured him, "Its okay Eric, there's nothing wrong." It was a chuckling declaration, "The Johnstones are just a little different sweetie, especially your mother in law."

Paralyzed, he could have been tied hand and foot. But he didn't understand the meaning of "different." In his state of helplessness he saw the bedroom door open. It framed Carl, Kit and the abundantly pregnant Maryanne—a naked family picture, all smiling for the birdie.

"Was he a good boy Momma," Maryanne asked.

Lifting herself on her elbow, her breasts sagging to the side, Pauline grinned at her pregnant daughter and said, "You couldn't have made a better choice for a husband darlin." She glowed as she added, "He's one of US now."

Enfeebled and powerlessness Eric neither rejoiced nor complained. With a sheepish grin painted on his face he merely looked at his smiling wife, rolling his hangdog eyes. His initiation by Pauline cemented both their relationship and that kind of relationship. His wife being in complete agreement with what had happened only made it easier.

The aspects of familial sex: Maryanne having relations with her father, her brother and even her mother took time to get used to. Beneath his calm surface he resented the fact that while she had denied him through high school and the better part of college, she was fucking both her father and her brother, and who else? The fact that Eric and Maryanne's brother Kit had played doctor with Maryanne as youngsters, and he and Kit had masturbated together during puberty, made it slightly easier to accept his involvement as an adult.

Eric wasn't surprised that Maryanne and her brother had experimented with sex on their way to adulthood; he had done the same with his own sister. But the universal sharing of sex as adults took time for him to process. By the time the next summer vacation rolled around, however, the Garden of Eden became a garden of sexual play, including swapping with the friends of the family. Before the end of that summer he often thought, and not with the kindest of thoughts, I am INDEED one them.

Before marrying Maryanne Eric had bought the fairy tale that the Johnstones were an upstanding, successful American family. But his initiation into the Johnstone family as a "complete" member had been an equally complete surprise. After getting used to it though he found that it wasn't fraud, it was merely another aspect of the make-up of an upstanding American family's fabric. To people who knew them well in their societal pursuits the Johnstone's were everything they presented themselves to be. Beneath the surface however they pursued sex on a basis that most of society would have considered depraved.

To maintain their everyday image they practiced their alternative lifestyle strictly in the safety of their home, the homes of the two families with whom they were involved, or the Garden of Eden where everyone present, though not necessarily pursuing such things, understood that what went on in the Garden of Eden stayed in the Garden of Eden.

As their family grew though Eric was able to influence Maryanne that their son Ethan and daughter Marci would not participate in the family ménage, neither at home or at the Garden of Eden. Pauline would have the ultimate say on that.

At the Newberry home family play had never happened. Their children were babysat at home. The family sex only took place at the Johnstones'. At the Garden of Eden the Newberrys had their own cabin; family games were never played there. As the children grew though, it was becoming increasingly difficult to shield them from the family frolics.

Besides, their exposure to nudity in both a figurative and literal sense, made it impossible to disguise it in such a state of undress. The newbie men always had erections at first and this was of particular interest to daughter Marci that necessitated an early introduction to the birds and the bees from her mother. Also the cabins were small with two tier beds. Once the facts had been explained the children's eyes were always peeled for the act of sex between their parents.

Often, early in the morning when Eric and Maryanne thought the children were sleeping, Marci's eyes caught blow jobs and actual fucking between her mom and dad. At night, while activities were going on in the clubhouse, she would spy a mother and a son or a father and a daughter sneaking out. When they would come back to the group she noticed the man or the boy's limp penis had a reddish cast about it—just like her father's after her mother sucked him, or it had been moving inside her mother's vagina. She was a quick study and by the time she reached puberty she knew she was missing out on something that others at the Garden of Eden were enjoying...

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