One Night in the Citadel - A Story for Danny
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Yulianna Vovk

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Yulia, a 17 year old girl has her first serious sexual encounter with an older man, Danny, an American friend and business colleague of her Papa. The Citadel is a chic, luxury hotel in her home city.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex  

I walk into the suite and hear you close the door behind me. We have had a wonderful evening, but I must not let you see how nervous I am. I know what will happen, what I must to do. It is my first time, and I want it so much.

I know you have experience and expectations. I am scared that I will disappoint you, that my innocence will not fulfil you. I must not rush, I must be slow, watch you, listen to you. And I must obey you, let you guide me.

The dinner was wonderful. You were wise and witty, as we discussed the elections in USA, the corruption in my country, the continuing fight to build on our independence. You did not patronise me. You wore your age and experience lightly. We ate, drank a fine Pinot Noir, and enjoyed the anticipation of what would follow.

"Come here, Yulia."

I hear your words and turn towards you as you step in front of me. You look cool but serious, in command. Your arms embrace me, and you bend your head to kiss me. I feel your tongue press between my lips and dance with mine. You hold me tight against your body and I feel you stirring.

You step back, holding me at arm's length, your hands on my shoulders. Your eyes hold mine until I can stare back no more. I drop my head in submission. I feel your fingers at my throat, opening the top button of my shirt. Then lower, the second. And the third, where your hands brush against my breasts. Fourth and fifth, then you pull my shirt open at the front, loosening it from the waistband of my skirt. Your hands cup my breasts, even through my bra I feel their heat on my skin. You squeeze gently, then harder, holding me tight.

You move your hands back to my shoulders, this time inside my shirt. You push the garment off my shoulders and let it fall. The loose sleeves offer no resistance. It slips to the floor and lies by my feet.

I raise my head again and look into your eyes. I try to read the desire I see there. I know what will come and I must trust you to look after me. To protect me from what I can see now burning in your eyes, so I will not be too badly burned.

Your hands are on my waist, opening the buttons down the side of my skirt. It too falls quickly to my feet.

"Turn around, Yulia!"

I face away from you and feel you unhook my bra, push it off my shoulders. Your arms around me holding my breasts, pulling me back against your body. Then sliding down my body, taking my panties and pushing them over my slim hips. I feel them caress my thighs and then drop past my knees.

I am in your arms. Naked. I feel the air of the suite, electric with energy. And I feel the power I have now. I turn to face you, to let you see for the first time the whole of me. My slim body, my small breasts and boyish nipples standing out. My flat belly. My ... what shall I call it, the place you want to go to? My smooth, hairless mound, my slit, my private place.

I step back from you, so your eyes can take it all.

"Wait for me, Danny," I whisper. "I am going to shower."

I walk across the soft carpet and close the bathroom door behind me.

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