Pleasure of the Night

by Eva Comaroski

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Swinging, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A recovered diary entry cca. 2013 describing an affair involving my boyfriend and another man from my workplace whilst on a trip outside the country.

Hi! I'm back, I've been away doing stuff and I hope you are all alright. As I usually do, I wanted to open myself up to you again and offer a new experience I have had. I do hope that I did not get a bad name around here, most of my work is based on experience that I am willing to talk about and perhaps make others feel good and inspire them; if I am at all able to do that ... So, please do sit back and enjoy. I am here after the fact, with just a top on, my legs spread to either side of my tablet while I toy with myself with my fingers, playing with the sticky ooze I just took inside me. I am posting this quite late, I had intended on posting this summer but I really never got a chance after my tablet got lost. My boyfriend is sleeping right next to me, so please do make yourself comfortable and allow me to try and make your body tingle as you read my words while I write them down. I will play with myself for your pleasure, thinking about you, reading my words as I open my secrets up to you.

Humm, where should I start? Right at the beginning. I took a job offer in summer to travel to Spain, an usual trip for me. I accepted because I just love spending my time on beaches. Something about the sun beaming down on my hair and feeling the wind wrap itself up around my body, like hands sweeping against your skin, really entices me and always sways me to accept. I convinced my boyfriend that we could use the time away and we packed our bags and left on the first flight. I did tell him that I may have to be away for meetings but that we will certainly have some time to ourselves in the evening.

The bags are still packed, I can see them from the bed I am sitting in, one hand sliding through my long hair, the other scratching my thighs slightly with my nails. If you want to know about me, my friend described me as a typical 7ft blonde, with wide hips, small round breasts, long legs, blue eyes and a touchable nice round tush. I would not like to argue that I look good, but would rather say that I have gotten sufficient compliments that keep me going.

I was invited out for a dinner with the staff, consisting of the director, an adjunct of myself in the evening. I was unprepared when they invited me dinner, most of my bags on the floor with my clothes spread out, like the hot mess my boyfriend tells me I can be. With my boyfriend's help, I did manage to pull out my white undergarments, my top business vest and a fairly decent skirt that reaches over my knees with just a slight crack running down my left side. Taking them with me, I slipped into the shower, toes first to try the waters and then let myself inside, the early greeting of cold water on my chest being welcomed by my perky nipples and firm breasts. I unclasped my hair, letting the wet tips tumble down my back to scratch my butt, as I swayed from side to side in the shower, letting the stream comb its way over my pale skin.

That was a nice long shower after a full day's travel! I am sure you would have liked to share it with me. I am dragging this tablet that I am writing to you on towards me,, closer between my legs, my feet to its side, writing to you with one hand, the other just teasing my buds, imagining you behind the glass door, watching me

I turned the taps off, hinged the door open and stepped onto the carpet, one towel at the ready to brush the water beads off me. I turned to the mirror, looked at myself, then turned sideways, one foot up behind the other and decided that I could use some nice evening makeup with thin fine lines of black on my lashes. I leaned across the sink, and dragged a thin coat of red makeup over my lips. As my lips opened and closed, the substance of the stick torn between them, I found my hand wandering down between my thighs to check my hairs. I brought my hand up, smelled it and decided to trim them into a nice blonde strip.

I always like leaving some hair between my legs, even if I wear a bikini, I prefer to leave a nice landing strip. Do you like that? I am sure you would if you were here. Wish you were, I am gong to have to make myself cum alone.

I put my undergarments on, a nice velvet nightie that swoops from my shoulders, revealing my cleavage like a kimono and clasps between my legs, covering my intimate parts. After that, I fitted my skirt, put on my coat and chose a pair of nice slip-on platform boots up to my knees. I walked out...

Kissing my boyfriend goodbye, I told him I would not be too long and called a cab to get me. I admit that the excitement of going out on the very first evening got my belly tingling. The drive was steady, my mind wandering after my eyes, watching the buildings evade us as the driver made his way though the streets, dashes of light combing my long hair as we pressed onward. I was greeted by my director, who hugged me and gave me a kiss, leading me upstairs and saying that he is glad that I chose to make it.

The day faded, with breaks, and were invited to spend the evening in the upstairs suite. I argued that I would have to go home, but they insisted that I stay and as our words started to spew, I fund myself enjoying the company as much as the Merlot that we were served by the management. Towards the evening, I excused myself and made my way through the curtains and to the balcony, gazing into the blue over the balustrade, watching people pass by and enjoying my last few sips.

For some reason my hand glided inside my vest and dashed over my left breast, even when my manager showed up, not really sure what I was doing. We talked a little and I noticed that the hand he placed on my back was intentionally making its way down my back and to my bottom, grazing over my skirt. As soon as his hand reached down over my waist, I found myself laughing, at which point he gave me a playful slap making me bellow and moan. He looked at me and whispered, "Oh, Eva what was that...". I just couldn't bring myself to say anything, but snicker at his playful fingers. Thwap! He slapped me again, this time drowning my laugh, being replaced by a louder moan. People turned their heads, in the street below, looking up to see where the sounds are coming from. I bit my lips, trying to contain my tipsy excitement. I found myself pushing myself up on the platform of my boots, guiding his hand lower. Biting my lips, I turned to look into his eyes. He motioned his finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. "Shh, be quiet...", he said and using his right hand, he pulled my undergarments to the side, letting my breasts spill out, first my right breast, then my left, all the while enjoying the sip of his wine while my nipples dangled, exposed to him in the glistering streetlight. Dipping one finger in the glass, he tore away one droplet and then moved it to my chest, letting it glide on my left breast, slithering its way all the way down the curve of my exposure. He looked at me, as I stood there in front of him, my breasts resting on the the folds of my garments and leaning on my chest like curious grapes, ready to be plucked.

My belly flutters, my toes curl on the bedsheets as I remember the events that happened this evening, one finger curiously diddling myself as I lay out the events for you. It felt so naughty to let him handle me, but I can light up really fast when I am touched that way.

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