In Quest of Incest

by Peter Duncan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Aggie finds out that the man with whom she is having an affair is also diddling her daughter. The same night she discovers that her husband is having an affair with the young woman who is his associate pastor. On the edge of desolation her twenty one year old son comes in late and they discover that they have been lusting for one another for years. It is a night of critical mass for mother and son.

It had been a year since Agatha, wife of the Reverend Phillip Wilcox, spent five nights with the nineteen year old lifeguard Bart. In the Wilcox's thirty-one years of marriage there had been little romance. Phillip's interest in sex seemed to have been overridden by his obsessive dedication to his ministry. Not having been an adventurous woman Agatha accepted what she had. She was a good mother, always virtuous and a useful helpmate to her husband in his work as a pastor.

Her involvement with Bart was more than a sexual awakening though. The experience opened doors she had not even considered. During this quick affair the constant headaches she had begun experiencing since the second year of her marriage stopped, which made her realize how strong her libido was. But she had ignored the idea that it was causing her many headaches. Along the way she figured out how it was affecting her and began practicing the "sin" of masturbation. But having grown up with a mother who implanted guilt in the act of such prurient self-satisfaction she usually only resorted to that when the headaches became just too intense. After Bart she realized that since puberty she had been a volcano on the verge of eruption. Her weeklong frolic with the young man was the breakthrough. Not only had this remarkable young man opened the doors of her sexuality he scratched many of the itches that had been irritating her for three decades. He week at the shore was not only joyous it was completely headache free.

When she got home she had hopes of seducing her husband into the kind of sex that Bart had introduced her to but that was not to be, at least not with him. She had to find a way to grow the sexual feelings of self-worth without him so she went in a direction completely different from that of a typical pastor's wife. It began with a chance encounter at the local farmer's market. Garven Milroy had once been her high school sweetheart. At the time of their meeting he was her daughter's piano teacher. Within in a week she was going to bed with him, a sizzling affair that lasted for a year. By the end of the year Aggie realized that Garven's interest was solely about the sex—the kinkier the better—and he wanted to involve other women. When he wanted her to become part of a ménage a trois she felt he was pushing her too far. Aggie wasn't looking for romance with Milroy she too was happy with the sex. But she wasn't going to be forced into Garven's ménages. If she were to decide that she wanted to explore alternative sexual adventures it would be her choice, not some controlling male's.

In an ironic twist that literally blew her away Aggie discovered that her husband, the pompous Phillip Wilcox, was having an affair with a much younger woman, his new associate pastor Kasey Kaminski. The night she came home from standing outside of Garven's window and watching him have sex with her daughter—his former piano student—her vow to terminate the affair with Milroy became cast in concrete.

When she got home her husband was just coming in the door. As he always did he kissed his wife. To Aggie's shock she detected the scent of a woman's pussy on his hand. Having inkled that he might be having an affair with his assistant pastor, the sexual musk she smelled on his hand confirmed his involvement of hanky-panky. Already angry at Garven and her daughter Penny Aggie's building rage took a strange turn. At first she had an unexplainable urge to have sex with her dishonest and neglectful husband. Not letting on that she knew he was cheating she said, "I need to be loved tonight Phillip."

He had absolutely no romantic intentions with his wife but realizing that he had been careless in not washing his hands after sex with Kasey, the scent on his hand steeped the wayward pastor in guilt. Hoping that Aggie wouldn't smell the telltale bouquet he tried to cover his mistake by saying, "Of course Agatha, I hope that I haven't been neglecting you."

Phillip's affair was something new thing to his Aggie; she had no idea that there had been others. He had been with women members of his church before—the outcome of counselling sessions and such. It wasn't an uncommon phenomenon among his peers; others of his colleagues had fallen prey to needy or predatory women as well. But this was the first time he had begun developing a serious relationship with a colleague, not to mention one so junior. He knew full well that he could be driven out of the church if his behavior were discovered. But Kasey is so young and exciting he rationalized, and she's so amazingly tight!

Feeling like such a fool Aggie thought I should be a stronger person than this. But with the strange thought that having sex with Phillip could be some kind of punishment for him she pressed the issue and said, "I just need it so badly tonight Phillip. Please take me to bed. PLEASE."

For the first time in their married life Aggie was amazed that her husband lasted so long. She wondered how many times that night he had done it with the young and perky Kasey Kaminski. But what surprised her further was how energetically he was. She didn't decipher that his vitality was so powerfully driven by guilt. But she was angered by his dishonesty when he moaned, "Agatha darling, your vagina is so tight and so exciting. I don't think I've ever felt so sensitive down there before."

To his credit, or more aptly to his guileful behavior, he actually snuggled with her after sex, something he had rarely done. After playing with her pussy so eagerly with his right hand—something else he had rarely done. Aggie supposed that it must have been her husband's goal to alter the evidence of his guilty activity by merging the smells of Kasey's sex with hers.

Afterwards, while her cheating husband snored beside her, Aggie was planning to exact some kind of revenge on the deceitful males in her life. At the moment she was pissed at Garven who was carrying on with her daughter and her husband who was playing in the company sandbox. She was disappointed in her daughter but held no resentment toward her. Having suspected that there might have been something going on with Penny and Garven while she was his piano student in high school she could accept that Penny could be holding a prior sexual claim to her piano teacher. Aggie speculated that the young woman was simply following through with an affair that had been going on since her early teens. Fuck both of these men she thought in language that she rarely used unless it was in the heat of sex.

It was just after one a.m. and Aggie was still wired. She heard the back door open and close. Malcolm's coming in from his date. Getting out of bed she wrapped her silk kimono around her naked body and headed for the kitchen where she found her son tipping a partially full half gallon of milk to his lips. With a sarcastic chuckle she asked, "Where have I failed you Malo?"

Jerking with a start her son spilled milk down the front of his dark blue tee shirt. Turning toward his mother he gave her a sheepish look —she had been telling him not to drink out of the container for years. Self-consciously he replied, "I'm sorry Mom, you startled me." It was spring break; Malcolm had been home for the past few days. Now a junior at Rutgers University he'd decided to forgo the spring break trip to Florida.

With an indulgent giggle Aggie said, "I guess, Malcolm David Wilcox, I might as well give up on your drinking out of the milk carton." She picked up a dish towel from the counter and dabbed his shirt. Feeling his well-developed pectoral muscle she blushed and said, "My goodness Malo you certainly do keep yourself in good condition." But she was even more understanding of his physical condition than her son imagined ... or so she thought.

She had seen him sunning himself on the patio in his skintight Speedos, swimming trunks that made such a marvelous display of his tight buns from behind and the significant package between his legs in front. More than once she had ogled him like a curious teen girl. Since her affair with Bart, a college student the same age Malcolm, she had been dealing with guilt ridden lust for her son that had recently become incredibly intense.

Just as she was passing Mal's bedroom after she came back from the shore she heard a moan coming from beyond his door. Concerned that he might be ill she noticed that had the door had been left slightly ajar. Peeking through the crack in the door she could only make out a tiny portion of the bed. But her eye could take in the entire mirrored wardrobe door at the foot of Malcolm's bed. There she saw the reflection of Malo's body lying on his back naked, writhing on top of the mattress. Stunned she saw that his body was writhing because his hand was flailing his erect penis. She was stunned at the size of the thing and thought my son has become a man. She knew she was wrong to be gawking and was going to walk away when she heard him murmur something she couldn't make out. Straining her ears she listened more closely. When she heard "mom, mom" her stomach dropped and her vision became intensified as her feet had become glued to the floor.

The beauty of her son stroking what appeared to be a surreal magnification of his youthful phallus made her want to burst through his door, jump on his bed and ride his beautiful cock. This is so wrong she thought as she felt a surge of wetness between her legs. Telling herself that her boy child was a normal youth she determined I have no right to be here and once again decided to leave. But his louder cry of, "MOM, MOM" magnetized her eyes to the crack. She watched his body freeze as he grunted and said, "SHIT," and saw three surreal shots of his milky semen arc onto his chest and stomach. It was like a sudden slap in the face that turned her face crimson and made her realize the perversion of what she was doing. Lurching down the hallway to get away from Malcolm's room she seethed, "Why doesn't he close his damned door?"

The flustered mother had no way of knowing that since Malcolm had been a sophomore in high school he had been involved in an illicit relationship with his counsellor, Charlotte Speaks. She had become his sexual guru. A sensitive boy, Malcolm had been continually aware of the insipid way his father treated his mother. One of his friends had purloined a book about a son who, aware of his mother's sexual neglect from his father, had become his mother's lover. Since that time the fantasy of making love to his mother became a growing obsession.

It was through a strange twist of circumstances that he became involved with Charlotte Speaks, an attractive single woman who seduced carefully selected students. When she became Mal's sexual mentor the involvement with the divorced older woman intensified his feelings toward his mother. "You are an exceptionally handsome young man Malcolm Wilcox," she once told him. "Take it from me, a mature and previously married woman, a handsome fellow who is as young and virile as you is a sought after commodity by older women everywhere."

When Malcolm confided to her that he was having fantasies about his mother she told him, "I promise you darling, your mother definitely has sexy thoughts about you to." Though intrigued and titillated he wasn't convinced that what Charlotte said was true. To him his mother seemed incapable of inappropriate thoughts and behavior. Charlotte's opinion though enhanced the piquancy of the fantasies he'd been having of his mom. He had no idea of his mother's escapades but he admitted to his teacher that, since puberty, he couldn't stop thinking about his mother.

Now standing in the kitchen covered only by her thin silk kimono Aggie smirked at her son who was looking at her out of the corners of his eyes. The way she seemed to be looking at him at the moment lit a flame of hope that Charlotte Speaks might have been right. As far as he was concerned Aggie Wilcox, even at the age of fifty-three, was one of the hottest looking and most desirable women in the world. The chemistry between them had always been relaxed. Tonight though, he sensed a quality about her that seemed to be eager for his touch. The fact that she was wearing just the thin kimono, a wrap that emphasized her feminine form in lurid detail, seemed to be an invitation that he tried to deny. I've gotta be out of my fucking mind to be thinking this way.

Trying to be cool he stole glances at the vee top of his mother's thin wrap, spying the cleft of her substantial C-cup breasts. The thin silk material showcased her ample nipples that were pushing against the delicate fabric, catching shadows that highlighted their presence. Her face was beautiful and young looking. And her hourglass figure, though slightly thickened at the middle, was still well pronounced enough to deny the existence of love handles. Knowing that beneath the kimono his mother was naked made Malcolm clamp his thighs together to hide the bulge of his growing erection.

As they faced one another in the kitchen, though neither mother nor son was totally at ease, each gave the appearance that they were. Out of the blue Aggie asked, "Do you ever see Charlotte Speaks any more Malo?" She had seen Charlotte in the super market just a couple days ago. The attractive single woman had asked her about her son. She remembered thinking as they parted isn't it strange that she seems more interested Malo than just becoming current on his whereabouts? Rutgers was only thirty miles away. Nah, she thought, I'm just being silly.

Feeling self-conscious Malcolm thought, Christ, my hand still has the smells of Charlotte's pussy on it. I hope Mom can't smell it. As he put the offending hand in his pocket, almost burst out laughing when he thought of the milk bottle that he had drunk from. He knew the residue of Charlotte's scent was all over his face. It's in the milk for God's sake.

"Why such a naughty smile Son?"

When it struck him that his mother might be reading his thoughts his face glowed deep red. Having always thought that his mom was wise to so many things he had done he asked, "Why the sudden interest about Charlotte Speaks anyway Mom?"

All through his childhood Aggie knew when she had caught him in a lie or some kind of mischief. The admission was always written plainly on his face. Though shocked to her core that something might be going on between her son and his former guidance counselor she held her feelings in and chuckled as she said, "You young people think that we adults are so naïve, don't you?"

"Are you talking about Charlotte?" He knew that his mother was on to him. "But how could you have known about it Mom"

Blushing at the impossibility of what he had just divulged Aggie was thrilled that her intuition was correct. She tightened her stomach and steeled her mind at what she had just learned, smiling in a motherly fashion. Clearing her throat she said, "I didn't know anything until now Malo." With a rueful chuckle she went on, "but I've had my suspicions for a couple of years now."

"Darn it Mom, I've never been able to hide anything from you. But what made you think that Charlotte and I were uh doing anything."

Aggie giggled and said, "'anything," that's a cute way of referring to it Malo." Reaching out she brushed his bangs with the backs of her fingers. "When you were in school Mrs. Speaks always sang your praises a little too loudly dear. And I always caught interesting body language whenever she talked about you." She rolled her eyes. "It was the kind of body language that said 'I'm excited by your son.' But it wasn't until I met her at Pathmark just a couple days ago that I was pretty sure. Do you mind if I ask you if you've seen Charlotte since you've come home Malo?"

The redness in his face deepened as he thought, Damn Mom, you're sharp. "Um ... I've been with her twice Mom. Actually, she's the reason I didn't go to Fort Lauderdale. I..."

"You don't have to explain anything Malo; I understand more than you might think. And you're at the age where it is really none of my business." God, why couldn't Phillip have been like Malcolm? "Actually Malo I'm glad that you've had an adult woman to um ... teach you the ... um ... fine points of being with a woman."

There was so much electricity in the room that it almost sizzled. As she watched Malcolm's eyes ogling her breasts she cast a downward glance at them, smirked and thought No wonder, my nipples feel hard as rocks. She didn't want to put him on the spot by saying something that might scare him off. Nor did she want him to stop looking. She was thrilled that his eyes were showing attention to something she was worried might be too saggy. Aggie's ego had been crying out for confirmation since before hers and Garven Milroy's relationship had begun to cool. Her nipples were so swollen and hard that she knew he could he see that she was excited; they were poking tents in the fabric of her silk kimono. She couldn't stop what came out of her mouth. "You do like what you are looking at don't you Malo?" God, did I actually say that?

Geez Mom, he thought, I can't stop looking at them. His face turned different shades of red as he wondered what could have gotten into his mother to be acting this way. There was no question that she was enjoying the fact that his eyes kept returning to her chest. Christ, her nipples are so fucking huge, and her breasts look soft like a young girl's.

During his silence she felt stupid at what she had just said. But she was sure of what was on her son's mind. Still, she needed confirmation and murmured in a husky voice, "What you are thinking Malo?"

He couldn't believe what was going on between his mom and him; her words seemed to be filtering through white noise. "You're so ... b- beautiful Mom," he stammered as he felt his hands being taken into his mother's which came from nowhere. Turning his palms upward she kissed the left one. Though he was embarrassed about his hand still having Charlotte's scent on it he was excited to think that his mother might be able to smell it.

Shuddering, Aggie considered the irony of having smelled Kasey Kaminski's pussy on her husband's hand earlier and now Charlotte Speaks' on Malcolm's. Replaying snapshots of her daughter with Garven and Shinsky she thought, what a strange night this has turned out to be! With all that had gone on earlier in evening: disappointment, anger, the vow of getting revenge, all she felt at the moment was a strangely new but passionate love for her son. "Malo?" she asked, "Is there just a small portion of your life where your mother might fit in?"

Remembering conversations he had with Charlotte he thought, Christ, she has always been right on! In a quavering voice he said, "Oh Mom would you believe that, ever since I was thirteen, I've always wanted to, to..." It was too much to put his thoughts into words but his eyes were saying it all.

She loved that her son was tongue-tied and his confession—such as it was—sent shocks from the follicles of her hair to the tips of her toes. Pulling him close Aggie was caught off guard when her son not only initiated the kiss but did it in such a sophisticated way. As his lips melted into hers and his adept tongue coaxed her mouth open she thought thank God for Charlotte. What she had intended as an exploratory "drive-by" seemed to be morphing into a passionate adventure.

Pulling back to catch her breath Aggie's intention was to set some kind of ground rules. At the moment though, her main concern was to get as far away from the danger of being interrupted as possible. Her eyes were moist when she said, "Let's go downstairs to the rec room Malo." With a quivering smile she tugged at his hand and murmured, "We won't have to be so quiet down there."

Holding hands high like teenagers they descended the stairs, Aggie's insides fluttering with what seemed to be living things while Malcolm's knees were on the verge of collapse. When they got to the bottom of the stairs their kiss turned into a passionate tango, their legs going between each other's, their thighs pressing each familial groin. Both mother and son clutched forbidden buttocks, pulling their partner close and tight. Feeling Malcolm's up tilted hardness against her mons Aggie was transported back to the cottage on the beach where, for the first time, she pursued sex with a man other than her husband. Bart, the lifeguard, was Malcolm's age. Funny she thought I felt so guilty then. Now it seems to be happening in such a natural way. But will we both be alright with this strange thing after we do it?

She thought about how Malcolm had been inside her body for nine months, growing, filling her womb to bursting, then coming out in such incredible pain. Now, with his erect penis pressing between her swollen labia—titillating her clitoris—he was giving her such inconceivable pleasure. Her lust demanded more. "Oh Malo," she said, "I have wanted this so much ... for such a long time."

Opening Aggie's kimono the young Wilcox exposed her alluring breasts. Though they weren't perky he was pleased that there was almost no sag. She could still pass the "pencil test." As he ogled his mother's stunning globes he urgently stripped off his scarlet Rutgers t-shirt. Looking shamelessly into his mom's pleading eyes he held her shoulders, pulled their chests together and merged pecs with breasts. The impossible pleasure of feeling his mother's soft mammaries flattening against his chest made him shudder. "Oh God Mom," he panted. Kissing her soft, moist lips with his and plunged his tongue into the warm darkness of her hungry mouth.

Aggie would have collapsed had it not been for her Malcom's strong arms. Finding its way between their tummies his hand brushed her luxuriant, soft bush. With his hands between her legs his fingers found her puffy pussy lips and he skimmed their tips in the oily wetness of her groove. At first touch the mother's yelp was muted by kiss-pressed lips. As the son's finger skated so smoothly over the now slippery surface of her swelling clit, the mother flexed her legs up and down, jerking with a series of eager moans and winces.

Aggie's need to feel her child's sex couldn't be denied. Fumbling with Malcolm's zipper she worked it down, reached in and wrapped her fingers around the fullness of his warm erection. After having experienced Bart's short but fat cock inches had never been as important to her. She realized it was the pressure on her ring and g-spot the made the feeling so surreal. But the substance of her son's substantial bulk combined with his length brought forth an involuntary, "Oh GOD Baby."

When her thumb grazed the tip of his glans and felt the slick precum she envisioned a headline: Pastor's Wife Guilty of Incest with Son that seemed to move across her mind like a news crawler. Since her weeklong affair with Bart at the shore then the illicit relationship with her daughter's piano teacher, Aggie had been working hard on resetting her moral compass. This, she reasoned, is just another step in the sexual education of Aggie Wilcox. I've paid my dues and now I'm enjoying the benefits.

Recalling the distant past—the changing of Malcolm's baby diaper and bathing him—she had often fondled the same penis without ever thinking how it could grow to an organ of this size. "Oh Malo," she cooed with an incredulous chuckle, "It seems impossible that my baby's penis can have grown into such a marvelous thing as this."

At first what she said bothered him. But as the realization of what they were doing crystalized, his mother's reverie morphed into a strange thrill. For him incest was a sinful act against the laws of society. The quest of both parent and child was strictly taboo. Funny, he thought though, thru all my fantasies I've never considered it that. But here we are and it is so fucking INCREDIBLE. Still amazed that Charlotte Speaks had predicted that it could come about he could only think I thought she was full of shit, but who would have actually thought we would be here doing this? Concerned for his mother's feelings he asked, "Are you SURE you're alright with this Mom?"

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