02-04 Bank Bandits

by Ernest Bywater

Tags: Fiction, Crime, Extra Sensory Perception,

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: Some men want to rob a bank while Gordie is in there. Not a good idea. He's young, but tricky, and stops them in their tracks.

December, 1999 and Gordie is in Carmel shopping with his sister, Dani-girl. They're after a few Christmas presents for family members that are hard to shop for, so they're checking out the wider range of shops in Carmel. They normally shop in View Port because the clan residence is built into the headland between the two towns and its front entrance is closer to View Port. The tourist resort town of Carmel has a much wider range of goods for sale, but at a little bit higher prices. They've found what they want and need more cash to buy them, so they're at the bank to get the money needed to buy them.

They enter the bank and join the queue for the tellers. Gordie notices a few very nervous people in the bank. Much more so than usual. Looking carefully around the bank he's not happy with the way the nervous people are spread about. He softly says, "Dani, have a close look at the two men beside the security guards, the fellow two up from us, and the man over beside the Enquiries counter. Tell me what you think."

She studies the four men with great care, and replies, "I think this bank is about to have a hold up. I don't have a gun on me, do you?"

"No, Dad won't let me carry one in public. I'll see about changing that when we get home. I do have several finger knives. I'll go to the Enquiry counter and deal with the others if you can take out this one when they act." She nods.

Gordie leaves the teller queue and joins the enquiries queue. Once in line he takes care getting out five of his finger knives from his left pocket, and sets them ready for rapid use. He'd like to have more, but five is all he can hold without it being obvious what's in his hand.

The queues move forward as people are served. The suspect robber is next in line. He moves to the teller. He produces a semi-automatic pistol from his coat and demands the teller hands over all the money.

Dani-girl is standing with one person between them, but she's a little to the right of that person. Moving forward she takes two short steps and grabs the gun-hand with her right hand while she slips a finger in between the trigger and the rear of the trigger guard, making it impossible for the man to pull the trigger. With a sweep of her left foot she knocks his feet out from under him while she places her left arm around his head and grasps his chin. In seconds his neck is bent back and his whole weight is resting on her arm. One jerk of her hand will snap his neck and he's dead. He starts to struggle when she grabs his hand, but goes very still when his feet go. He knows how close to death he is. He waits for his mates to deal with his attacker.

At the same time the man at the teller windows pulls out his gun the other three move. The two near the guards hit them on the head and knock them out. The one at the enquiry counter goes for a gun under his coat. Gordie also reacts on the same cue. His reactions are faster. A knife is in his hand and moving before the man nearest him can reach his gun. Gordie throws three knives in quick succession. His hands are a blur when he grabs a knife and spins it off at his targets with a quick flick of his wrist and arm. The first hits the man in the right shoulder, penetrating the joint to cause pain and disable his arm. The second hits in his upper left chest, piecing the hand under the coat and pinning the coat to it. The third hits the left thigh, causing him to groan and stumble. He falls to his knees in great pain.

Spinning around Gordie throws the last two knives in his hands at the robber furthest from him, one in the right shoulder blade and one in the right thigh. The man is facing away from Gordie, so both blades hit him from behind. He doesn't know what hit him, only that it hurts a lot. He screams in pain while he stumbles.

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