Getting It Wrong
Chapter 1: The Experiment

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, DoOver, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, School,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Experiment - Hunter Jacobs is a lonely old man with a checkered past sitting in a nursing home waiting to die when a woman from his past walks in and makes him an offer. WTF? Do your worst... Hunter should have thought this one through.

July 12, 2039
Life had taken its toll. Frankly, I was amazed I was still alive. I smoked, drank too much, never ate right, and didn't get enough exercise. My doctors said there was a long list of things wrong with me -- most of them self-inflicted. My nurses said that I was just too stubborn to die, and I thought there was probably some truth to that. At least I still had enough of my marbles to realize it.

Here I was once again sitting out on the patio of the Twilight Nursing Home. This is where they parked us when the weather was nice outside so the workers could do what they called cleaning. I took a deep breath as I felt the warmth penetrate my aching bones. At least that part of being out here wasn't so bad. Then I looked out over the dead grass and crappy houses behind the facility with their junk-strewn, fenceless yards, and I wondered just what I'd done to be sent to this hellhole? I closed my eyes, and soon my mind wandered to the inevitable: If only I could have done things differently.

I hadn't had an easy childhood. Well, that wasn't totally true, because I had a great childhood until I lost my parents and brother to a car accident. After that my twin sister and I were sent to live with my aunt and uncle. Things didn't go well for me there. I probably shouldn't have survived the accident either. My troubled time may have been caused by survivor's guilt. Whatever had eaten at me caused me to lash out at everyone around me, which eventually got me sent to military school.

To this day I regretted how self-centered I'd been, because it had cost me the only family I had left, my sister Zoey. She'd committed suicide after I left her to fend for herself at my aunt and uncle's. I just knew if I had been there, things would have been different.

Of course that wasn't my only regret. I could count three ex-wives on that list, and the horrible mistakes each of them had been. If I had been honest, a lot of our problems were caused by what I had been doing for a living. I'd joined the CIA out of college, and was recruited into a black ops organization. I'd seen and done things no human should have experienced, and expected to sleep at night. With my drinking, anti-social attitude, and poor impulse control, I had not been a model husband.

My first wife was Mona Winningham. We'd met while in college during our senior year. She had chased a quarterback, who had strung her and another girl along. Mona had one feature that caught every guy's eye: she had the best ass on campus. Mona knew it too. She wore outfits that gave frequent glimpses of those heart-shaped butt cheeks. She would have been a great girl, except she eventually proved to be a gold digger and she was not very bright about it.

After we were married, she told me a story about when she first started college. Her dad had opened a checking account for her to take care of incidentals. A month into her first semester she got a call from the bank and they asked that she come down so they could talk to her. The bank President and her dad met Mona. She had seriously overdrawn her checking account. She confessed that she thought that because she had checks in her checkbook, she could just write them for what she needed. She had been horrified when her daddy had explained how things really worked and Miss Mona had to get a job to pay him back. She quickly found out that rich frat boys, or jocks, would take care of her. I don't think she ever did get a job.

When I'd met Mona, she was in love with Chuck Daniels, our junior starting quarterback. The problem was Chuck was in love with Sissy Conway, and Sissy was in love with Sissy. Everyone knew what was going on, and it was the topic of many entertaining conversations the final semester of my senior year.

The big blowup occurred at a party at my place three weeks before finals. Mona decided she had waited long enough for Chuck to pay her the attention she thought she deserved. He took her to a back bedroom and she'd fucked his brains out, if the noise from my bedroom was any indication. Chuck staggered out, and Sissy was seated on my living room couch, stone-faced. Someone had called her to let her know what was going on. She had heard their lovemaking session. I admit I hadn't done anything to stop her from finding out. I think I'd wanted to see the show like everyone else.

Chuck started right in with Sissy, it's not what you think. You know that you are the one I love. When Mona heard Sissy's screeching, and Chuck's ridiculous rationalizations, she'd come out of the bedroom stark naked and, in an amazing lack of clarity, attacked Sissy instead of Chuck. I admit I enjoyed the sight and made sure the party participants gave them plenty of room to have their little cat fight. Mona should've been a porn star, because she proceeded to rip Sissy's clothes off to the delight of all my male friends. Mona had Sissy down to her shorts when Chuck decided to break things up. He scooped up Sissy and headed for the door, while I grabbed Mona and pulled her to my bedroom to cool off.

Mona paced around my room and fretted about what happened and worked herself right into a lather. Well, I was turned on and she was out for revenge. I fucked her the rest of the night. In the morning she was gone without even a by your leave. Not too surprisingly, Chuck and Sissy only lasted as a couple until the beginning of his senior year when he found someone else.

I had joined the CIA just after graduation when Mona called me out of the blue. We hadn't talked in nearly three months. It turned out that Chuck was smarter than I was and wore a condom. Mona had planned on trapping him and went off her birth control. She had gotten pregnant with my baby. Her parents had told her to find the baby's daddy and marry him pronto. At first, I was pretty happy, so we got married. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that her great ass was her only redeeming feature. Mona was used to getting her way and doing exactly as she wanted. She almost drove me crazy.

Two things eventually ended our marriage. The first was she got an abortion because she didn't want to mess up her body by having my baby. She claimed the pregnancy would make her ass too big. She waited until I had my first assignment and I was gone for a week, and then did it without talking to me. The second was when I came back from another trip and she wasn't home. I found our credit card bills, for cards I didn't even know we had, and found she had charged nearly $20,000 on them.

She'd been following Chuck, who was now in the NFL, around and was stalking him. We got a quickie divorce since I agreed to pay off the debt to get rid of her. The fun part was when she got arrested for sneaking into one of the hotels Chuck was staying at, and his fiancée found her naked in their closet. Her parents agreed to send her to a shrink to keep her out of jail.

You would have thought Mona would have cured me of the marriage bug, but that was when I met the Kun sisters, Kelly and Barb. At first I didn't realize they were related. I was dating them both in a rather casual way, but having a great time with both of them. My world came to a stop when Kelly invited me to a family gathering. Luckily her sister Barb was away for the weekend. I saw a family portrait over the fireplace and I recognized Barb.

Like a dumbass, I admitted to dating her sister. What I didn't realize was the sisters told each other EVERYTHING! There was a big blowup and I didn't see either sister for several weeks. Then Kelly showed up at my doorstep and said she missed the sex. Who was I to argue with that logic?

A week later Barb had knocked on my door. The truth was, Barb and I had more in common than Kelly and I did, and we eventually decided to get married. I broke it off with Kelly and she took it well, but she showed up one night for one last time. That led to one last time occurring whenever Barb was away or in one case, in the other room. To this day I have no idea why Kelly decided she needed to tell her sister about us. I had thought it was just sex. Kelly thought we were in love and needed to tell my wife. I only wished she had asked me about it first, because I knew exactly how Barb would take the news. Unfortunately, I was right and our divorce was final six months after that sisterly confession.

My last marriage was to Nicole. I'd met her on assignment in Germany. She was a reporter for the Associated Press. To be honest, I'm not sure why we ever got married. I was deep in with what I was doing for the CIA and I would be gone for months at a time. Being deep cover meant I had to do things a normal person would never dream of doing, so I would fit in with the animals I gathered information on. Coming home was always difficult. It's not like you could just turn it off when you got back. I will never understand why Nicole put up with my abusive behavior, and for ten freaking years. The woman should've gotten a medal for what I put her through.

None of my three ex-wives could stand me to this day. I also didn't have any friends, and my family hadn't talked to me since I was in college. If anyone needed a chance to correct some wrongs it was me.

Another thing I wish I had done differently involved how I dealt with my job while I was with the CIA. What a mistake that had been. I still wasn't sure how I got on the CIA's radar. What was clear was that my recruitment had to be a tied to my growing up overseas. My father was a Marine who had been stationed in Syria and attached to a security detail for the embassy in Damascus, where he met my mother. She was a Consular Officer. She had an important job. She made judgments about whether foreign nationals, who wanted to travel to the United States, were a danger to our country.

My parents met and fell in love at the embassy in Damascus. Soon after they'd met, Dad left the Marines and joined the Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service; so that he could follow my mom whenever she got a new posting. He was involved in embassy and personnel security. He coordinated with the Marine detachment, so he was already familiar with what was expected of him.

My sister and I had amazing adventures as kids. We grew up all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We learned many different languages, had first-hand experience living in different places, and learned to fit into different cultures. Of course there was always a CIA element implanted at each embassy. That experience must have put me on the radar of the CIA while I was in college.

I'm sure many recruits to the CIA had visions of traveling the world as an international spy like James Bond. Let me tell you, it was nothing like that at all. You didn't stay at swanky hotels, and have a hot assistant to rub your shoulders and suck your dick when you got home. Analysts would spend mind-numbing hours sorting through information. Field agents were dropped into places where, if the bad guys even suspected you were with the CIA, you would be tortured and could have your head cut off in a bad internet video.

One of my personality quirks was just going along with things instead of thinking them through. I rarely thought about the consequences of my actions before I acted. Stupid, I know, and the CIA had zero tolerance for that kind of stuff. Those boys didn't fool around when it came to life-and-death situations, but just going with the flow saved my life on numerous occasions. I got away with it because I simply had a feel as to when to just go for it and freelance my way out of a situation, and when to do things by the book. Of course it wasn't quite as easy to do that in the real world, but most of the time, my world was a long way from real. At various times, I was an arms dealer, computer nerd, bodyguard, errand boy, and basically anyone that was needed to get the information my government wanted.

Then there was the dark side to the work; the nasty part that no one liked to talk about. I was trained to be the ghost our government sent in when no one else could. They called it wet work. I called it killing people. Normally they would use SEALs or Delta Force to take out the bad guys. But if they needed an insertion where they either weren't sure who the bad guys were, had to make it look like an accident, or for some reason they couldn't risk sending in a team, I was the guy. I was credited with killing sixty-four bad guys and two innocents. The bad guys never bothered me. Each one deserved it, and more.

I still had nightmares about the innocent lives I took. One was a young boy in Bogotá who walked in on me while I was going through his father's safe. My intel was that only bad guys were in the house. When that was the case you were in a completely different mode on a mission. If you're about to be discovered, there was no thought involved. It was weapons free and you took care of the situation. If I had even suspected there was a chance an innocent was around I would have verified my target first. We trained hard to verify every time, but in a weapons free situation, where you are surrounded by bad guys, any hesitation could get you killed.

The young boy couldn't have been more than ten or twelve years old. I have no idea what he was doing there. He must have thought I was his father. Who else would be in the office in the middle of the night? Without any advanced warning, he crashed through the door and yelled, 'Surprise!' My training kicked in and I put one center mass and then one into the bridge of his nose. The whole world had slowed down in that moment and I knew I couldn't take it back. There was nothing I could do for the poor kid. The only comfort I had was that he was dead before he hit the ground and didn't suffer.

The other innocent was a hooker in Belfast who wasn't supposed to be there either. The guy I was going after was a nasty bastard who was selling guns to the wrong people. It had been a total fuckup from the get-go. He was supposed to be alone, but it turned out he had three bodyguards hidden away. I made my entrance through the basement, and worked my way up the stairs. I didn't detect the pressure-plate alarm on the top step until I stepped on it. Then all hell had broken loose.

I was in a running gunfight, while in a friendly nation, so I was completely on my own. This guy had backup only moments away, so I did my thing. When you are in the middle of it you become a highly focused killing machine. As I'd cleared each room and worked my way upstairs, I heard a noise in a bathroom. I'd seen a shadow under the door and had shot three quick rounds through the door. When I heard a body go down I continued to clear the house until everyone was dead.

On my way out of the house, I checked the bathroom. I needed to make sure I hadn't left any witnesses. That was when I found the woman. Like the case with the little boy, my training had kicked in and it was over before I could stop myself. I would be haunted with their deaths the rest of my life. I had a karmic debt the size of a landfill and I needed to pay it back.

I took my glass of iced tea and sipped carefully while I sat in the warm afternoon sun. It seemed like I was constantly dripping these drinks down my shirt these days, so I had to be extra careful. I thought more about what could have been. I could feel myself starting to drift off into a nap, while I communed with the past, when a shadow appeared. I opened my eyes, and through the glare of sunlight, I saw a ghost. Looking down at me, were the green eyes I had fallen in love with, so many years ago. I saw my one true regret in my love life, the one that got away, Nancy Ayers.

I'd met Nancy in college. I was young, stupid, on the football team, and thought I was a star. I thought I was indestructible. I thought I could do better than Nancy. If only things could have, what? I had been too young and full of myself to realize what Nancy represented, someone with whom I could have lived the rest of my life with and been happy. When you looked back with the experience that we gained over time, there were moments in our past that we wanted to kick ourselves for because of how we handled them. My time with Nancy was one of my biggest moments in that regard.

Sometimes there was just something about a woman that you just knew. You could feel it deep down and you couldn't explain why you were so attracted to them. My buddies all said I was crazy to have chased after her, because she wasn't the typical girl we all found in our beds on a regular basis. Nancy was good girl. The type you got serious with and marry. What surprised me was that, even though I'd made a complete ass out of myself in a moment of drunken stupidity that had ruined there ever being a chance of a deep and meaningful relationship between us, Nancy became my friend.

How long had it been since I'd seen her last? Forty years or so would be my guess. I knew I was looking at a ghost, because Nancy had died. She had been on a cruise, and they reported she'd fallen overboard. Her body had never been recovered. I had grieved for her more than I'd ever done when I divorced any of my wives.

What a mess I had made of my life. I sat there all alone just waiting to die. How sad could someone's life have turned out?

I squinted, because my eyesight was not what it used to be. She looked exactly as I remembered her. I wondered if she was here to guide me to the great beyond. People talked about loved ones helping you with the transition, and she was the only person I could think of that would take that on for me. It felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my chest. I was ready. I smiled at her and reached my arthritic gnarled hand to touch her cheek. I confirmed she was real, and saw her smile at me.

"Hunter, do you remember me?" she asked.

"Of course I do, but you're dead. The cruise," I started.

"Was a ploy for me to disappear," she said to finished my sentence.

"You're so young. How is that possible?"

"Do you trust me?" she asked.

Where had I heard that before? I chuckled. I was pretty sure I had been the one who had asked her that very same question. It had led to the best night of my life, and then I cringed, because I had taken Nancy's virginity that night. She touched my hand to bring me back to the moment.

"Of course," I answered.

"I want you to come with me. We need a volunteer for an experiment. You might not survive it, but it's important. I wouldn't ask if I didn't need you," she explained.

I shrugged.

"Sure," was my one word answer, which caused her to laugh.

"You don't even want to know what I need from you. Gawd, Hunter, you never change. No questions? You see me as I was, forty years ago; and tell you I want you to do something that might kill you, and you just say sure. You're unbelievable."

"Nancy, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't important, and I trust you. At least I used to. Plus, what have I got to lose? My life? Look around here. How much fun do you think I'm having in this place? Hell, there aren't even any vampires. I was just about to experience the best part of the day, my afternoon nap. I can't even get a drink in this damned place. If things go wrong, you probably will be doing me a favor."

Nancy checked me out of the Twilight Nursing Home and told them I wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks. I knew I would never be back. I made a point of telling my favorite caregivers goodbye. They looked at me with confused glances. I think somehow they knew, too. I held my head high, well at least as high as a seventy-six year-old can, and walked out without looking back. I was pretty happy to be leaving.

We found Nancy's transport in the parking lot. It was a two-seater mini, where the passenger sits behind the driver. I got in the passenger seat, and she punched in our destination in the Nav. When she was done, she turned her seat around so she could face me. The transport began to move as soon as she locked her seat into place. I had a hard time trusting these things, but they said it was safer than letting people actually drive.

"Hunter, what I'm about to tell you will stretch your beliefs. I need you to listen to me closely."

Nancy spent the next hour explaining the fantastic breakthroughs Nano Corp had accomplished. She had been with them for nearly fifty years. They had developed an anti-aging medication, which Nancy had been the third person to try. The first two had experienced adverse side effects, which I assumed meant they died. The only problem was the medication didn't reverse aging. It simply stopped it.

Nano Corp had two problems with their wonder drug. The first was that the medication only worked on a very small percentage of people. She started to explain DNA markers, and the like, but I stopped her. The bottom line was it was too small a pool of people to make the medication marketable. The second problem was that it couldn't reverse aging, which made it useless for the older population who had most of the money. So, there really wasn't a profitable market for a drug like that.

Nano Corp was famous for creating cures based on DNA manipulation. They had learned to change a person's DNA to stop certain forms of cancer and had eliminated Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's treatment was what kicked off things for Nano Corp and made them the giant they were today.

Then she freaked me out.

"We think we've discovered a way to time travel."

I had read several time travel stories in my youth. Writers like Isaac Asimov believed any little change in the past could have profound effects. Robert A. Heinlein said that there were branches in reality. When you did something different, a new reality came into existence parallel to the old reality. Eric Temple Bell, writing as John Taine, was the first to conceptualize the idea that time was a river that embraces all of the above with the presumption that reality had its own brand of inertia and that the newly spawned alternative realities would tend in time to flow back together and the reality would return to the path it would have taken despite the change.

"Bullshit! That's just a bunch science fiction crap. There is no way you could have discovered time travel. If you had, the world would be more messed up than it already is. All it would take is for someone to go back and change something significant, and then where would we be?" I asked.

"That's the problem, we aren't sure if we figured it out. We have been using animals to test it. We need a human trial."

I thought she was joking, but when I looked into her eyes, the light bulb clicked on. One thing I had learned in my past government work experience was to read people. She was serious and I was the sucker they wanted to send back. Well, wasn't that a kick in the gonads? As I thought about it though, I really didn't have anything better to do and it sounded like something a whole lot better than watching soap operas with the geriatric incontinent.

I was taken to a facility where they ran tests on me almost non-stop for the rest of the day. Nancy was at my side the whole time and explained what they did to me. During a lull in testing, she explained time travel to me.

"It's not like the science fiction books talk about. We can't actually just send you back into time. We have to send you back into your body. I guess send is the wrong word. To be honest we aren't exactly sure what happens. The theory is you are sent back to your younger self. It's as if your essence is sent into the past and into your younger self. We have many questions about what actually happens, because to date we have only sent animal test subjects. We do know your physical body disappears until we bring you back. Instead of telling what we don't know; let me tell you what we do know.

"We have been successful in doing DNA manipulation with animals. For example we sent a white bunny into the past and changed his DNA so he would have black hair. When we brought him back his hair was black, so we know that we can change DNA and have it fully integrate when a test subject comes back.

"One of our experiments sent a rabbit back further in time. We had been doing what we call micro-jumps with our initial testing. We would send the rabbit back for the day before and then bring it back. One of the techs made a mistake and sent a rabbit back two years. When it came back it was a juvenile rabbit.

"That was when we found the commercial application for our research. People want to be younger. What if we could also make them better? We could make them resistant to hereditary diseases. You for example had cancer. What if we could have prevented that from ever happening? We could also change hundreds of other things by manipulating their DNA," she said and then gave me a funny look.

"To this point the results have been mixed," she confessed.

"What do you mean by mixed?"

She got a tight smile, and changed the subject.

"We think we're ready for a human trial. We want to change your DNA, and then send you back in time, and then bring you back. The hope is the DNA will have had time to take hold. We hope to bring you back as a healthy thirty year old."

"But?" I asked.

There was always a but in something like this. I had been around long enough to realize that.

"We need to cleanse your system before we send you back. Remove all the toxins that have built up in your body and then we need to adjust your DNA to make you healthy. If we don't, your current self will have an adverse effect on your past self. Plus, you don't want to have cancer, again. We can also make a few adjustments, if you want."

I didn't like the sound of that. I think it was every woman's dream to make a few adjustments on their man.

"Do I even want to know what you're talking about?"

I was starting to get miffed because she hadn't really answered my questions.

"Do you trust me?" she asked again.

"What the fuck! Do your worst," I said as I finally lost my patience.

I was a complete dumbass sometimes. I've been accused on more than one occasion of tossing caution to the wind and just doing it. I had shown at numerous times in my life that it was not the best strategy for a mature man, but I was too old to change now.

The cleansing of my system started out about how I expected. They gave me something to drink that seemed to turn my insides to water. My first wife, Mona, had the bright idea of doing a natural apple juice and olive oil cleanse when we were first married. Soon after they started purging my system of impurities, disgusting stuff poured out of my bowels. It looked like black tar, and the odor made me gag. It smelled like death.

They then hooked me up to an IV drip with a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients they said that my body was missing and also medications to correct my many ailments. I had experienced the joys of chemotherapy when I was fifty. This reminded me of that. In a lot of ways, the cure was worse than the cancer. The doctors explained that a lot of impurities would be removed either through bowel movements or through my urine. It was a good thing they warned me. My urine turned dark yellow and then almost black, and hideous things continued to come out of my bowels.

The next phase became even more unpleasant. Like things weren't fun enough up to this point! I was told they would be making adjustments to my DNA. All I remembered was having a seizure and passing out. When I came to, I felt like someone had beaten me from head to toe, and Nancy was at my side. I had been out for several days as they adjusted me.

"I thought we lost you," she said.

"Are they about done using me as a guinea pig?"

"Yeah, tomorrow you will be sent back. If all goes well," she didn't finish the sentence, but leaned down and kissed me.

I smiled when I finally realized the full extent of her plan. She was looking for someone to spend the rest of her days with. I was flattered she'd picked me. I just wished I had the strength to do something about it now.

Our moment was interrupted as they, the people in white lab coats, wanted to do a few more tests. When they were finally done for the day, I noticed I felt much better. My hands were still gnarled looking, but the arthritis pain was gone. I felt sore from whatever they had done to me, but my normal everyday aches and pains had disappeared. I also felt more alert. I looked out the window and I could actually see again. They say getting old wasn't for sissies. I agreed wholeheartedly.

I finally got a chance to have a serious talk with Nancy about what was expected.

"Hunter, the first trip back will just be a test, a short jump and then we will bring you right back. If that works we will send you back to when you were thirty. The plan is to see if your DNA will take hold in your thirty-year-old self and to determine if the changes that we made here will be brought back to our now. I estimate that you will be sent back and spend about a month in the past. If that works like we think it will, you will be in your thirty-year-old body. We hope it will be like we have found the fountain of youth. People will be renewed and lifespans will be limitless," Nancy said excitedly.

I could tell she felt she was on the verge of a breakthrough. Something in the back of my mind said there was more to the story. I had a unique skill set with my covert training. I wondered why I would need to be gone for a full month.

The other thing I wasn't buying, now that I had time to think about it, was Nancy batting her eyes at me. I had very fond memories of her in college. She told me I was her first love. She was the one woman I really wished I had made more of an effort to try to have a normal adult relationship with. Then I stopped my ruminations. If I was honest with myself, there were several women who could fit that category. My first girlfriend in high school came to mind. There were several girls in college who turned out to be wonderful women in their adult lives.

Nancy was a smart, attractive, and fun to be with. Surely there had been other guys since college. Hell, there should be a guy right now with the hot body she currently had.

As I was feeling better and my mind cleared I had been going round and round trying to figure out what was really going on. I kept coming back to the month I was supposed to stay in the past on my second jump.

"Before we go any further you need to be honest with me. Why me? Just one simple question, and if I feel you are being honest with me, I'll let you do your worst to me."

I could tell I had hit a nerve, because her eyes had left mine. Then she sat up straighter and I knew she was going to lie to me. I held my hand up.

"Don't do it. I will walk out that door. I've had years of training and I can tell that you are going to lie to me. You're asking me to risk my life as your lab rat, but you can't tell me what is really going on. I'm telling you right now; not telling me is a mistake. If something goes wrong you will need me to perform at my best," I reasoned.

She looked around to make sure no one was listening to us.

"You have to stop me from taking the anti-aging medication. It has done something to me and I'm scared. Never aging is a horrible thing. It is almost like you are in one of those vampire books where they have to disappear every so many years because everyone around them is getting old, but you're not. At least with the time machine approach you can live your life and if you decided you want to reset your age you can. We can also make people healthier with the DNA manipulation.

"Hunter, if your trip works and I can age naturally I could have a family, I could fall in love and grow old with someone. I've missed so much," she said, and I believed her.

"What else?" I asked.

I saw her eyes harden. This was something I didn't remember from the sweet college girl I once knew. She looked deep into my eyes, and I measured her response. I gave her a feral smile as I recognized who she really was. I had a moment of nervousness, but I could tell she needed me.

"Okay, no more games," she said evenly in a flat monotone. "It's true the drugs I took that have set me at this age were a mistake. They have messed with my biology so much I can never use the time travel technology. I don't match up well enough to my younger self for the transfer to work properly. So I need you. The one thing that I remember about you Hunter is that you never give up. You might be impulsive, and often reckless, but you have succeeded at every task you took on. I know I can count on you.

"I don't have time to tell you everything right now. Let's do the test jump first, and then I promise to tell you everything. Let's just say that you are a smart guy who has seen what can happen if bad people get too much power. This technology has the potential of being used by really evil people. It can do tremendous good also. If we can mask that it is actually time travel, the advances in health care coupled with our knowledge of the human genome means we can do amazing things," she said.

I could tell that she had already drunk the Kool-Aid. Nancy was committed to her cause. As far as causes went this one wasn't all that bad. However, like any cause, if you went too far it could get ugly. I had a lot to think about.

"Okay, but after the test we talk," I said.

She nodded. It felt good to be back to myself.

It was finally the moment of truth. Nancy explained what they were going to do. I suddenly had a realization. I understood what she was talking about. Not in a broad sense, I mean I understood the science behind it. I gave her a hard look and then smiled at her. They had done something to me, to my mind. I had a million questions, but there was no time right now. You better believe that when we were done with the test Nancy and I would be having a serious talk. I couldn't help myself though.

"Why do I understand what you're talking about? How could I know what you're talking about?" I asked and she put her finger to my lips to shut me up.

I saw her look around to see if anyone had paid us any attention. The look she gave me was one that told me she would explain everything to me later.

They had put me into large contraption that reminded me of an MRI machine, except it was big enough to get my whole body inside. They assured me I would only be gone a moment. They wanted to try what they called a micro-jump, to test things. I would go back in time only a few minutes and then they would bring me back.

If the test went well, they would jump me back to when I was thirty, and then bring me back. They explained everything, but somehow I already knew the theory. They were going to create a bubble around my essence, and send me back into time. I would merge with my younger self, and the DNA was expected to override my old DNA. The theory was my new and improved self would be brought back to the present.

Once I was put into the machine, I was a little unnerved when everyone left. Over the past two weeks, I had grown accustomed to someone always being around. I was startled when a speaker screeched as it turned on.

"Hunter, we need you to lie completely still for the next few minutes," I heard Nancy's voice.

"We are going to begin phase one, the mapping of your body. It will be a little noisy," she told me.

Her saying something about them mapping my body reminded me of the old Star Trek show and their transporters. I had seen what happened when they got it wrong. I could hear a faint whir as the scanner started up. Then there was a clanking noise that went on for several minutes.

"Okay, we're ready," was her only warning.

The noise intensified, and I started to feel light-headed. There was an intense pain that was so strong I was not sure how to describe it. It was as if my body was coming apart. I heard alarms going off and I realized something was terribly wrong.

"Get him out!" I heard Nancy scream.

The time machine made a terrible groan and I felt like I was being roasted from the inside out. There was a bright light and it felt like I had been struck by lightning, and then nothing.

"Stop! Stop! His heart has restarted," I heard a concerned male voice.

"Son, can you hear me?" he asked as he pulled one of my eyelids open, and shined a light in it.

I blinked unable to say anything. I got a similar treatment in the other eye.

"Follow my finger," I was told.

I tracked it back and forth. I felt myself slipping back into the darkness, and then I was being pulled back to what I could only assume was the future.

"No, you don't. Stay awake," I was ordered as someone shook me.

Whatever had tried to pull me back, stopped. I opened my eyes. Where was I? I wasn't in the facility. It looked like an old style emergency room. Had I really been sent back into time? If so, to when? From the look of things, it reminded me of when I was a kid. That just didn't make any sense. The furthest back I was supposed to go was when I was thirty.

The doctor wasn't going to leave me alone to figure it out. He had me squeeze his hand, and then checked my reflexes. They pulled a tube out of my throat, and I coughed. Dang that hurt!

"Just relax. You seem to be okay," I was told. "You just need some sleep."

I felt myself falling asleep. They must have given me something.

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