Playing With the Package
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twenty years ago she had teased him when she was a young nude centrefold displaying her charms to the world. He now had to protect her - she teased him and paid the price for her teasing. He fucked her on his own and in company with his male and female friends. She always complained but always ended up wanting more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Rough   Interracial   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts  

The dossier that Shane shared with me had said that she was 36 years old.

"That's impossible" I said to myself. She had been a Penthouse Pet centrefold 20 years ago ... and I still had the magazine to prove the date. She looked very young in the photos, and the reason why ... was that she must have been only 16 years old when she spread her legs and shared her gaping pussy with the world ... and me.

Shane was an ex-special forces buddy of mine. He had hired me to do a protection detail with him - he was looking after the husband and I was looking after the wife. Her name today was Della - 20 years ago it was Candy.

My name is Grant and I am 60 years old - still fit and in complete control of my faculties.

Della was very petite and still with the killer body that she exhibited 20 years ago, and with short blonde hair. Her face had aged a little, and her tits looked even bigger than in the centrefold.

I found myself mentally undressing her when introduced to her by Shane. Her husband was Italian and looked to be about my age - so he was at least 20 years older than her. He looked suss to me, and I was glad that I was assigned to her and not him.

Shane and the husband left just as I started my perimeter patrol of the mansion before returning inside. There were guards outside with automatic weapons so my job was solely inside with her.

"Grant ... can you come here please?" I heard Della calling when I returned inside.

I followed her voice, and found myself at the door to her bedroom.

Looking inside, I found her reclining naked on the bed with her legs spread, and her naked pussy on display. Her fingers were lightly grazing her mound.

"Fuck me" I muttered under my breath. She still had that beautiful pussy that I had ogled in the centrefold from many years ago.

"You were undressing me before ... Do I look as good as you imagined?" she asked in a taunting voice.

"You want to play" I thought to myself.

I stepped into the bedroom and walked to the end of the bed. I was only about three feet from her pussy where I stood gazing at her pussy whilst she ran her fingers between her wet lips.

She was teasing me.

I took up the challenge by dropping to the bed between her legs and spearing my tongue between her wet pussy lips.

"What ... what are you doing?" she gasped as she wiggled about trying to escape from me.

I grabbed her hips and held her in place whilst my tongue and lips ravished her tasty pussy.

'Oh god ... no ... no stop it" she shouted.

My tongue traversed the path between her asshole and her clitty, spending more time on her clit and forcing her closer to a cum explosion.

"My husband will kill you" she hissed.

I noted that her objections were now only verbal, with her hips not fighting against me but pushing back against my invading tongue.

"Ahhhhh fuck" she gasped with her pussy exploding into her first cum. I slipped a finger into her pussy and crooked it to locate and stroke her G-spot. Finding it quickly I pushed her orgasm higher and higher, not allowing her to settle at all. Soon she was being wracked by a series of continuous orgasms.

She flopped back onto the bed exhausted. I took that opportunity to stand up and quickly remove my clothes before returning to between her legs with hard long fat cock in hand.

I pushed my cockhead between her parted slippery lips and into the entrance to her pussy. The initial resistance was brief before a good six inches of cock slid into her. Her head popped up from the bed surface to watch me sliding my cock into her.

"No ... no ... you can't be fucking me" she gasped as I slammed back and forth into her clinging tightness.

"You teased me ... what did you expect? ... Did you think I was old and impotent like your husband?" I taunted her back, not knowing anything about her husband's sexual prowess.

"This is rape you bastard" she hissed at me when I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs really wide to allow my cock to fully embed within her depths.

"Shut up you teasing bitch ... you are wanting this ... and enjoying being taken" I growled back.

"He'll kill you" she added.

"Only if you tell him" I retorted as I looped her ankles over my shoulders and lifted her ass off the bed. In this position I could slam against her pussy, sending her leaking juices splattering everywhere.

"Oh fuck,,,,, oh god..." she moaned.

I had her just how I wanted her now ... she was co-operating and being part of this energetic fuck.

With my arms wrapped around her thighs I slammed deep into her until my balls boiled over with my cock erupting deep inside her exploding pussy. I squirted hard and long with my hot cream deposited deep inside her.

"Oh fuck ... you came in me" she gasped. 'I'm not protected".

"Tough luck slut ... my swimmers are quite virile" I informed her as I relaxed my hold on her thighs and moved forward so that I could kiss her. She willingly kissed me back so I must not have been in her really bad books.

An hour later and a couple of shorter fucks later she asked me "Can you take me for a ride on your bike?"

"What?" I responded.

"Payback for raping me" she retorted.

She persisted and wore me down - I finally agreed to her demand by sending her to get dressed in suitable riding attire whilst I retrieved my riding leathers from the backpack in the kitchen.

I quickly changed into my leathers and was soon joined by Della. She was dressed in jeans and long boots with a thin T-shirt under a black leather jacket. She wax obviously bra-less judging by the wobble of her tits.

I handed her the spare helmet from my backpack and we headed into the back garage area to where I had parked my bike - it was a powerful and noisy Harley.

I had just mounted the bike when the bluetooth in my helmet buzzed.

I answered to hear Shane shouting "Get out of there!!!!! ... Oh fuck". Then he was cutoff by the sound of gunfire. His phone obviously dropped to the ground judging by the noises. I listened as I heard shouting getting closer until I heard a voice say "Fuck you ... you can't protect him from us ... nor his wife".

Then there were two more gunshots ... then silence. The phone had been crushed by someones boot I suspected.

"Fuck" I gasped as I realised that Shane had just been executed ... and I was next if I stayed about here.

"Jump on quick!!" I shouted at Della.

"What ... what??" she asked just as a barrage of gunfire came from the front of the mansion.

"Get on now" I shouted at her as I kicked over the Harley. The assailants would have heard it by now so we had to move. I had noted a rear exit hidden in the bushes at the back of the property when on my perimeter patrol earlier so I gunned the bike towards the exit as all hell broke loose around us.

We got though the exit unscathed by gunfire and headed off down the back street.

I needed somewhere safe - my house was probably under watch so that was out. As I rode along the highway I scanned my rear vision mirrors as Della clung to my back. No sign of followers at the moment so I exited the highway and used the back streets to make my way to a safe house that Shane and I had established years ago.

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