Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, mt/mt, Teenagers, Mind Control, Magic, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Paranormal, Furry, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Tit-Fucking, Analingus, Big Breasts, School, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Unnatural events ensue as seven demons of sin dole out perverted punishments to helpless civilians.


I enjoyed the pale warmth of the Winter Solstice sun on my face as I glided lazily just a few hundred feet above the neighborhood's recreation center. With a child-like smile, I mimed a squid motion before spurting backward though the air. Of course, the move was nothing more than a lavish gesture. My name is Acedia (or "Ace" for short), and I am not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, malignant spirit. Actually, I am one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and compared to other demons, my six siblings and I are extremely powerful ... sort of. You see, the other "sins" and I can only manipulate the human world when we're in the presence of our particular brand of sin, which, in my case, is Sloth.

Another bummer is that, although I am in control most of the time, I am also bound by Celestial Law to "punish" sinners encountered here on earth. What this means is that on an average day, I encounter around three to five drug-addicts, neglectful parents, or even lazy house-wives whom the universe deems sinful enough to warrant a little (or sometimes a whole lot of) aversion-therapy. I can't speak for the others, but when my "therapy sessions" begin, it always happens the same way. First, no matter what I am doing, I am immediately bombarded by images of the sinner being forced into some form of sloth that will make them never want to be lazy again. The images then become visions, and the punishments become increasingly corrupted, inventive, and very, very perverted. In the end, there is not much that I can do—Celestial Law always wins. The visions then point to a certain location where I usually find the person or persons that were in them. Then, like a father who catches his son smoking, I take the object of their addiction and force it on them until it makes them sick.

Of course, steps are always taken to make sure these little therapy sessions don't make it into the media, but we don't really have control over that either. Whatever force it is that requires us to do what we do also seems to make sure we don't get caught doing it. Let me be clear, I'm not referring to anything as serious as killing a mall full of witnesses, but the nature of our existence does require a certain degree of obscurity. As a matter of fact, Luxuria (my sister), had to do a job at a mall not too long ago. Other than the folks she was there to punish, most of the people just didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. And then, of course, there are plenty of times when our victims can't return to work for weeks, in which case their co-workers don't ask questions, and their bosses, however irrationally, decide to give them additional sick days.

As I floated over the blocks of nearly identical suburban homes, I gently opened my eyes and gave a brief glance towards the sun.

"Almost noon and not one lazy-ass sinner," I thought aloud, "Mmmh, I could get used to this."

Almost exactly as the words left my mouth, I felt a familiar sensation in my stomach and my mind began to fill with thoughts of sin and perversion.

I sighed, "So much for peace and quiet."

Suddenly, the vision of a teenage boy, lazily fucking his cute older sister, popped into my mind. The sister wore a blue top that had been rolled up past her two perky tits, but was otherwise completely bottomless, revealing an incredibly round bubble-butt. She was poised on her elbows and knees, ass raised, in front of her brother, who's boney hands gripped the ample flesh of her milky-white butt-cheeks as he slid his (rather large) cock in and out of her very wet (and very red) teenage pussy. In her hands, the girl held a video game controller, and, despite their predicament, both siblings seemed to be fully immersed in the racing-style game that she was playing on the television. Ace immediately knew that despite her best efforts, the boy's sister could not stop playing the game, just as the boy could not stop watching her play, and neither of them could stop fucking each other. Just then the boy released his sister's right thigh and used the hand to remove his cock from her now gaping vagina. His lips then curled into a manic, unnatural smile just before he tilted his cock upward, and slowly slid it into her asshole.

The girl in the blue top continued to play her video game ... even when the swollen head of her brother's large dick slipped into her tiny asshole. Meanwhile, her brother did not stop pushing his hips forward until his shaft was completely swallowed by the girl's bottom and his balls were pressed against her empty cunt. I couldn't help but notice that other than a little extra drool spilling from her mouth, the girl still showed no reaction to her brother fucking her ass.

The vision continued for a few minutes before I was able to snap myself back to reality with a self-administered slap to the face.

"What a strong divination!" I exclaimed.

I had seen visions similar to this one before. The girl and boy in the vision were probably "hard-core" gamers, failing school and spending their time vegetating in front of an iBox or GameStation (or whatever contraption these humans were playing nowadays) ... but there was something different in this one. There's no way I would be sent a vision this clear just because some slut and her brother like to play video games a little more than they should. Fortunately, with a signal that crisp, I was able to zero-in on the source, and in no-time, I was corporeal and walking up to the front entrance of their home.

After a few minutes of knocking, I heard the deadbolt flip, saw the door begin to swing open, and was instantly caught off guard by a flood of bizarre images and visions, each one with a different sinner. The first few images depicted an older blonde woman with large, E-cup breasts who was deeply licking the asshole of the same girl from the previous vision, which I presume was to get it clean and ready for the girl's brother. The girl from before was crying softly in this image, but still focusing intently on winning her racing game, even as she felt her mother's tongue pushing its way deeper into her virgin ass.

Next was another vision, as crisp as before, and even more perverted. The sinner was a man, who somehow I knew was the father of the household, but the vision didn't take place in the home like all the others. This time, the setting appeared to be that of a men's restroom. The father, who I could now sense was a deadbeat dad living off of his wife's inheritance and his own disability, was sitting on a toilet in a bathroom stall with his pants pulled down just enough to free his cock, which had grown to over two feet long.

To make the image even more bizarre, the man now had large E-cup breasts that were identical to his wife's. Also, there as something about his mouth that seemed out of place. It looked more ... feminine. His lips were bee-stung and a small amount of drool was streaming out one corner of his mouth. The man's unnatural cock jutted straight up, squeezed between the man's enormous tits, and stuck out the other side.

I watched curiously as the man stared downward, entranced by the large cock poking out from his new cleavage. Then, tentatively, he began to bend down until his lips met the tip of his cock, which was now pouring forth a steady stream of pre-cum onto his chest. Suddenly, after a particularly forceful spurt of pre-cum landed directly on the back of his throat, the man seemed to lose all reservations about sucking his own dick, and began to eagerly wrap his lips around the giant cock head. I continued to watch as the man bent down as far as he could reach, opened his mouth a wide as he could, and slowly began to deepthroat his own cock (or as much of it as he could). His hands were now gripping the sides of his new tits, squeezing them together around his cock, of which he repeatedly sucked the last six inches into his mouth.

They weren't visions like before, but they made their point very clear: this was not just one sinner; it was a family of sinners. Suddenly a woman's voice jerked me back into reality.


Standing in the doorway was the middle-aged blonde woman with a slender body and large E-cup breasts from my previous vision. I quickly peeked around the woman and recognized the familiar living room, the brother, and the sister from earlier. The boy was lying on the floor playing the racing game from my visions. His sister was sitting on the couch behind him wearing the familiar blue top. Covering the girl's plump ass were a pair of booty-shorts made from some stretchy material with her sorority letters written on the back. The girl, who couldn't have been much older than 18, must have recently attended college, but something told me her grades weren't exactly up to par.

"Yes ma'am, my name is Acedia, but you can call me Ace. Might I ask your name?" I answered.

"It's Rita Sellers. Might I ask why you're knocking on my door?" she snapped back.

"Certainly ma'am, that is an excellent question," I smiled and felt the power to reshape reality pulse throughout my corporeal form, "You see, I am your brother-in-law and I'm here to spend the weekend with you and your family!"

"My brother-in-law? But my husband is an only child," she replied calmly, but my influence had certainly knocked the smug look off her face.

"No, no, no. I'm your husband's brother. You and I have met plenty of times. As a matter of fact, you've always had a large crush on me, remember?"

"Oh, duh! I don't know what I was thinking just now. Please, come in!" She opened the door fully and stepped aside. "Kids! Come say hi to your Uncle Ace!"

"Can't. We're busy," they both chimed in unison.

My face cringed. One thing I really dislike, especially this last 50 years or so, is when someone says "I'm busy," even though what they really are is lazy. Perhaps it's because if they were actually busy, I probably wouldn't have to spend my day punishing them for being lazy.

"Why don't I go say hello, instead?" I suggested. "After all, I wouldn't want to interrupt their game."

"Ugh, I hate that damn game. I can never get them off of it. The only thing more worthless than my kids is my piece of shit husband," she undid a button on her top while she was speaking. "Do you know that he doesn't even fuck me anymore? All he does is go to that damn bar every night, and then he comes home and wants either a blowjob, or to fuck these tits," she grabbed her breasts jokingly.

"Is that so?" I reached up and gently tugged on the neck of her blouse until one of her nipples came into view. "Well they are nice tits. Remind me your husband's name again?"

A confused look crossed her face, but she answered nonetheless, "It's George. You must need to come by more often! We obviously don't see enough of each other." She said with a wink.

"I think you're right," I smiled while I slipped my hand under her bra and gave her bare tit a firm squeeze, "And your children's names?"

"That's David, and ... mmmmn," Rita accidentally moaned. A second later, she realized what she did and began to blush terribly. We were both still standing in her doorway, and I could tell that she was afraid someone might see us. "And the one on the couch is Kate."

"Thank you, Rita," I said as I reached up and tucked her tit back into her blouse, "Why don't we go inside and get comfortable?"

"Sure thing, Ace," Rita answered in a breathy voice before she turned to follow me inside.

As I stepped inside, I did another quick survey of the living room. There was a recliner on the wall to David's right, a sofa behind him (which is where Kate was currently sitting), and a sofa to his left. I quickly walked over to the recliner and made myself comfortable while Rita made a quick trip to the laundry room.

"Good afternoon, David! Good afternoon, Kate!" This time I got their attention. "I am your Uncle Ace from your father's side! Remember?" Which, of course, they now did.

"Oh, hey Uncle Ace," they both replied monotonously, and almost in unison.

Rita returned quietly from the laundry room and sat down on the couch across from me. She made it very clear that she was no longer wearing a bra.

"So, Ace, how have you been? You're looking great, by the way," Rita said while she unfastened another button on her blouse. By now her tits were almost completely spilling out of her top.

"Oh God, Mom, really?" Kate interrupted before I could reply. "You're going to hit on Dad's brother right here in front of us?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, Katie. Plus, you just know your loser father is going to be gone all night again anyway" Rita shot back.

"Oh wow, that's just great, Mom. You know all you do is talk shit about Dad?" Kate turned to look at her mother, "Mom, I can almost see your nipples!"

"Oh please, Kate. Don't be such a drama-queen," Rita told her daughter, even though she knew Kate was right. Unclasping that last button had caused her E-cup breasts to put an even greater strain on the ones that were still fastened, and much of her chest could now be seen through the parted areas of her cotton shirt.

Kate rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Mother. Get up, David! It's my turn to play," Kate yelled at her brother.

"No it isn't! I just got on!" David yelled back.

"Yes it is, stupid. Now get up!" Kate grabbed the remote from David's hands and ended his game.

David jumped to his feet, "Jeez, Katie! You didn't have to do that, you know!" David conceded the battle with his sister and sat down angrily on the couch. I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the boy. Meanwhile, Kate took to her spot on the floor in front of the TV, and I watched as the teen's gorgeous heart-shaped ass bounced and jiggled on her way down. Kate started the game and began to play. While she played, Kate preferred to lay on her belly, with her legs parted slightly and lying flat on the ground behind her. This was not unusual by any means, but with Kate's particularly round backside, the position left very little to the imagination. I also noticed that she just so happened to be lying in exactly the same spot on the floor as in my visions, which I decided to use as my queue to get this party started.

"Don't be mad, David. It's not really Kate's fault," I said.

"It's not?" He asked.

"No, not really. I mean, we all know that Kate is addicted to that video game," I said.

Kate's ears perked up at that last part. "I'm sorry, what? I am what?" Kate asked me.

"Well, I just figured that since you obviously want to spend every waking moment playing this game, then that's exactly what you should do," I answered.

Kate looked extremely confused. At first, she looked happy about the prospect, perhaps thinking that I was taking her side, but then my tone caused her to suspect an ulterior motive. "I um ... That sounds great, but what do you mean?"

"I mean you shouldn't ever stop playing this game except for sleep, and perhaps the occasional bathroom break." I responded, "After all, all that really matters is the game."

As soon as I finished speaking, Kate's head immediately turned back to the screen, she un-paused the game, and her hands started pressing buttons on the controller. Although I'm sure David and Rita failed to notice it, Kate suddenly had a wide-eyed look of fear on her face as she struggled to figure out what was happening to her, but, for whatever reason, could not keep her mind from focusing on her racing game instead.

"Wha ... What's going on? I can't ... I can't stop," Kate managed to say, even as her fingers maneuvered her sports car around the track.

"Oh that's nothing. Let's go back to talking about your mother. What was it that you said she does to your Dad?" I interrupted.

"I ... She..." Kate struggled not to answer, but she had no choice. She felt her lips open and heard the words come out of her mouth.

"She talks shit."

"Oh, right. So you mean she gives good rim jobs?" I asked innocently.

"What? No I ... I mean..." Kate was trying to choose her words carefully, "Yea, they're perfect," she blurted out in a slutty voice. Her face was turning red and I think I saw tears forming in her eyes.

Rita, who was listening to the entire conversation hoping the subject would steer back to her nipples somehow, heard this last bit and looked at her daughter quizzically.

"I what?" Rita asked.

"She was just telling me how she thinks you give the perfect rim jobs," I answered for Kate, who was a little busy finishing her race.

Rita was suddenly livid, "WHAT?! I HAVE NEVER—"

" ... Been able to resist your daughter's pink asshole?" I interrupted, "Yea you sure do seem to be in love with it. But guess you just find the taste too good to resist, huh? Hell! I bet just thinking about it is making your mouth water."

Rita was speechless. She continued staring at me with her mouth open, poised to rebut, but stopped short. Then I saw her eyes briefly dart over to the flimsy strip of fabric that covered Kate's amazing ass, and then back to me. Her expression was one of bewilderment. I could tell her first response was to immediately deny such a wild suggestion! But there was something about the way Kate was lying down flat on her belly, playing that game with her legs straight and open just enough to see the folds where her ass cheeks met the back of her thighs. Rita suddenly let out a loud slurp as she caught a strand of drool that nearly fell onto the carpet.

"I thought so. Gee, Kate, you must be really proud of such a beautiful asshole. And I'm sure you love to shove things in there too, huh? I bet getting ass-fucked is the best part of sex for you. Am I right?" I said to Kate, who was just finishing second place in her race, and was too focused on the game to put up a decent fight.

"No I ... I mean, of course I love bouncing my white ghetto booty up and down on a hard dick until it cums in my butt, but my mom's tongue is really just the best!"

Just as she finished her sentence, she also finished the race, and in her free moment, Kate realized what she had just said.

"Mom! I didn't mean to say ... I mean your tongue is just feels so..." Kate quickly stopped herself. She had hoped that without the game playing, she might finally be able to say what she wanted, but each time she tried, her mind was bombarded by more perverted thoughts involving her mother's tongue, and getting fucked in her large "ghetto booty" as she now referred to it.

By now, Kate's tears were pouring down her cheeks. She kept trying to remove her hands from the controller or turn away from the screen, but she couldn't budge at all.

"Oh, look at that, Kate, you got second place! Good for you. Well since you have a little intermission here, why don't you show us that pretty asshole of yours I keep hearing so much about?" I asked.

Kate's face became extra strained as she tried her best not to answer. Slowly she felt her lips begin to part until her mouth answered for her.

"Su—Sure, Uncle! You guys are going to love it. It's so beautiful!" Kate blurted out uncontrollably, her voice becoming increasingly slutty and child-like. David continued to stare in shock at his sister as she gently placed the controller down in front of her, moved her hands to her sides, slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, and lifted her hips as she slid her shorts and panties over her round bottom before kicking them off. As expected, she only moved what was necessary to do what I had asked; her gaze was still fixed on the screen and she was still laying belly-first on the floor. When her panties were off, Kate opened her legs slightly, reached her hands back, and spread her ass cheeks just above her pussy, showing off everything from her asshole to her tight vagina.

Rita was mesmerized. Once her daughter's hands reached back and pulled apart the milky white globes of her ass, Rita could not look away any more than she could stop her mouth from excessively salivating. Slowly, Rita slid off the couch and inched her way to where her daughter lay on the floor. As she approached, Rita reached out and placed a cold hand on her daughter's thigh.

This clearly crossed some line for Kate, because at that moment, she managed to snap somewhat back to reality and yell at her mother.

"Mom! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Kate managed to exclaim.

I actually found myself impressed by the strength of this girl's rebellion, even if she only managed to spit out a few words of protest before her mouth clamped shut again. As I said before, we Sins are extremely powerful, and since I am normally in the presence of the laziest of humans, strong-willed is not a trait I see often in my victims.

Unfortunately for Kate, her mother shared no such trait, and she continued to move closer toward her daughter's bottom.

"OH Sweetie, I can't help it. You just look so ... SLLURRPP," Rita paused to swallow the built-up drool in her mouth. " ... beautiful. Do you mind if Mommy gives you a quick rimmy?" Rita asked as if she were talking to a young child.

"Mother, please ... I can't..."

This insubordinate slut was beginning to get on my nerves.

"It's okay, Kate," I said, "If you don't want to play with your mother, I could always bring in the neighbor's dogs for you. I know how much you enjoy playing with them."

At hearing my words, Kate quickly recalled her neighbor's two large German Shepherds, Max and Rover. She liked the dogs, but they were both from the same litter, and were exceptionally large compared to most German Shepherds. Kate didn't know much about dogs, but she often suspected that Max and Rover were part Great Dane or something. Suddenly Kate's mind was engulfed with the clear vision of the two dogs and herself playing in the living room...

In her vision, Kate was babysitting the two dogs while her neighbors were out of town (something she had actually done a few times before), but this time was different. Kate was lying on the floor in front of the living room TV with her hands holding tightly onto the game controller. Her legs were again spread, but this time with her butt lifted slightly. Behind her was one of the neighbor's large German Shepherds (Rover) thrusting repeatedly into her bare, wet pussy, which was now creating a rather large puddle of pussy-juice on the carpet beneath her. Meanwhile, the neighbor's other German Shepherd (Max) was standing next to Kate's face, with his hind-quarters pointed directly at her, and an enormous red doggy-dick hanging between his hind legs.

As the dog in her pussy continued to plow away, Kate lazily slurped on the large red cock of the dog next to her. Kate's head was slightly turned to the left in an effort to accommodate the dick in her mouth, but she clearly had no intention of pausing her game. Her eyes simply remained locked on the screen while her mouth refused to stop blowing the doggy-dick hanging in front of her.

As the vision continued, Kate pulled the dog-cock out of her throat with a loud slurp, and shifted slightly so she could see the dog behind her.

"Rover, no! I told you, we only fuck Aunt Katie's butt," she scolded the beast.

Kate then reached around and, with great difficulty, managed to carefully pull Rover's dripping pecker out of her pussy and quickly realign it with her asshole. Not missing a beat, Rover then plunged the doggy-dick back into Kate, but this time filling her large bubble-butt instead.

"That's it, boy, fuck Aunt Katie's butt hard. Get it all in there, boy!" Kate encouraged the dog in the nicest voice she could manage, but he just wasn't going deep enough.

"Awe, Rover, you're not getting it in all the way," Kate sighed. Reluctantly, she decided to pause the game. "Okay, Rover, but just this once. Lie down, Max," Kate said, clearly referring to the German Shepherd who was not currently thrusting into her butt. Carefully, Kate managed to get Max to lie down on his back in front of her, with his cock throbbing against his stomach just below her face. Once Max was comfortable, Kate gently lifted the doggy-dick and, after taking time to pleasure his balls with her tongue, moved her mouth up to the tip, and proceeded to slip the entire shaft into her throat. Then, using the dick in her mouth as leverage, Kate reached her hands behind her back, gripped her cheeks, and spread them as wide as she could.

Kate hated having to pause her game, but at the same time she also really loved this position. Now that her massive butt-cheeks were spread wide, Rover could easily fit the entire length of his cock inside her. She moaned as she felt the German Shepherd begin to bottom out against her backside. Since her hands were busy spreading her own ample butt-cheeks, Kate allowed the dog in front of her to start fucking her face roughly while she used his cock to stabilize her position. She felt the dog's small testicles slapping into her chin as her mouth repeatedly engulfed his entire cock and even some of his furry sheath. Before long, Max began to thrust a little harder into Kate's face, signaling to her that he was about to cum. As did, she quickly swallowed several spurts, and after about the sixth long rope of cum, Kate eventually choked and then coughed, causing a large dollop of doggy-cum to drip from her nose.

Fortunately, the discomfort of doggy semen in her nose was soon mitigated by the sensation of Rover shooting strand after strand of his own seed deep into her bowels. As she felt Rover's cum coating the inside of her butt, she also felt his knot growing inside her—locking the warm cock inside her ass. That was always her favorite part.

Just then, the real Kate was slammed by her own orgasm rushing through her slender body.

"Oh God ... Nnnngghhh," Kate moaned.

As her daughter's body convulsed, the object of Rita's obsession began to wink at her invitingly, which Rita took as a sign of Kate's approval.

"Oh Katie, Mommy loves it when you moan like that," Rita continued her baby-talk. "Does little Katie need her rimmy now? Hold still, Baby."

Although Kate didn't hear much of what her mother was saying due to the mega-orgasm rocking her tiny body, and the bestial visions still running through her imagination, she continued to hold tightly onto her own ass-cheeks, keeping them spread and her asshole exposed. I actually wasn't sure if she was doing this as part of my instructions from earlier, or because she was under the impression that she was still being anally fucked by her neighbor's dog.

Rita then positioned herself behind her daughter, placed both hands on her thighs, and proceeded to lean over Kate's rear. A steady stream of drool flowed out of her mouth and onto Kate's puckered opening, and then made its way down into her convulsing pussy. Savoring the moment, Rita leaned in slowly, stuck out her tongue, and with a sexy moan, pressed her mouth against the only thing in the world she cared about: her daughter's pink asshole.

From my angle, I could see Rita's thick tongue occasionally peek out from under her bottom lip (which was always pressed firmly against Kate's butt), then slip back in as she licked as hard and deep as she could. Drool was practically pouring out of her mouth, causing loud slurping sounds that Kate seemed to get off on.

David, who had the best seat in the house, sat in awe as he watched his mother perform anilingus on his sister, and there was clearly a discernable bulge growing in his pants. I was having so much fun that I had almost forgotten he was there.

"Enjoying the show, David?" I asked.

He nodded guiltily. I really did feel sorry for the guy, but like I said before, there isn't much I can do; I'm required to give them more sin than they can possibly handle.

"I'm sure you are. After all, you have the same condition as your sister," I told him.

David immediately jerked his head away from the scene in front of him and looked at me angrily.

"HELL NO I DON'T!" David denied, clearly referring to his sister's obsession with getting fucked in the ass.

"No, no, no. I'm speaking, of course, about her addiction to video games," I responded coolly.

"Oh, that. Um, I don't think I do," David said, clearly embarrassed about losing his composure.

"Sure you do! The only problem is, your sister doesn't ever stop playing it," I said in a manner that would get Kate's attention.

Upon hearing this, Kate opened her eyes and stopped daydreaming about her neighbor's dogs. For a moment she seemed puzzled as to what was happening in the room. But then, with Kate's mother slurping loudly at her asshole while Kate squeezed her own butt-cheeks, she quickly managed to fill in the missing pieces.

"Speaking of which, I think it's about time to get back to your game. Right, Kate?"

Immediately, Kate's head snapped upward to look at the TV, and her eyes opened wide. Without hesitation, Kate then let go of her ass, returned them to the game controller in front of her, and started the next race, even while her mother was busy trying to get her tongue deeper into her bottom.

To make matters worse, despite her best efforts, Kate could not help but thrust her ass backward against her mother's mouth; it just felt too good. Even with her tears flowing freely, she would still occasionally moan as her body responded to her mother's tongue. It was obvious that her mind was close to submitting entirely, just like her mother.

I looked back over to David who was deep in thought.

"I ... I guess you're right. I mean she is always playing it," David said.

"Exactly, but it's not all bad. At least you can play with your sister while she's playing the game," I pointed out.

"I can?" David asked in confusion.

"Yes, of course you can! And since she loves monster cocks inside her ass, she is perfectly fine with you playing with her."

As I made this last point, the bulge in David's pants began to grow. Quickly, the swollen object snaked its way down his leg until it stopped just a few inches above his knee. David's cock was now at least ten inches long and very thick. It is not often that I transmogrify my victims, but considering the vision I saw of their father, George, face-fucking himself in a bathroom stall, and the incredible power that this family of sinners was providing my demon essence, I just couldn't help myself.

"Isn't that right, Kate?" I asked.

"Nnngghh..." Kate grunted loudly. I could feel her willpower slipping.

"Hello? Kate? I said don't you hate it when you don't have a monster cock fucking your big ghetto booty?" I continued, "Think about it: the occasional sound of your ghetto ass-cheeks clapping; the feel of some guy's giant balls slapping against your tight cunt."

"I ... mmnnnghh," she moaned. "OH GOD YES! I do! I do love monster cocks in my ass!"

I smiled.

"Hey, Mommy?" Kate asked.

Rita gave a muffled reply. "Mmmhmm?"

"Do you think you could get my asshole ready for Davy? I really want to feel his thick cock fucking me while I play video games," asked Kate innocently.

Rita extracted herself for a moment to answer the question.

"Sure, Baby, just let me get a few more licks and I'll let you kids have your fun," Rita answered before going back to giving her daughter's asshole a tongue-bath.

I gave a quick glance toward David, and he immediately began unbuttoning his jeans before fishing out his monster cock.

Rita reluctantly finished her daughter's rim job (or "rimmy" as she now called it) and looked over to David.

"Ready, Dear?" Rita asked David.

"I sure am, Mom!" He answered before removing his jeans completely.

I returned Kate's ability to control her body; the effects of my suggestions normally last several weeks, and with her resistance gone, there was no longer any danger of her causing a scene. Although her mobility had been restored, Kate's focus remained glued to her racing game. However, she did reposition herself so that she was now on her knees, providing better access for her brother. As David kneeled down behind her, Kate beat the current map which she was racing on in her game.

"Davy! Check it out! I got first place on that European track!" Kate exclaimed.

"OH NO WAY! Way to go, Sis! Hey do you mind if I fuck your pussy for a little while to get it wet?" David asked candidly.

"Oh sure that's fine, but please don't tease me this time. You know how I hate it when you won't put that fat cock of yours in my butt," answered Kate affectionately.

David laughed, "Okay, Sis, I won't."

And with that, David slowly inched his way inside Kate's swollen pussy. As he did, Kate's eyelids fluttered in response, and her eyes would occasionally roll up with pleasure. Since she was in between races at the moment, David didn't mind looking away from the screen to admire his sister's swollen pussy lips gripping his prick as he pushed it inside her. Curiously, David used both hands to touch the engorged lips wrapped around his dick.

"Wow, Sis. You are so tight!"

"Awe thanks, Davy! Just wait until you fuck my ass. I'll probably make you cum before the second race!" Kate joked.

As I watched Kate and David, Rita kneeled down behind them and began to spread David's ass-cheeks.

"Rita, why don't you let the kids play for a while and come sit over here?" I interrupted her.

"Okay! Just give me one second," she replied before leaning forward and giving her son his first rim job.

"Mmmmnn ... What is tha—MOM?! What are you doing?" David asked, more than a little surprised to feel his mother's wet tongue slipping into his ass.

"Oh don't be such a baby. I was just giving you a little kiss," replied Rita, "I'll leave you two alone now."

And with that, David went back to fucking his sister while Rita walked over and sat down on the arm of the recliner where I was sitting.

"It's so nice to see them finally getting along. I'm so glad you came to visit, Ace," Rita said before bringing her hand to her chin and making another loud slurping sound. The sight of her daughter's ass was still causing her mouth to water, and she was doing her best to not accidentally drool on me when she spoke.

"Oh thank you, Rita. I'll admit this was somewhat of an obligatory visit, but I must say, I certainly am enjoying myself," I said, to which Rita laughed and put her hand on my knee.

"I know we all really appreciate it," Rita paused. She seemed to have something else to say, but was unsure how to phrase it. "I was just think—SLLRRPP," she caught herself. "Excuse me! I meant to say I was just thinking that ... well ... everyone knows that the sight of Kate's asshole makes me drool like crazy, and ... I was just thinking that it seems like such a waste to swallow it all. Would you like a blowjob?"

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. Apparently I had removed all of her inhibitions about performing sexual acts in front of her kids. It's sometimes difficult to predict what side-effects my tinkering will have on the human psyche. Rita, for instance, with her children watching, is now perfectly fine with performing all forms of oral, but might still consider fucking in front of them to be unmentionable.

"Why, of course, Rita. That would be lovely," I answered in my most proper tone.

She positively beamed at me, and with a giggle, she hopped down from the arm of the chair, kneeled between my legs, unzipped my trousers, and reached in. When I felt her thin fingers find my cock, she gasped. Demon dicks are much larger than an ordinary human's, and Rita was just a little surprised by its girth. Fortunately, I had already made some minor adjustments to Rita's mouth and gag-reflex.

"I'm not sure I can fit all of this in my mouth," Rita exclaimed once she freed the full length of my cock from the slacks I was wearing.

"Well, you'll never know until you try!" I said with a smile.

Rita's eyes fluttered as the suggestion hit her. With a giggle, she lowered her mouth to the head of my cock and placed her lips on the tip. She wasn't sure what she was doing, and she knew there was no way she could squeeze that massive dick into her mouth, but something in the back of her mind kept telling her to go lower. Suddenly, a wide-eyed look of shock came across Rita's face as her mouth began to open unexpectedly. Within a few seconds, Rita's jaw had nearly unhinged and her lips stretched abnormally, yet were now puffy and well-suited for giving blowjobs.

With a look of terror, Rita frantically tried to remove the cock from her mouth. She began slapping my thighs gently as if asking for help, to which I leaned back and pretended not to notice. Meanwhile, Rita's body continued its betrayal. Her mouth became increasingly sensitive, as did her tongue, which, by the time it stopped, felt better than her clit.

"Wow, Rita! Look at you! You must really enjoy this, huh?" I suggested.

It was about this time that I felt my dick begin to pour forth a steady stream of pre-cum into Rita's mouth. I heard a loud gulp as she swallowed, and felt her tongue rub along the head of my cock. Immediately after, I looked down to see Rita's eyes roll back in ecstasy while she moaned around the dick in her mouth.

Then, on its own, and much to her continued surprise, Rita's head began to move. She let out a muffled squeal as her head plunged downward, sending the enormous dick down her throat, which expanded comfortably to accommodate the veiny member. When her lips finally touched the base of my shaft, she began to moan again. My suggestion that she enjoyed this was starting to take its toll on the poor woman. Just then, I felt her tongue slide out wetly from between her plump bottom lip and my cock, and with a strained look, she used it to give my balls one long, slow lick after another. Although she didn't know why, Rita had no trouble breathing even with such a massive cock shoved down her throat.

As Rita continued to tenderly lick my balls, I took a moment to once again survey the Sellers' living room. David was now lazily fucking Kate's milky-white bubble-butt (which now appeared to be even larger than before), while she rocked back and forth on her brother's enormous prick, causing her meaty cheeks to occasionally clap against one another.

While David wore an expression of pure ecstasy, Kate, on the other hand, was simply playing her video game. Other than her hips gyrating in an attempt to wiggle her brother's cock deeper into her ass, Kate showed no signs of doing anything other than trying to win her race. Then again, she did let a bit of drool fall from her mouth now and then.

As I admired my handiwork, I comfortably interlocked my fingers behind my head, then took a deep breath and sighed loudly.

"Not bad, Ace," I commended myself.

I had almost fulfilled my duty, but there was still one more thing left to do.

"Rita, could you please get your phone out and dial your husband for me, please?" I asked.

Without questioning it, Rita pulled her phone from her pants pocket and attempted to read the screen, which was difficult given her position and the fact that her eyes were now watering from her deliberately gagging on my cock. She finally found the button that read "George's Mobile" and pushed it.

"Thanks, Rita," I said as she handed me her phone. "Oh, and could you please fuck my cock with your face for a while? I'm going to need a little more stimulation if you want me to cum in your mouth."

Rita nodded as best she could, slid her head up to the tip of my cock, and then with a loud gagging sound, plunged her head back down until her chin pushed against my balls. Then, without warning, she began to repeat these steps rapidly while I waited for George to answer his phone.

"Make it quick. I'm busy," George answered.

I grimaced. I was going to enjoy this...

Epilogue: George's Punishment

It was about nine o'clock at night when George drunkenly walked back into the bar after taking a strange phone call outside. With a puzzled look, George stumbled over to where he friends, Bill and Richard, were waiting for him.

"You already there, George? Ya been out there for a while," Bill asked.

"Yea you don't look so hot, pal," Richard added, "Did you just get some bad news or something?"

"Um, yeah ... I mean no, I'm fine. It's just..." George's head was swimming, "I think my brother just called me."

"I thought you were an only child?" Richard asked.

"No, I have a brother named Ace," George replied, not realized he had no such brother.

"So? Bad news from the family?"

"No nothing like that. He said..." George hesitated, "Um, how do I put this ... He said that if the only reason I come home is to use my wife's mouth and tits, then I don't need to worry about coming home anymore."

"He said what?!" Both of them asked in surprise.

"I know, I know, but that's just my brother Ace," he explained, "He's a little strange at first, but once you get to know him he's a pretty nice guy."

George and his friends managed to forget the topic after a few minutes, and summarily went back to their normal routine of drinking heavily and making increasingly obscene remarks to the bartender. It wasn't until almost an hour later that George finally thought about going home to give his wife her nightly pearl necklace.

"Alright, guys, I think I'm gonna hit the head then call it a night," George told his friends.

"Oh yea?! Going home to use your wife's tits and mouth, huh?" Bill joked, referring the phone call from earlier.

"Hopefully!" George quipped. He smiled and walked drunkenly to the restroom.

George could hear his friends' laughter as the restroom door swung shut. After a long piss, he walked up to the bathroom sink to wash his hands. Suddenly, George felt as though something was wrong. He remained still, hands planted next to the sink, waiting for the strange sensation to pass. It was like a tingling sensation in his lips, but not entirely unpleasant. He felt something similar happening on his chest.

With blurred vision, George stared at his reflection. There was something different about his face. His mouth looked swollen somehow. Was he having an allergic reaction to something? Slowly, George reached up and carefully touched his bee-stung lips, expecting them to be painful. Instead, George's dick became instantly hard as a sudden wave of arousal washed over him.

"What the fu—," George was interrupted by another wave of arousal, not as severe as the first, but still stronger than anything he'd felt before tonight. For whatever reason, his lips were extremely sensitive, but in a good way. He quickly made a mental note to avoid speaking for now.

The restroom door swung open, and one of the patrons that George did not recognize walked in and paused for a moment when he saw George's face. Clearly this was not part of George's imagination. Quickly, George ducked into the handicap stall and sat down.

"What the fuck is happening to me?" George thought, but was once again interrupted, this time by the sensation in his chest, which was getting to be a bit painful. If he didn't know any better, George could swear his chest was getting ... heavier. Looking down, his fears were confirmed as he watched his shirt slowly bulge outward. Before long, his shirt began making small ripping noises and George quickly unfastened its buttons before pulling it open. On George's chest sat two, immediately recognizable, E-cup breasts.

"How is this even possible?" George thought, clearly freaking out at the unnatural events that were befalling him.

Then, from out of nowhere, George could have sworn he heard his own voice whispering in his head, "Pull out my cock."

Despite the puzzled look on Georges face, his hands immediately obeyed the instructions and went to work unfastening his belt. Meanwhile, George's mouth was now spilling copious amounts of saliva down his chin and onto his cleavage.

When his hands finished unfastening his belt, George immediately unbuttoned his pants and slid them down enough to fish out his cock. Only, it wasn't his cock ... not exactly. What George had was at least twice as thick as his previous dick, and several inches longer, putting it somewhere around ten inches. Then, while he watched, George's cock proceeded to grow what appeared to be an additional six to eight inches in length, and began leaking a large amount of pre-cum.

Panicking, George grabbed a handful of tissue paper and began using it to soak up the pre-cum that would not stop pouring from his penis like an open tap. It wasn't until the smell hit George's nostrils that he managed to calm down.

"The pre-cum ... It smells incredible!" George thought. The smell was making him even more aroused, and for some reason his mouth would not stop watering. He didn't think it was possible, but with the smell billowing up into his face, George could swear that his dick was getting even harder. The cock now tilted back and even had an upward curve in it that wasn't there before. When he reached to grab more tissue paper, the head of his cock, still pouring out its pre-cum, brushed against his one of his large tits.

"OH GOD ... nnnnnggghh..." George wailed as the giant wet cock-head rubbed firmly against his right nipple. The cock instantly became even harder than before, and let loose a single massive spurt of pre-cum that hit the wall next to George, just barely missing his face. George then leaned back so as not to do that again, and watched as the possessed cock grew another six inches in length.

For several minutes, George remained perfectly still while he tried to get a grip on the situation. Several beads of sweat were running down his face, and his entire lower body was covered with a mixture of his own saliva and pre-cum. By now, his massive erection was so painfully hard that it tilted backward, very nearly touching his breasts, and was constantly jerking upward in tandem with his heartbeat. A steady stream of pre-cum poured from the head of his dick onto his stomach, and then into the toilet below.

Once again, George heard his own voice whispering in his ear, "Come on, Baby, just give it a little kiss. If you don't like it, I promise I won't ask again."

It was something he used to tell his wife when she first started to give him head. She really disliked putting it in her mouth at first, but he would always continue to ask. Eventually she would give in, and after a few months, she stopped protesting.

"Come on, Baby, just put your lips around it once. It'll be fine," he heard the voice say again.

A moment later, George's eyes opened wide as he realized he was moving his head forward. Panic set in as George began struggling to stop his body from moving. He even used his hands in an attempt to push his head back up to where it was. Slowly, George continued to hunch over, bending his head down as far as he could. At the same time, his hips began to thrust upward, pushing his enormous cock between his wife's two E-cup tits, which, by now, were adequately lubricated with his own drool. Soon, George's face was just inches away from his dick, which, he soon realized, was all he could think about. Unable to look away, George watched as the endless supply of thick pre-cum flowed out of the cock below him and mixed with the drool pouring down from his fat, cock-sucking lips.

"Where did that come from?" George thought briefly. "Focus, George! Damnit this is insane! How could I lose control over my own body?! I've got to figure a way out of this before I end up sliding my slutty-mouth over that cum-spout and drinking for days—wait ... what?" George didn't know why, but all his thoughts led back to him being his own little cum-slut. He could barely remember what he was trying to do, let alone devise a plan. George once again heard his own voice, but this time he could swear he remembered saying the same thing to his wife several times before. He thought it was something he said before he'd make her suck him off, but he wasn't sure now; everything was getting so fuzzy.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's it," the voice whispered, "You wanna be Daddy's little cum-slut? Is that what you want?"

That was when George started to speak again, except this time it wasn't just in his head. He felt his own lips begin to move, and despite his best efforts to stop himself, George heard himself talk; only it was in a much more feminine tone.

"Oh yeah, Daddy. Fuck this little cum-slut's mouth..."

The next few minutes were a blur for George. Immediately after he heard himself talk like a slut, George opened his mouth as wide as he could (much wider than he thought was possible), bent his head down more, thrust his hips up, and swallowed a good six inches of his incredibly thick cock, which by this point, resembled a small baseball bat. His cock even felt like it grew another couple inches while he was sucking on it. George began bobbing his head up and down on the cock, each time getting more and more into his sensitive mouth. Before long, George didn't even have to thrust his hips anymore.

Each time he would bob his head down, it felt like a trip to heaven. The sensations in his mouth alone were driving him insane. After about two or three minutes of sucking for all his worth, his tongue brushed against the swollen head of his cock in just the right way, and he felt his climax quickly approaching.

"Mmm, fuck, Baby, you suck that dick so good," he heard his voice whisper in his ear.

George pulled his cock from his mouth for a second to speak, "You like that, Daddy?" He then went back down to choke on the large cock a few more times before coming back up for air, "Are you going to feed your little cum-slut?" George asked himself.

"Oh yeah, Baby, I'm almost there. Play with my balls a little bit and I'll cum, I promise," he heard his voice whisper. George's cum-soaked hands immediately moved down to his swollen testicles and began playing with them as best he could. "That's it, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop!"

George felt himself thrust upward and until he was officially deepthroating his own cock as quickly as he could while playing with his testicles, which were now the size of tennis balls. Without warning George felt his balls clench and his cock began shooting rope after rope deep into his throat, the taste of which was incredible.

When it was finally over, George slowly pulled the cock from his throat and rested his head against the tile wall behind the stall.

"That was amazing," George said, this time in his normal voice. He opened his eyes and looked down to see that his chest and penis were back to normal. Surprised, he began to wipe up the mess he had made, then put his clothes back on and walked out of the stall and up to the mirror. The reflection staring back had perfectly normal, manly lips.

George cleared his throat, walked out of the restroom, and went back up to the bar. His friends were gone, but the bar was still open for a few hours, so he decided to have another drink.

The bartender wore a thin top with low-cut jeans that showed off her thong and round ass. George made sure he got a long look while she sashayed away. He briefly wondered if his wife would ever let him fuck her in the ass. Suddenly George heard the familiar voice whispering in his ear, "Does my little cum-slut wanna try taking my cock up her ass tonight?" Immediately after, George felt his cock begin to push its way between his growing ass-cheeks.

Needless to say, there were more than a few upward glances as George suddenly blurted out, "You can fuck your little cum-slut's ass all night, Daddy."

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