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Interpositional: I thought I made up a new word but the dictionary said I didn't ... well ... except for the AL part.

a. To insert or introduce between parts: The ice interposes a barrier between the harbor and the islands.
b. To place (oneself) between others or things.
2. To introduce or interject (a comment, for example) during discourse or a conversation.
3. To exert (influence or authority) in order to interfere or intervene: interpose one's veto.

1. To come between things; assume an intervening position.
2. To come between the parties in a dispute; intervene.
3. To insert a remark, question, or argument.

[French, from Old French interposer, to intervene, alteration (influenced by poser, to put, place) of Latin interpōnere, to put between : inter-, inter- + pōnere, to put]

in′ter·pos′al n. in′ter·pos′er n. in′ter·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.

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And it figures that the modern root is French, Because ... this is where it is. And where Wendy is.

The windshield was awash. Before David could reach the wiper switch, they were already slipping down the off camber turn. When the front wheel hit the kerb, the car suddenly became uncontrollable. It wouldn't steer because the tie-rod end snapped when the wheel started to fold. And then they were upside down and there was one of those picturesque barges taking up most of the Scarpe Canal.

When the top hit the solid steel edge of the deck and hull, the crease the corner of the boat made collapsed the door and frame. The crushed top pushed her down into the seat, the sudden compression blew the windshield and rear window out.

The torque split the passenger side and the passenger door ripped away from the hinge. The passenger bucket tore loose from the pan and shuffled David into the water.

By now, the suction from the 125 foot hull had dragged the crushed Volvo under the hull. Seconds later the twin propellers cut nasty gouges from front to rear.

Wendy was between one gouge and the next.

The behind Wendy gouge cut the seatbelt where it was fastened to the shattered roll cage and shoulder straps. Wendy was loose in the hulk.

The prop wash tumbled the car over and over along the bottom. She was ejected from the car and tumbled along behind it.

"I'm gonna drown! I just know it."

Still tumbling along the bottom she saw something shiny and reflexively picked up.

A watch. She depressed the stem.

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