Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a beautiful young wife is set up to have sex with her husbands boss and customers. She is set up to be gang raped, even fuck dogs and still tries to hold her family together.

It was another hot day in Denver, at least everybody else said so. The weather outside was in the 80's. I didn't think it was so bad coming from New Orleans where both the temperature and the humidity in the high 90's made it unbearable in the summer. I thought this Colorado weather was pretty nice actually. I was pleased to have the towels dry in an hour after a bath while hanging in the bathroom.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch. My husband of a year and a half had told me he was bringing me a surprise this evening. It was my birthday and he had not mentioned that at all so I was thinking he must have remembered and had gotten a present. I wanted the house to be clean and tidy when he arrived.

About 2 PM he called and said his boss would be bringing us out to dinner, be ready about 7.

I was in a tizzy. This job was very important to him. We had moved here 6 months ago because of it. Henry was working much too hard, too many hours a day. It showed when he got home. He was tired and had just enough energy to eat, plop down on the sofa to watch an hour of TV and go to bed. It showed in our love life too. Sometimes he would go to sleep with out touching me. When he did make love to me, it was over all to quickly for me.

I was used to our college life. Henry and I met there. He had just gotten out of the Marines as a communications specialist and was in college for a business degree. He was a lot hornier then and I liked that better than what I was getting now. He had boxing skills he picked up in the service and an athletic build. He talked to the coach and found they had no boxing team in our school. The coach talked him into joining the football team instead as a running back. He had the size for it at 6' 2" and was 4 years older than most of his classmates.

I was one of the cheerleaders. Henry and I were attracted to each other right away. I winked at him one day and that was all it took. I am a terrible flirt and Henry knew it. He said that he got a charge out watching other guys look at "his girl" and encouraged me to wear revealing clothes. He even got me to flash my tits on the dance floor a few times while we were out dancing. He didn't take me to bed until our second date, but then he gave me a good licking and pounding. I loved a little hard, rough sex, it sets me off like a Roman candle.

I desperately wanted to make a good impression on his boss. I immediately headed for the shower. I laid out my clothes, picking the one I knew Henry liked. My little black dress, backless and snug enough that I wore it without a bra. At 22, I was still firm enough to get away without one.

This dress made my nipples very noticeable because the material was thin and stretchy. A string thong took care of panty lines and 3 inch heels gave my legs a little more appeal. It was also short enough that I had to hold the hem when I sat down, otherwise it would rise up over my ass when I sat down. That made it embarrassing to get up because it would not slide back down by itself. It was cumulative too, if I was to sit down twice, without pulling it down, my ass was exposed so I had to pull the hem down every time I stood, not that it would bother Henry,

I certainly wouldn't go shopping dressed this way but I knew my husband liked to show me off. He had taken me out to a number of clubs and restaurants and loved sheer blouses and mini skirts. I would have liked my breasts be a cup size larger but Henry said they were just perfect. At 22, 5' 4" and 110 lbs, they had no sag and were a bouncy C cup with plump nipples. He really liked to watch other guys looking at me and I got more than a little turned on by it myself.

I had put my long brunet hair into a pony tail while I straightened up. Now I brushed it all out and let it hang loose. It was my pride and joy and was really thick. It came down to the middle of my back.

They arrived on time and I was happy to see the bag in my husbands arms. His boss was all smiles and shook my hand gently. I gave them both a hug. Randy hugged me back, a little too snugly, squashing my breasts against his chest.

"You are looking very fetching Charlie," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Fetching?" I asked.

"A lady with your looks would fetch me out of a grave." he said with a big laugh.

I laughed with him thinking "This guy is a little rough around the edges." I had met him once before at his office in a cluttered construction trailer and thought he was charming then. He was a single guy, about 35 with longish dark curly hair and a great smile. He looked like he worked out and did.

He and Henry discovered they went to the same gym a month after he was hired and they became workout buddies and fast friends. He was shorter than Henry and more stoutly built. He had worked his way up in the construction industry until he had his own business.

Right now they were finishing the last four houses on a subdivision project. He had hired my husband out of college starting as an electrician for pretty good pay. Henry put his business skills to use and soon had a web site up for Randy that was bringing in customers.

"Charlene," my husband said, "we have an hour to kill before it's time to leave for dinner. Why don't you pour everybody a glass of wine while we wait".

"Got any beer?" said Randy.

"We always have beer." I replied, "How about yourself, Henry, beer?"

I poured myself a glass of wine while the guys popped the top on a couple of Coors. Henry and I sat on the couch while Randy sat on the chair on the other side of the coffee table from us. Randy was saying what a help Henry had been to the company, all the while trying to look up my dress without being too obvious. I smiled and knowing Henry was going to find it amusing, moved my legs around just enough to help him look and see if I could fluster him.

"Without him," Randy was saying, "I would have been stuck building houses all my life and we would never have had a chance at the contract for the hotel. We closed on that today and banked the first draw. Today was a special day for us and for Henry. He gets a percentage of every job his web site brings in. This contract alone, will make us a major operator in Denver. We are celebrating that and Henry's raise." He leaned forward and finally looked up to meet my eyes, saying, "Did you know that Henry is getting two percent of the net on this job as a finders fee? It was his web site that was responsible for landing this job for us. He's going to be working in the office more to, handling the web site and permitting.

"It doesn't hurt" Henry said, "that you have some of the best crews in the Denver area and have gotten awards from the National Builders Association." He sat back looking pleased.

"Well," I said, "you guys pat each other on the back all you want, Henry has already told me you have gotten awards for the houses you build so I know you deserve it."

Henry reached behind the couch and brought out a gift wrapped box. "Thats not all we are celebrating today Charlie. You thought I had forgotten your birthday didn't you?" he asked. "Go on, open it" he said with a big grin, like a kid at Christmas.

I took my time opening it and saw a beautiful diamond necklace with matching diamond dangle earrings. They were beautiful, solitaire diamonds in gold settings. The pendant diamond's were throwing off colorful sparks from the overhead light.

I was breathless, "Henry, this is beautiful, can I keep it?"

He laughed and said, "That was just a fraction of the bonus money we got today from Randy. The rest has been deposited."

"Ooh, Thank you!" I squeaked, standing to give Henry a big hug and a kiss, bending over in front of him to do so and giving Randy a good look at my thong covered ass.

"Hey, What about me?" Randy said.

I jumped up and ran around the coffee table and bent over the arm of the easy chair to give Randy a big hug too. He grabbed me around the waist and turned me around as he pulled me down into his lap. I felt my dress slide up over my butt as my legs draped over the side of the chair. Wow, I thought and wondered how I was going to get up without flashing everyone. I glanced over at Henry, sure enough he was looking at my ass. I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned.

I giggled and said, "Thank you too Randy." I put my arms around his neck, leaned against him and gave him a nice hug, burying my face in his neck to hide my blush. I could feel his cock against my ass. It was getting hard beneath me.

"Thats the nicest hug I have had in years. You are one lucky man Henry, to have such a beautiful wife. Do you mind if I fasten her necklace for her? He placed his hands on my waist and turned me half way around to face Henry with my back to him. That put his hard cock right in the crack of my ass.

"Manhandle me will you." I thought."I'll show you." I wiggled a little bit to just to tease him and settle my ass a little more deeply on his cock. This was going to be fun. He took the necklace out of my hands and held it in front of me. "Go ahead" Henry said, "as long as she's in your lap you might as well."

I lifted the hair off the back of my neck with both hands and he took his time, his big fingers having a hard time getting the tiny latch oriented. I kept slowly shifting my weight from side to side and wiggling as if to get comfortable, feeling his cock sliding between my ass cheeks. I tried squeezing my ass cheeks together to grip him without being obvious about it and thinking he was going to drop the necklace into my cleavage any time now.

"How does it look?" He asked Henry, putting his hands on my waist and sliding me backwards just a little. I felt him sliding me up his cock as he pulled me back and tried to squeeze him with my ass again.

"That puts a nice sparkle right where it will be noticed." said Henry.

Randy's grip on my waist tightened as he stood me up in front of him. This put my naked butt right in front of his face. With his hands holding my dress onto my waist, I couldn't pull it down.

"You sure have a nice round little ass Charlie." he said. He pulled my dress down over my butt. I jumped as he managed to slide his finger up the crack of my ass. He stood and turned so he was facing me. He reached out and pulled me to him in a hug that let me feel his erection against my belly. "You almost made me cum in my pants girl." He whispered in my ear. He held me out at arms length, looking at the necklace in my cleavage. "You look very nice with that on." I ran off to the mirror in the bathroom to recover my dignity and put my earrings in, taking deep breaths and trying to slow my racing heart beat. I slowly went back to the couch and sipped my wine to help cool off. Randy's finger sliding up my ass had turned me on. My heart was pounding and my nipples were hard as little marbles. There was no way to hide that with this thin dress on either. I tried to relax and noticed both men staring at me and smiling. "What?" I said, thinking they were both looking at my nipples, which only made them harder.

Henry said, "You really are beautiful tonight Charlie. That necklace and earrings are just right for you."

I finished my wine and went into the kitchen for a refill. Henry came in behind me and put his arms around me, hugging me and fingering my hard nipples. I snuggled my butt into his crotch. I was feeling pretty tipsy after that wine on an empty stomach. "I saw him stroke your ass when you got up from his lap" he said. "How do you feel about that?"

I said "The whole world saw my ass when I got up. It embarrassed me because my dress slid up but I wasn't really offended by what he did. I drove him to it anyway. I was teasing him. I like him too even if he is a little country. "How did you feel about him touching my ass?"

"My wife has the most beautiful ass in town" he said. "I want everybody else to know it too. If you don't mind him touching you, thats okay with me. He is really important to us right now. This company is going places and we are going with it. When this job is finished, the bonuses I will be getting will pay this house off in two years and this is just the beginning. Jobs are starting to come in nicely now. We are having to hire new crews to cover them. None of them are as big as the hotel though. Come on, it's time to be heading for the restaurant." He led the way out the door as we were leaving.

Randy patted my ass as we followed Henry out and I turned and gave him a big smile. I was feeling pretty good and he was smiling back. Wow! The bonuses will pay off our house? We had a 20 year mortgage on this place! I was feeling incredibly good. I just loved this guy.

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