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Miss Fiske ... A Downward Spiral

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Sex Story: Miss Fiske ... A Downward Spiral - Sexy. Unconventional. Sexy. Controversial. Sexy. Successful. Toni is a Paris litigator. Feared in the courtroom. Envied for her sexy beauty. Wife of an attorney. Mother of four. In lust, maybe in love, with one of those four - - her oldest son, Dennis. Intrigued as her three younger children become sexually aware, then sexually active.Toni manipulates people professionally. And is taking great pleasure in personal manipulation - - helping Dennis seduce other women. And girls. And boys.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister  


Toni, an attorney in Paris, first appeared in the last few chapters of "The French Collection." This first chapter of "Toni" begins after a sophomore class trip that Dennis asked his mother (Toni) to help chaperone.

In the meantime, Toni is trying to help her son seduce his art appreciation teacher, Miss Fiske.

The principal players:

Toni, a very successful attorney in Paris. Loves sex. Cums quickly and easily. And often.

Dennis, the oldest of her four children. And her favorite by far.

Tom-Tom the next oldest child. A follower.

Brigitte, Toni's only girl. In love with Dennis. Worshipped by Tom-Tom and Bub-Bub, the youngest child. Bub-Bub is beginning to showing signs of wildness. He will get worse. Or better.

Margie, a new friend from the class trip. Who went topless on the beach with Toni. In front of 70 students.

Maggs, Margie's daughter.

Emile, Toni's husband. A maritime attorney more interested in sex than family.

Celeste and Candy, Emile's mistresses. Toni likes both of them.

Lily, Toni's au pair.

Miss Fiske, Dennis's art appreciation teacher.

Other characters who will be introduced for gratuitous sex.

Toni was bemused that there were dozens and dozens of pictures of her from the sophomore class trip making the rounds at Dennis's school.

Toni, by herself, topless.

Toni with Margie, both topless.

Toni with Dennis, topless mother, bulging son.

The most forwarded Toni photos showed her with her left arm around her taller son's waist and his right arm around her shoulders. With his right hand resting squarely on her right breast.

Toni couldn't attend most of her four kids' school activities because of work. And business travel. Usually Celeste or Candy or Lily filled in. But when she could accompany Dennis to high school, she amped up the visuals.

Now, strolling with Dennis down a hallway, her arm around his waist, his around her shoulders, she didn't remove his hand from her boob. Not only left it there, but held his little finger as they moved among the staring students and the trying-not-to-stare teachers and administrators.

Toni reveled in the overt, and covert, attention she and Dennis drew. She told Margie, "By holding his finger I'm telling everyone that, yes, my son is copping a feel."

Margie laughed, "More than that, Toni. You're telling everyone you love it."

"Fuck 'em."

"Fuck 'em."

To Margie's relief, Dennis was now regularly fucking her daughter, Maggs. Who had really come out of her shell. Was in the process of blossoming into the vibrant young woman she was meant to be.

As her confidence grew, Maggs lost most of her inhibitions. She was no longer bothered when the boys, especially Bub-Bub, snuck in to watch Dennis fuck her. Eventually just about everyone in the house had seen her in action. Even her mother. Toni, of course. Brigitte, Lily, Celeste, Candy.

Maggs stopped slapping Bub-Bub when he tried to play with her clit. Like Margie, sometimes she let him, sometimes she pushed him a way.

Two other boys asked her out. Then a junior. That lasted over a month. A senior boy took her out five nights in a row. Then asked her to go steady. Maggs told everyone at dinner, "It's just for the rest of the year, then he'll go on to University. He just doesn't want me seeing anyone else while he's still here."

It wasn't even discussed that Dennis would still fuck her. That was simply a given.

Margie and Toni were mildly curious how many of her dates between Dennis and the senior Maggs had fucked. Margie said, "I hope all of them."

Toni said, "Of course, roundheels."

"Oh, you blessed Vestal Virgin."

Toni was pleased now that Dennis was fucking Miss Fiske. Who was now a frequent dinner guest and stayed over so often that Toni drew her aside, "Miss Fiske, lose that apartment. It's a waste of money as little time as you spend there. You already have your own room here, with a private bath."

Miss Fiske's heart raced, god did she want this. "Thank you Toni, so much."

"You're welcome. Now if you're not in the mood for Dennis, just tell him so. You're not obligated to him."

"Okay, but..."

"No buts. You. Are. Not. Obligated. To. Him."


"Now some nights Dennis has other girls stay over, that'll continue."

"He does? It will?"

"He does. It will. But you're his number one girl. By a mile."


"Maggs and a couple of her friends are going to spread the news at school that Dennis is fucking you."

"Please don't do that."

Toni looked at her.

Miss Fiske said, "Shit."

It wasn't a constant stream of women and girls, but since Miss Fiske now lived at Toni's she saw everyone from young girls to Margie to 50 and 60-year old women. Miss Fiske had had no idea.

Still, she was the only one living here full time. Than was something.

Miss Fiske was surprised how quickly she adjusted to all the nudity. Toni and Dennis were so friendly with each other -- kissing, copping a feel, humping for a few seconds. And they didn't care who saw them.

When she saw nude pictures of herself taped above Bub-Bub's bed Miss Fiske just giggled. So, he was jacking off to her these days. So what? Brigitte or Lily or Toni or Cook, anyone could be his next target.

The first time Brigitte wandered in while Dennis was fucking her, Miss Fiske was astonished. Appalled. Now it meant nothing for Brigitte or Bub-Bub and Tom-Tom to play with themselves while Dennis took her over the top.

Toni didn't watch all that often, but when she did, she openly masturbated.

Miss Fiske's misgivings were gradually melting away. As Toni told her repeatedly, she was now a sophisticated Parisian.

She fell into the house routines, helping Brigitte wash the boys. Tom-Tom was easier, you had to force Bub-Bub's hand away from his cock. Last resort was to call Brigitte. That did it. Usually.

Miss Fiske was welcomed into Toni's house so graciously by Emile and Celeste and Candy.

And in the background, always in the back of her mind ... Dennis. The best lover she'd ever had. By the end of her first month, Miss Fiske didn't think twice when Toni or Lily or Brigitte taped him fucking her. Her old hangups had been so silly. She was a sophisticated Parisian now.

The boys, especially Bub-Bub, ran her videos on their flat screen television set and jacked off constantly, so what?

Then one night at dinner, Toni stunned her. "Miss Fiske, Celeste and Candy have the best jobs in the City. They take care of Emile, buy presents for the kids, shop, shop, shop."

Miss Fiske nodded vaguely. Where was this going?

Toni said, "I have a proposition for you. A business proposition. One day Dennis will marry. And of course he'll need a mistress. I want him to start getting used to having one. So quit your job. Now I know how dedicated a teacher you are, but consider it."

"Why? I like teaching."

"I know, I know. But I want to hire you to be Dennis's mistress. 2,000 euros a week."


"Alright, you've already outmaneuvered me. 2,500 with a performance revue after 6 months."

Brigitte, Bub-Bub, Tom-Tom, Celeste, Candy, Margie and Dennis were looking at her with interest.

"I ... I don't know what to say."

"Of course you do. This is the best job offer you've ever had."

"What would I do?"

"Fuck Dennis whenever he's in the mood for you. Sometimes he'll want you to warm up his girlfriends for him."

Brigitte explained, "Lick her pussy. Girls like that."

Bub-Bub said, "Can I fuck Miss Fiske too?"

Toni smiled at her youngest child, "Maybe someday, honey, but that would be up to Dennis."

Bub-Bub looked to Dennis, "Can I?"

Dennis smiled, "Miss Fiske hasn't said yes yet."

"But if she does?"


This had been rehearsed between Toni and Dennis. They wanted Miss Fiske to fully realize she would be property, sexual property belonging to Dennis. The two of them had other plans for Miss Fiske, but that was down the road. For now Toni and Dennis were starting to get a bit bored with her.

Toni turned to Miss Fiske, "Some men like to see their friends fuck their mistresses. Emile is certainly not like that, not with Celeste and Candy. Dennis? It's too early to tell."

"But he might."

"He very well might. But that's not up to you and me, it would be his call."

"I'd be a whore in other words."

Celeste said quietly, "You would be a mistress, Miss Fiske. A fine, time-honored tradition. Not only a mistress, but the crème de la crème, a Parisian mistress. The best of the best."

Candy said, "And one of the most beautiful in the City."

Bub-Bub said, "When can I fuck her?"

Toni said, "When Dennis says you can."

Brigitte said, "Don't ask again."

Miss Fiske said, "I don't know. This is all so sudden."

Toni said' "It's a binary choice. Black or white. Yes or no."

"If I say no, can I still stay here?"

"No, but I'll give you a month to find new lodgings. And pay for the move of course."

"I'll do it."

"Good. More wine?"

After Miss Fiske resigned from the school, Toni gathered everyone into a sitting room. Toni handed Bub-Bub a DVD, "Play this for us, darling."

It was an edited video of, basically, Miss Fiske climaxing and climaxing as Dennis fucked her in every conceivable position.

Bub-Bub was masturbating so Tom-Tom did too.

It was only 5 minutes, but it must have shown Miss Fiske having 50 orgasms.

Toni said, "Send it to the school. Teachers and students. And any parents you have on your mailing list."

Miss Fiske was silent.

Toni smiled, "It's your final Fuck-You to the low paying educational system of France."

"I'll never get another teaching job."

"Do you want to?"

"I'll send it."

Margie was a constant in the lives of Toni and Dennis. But because of the travel demands of her agency, she was gone for long stretches of time.

One night at dinner she asked Toni, "Could I borrow Dennis for a long weekend?"

"Of course, do you want Miss Fiske as well?"

"No, there'll be plenty of pussy where we're going. It's a newish sex resort outside of Lyon. Kiss of the Sun, I've been hearing good things about it. If they're true, I'll try to work them into my sex tours."

"Sounds intriguing. Tell me about it."

"I'll give you a full report when we get back. Supposedly -- and this is their big selling point -- there are no rules. Anything that's consented to is allowed."

"Like what?"

"Toni, I'm just reporting rumors now. Let's see, Kiss is divided into sections with several cottages in each designated area. Bisexual. Swingers. Group sex. Kids."

"Kids. What ages?"

"No rules."

"I may check that out myself."

"If it's true, I'll take you."

Miss Fiske began to realize that other than the enhanced salary, her life as Dennis's mistress was pretty much the same as before. She had thought she loved teaching, but that was before she no longer needed to.

She had had some experiences with other girls when she was much younger so she found she didn't mind getting Dennis's girlfriends ready for him. Often she enjoyed it.

She was startled the first time Dennis gave her to Helena for the Club LP to fuck, but she got used to that too. And it turned out to be mostly fun. If one jackrabbit boy didn't get her off, the next one usually did.

Bub-Bub was still a little pill. He was constantly running a little hand up her skirt, but he did that to Toni and Lily and Cook as well. Not with Brigitte though. He was still intimidated by his sister.

It took a while for Miss Fiske to admit it to herself, but she got a low voltage thrill when she thought of Dennis giving her to others to fuck.

One of her main tasks was licking Brigitte's little pussy. Dennis told his younger sister, "You don't have to go through me, baby girl. When you're in the mood, just see Miss Fiske."

"Thank you, Dennis."

"You're welcome."

One night at dinner, Brigitte gave a theatrical sigh, as if she carried the weight of the world. "Bub-Bub can dry cum now. Can I have Miss Fiske suck him off, Dennis?"

"Of course, but you schedule him. Be considerate of her time."

Miss Fiske thought, 'Bub-Bub? He's two years younger than Tom-Tom.' Then she remembered that Bub-Bub was definitely the alpha of the two. Maybe that translated into the physical side as well.

Miss Fiske really enjoyed shopping with Celeste and Candy, they knew the best bargain shops. And Miss Fiske still had to mind her budget, she probably didn't make anything close to their salaries. Dennis was only 15.

Over lunch Celeste told Miss Fiske, "Emile has his eye on you. Candy and I let him have some fresh pussy now and then."

Shrug. "Up to Dennis."

Candy said, "You wouldn't mind?"

Miss Fiske looked her in the eyes and smiled, "It took me a while, but I realize now I let Toni seduce me into fucking Dennis. He is fond of me, but really, I'm just pussy to him."

Celeste said, "You don't seem bitter, that's good."

"It took me a while to adjust to ... the realities of my situation. On the downside, I'm anybody's punch." Shrug. "But I like sex and Dennis is the best lover I've ever had. As for the others ... well sometimes there's a lot of good sex too."

Candy smiled, "But there's an upside."

"I'm making more money than I ever could as a teacher. I'm living rent free in a beautiful home. My meals are free. And delicious. Toni doesn't take me shopping anymore, but I can buy my own clothes. And I have a savings account for the first time in my life."

Celeste said, "That's important. Save as much as you can, Miss Fiske. Candy and I love Toni, but she's ... a hard-nosed businesswoman. If she spots someone she thinks will be better for Dennis..."

"I'll be out on the street."

"Yes. Not overnight, Toni isn't cruel, but yes."

Celeste said, "Be more proactive. Don't just wait to be told who to fuck, volunteer."

Candy said, "Like with Bub-Bub. He's driving all the women in the house crazy. Check with Brigitte first, make sure it's okay with her. Then tell Bub-Bub that he can do anything he wants with you as long as Dennis doesn't need you."

"He can fuck me?"

Celeste said, "No, everything but that. Brigitte doesn't want him to lose his cherry to..."

"A whore."

"To a paid mistress."

Candy said, "Suck Bub-Bub off, but start initiating it. Let him finger-fuck you. Teach him how to fist you, that'll intrigue him for a while."

Celeste said, "In other words, make yourself more available to the house, more valuable to the house. Toni will keep you around longer."

Both Margie and Dennis loved Kiss of the Son. They were met at the train station in Lyon by a van driver holding a discrete sign that read RESORT. As they left the main highway, the roads got smaller and more remote. The only checkpoint was a small guardhouse on a single lane unpaved road. The guard saw the van and lifted the bar.

The road meandered for another three or four miles before it crested a hill. Laid out in front of them was a well designed, well maintained, almost manicured, layout that resembled a posh country club.

Except that everyone was naked. They were off all ages, all shapes. Some hardbodies, some flab, some fat. Many erections.

All the buildings were single story construction, artfully blended into the landscape. There were swimming pools, hot tubs, hiking trails. A man-made lake that looked natural. A swimming raft anchored offshore. Canoes and kayaks. Hiking trails.

And dozens and dozens of naked people.

The driver said, "I'll drop you here, Simon will greet you. I'll take your case to Magnolia Cottage. Welcome to Kiss."

Simon was around 18. Slender, tan, gracious, naked.

"Welcome to Kiss. How may I assist you in getting oriented?"

Margie said, "Orient us."

"The main rule is that there are no rules. Absolutely none."

Margie looked skeptical.

"Well, we frown on beheadings. But so long as its consensual, anything goes. Everything goes."

"What's the layout here?"

"This is the only administrative building, as you can see it's quite small. Our investments are targeted toward our guests. Comfortable cottages. A Michelin quality restaurant. A bar in each designated area."

"And the areas are... ?"

"You booked Open Couples. But it really doesn't make that much of a difference. Each guest is free to explore every area. There's Swingers & Swappers, Close Relations..."

"What's that?"

"Just as it sounds. It can be father/daughter, brother/sister, mother/son. Kiss doesn't consider aunts, cousins, grandchildren to be Close Relations."

"Intriguing." Margie and Dennis were thinking of Toni and Dennis. Dennis and Brigitte.

Simon said, "There's a Bisexual Area. We don't have one for gays. Anything gays do, they can do in Bi. There is also the Orgy Area. That hasn't proved as popular as we thought, so there's only one cottage."

"Why is that?"

"Our two psychiatrists are still working on it. It may be because sex is so open here that large groups seem a bit contrived. Now, let me show you to Magnolia."

Margie's cottage was like the others, well designed and tastefully furnished. It had an open floor plan which included the bath and shower and hot tub. The only enclosed space housed a bidet and toilet. Plus a small closet where the few clothes that Margie and Dennis brought were hung.

The four main walls were floor to ceiling glass framed by slender steel beams.

Margie started undressing, so Dennis did too. Margie was amused that when Dennis was naked, Simon stirred to life and was soon erect.

Margie would learn that all the staff was male. All nude except for those working in the kitchen. Ages ranged from 14 to around 30. The chef and sous chef were older.

Simon did a walkthrough:

The drapes, operated by a switch, could provide privacy. Margie opened them.

The lights, could be off, dim or various degrees of bright. Margie amped them to the max.

Simon told her, "If you leave the front door open, everyone is available to walk in. As you and Dennis can visit any of the other cottages. If you invite others to participate, it's up to them. Same when you're in their cottages."

Margie opened the front door as wide as it would go.

Simon showed her an on/off switch. "Each cottage has cameras that beam the activities to the other visitors." Margie turned the switch to On. And asked where the cameras were so she could position Dennis and her for maximum benefit.

Simon told her, "Staff videographers are always available to tape any and all of your activities. Let's see ... you're leaving Monday morning. Our media team will edit your tapes Sunday night, late, and give you DVDs to take with you the next day."

He smiled at Margie, "Finally..."

Margie held up one finger and took Dennis in her mouth right before he exploded.

"You were saying?"

Simon pointed to a landline phone on the desk. "Answered 24/7. You can request men, women, boys, girls. We also have two highly trained German Shepherds. If you want very young kids, we need around three hours notice."

Margie nodded, liking everything she was hearing. She said, "Let me ask you. Since there are no rules, since everything that is consensual goes, how does that work with the kids? Some of the ones I saw here are too young to make informed decisions."

Simon smiled, "Quite true. There are two categories of youngsters. The whores -- they're the ones we need three hours to deliver. And the ones staying at Kiss in the KIDS! section. Those who stay here, on their own, were signed off on by their parents."

Simon smiled at Margie, "Again, Kiss is on a learning curve, we've been open only about six months. We misjudged the parents aspect. It's the mothers who are more open, more lenient. Of course these are women of experience. They want their sons and daughters to ... sample what's available."

"Do the kids understand they can say no?"

"Understanding the words is different from ... exercising judgement. But usually by the third or fourth stay, they become more discerning."

As he was leaving, Simon said, "The staff are available to our guests as well. Everyone but the kitchen employees."

"I haven't seen any female staffers."

"No, although management may reevaluate that policy. Their initial thinking was that wives and mothers would determine the level of success for Kiss. Even though we're currently all male, each of us is available to both of you."

Margie grinned. Simon told her, "Of course everything -- meals and drinks -- and everyone you fuck is included in your initial fee. And no tipping -- we're quite well compensated."

Margie and Dennis took a shower, then Margie said, "Baby, I'm going to be selfish this weekend. I'm going to sample a wide variety. And I'll order whoever you want. Okay?"

"More than okay, let's look around."

Holding his hand, Margie led him straight to KIDS!

Back in Paris, Toni looked at some of the Kiss DVDs. She said, "So you loved it?"

Margie said, "I loved it. So did Dennis. But more than that I was impressed."

"How so?"

"Kiss management is smart. I talked with the onsite Assistant Director. Told him about my little travel agency. About how I was considering making Kiss one of my sex tour stops. Toni, he comped me for the entire stay."

"That is smart. He didn't try to have you commit x number of customers, x number of visits. Margie, take me there."

"Done. And I have a generous discount for future visits."

Miss Fiske was learning to listen closely to Celeste and Candy. They didn't live at Toni's, that would be highly inappropriate, but they were wired into the household. They knew Toni well and could sense upcoming trends.

Celeste said, "How's it going? Still smooth sailing?"

Miss Fiske said, "Pretty much. The other day Toni complimented me on Bub-Bub."

Candy said, "That's good, Toni's the one to please. What are you up to with Bub-Bub?"

"Anything he wants. Well, Brigitte won't let him fuck me. But anything else."

Celeste said, "We invited you to lunch because there are some changes coming. Toni hasn't picked out a replacement for you yet, but she thinks she's gotten as much out of you as there is."

Miss Fiske sat very still.

Candy patted Miss Fiske's hand. "You won't like your new assignment, not at first."

Celeste said, "But keep an open mind.You'll be making even more money. And you'll get used to the ... work. And then you'll come to love your new job. But the vital thing is not to let Toni break you."

Candy said, "Just accept your new position with grace and dignity. Thank Toni for Dennis and for the new job. You'll be glad you kept your cool."

"Shit. Okay, I'll try."

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