Entrance Into the World
Chapter 1

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Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This a story about a girl coming of age at the end of slavery.

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On a nice leisurely summer day with the strong fragrance of magnolia trees and jasmine vine richly filling the air, two plantation owners Colonel George Stockwell and Mr. Michael Wilson often got together as old friends just to shoot the breeze together. Two conservative southern gentlemen enjoying the privilege and advantage of their status in life; while supporting their family and their believeth. Their conversation mostly center on their justification for the institution slavery.

Mr. Wilson plantation was primary cotton with a lavish house of three stories supported by four columns and symmetrical wings. Insides boast an unusual spiral staircase between the first and second floors. What was known all around the state was the flower garden in which his wife maintains. The fragrances could be smelled from miles around. Summer held the most beauty with regards to the garden. Daily you would see Cora Wilson and a select group of slaves lovingly tend this awesome garden.

Cora Wilson was extremely proud of her colorful garden; looking at it ablaze with its rainbow of colors. Even her trees were splattered with color when they are in full-bloom. Passing by you see the slave hands in the dirt as they nurture the garden to life. Right beside them is Cora aiding in the creation of life and art work of her garden.

Colonel George Stockwell owned over eight hundred acre plantation that grows six hundred acres of cotton and two hundred acres of corn. His beautiful plantation name is Cyrus Manor which is outside of Natchez, Mississippi in Adams County. On this stretch of land the Colonel's center piece held a two story house made up of columns along the front with a great airy porch. This house is known by its octagon plan and onion shaped dome. Upon entering the house a wide hall greets you to the and to left is the parlor and library to the right is the formal dining room just pass the library. The Colonel did most of his entertaining in the sitting room just father up the hallway. This particular room held European style furnishing with art work from all over the world. Coming to the house from the road is a tree line driveway. What you notice most about Cyrus Manor plantation is its richness of the land and the house that sits on it.

These two land owner often spent their time talking about slaves and the institution of slavery. Their livelihood depended on this particular institution. Politics often were their topic because this alone control whether they would stay in business or not. The lawmaker is what damage them or kept them alive. To them slavery was not the bondage of a group of people but their way of taking care their family. Their justification for this institution was that they aided those bondage people into a better life.

Colonel George Stockwell said to his closest friend Mr. Michael Wilson, "I have been readin about them northern nigger lovers talking about how bad we treat our people."

"You I know George we treat the colors like our own children," replied Mr. Wilson.

The Colonel nodded in agreement and added, "You see Michael if they would only take the time and look, they will see what we do for our niggers. We treat them kindly that are well fed and clothed. We also house them and this keeps them out of the elements."

"I know," stated Mr. Wilson. "They act like them biscuit lips is equal to a white man. The niggers need our guidance they are slow wit."

"I agree Michael they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Freedom would be a burden on them. If we look over in Africa their country is poorly run; they cannot lead themselves."

"I know I treat them kindly. They are well fed and clothed. Fuel is not an issue the can keep a small fire burning all night. I got a boy cutting wood all day long and I give my nigras time to cut more wood if they need it," express Mr. Wilson.

"Me too, but I don't let them run about at night to visit their neighbor. One thing I got to do is sell off some nigger, if I don't I would be overrun with mouth to feed," giggled the Colonel.

Mr. Wilson added, "I keep the family together in their own cabin. For that matter I don't sell off pieces of the family unless they run off or give me a lot of trouble."|

"What bothers me the most is those abolitionists who never slept a night on a hardworking, producing plantation; but they come up with insane ideas from a run-away nigger like that boy Frederick Douglas," in a bitter voice the Colonel concluded, "That spook said his master beat him, well he probably a lazy nigger."

Both plantation owners continued their conversation agreeing with each other over the wrongful views of the north.

The year is 1823, a slave girl was about to give birth. Sweat and pain is surrounding this young girl. This girl is known by her fellow slaves and master as Mae. In a one room cabin drafty with a clay chimney was about to produce both joy and sadness in one moment. Here this windowless room that sports an actual wood floor held one woman life. The single room fire place was large enough to cook her meal and with enough wood keep her home somewhat warm. The cabin held a table and one wobbly chair. The decoration was a few herbs hanging on the wall; the walls were the color of dirty wood. In the south east corner of this dingy little cabin was a pallet with fourteen year pregnant girl ready to increase the population of Cyrus Manor Plantation.

Mae was surrounded by four women one of which was the slave quarter's midwife. Sweat was pouring from every expose place even some places that were covered. The time was near for her child to enter the world. The midwife voiced, "Push"! As Mae was gathering every ounce of strength for that final push thinking, "What am I doing?" Armed with the knowledge of her condition as slave and knowing how she became pregnant in the first place, really had her contemplate just this very action. The midwife notices the distraction on Mae face as she began pushing to bring new life. She could almost image what Mae was thinking knowing that their circumstances in life were similar. Reality the midwife was not that far off in her thinking.

The midwife was born on Cyrus Manor and she lived with her parents until they were sold. Her father was sold first because the Colonel's father desired her mother. After her father was gone she was force to watch her master ravish her mother. At twelve the Colonel made an attempt on her and her mother fought him in protection of her daughter. This interned got her whipped brutally and sold.

After her mother was sold, this left her at the mercy of a young uncontrollable teen, the Colonel. There was not a safe place for her on the plantation. He would take her in the barn, in the hen house, behind a tree. She was his to do whatever he pleased. Because she was so young when he started raping her ferociously, he destroyed any chance of her having children. Actually his first encounters with her left her a bloody and mangle mess. Yes, she understood well the brutality of the Colonel.

As the hard labor pain began to settle down Mae's eyes filled with tears. Her mind's eye began reliving the conception of this child, looking at the hard cold facts of this whole incident. On that cold winter night Mae was laying on her new straw mattress given to her by the overseer Jackson for a purpose she dreaded. Everyone on Master Stockwell's plantation new nothing was given just because. When Jackson unloaded the mattress he said to Mae, "Yo master wants ya to go down to the creek and wash yo self and don't forget to wash that black box of yos." With this statement a dread began to engulf her. Her worst fears seem to come to life as the overseer began to laugh. Matters were made worst by Jackson tossing the mattress on the ground; this made Mae have to drag the mattress in to her small drafty cabin feeling a death sentence at each step.

Mae pulled the mattress into the cabin and laid it in the corner of the cabin where she slept. Her mind knowing that area will never again hold rest for her. As she walked down the old worn path to the cold creek, holding the lye soap which old lady Martha gave her knowing she understood her dilemma.

In Martha hay days she was a women endowed with an hour glass figure and soft angelic feature. She was a woman under different circumstance could have had any man of her choosing. Because of her circumstances and condition her option was limited to her previous master, William Blake. Master Blake produces six children with Martha and sold them all and later sold her.

Martha plight with her previous master was not as bad as the women on this plantation. Master Blake used other means of getting what he wanted out of his slaves. With Martha he first seduced her. She was cleaning his room as she had did numerous time he would stare at some she has become accustom to dealing with. On this day he asked her to have a sit because looked tired. He walked over to her chair and gently caresses her face whispering in her ear how beautiful she was and how he wish thing was different he would court her. Before she knew what was happening she was in his bed being kissed all over. He placed small kisses on her neck as he gently reached under her dress and softly rubbed between her legs. Slowly he undresses her with no fight or resistance from young Martha.

After she was unclothed and laying in her master's soft bed he slow suck each of her dark nipples feeling each nipple grow firm in his mouth. As he sucks her nipples his had played with her womanly knob as his hand filled with her juices. Later he began laying wet kisses down her belly until he arrives between her legs. He opens her legs as gently lick and suck her clitoris as she squirted all over his face. He seems not to get enough of her juices and he hungrily licks and suck her mound as her hip grinded rhythmically to his face.

This went on for a week and then he asked her to do him. It seemed a little strange placing his instrument into her mouth but she did after he gave her so much pleasure. When he climax into her mouth she found the taste to be not bad. They slept together in his soft bed at night kissing and exploring each other. One night her master felt it was time for him to penetrate her; he explained that it would hurt on first penetration and the pain would subside and it would be all pleasure for both.

Master had intercourse with Martha and other slaves he own. Never once was it heard of him physically forcing himself on any of the woman. Reality what choice did they have Martha was sixteen when her master for seduced her. He understood the pleasure of sex and Martha was an easy target. Kissing, touching and caressing her tender spot made her easy for his pleasure. Martha only pleasure for his encounter was when he performed oral sex on her. Intercourse with him was just an exercise in pleasure for him. He would lie her on her back spread eagle and stick his hard cock in her and just pump away until he was spent.

Colonel Stockwell as well as his sons was known for late night and sometimes daylight visits to the row of cabins on slave row. Before the Colonel's sons left for college it was nothing for them two boys to corner some little girl and gang rape her. Bending a girl over right on the spot was a continual occurrence on Cyrus Manor's land. Rape was not exclusive for them boys they would exercise their rights as future slaveholders by stripping and tying a slave female or male to some stakes and take turns with switches slashing them across their bare rumps. Behind these actions they were able to amuse themselves as the slaves ample rumps would jiggle. So the interest in Mae was natural in this violent environment.

There was often nightly screams ringing within the slave's quarter cabins. Young girls received visits from Colonel Stockwell. On some occasions parent of these young girls were told to leave if they co-occupied the cabin with their family. Unable to protect their children from danger and abuse, fathers and mothers crying outside of the cabins due to their helplessness behind this barbaric situation.

Sarah Stockwell hated the sexual romps of her sons, but she would turn a blind eye. They did their most damage to the house slaves, because of their easy access. Often she would walk into a room and a helpless slave girl skirt is hike up and one of her sons would be banging her. Sometimes she would catch them working together on some poor girl. One would be in her mouth and the other slamming her from the rear. Each time she walked in on their activity she would turn immediately and leaves; the boys would never miss a beat. The only anger she showed behind these sexual stunts was to the slave girl. Often, behind not fulfilling their duties in a timely manner, most times when this happen the girl was heartlessly punished by her.

The Colonel oldest son Daniel preferred the males of the plantation. His favorite position was standing with a boy or sometimes a girl on their knees with his penis in their mouth. His joy was pushing his large member deep into the throats of his father's property. Micah was his favorite tool and his hopes were to inherit him when his father died. As a kid Daniel had Micah as his playmate. A many of day Daniel practice his desires on Micah and this slave became apt at sucking the master's son off.

Daniel would find Micah where ever he was working so that he could relieve himself with Micah. Micah could be gathering eggs and Daniel will say, "Boy I need some relief. Get on your knees and open yo mouth." Daniel would pump his dick in and out of Micah mouth. He would often direct Micah on just what he was in the mood for. Sometimes he would have Micah lick the entirety of his shaft other time he would suck his balls, but one thing for sure when Daniel was ready to release his cream Micah was required to swallow it all and not to let one drop fall from his mouth. When Daniel became a teenager it was time for Micah to upgrade in pleasing him.

Daniel called Micah into his room for his daily relief. This time he said to Micah, "We are going to do something different. Let's go to the barn aint nobody there everyone's in the field." When they arrive he said, "Pull down your britches no better yet just take off those filthy rags. Let me see you necked."

Micah slowly took of his cloths wondering what the little master wanted now. He has never told anyone about sucking on his manhood. Now here he is standing in the barn without any cloths. As usual he dropped to his knees to allow Daniel access to his mouth. Daniel held his soft member as Micah open his mouth to receive it. Daniel slowly pumped his hips as his penis slid in and out of Micah mouth. As it began to grow Daniel became rougher with his jabs he release his hand hold of his penis and grabbed Micah head. One hand under Micah's chin and the other one gripping the back of his head he rammed himself into to his mouth and held it there. Micah could feel the need for oxygen and Daniel crushed his throat. Finally, before he passed out Daniel pull out and said, "Lay across that bale of hay there, with your ass up," pointing to his left.

Micah bent over the bale wondering what his master's son was up to. Soon he felt a pair of hands caressing his butt cheeks and Micah froze in terror. He remembered seeing the Colonel and his sons doing the same things to the slave girls on the plantation. Daniel whispered into his ear, "We are going to do a little different this time. You are going to be my bitch and now be still and let me play with this firm ass of yos."

"No, massa please don't do dis," whimper Micah.

Daniel replied, "I will do with you what I want you hear boy!"

Daniel reach for some lard that they often used to rubbed the horse down with and lubricated his penis. Slow he shoved one lubed finger in Micah asshole as Micah writhed and twitched in pain and fear. Slowly he moved his finger in and out of his hole. After one finger was moving in and out without difficulty he inserts two fingers and then three finger. Three finger moved eaisily in Michah and Daniel felt that Micah's hole was ready for his insertion. Next, he position his cock near Micah's asshole rubbing his greased tool between his ass cheeks. The rubbing causes Micah to tremble in fear worst was the thought of how Daniel fingers felt in him what would his cock feel like.

"Ahhh!" Micah screamed as Daniel slowly entered him. Daniel could not enter him the way he wanted Micah ass would not loosen fast enough for him. He did a constant push until he was imbed to the hilt.

As Micah asshole started to loosen up Daniel worked at pumping his penis into him at a steady rhythm. Next he began to settle into a vigorous fuck. Micah felt his ass burning and hurting like his ass would split wide open. He pushed in, and in, all the time whispering to Micah, "Oh how good yo ass feels all tight and warm. Just relax and it won't hurt that bad"

Micah found it hard to relax with his ass feeling like it was being ripped open.

Sweat drip from Daniel face as his fat cock slipped between his victim ass cheeks. He grunted in between pumping his cock in Micah. Daniel could not get enough of watching his white cock being bury is Micah dark ass. Micah was now sobbing uncontrollably wishing he was anywhere else but here. The pain was unbearable, he felt like he could die right here on the bale of hay. Daniel was panting hot air into Micah ears as he continued to violently sodomize Micah disregarding his constant pleas for him to stop.

Daniel said, "Stand up and do not let it come out," never missing a beat. After they were in a stand position he grabbed Micah dick and began to stroke it with his still lubricated hand. Micah felted his own penis through the pain began to grow in Daniel's hand. He continued to rub Micah's cock as he kept trembling with fear. Soon, Micah began to feel his master penis growing even more with in his rectum and his balls slamming against his balls. His dick became buried in his ass releasing cum within in him.

"Oh that feels so good, your hole is just so tight, I wish I could go all night," spoke Daniel in Micah's ear. He finally pulls his penis out letting semen drip out of Micah's ass. "I think let you put your dick in one of the boys around g here. I believe I would love seeing that big black fellow in another ass," laugh Daniel

"Now, yo tell anyone about this, yo are gonna get a lot worse than a little fucking you hear?" Micah nodded in between his sobs. "Nice to know you understand." As Daniel release Micah and turn to live Micah crumpled on the floor.

Micah could not think of letting someone know he was used like a woman and he truly would not want to hurt someone like his master just hurt him.

Mae observed some of these girls who were her friends sporting black eyes and swollen lips these were some of the visible signs of the Colonel's visit. Some signs of his visit were not always visible to the necked eye, but the mental on slaughter often shown itself through suicide and blank, listless looks. Mae wonders what would be her sign of the Colonel's visit.

In some cabins there were three or four girls living together. This was a bash for the Colonel. He would put them all to work on him. There he would have one girl sucking his penis, another girl's breast in his mouth, while finger fucking another. These situations were an all you can devise setting for his warp desires. His plantation was an orgy fun fest for him with his son gone, all his.

Mae was a fourteen year old slave and a virgin to boot here she was preparing for her unveiling. Carefully washing her body in a cold creek, as the lye tingle her body from its use. As she dried her hair and body she contemplated what it would feel like being with a man. But soon bitterness eased in knowing she had no choice in this matter, she belong to Master George Stockwell and that was that. Carefully she dress and headed back to her one room shack to await Master Stockwell visit. Mae is a thinker by nature and her thought was, "What would it be like lying with a man." Remembering a night at Master Jacobs' plantation laying on her pallet and hearing the sounds of ecstasy emitting from her mother as her father made love to her mother. She wonders would her master work at pleasing her too.

Nanny met Mae on the path as she was returning from her wash. Mae looked into Nanny eyes knowing she understood and held compassion for her. Now Nanny no longer screams from the Colonel's late night visit. Actually Colonel Stockwell has grown bored with Nanny and Nanny's breasts never really appeal to her master's taste. This does not say he did not abuse her small breast as he has done so many others.

Nanny dwelt mostly with anal sex when it came to the Colonel. He loved the feel of her tight rectum ring and it griped his penis at each time he pulled back. His only problem with Nanny was her teenage size breast. Fucking her from the rear kept him from being angry that he didn't have any large tits to play with. On the rare time he played with her breast he left bruises from teeth marks where he chew on her nipples. He would often say before his torture, "I would love to suck on them things if you had some. To only way I can get a good grip is with my teeth. That was just before grinding his teeth into her the flesh of her breast.

The Colonel used and abused her whole body. There was not a hole he did not utilize for his pleasure. Chewing on her small breast was painful, but he found other place to produce great pain. Sucking him while he choked her with his pole and brutally pumping her vagina was nothing compare to the assault to her ass. He would say to her, "Turn over gal nobody wants to look at them titties." On the times he would have her stand while fucking her in the ass he would us her small breast as handle to pull her back on his cock.

As soon as she was on her stomach he would enter her ass. She could never get use too that blind assault. Laying on her stomach as her sore breast scrub against the material on her mattress as he pump hard and deep into her ass.

Nanny softly said to Mae, "Jes do whut ever he's tells ya."

Mae in turned questioned, "Whut he have me to do?"

"He likes breast and he's want yo to put yo mouth on his private parts," Nanny replied.

"Ain't dat where he pee from? I's not sure I's can do dat," Mae replied with a tremble in her voice.

Compassionately Nanny said, "Gal jes do it and don't let yo teeth touch it."

Mae continued up the path with Nanny, neither speaking their conflicting thoughts. Nanny reliving her first encounter with the Colonel, remembering how her breast hurt from his biting like was eating a piece of rawhide. Also, cringing at the thought of how he choke her with his member and worst how she bled for four days after his visit. Her final thought was poor Mae.

Mae pace her small one room cabin constantly was worrying to herself, what's next. She relived her conversation with Nanny, wondering what he is going to do with my breast. Her strongest concern was putting his private part in her mouth. The thought of that was beginning to make her sick. She wondered what he can get from my mouth on his thing. Where was she going to put her teeth she they were lock into her mouth. The idea that the Colonel derived his pleasure from her breast and mouth seem silly.

Midnight had arrived and there was no hide or hair of Master Stockwell. When she noticed the late hour her shoulder began to slump with relief, just Maybe her master would not come. She began to relax, slowly placing her head on the naked mattress eyes closing to the night sounds of cricket. Her door flew open and in the doorway stood Master Stockwell. He marched over to her new mattress demanding, "Take off them there cloths and let me take a gander at your black ass, be quick with it. I don't got all night."

Mae had pondered this event all day and when that time had come she froze, unable to comply with her master's demands. She was filled with fear, a cold sweat poured from her armpits. No matter how she tried her limbs would not comply. Seeing her just sitting there put George Stockwell in a very foul and abusive stance, his mind whirl not just from his anger, but also from the whiskey he had consume. He reached down and ripped the coarse nigger fabric off of Mae's lean body. As he gazed at Mae's expose breast, she began working at covering them from his probing eyes which landed a backhand across her face by the Colonel. Blood plummeted from a now bruised and swelling lip. This was only the beginning of a night filled with foul acts that would remove pieces of Mae soul forever.

Colonel Stockwell made her get up from the place he knock her to parade her nakedness before his lustful eyes. The pain from her mouth did not compare to dark humiliation of parading her young naked body before a man who not only saw her as property, but a tool he can use and discard. Every step she made the colonel lustful eyes captured, the way her breast gently bounce and the lift that each buttock made when she took a step. Before she knew what happen she was push down onto the mattress and her master was biting her tender breast as if they were a piece of tuff meat and also using his hand to abuse and grab her untouched womanhood. He took his leg and forcefully prided her thighs apart and with great force entered an area that was not prepared.

Throughout the slave quarter Mae screams rang out, everyone hearing the pain and terror in her voice and unable to add assistance. Her master seemed oblivious to the pain and trauma he was inflicting. What he was not oblivious too was her screams that rang out in his ear, which interned made his manhood subside. In his drunken angry he grab Mae hair and yelled, "Put it in your mouth gal and bring it back to life and bitch if you bite me or even rake your teeth on it, I will strip the skin off your hide." With no teaching or experience in this matter Mae had to enter in this situation with care and fear. As she placed the fouling smell and lightly bloody limp tool in her mouth. Hot tears fell from her red eyes onto the red hair of the master crouch. Colonel Stockwell screamed in an alcohol slurred voice, "Suck it like it's a tit. Move faster you black whore." Mae head bobbed faster with care not to involve her teeth, but it was not still fast enough for him, with hand full of hair he shoved her face on his manhood.

Every time he pulled her head up he would shove it down farther filling her mouth and throat with his essences. The painful pulling of her hair did not hold as much power as the lack of oxygen she was not receiving. As he entered closer to his climax he would hold her head down for longer periods. At the moment he was relieving himself he held her head down penning her full lips to his red haired crouch. Mae's mind was spinning she was unable to breathe. Her throat was filled with a warm liquid and a taste unlike anything she had encountered. When he was spent he release her hair, quickly Mae lifted her newly released head in order to erupt vomit into colonel Stockwell lap. She was barely able to lift her head before her master shoved her face into the released contents of her stomach. Shouting at her, "lick this shit up and get me back up with your month."

This was only the beginning of Mae ordeal. After she was able to get the drunken Colonel up and running again he spent the remaining darken hour taking from her every ounce of dignity and youth away. Now she is to experience many forms of humiliation and pain.

The Colonel was ready to fulfill his perverted lust acts his wife would not allow him to take with her. His thoughts were. This was his home, his land, and his property; he was king to do as he wished. He did not need that flat chest bitch his father made him marry combining money his father stated as his reasoning. Now here he has a gal with some titties and whatever his lustful mind told him to does he will do with this girl.

He layed backed on his back with his penis pointed to the ceiling. With his left hand he guided her hips over his protruding member as he unrelenting to caress and squeeze her breast with his other hand. Suddenly he tightly pinched her nipple which caused her to impale herself on his penis. This was his desired effect.

With his hand around her waist he made had her bounce up and down on his member. He continued to fondle the object of his lust. The Colonel squeezed and twisted Mae suffering taut nipples. She screamed and held a look of terror. He raised his head and positions it that he may fill his mouth with her firm sore nipples. He bit into each nipple causing her face contoured with each suffering nip. He bit them hard and often that they even hurt to the touch. He pounded her making himself entombed with each deep thrust.

She was going to scream just like the other girls in the past did. It seems he could not get enough of her full young breast. Chewing was not the only thing he did with her breast. He would twist her nipples until the color ran out of her face. He also had her lay on her back as he crunch her breast together and use them like he use any other entrance.

The agony of the night is when he flip her over an impaled her with his white shaft. He could not enter right away not this virgin hole this was a slow process. It was only by sheer will power that he did not erupt right away. He inched his way up in her until his ball banged her vagina. Once she was open enough he ram her rear as if she was a female horse in heat. She tried to move away but he held her hips in place so that she would absorb all of the pain.

He whispered into her ear, "Yo love dis bitch, don't ya. Aah yo ass is so tight. I comin bitch I comin."

He pushed through her tight sphincter feeling it close around his hard shaft. As she screamed he rammed deeper and deeper in to her anus. As he reached his climax he speared her to the hilt, as his essences began to flood her rectum he held on to her breast squeezing them until they became blue. He never actually pulled his member out just flopped down on her back and went to sleep. Mae spent a while inching her small sore body from underneath him.

Her night was not over the Colonel had dream of this night. Now with some rest he started again to use her mouth thinking to himself 'what beautiful full lips around his manhood.' He coached her to slowly suck him. She felt him slowly grow within her mouth. Now it was time to return to her sore tattered vagina. He plowed and rammed his member into her; slamming deeply to the hilt. She was exalted, bloody, and in pain as he fondled roughly her breast and fingered her sore bleeding anus. Helpless to resist she laid there crying from the butchery.

Gone was her dreams to present her body whole to the man she loved. Gone was her dream of love and commitment. In the place of lost dream the cold reality of her lot in life presented itself. By night Mae was a woman, experience in various form of ways in which to please her master. She received her training very harshly, pain and bruises accompany everything she learned. With daylight also brought her work duties. Lack of rest, body hurting everywhere is what she had to deal with as she began clearing the field of Cyrus Manor plantation for cotton planting. This scene played out often over the next few months maybe a little less brutal because Mae gained some knowledge on how to take care of the master. With this experience came less pain, the only constant was the degradation and humiliation that accompanied the master's visits.

Daylight brought its own set of humiliations. She walked with her head down and with gentle steps just as the other screamers did; this was a sudden badge each girl worn from their first experience with the master. Inside her cloths places she wish did not exist rub against the coarse osmaburg fabric know as Niger cloth; rubbing harshly against her sore, abuse, and extra sensitive breast. It was also painful to walk not only from the massacre of her lost virginity, but from being folded and bent every which away from the brutality of that man. She did feats she did not know she was capable of.

With the scene still playing in Mae's brain she came back to the present feeling the intense pain of labor. The baby was coming. The pressure in the birth cannel surely told her the package was coming. Again the midwife screamed, "Bare down gal, harder." Mae could feel the head coming through it was like pushing a ball that was lodged there. The head was visible as it disengaged itself from that tight spot. The midwife was guiding the little bundle. This small package entrance came with a secret that would devastate it one day. Entering this world in all innocence and one day it would leave with the horrors of this world. Everyone outside of Mae's cabin heard the cry of a little one.

The midwife took the baby after pronouncing, "It's a gir chile," she began to washing the blood and mucus from the screaming bundles of joy. The midwife had just placed the clean baby girl up to Mae's breasts when Colonel George Stockwell walked unceremoniously into the door and up to the mattress. He gaze at the baby with contempt and asked, "Who is the pappy of this red runt." Everyone there knew it was Colonel George Stockwell, they all remember those beginning evening of Mae scream of violations, but no one would speak up out of fear. The baby was red as a tomato with silky black hair mounted to her head, she felt the softness of her cheek it felt like petals of a Rose in the mistress garden, so she name her, Rose.

Colonel George Stockwell walked out as unceremonious as he entered. Walking back to manor he was concern over what his wife would do. Worry never enter his thought process in reality what could Sarah his wife do, actual it was more like amusement. She was not going to deny him his husbandly needs and if she did, Mae would be available in a few weeks and he did have that mulatto maid he could play with a little. The reality is this was a heart wrenching day for Sarah Stockwell knowing the world knew, everyone will look at her and pity her. As he advanced closer to the house a small smile played on his lips, business as usual.

Sarah Stockwell once known as Sarah Benjamin came from money. Her family could trace their roots well passed the 1600s and in that trace they had money and power. Sarah's father was very disappointed with his wife who never produce him any sons. He loved his daughters but who was he going to live his money and power to. He would gamble and sometimes make bad investments so when James Stockwell came with the proposal of their children getting married it seems to him a good idea. Mr. Benjamin would once again have money to play with and Mr. Stockwell would gain power he has always craved.

The colonel was a man who inherited his plantation and workers; a man from old money. As a child he would hear the stories told about his ancestors dating so far back he care not to remember. One story did hold an interest to him it was about ancestor from 1700th.

Joseph Sheppard a local criminal who made his fortune by pickpocketing. Joseph was connected with a lot of English undesirables just before he lifted his fortune. He had been following this well dress gentleman for about an hour before he found an opportunity to go into the man's pocket. He lifted a velvet sack from the man pocket and immediately went around to the closest street. When he open the bag diamond were staring back at him from his hand.

Those diamonds put him on the map. He booked passage to the New World. After arrival he change his name to Joseph Stockwell and purchase 100 acres of land right this planation stands. Joseph started his gentry's lifestyle with four slaves and a field of corn. The rest is history each Stockwell brought more slave and more acreage until it was the planation we see today.

The Colonel life started on this very plantation. All he ever known was plantation life and slavery was all he known. One of his fondest memories was his time with his wet nurse Sammy. Sammy was his parent, his friend, and his slave. As a boy well passed nursing age he would order Sammy to pull up her shirt and feed him. He grabs her fleshy breast adding one nipple to his mouth and the other nipple he would fondle and twist. Once he bit so hard on Sammy nipple he a mingle of blood and milk flowed from her nipple. Sammy screamed and tried to push his head away from her breast, but his teeth were lock on her nipple. The screams of the slave woman brought the master and mistress as well house slaves running in regards to the scream. The Colonel's father orders him to unlatch from Sammy and then order her to lay on the floor for a beating. As he caned the helpless woman he shout, "What are ya doin to my son!"

The Colonel had a lot of episode torturing house slaves, but his favorite were the slaves of the quarter. These people were toys that were away far away from the prying eyes of his parents. It was nothing for him to grab a girl and make them preform any of his perverted acts. The boys were not free from his perverted acts. Once he made a boy have intercourse with a fellow slave while he took a switch a hit the boy every time he pull back, which made the boy enter the girl violently. The Colonel practice as a child how to be an abusive master in the future.

Mae had a lot of reason to be sad that her daughter was born in a time and the condition she suffered. She was born in Tennessee right outside of Nashville to a slave woman name Bell and Bell's master. Bell was 29 years old when she had Mae. True to Mr. Coleman nature by the time Mae was 4 he sold her off. Mr. Coleman sold his children so that there was not a reminder of his infidelity to his wife. Actually he did his children a favor selling them he was a hard task master quick with the whip. Also, if they were left to long with the mistress, she carried no mercy.

Bell has had 5 children already by her master and she knew the consequences of this new birth. Her heart was hardened behind the removal of the other children and she could not bear losing this one to the slave traders. When her daughter made four Bell packed her daughter and left the small plantation of her master's.

She and Mae were gone three days before the patrol accidently came upon them. After the gang rape of Bell she was returned weaken and wreck back to her master. Her master whips and branded her. Three days later the slave trader came and took them away.

Knowing she and her child would be sold down the river she began pleading with the slave trader. Everyone in the stable where slaves were sold watch the light go out of Bells eyes as she saw Colonel George Stockwell load Mae into his wagon and drove off.

On the trip back to Cyrus Manor the Colonel often gazed at little Mae. He wondered 'will this child have a figure like her. He would have taken the mother with her full breast looking like pillows, if she wasn't a runaway.' Oh he thought, 'I will be content with this yellow thing. I can't wait to this little bitch is old enough. I am going to fuck her silly.

The institution of slavery is a time when lives come together. When people lives intertwine. When one child was born in this long standing institution makes her mark starting 1832. This is a small child status, her weakness, her strength, her loves, her hates, starts this day. As her mother remembers her status, knows her weakness, values her strength, finds joy in her loves, strongly fights her hates, knows what she has brought into this soulless world and she weeps.

On Cyrus Manor plantation the Colonel knew if he keeps division among his slaves he keeps control of them. Favoritism was given to the slaves who work within the house. The slaves within the house wore better clothing and ate better because they were able to eat leftover of their master not because he gave it to them but because they had better access. The thing they did share in common was the need to be free.

The house slave often share news they over heard from the master.

"Wuk slowed doen on dat Monmouth planation der in Natchez," said Joe, "Yo no owned by massa John Quitman. His old slave Samuel broke him new plow. De Colonel called it sabotage."

'How yo know dis Joe," asked Micah?

Joe replied, "I's whutin long come back from der. Dey gat dat old Samuel still pegged to de ground. Dat der overseer walkin all puffed up like a rooster over dat whuppin he gave dat old nigger."

"Someone need to whup de colonel for little ration him gaves us," indicated Nanny

Martha piped in, "I's thank dat overseer wife be dippin in our rations; cause dey sho eaten good in dat cabin, dey sho eaten good."

They had to all agree with Nanny and Martha because their rations were less than they usually get and the usual is barely sustainable.

Ella the cook came to the quarter with some salt pork and said to the group, "Yea dat old witch is takin off yo rations, but I's took off dey ration too. Split dis, dis should help."

Mae smiled and said, "I's don't know what wes do without yo help. De Colonel don't care iffen we starve.

"We need do like dat old Samuel did and brake some tools and we can see whut de Colonel does den," smirk Joe.

"I's know I's glad dem boys of de Colonel is gone," stated Micah reminiscing over his dark days with Daniel Stockwell.

A shadow grew over Micah eyes. He was thinking of how he and Mary were getting along and he was ready to ask the Colonel can marry Mary. What if Mary catches him sucking and licking the on Master Daniel private parts or worst yet with Master Daniel riding him from behind.

He knew this was possibility. One day Joe was hiding in the rafters of the barn when him and Master Daniel walk in. Master Daniel mind this day was to ride Micah. Micah first thing he did was drop to his knee and began sucking his master. After all these years he was an expert oral sex and pretty comfortable at being sodomized by Master Daniel.

Daniel was in a particular changeable mood. After Micah brought him to a full stance he had Micah bend over the plow and he commence to power driving him. During this session he stood Micah straight and continue driving into him with the addition of stroking of Micah tool. Micah have learn to enjoy this part of their sex game. Daniel was tire of standing and he had Micah lay on his back and lifted his leg as he once again enter him.

Daniel with a steady rhythm was saying to Micah, "Tell me how you like it boy."

Micah looked up and there was Joe looking down at him. He turned his head and said, "I love yo massa in my ass. I need yo to fuck me like a bitch. Oh massa don't stop stay in my tight ass.

"I will boy, on lord I am going to let lose in your biles. Feel it boy jumpin around in ya," shout Daniel.

When he was spent he had Micah lick his pole clean. The whole time Joe looks on. So, yes he knew what his master's son does with him can be exposed to the world. Worst exposed to Mary.

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