Losing It on a Cruise
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Scarlett Griffin

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This was her chance to finally lose her cherry. It had to be now and it didn't matter who.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First  

Adriana Johnson was not at all amused by the antics of the boy carrying her bags down to her stateroom onboard the huge luxury cruise-ship. He was pretending they were the heaviest bags he had every taken on board the ship and asked her sarcastically,

"Does Miss understand we are only going to be at sea for seven days and six nights? This ship is not scheduled to go around the world like they used to do in the old days."

Her mother and father were supposed to be on the cruise and the three of them were to occupy attached staterooms on the next to the top level. Her mother told her just that morning that they were unavoidably detained and would join the ship at the first port of call in Bermuda. The only good feature of that was that she would be on her own on a luxury cruise-ship filled with romance at every turn and an opportunity to lose her blasted cherry the very first night because of the privacy she would have in the empty rooms.

After all she had already passed her sixteenth birthday and that was legal in most countries even if it was still two years shy of safe territory in her home town of Sacramento, California. Anyway she had a fake school identification card that made her two years older in case anyone questioned her right to drink the free booze or to enter into carnal relations with a willing male. Besides, all she had to do was order it under her mother's name since she had the boarding passes for all three of them and a voucher for all the meals and complimentary drinks at any of the fourteen bars located on different levels of the cruise ship. All she had to do was to go to one where they didn't have access to her boarding records and just do what she wanted to soak up the fancy drinks with the beautiful umbrellas sticking out of the top.

She got rid of the meddlesome bellboy with his too-tight trousers and gave him a good tip even though she thought he was obnoxious. After all, she might have to fall back on him as a last minute substitute in case she couldn't score a half-way decent cherry buster on her own. In such a situation, beggars can't be choosers and any male with proper equipment could be a walk-on without a need to screen for sufficient length or skill in using their tool of creation.

As a test of her strongly held belief, she called to the stateroom catering service and ordered two margaritas with a bowl of mixed nuts to snack on until dinner.

They were delivered by a young girl with very little English but she was quick to set them on the sideboard and hold out her hand for her expected tip. It was a sure thing and she knew without a doubt that her assumptions were correct and she would be having a blast in a few hours with a strange man hopefully stretched out on top of her introducing her into the world of a real woman.

She had decided that she wanted him to be an older man not one of the boys that she had to fight off in school just to keep their grimy paws outside her panties. He should be tall, on the slender side but not skinny and she hoped he would have at least seven inches of persuasion hidden buried inside his trousers for the glorious moment when she finally became a woman.

The "much older than her years" teenaged girl slowly undressed in front of the full length mirror wondering if there were any hidden cams in the walls or ceiling of the luxury ship. She inspected her female flesh studiously looking for flaws and finding none. Of course, she could be accused of bias but she tried to be objective as possible about her nicely budding breasts with the delicate brown buttons at the tip and the perky angle they jutted up to the ceiling like twin peaks of tempting mammary perfection released for public viewing. She had a fair amount of pubic hair visible on her plump little mound in the center of her womanhood but she could easily take care of that with her tiny little scissors and skilled flexibility that gave her great latitude in attending to such matter without requiring any assistance. She even checked her rear door by looking over her shoulder into the mirror at her spread cheeks and the perfect crinkle entry that was carefully scrubbed twice a day and showed no evidence of the brown ring that so many girls sported even early in life.

Adriana wondered if she would be able to "give up" ownership of that sensitive entry to a male admirer with a spirit of generosity and courage to endure the uncomfortable stretching that would surely cause her some initial discomfort. It was just as much virgin territory as her well protected vaginal folds that had only been penetrated by fingers or small objects in a mood of discovery.

The water in the shower was glorious due more to the craftsmanship of the showerhead than from any other reason. It had a detachable nozzle and she held it close to her pretty pussy to let the force of the stream play along her slit making her tremble in anticipation of an evening of debauchery and sin. She lifted one leg up onto the metal rail and inserted her fingers with the soap into her dirt hole to clean her anal channel for any possibility of kinky sex later in the evening. The thought alone was enough to make her slit weep with carnal delight like a silly virgin with her fantasies of impossible humiliations.

The towels were absolutely divine and fluffy white softly drying her nubile skin. Before she put on the special undies for her night of hymen breaking, Adriana used her mother's perfume to give her pussy and ass the tempting scent of a long line of European temptresses with years of experience in taking cock in any position and sometimes in a multiple format. She had always wondered about such things but the possibility of suffering such degradation was extremely unlikely considering the fact she had not even lost her cherry as yet.

The evening dress was a bit sheer in certain areas but it was subtle enough that it did not cause envy or offense. It was a bit of free advertising that she hoped would push her over the top to get a good male sperm donor to pound her into the stateroom mattress or fluffy white carpet. Her hope was that she would be appealing enough for at least a one night stand after she sent a barrage of typical female in heat signals out to all males in receiving distance.

When she arrived at the main dining room and entertainment center for her part of the ship, she was startled to discover that the entire room was filled with "couples". Everywhere she looked she saw an equal distribution of males and females in pre-coupling attitudes with that certain look in their eyes that said "go away and don't bother us".

It was downright disconcerting because she had expected to find romance just oozing from every darkened corner and all she saw was pairs of fuck-buddies and her all by her lonesome. She did enjoy the lobster and eventually wandered over to the piano player next to the long empty bar and watched his long beautifully tapered fingers move over the keys with a lifetime of playing. It was almost a joke that made her smile at the irony that the only unattached male in the room had to be of social security age and had a face that looked like a freight train had rearranged his features to its own liking.

"Can you play "Misty" for me?"

Adriana had heard that line from an old television movie and if she remembered correctly the piano player almost got murdered by the psycho swinger that really hated men. The older man smiled and she suspected he had gotten her attempt at humor. Of course, he played "Misty" beautifully as she expected he would because he must have heard every song that had been written in the last fifty years.

"Are you old enough to be drinking, young lady?"

Adriana pretended to be offended by his inquiry and firmly stated,

"I'll have you know I have a school ID card that says I am eighteen."

The man looked up and sipped at his drink on the side table right next to the piano. It was dark and had ice in it. She was certain it was more likely to be Scotch on the rocks rather than iced tea because of the way he savored each and every last drop.

"You look lonely, honey. Are you here with your parents?"

She almost burst out in tears because he could see through her so easily.

Adriana was hoping she would have the air of mystery and it was beginning to look like all she could muster from unaccompanied males was a sense of pity. It was not a good beginning to her project of "losing it" on her maiden voyage.

"That's all right, little lady. My name is Dick and I know more tunes than I know tricks so don't sell me short until you give me a chance."

She looked closer at him and saw that he had beautiful eyes in his ugly face and that he seemed reasonably in good shape for his advanced years.

"My name is Adriana and I was supposed to be with my parents but they won't join the cruise until we dock in Bermuda. My daddy is in the oil business but only on the buying and selling and nothing to do with actually getting it out of the ground."

He looked at her and suddenly broke into a song that she was not familiar with that must have been from some Broadway musical because she remembered it in one of her "Music on Broadway" classes in High School. For some reason the words "you will meet a stranger" made her a bit emotional and she started shedding tears like a silly schoolgirl which is exactly what she was when she admitted it to herself.

"Don't cry, honey, I hate it when broads cry because I usually wind up consoling them and one thing leads to another, if you know what I mean?"

Adriana was suddenly shy because she started to think it might not be the end of the world if this older gentleman humped her into her rightful position in real woman society and she hoped he was still able to get it up without resorting to the magic blue pills that the older generation considered to be a substitute love potion to stiffen their resolve.

"Dick!" she paused letting that word roll around on her tongue.

"May I ask you, Dick, would you mind taking me back to my stateroom? I don't want to be wandering the passageways this late all by myself because I have heard all kinds of stories about how dangerous that can be for a single lady."

Dick emptied out the tip glass and closed the piano cover because the room was almost empty now. They moved to her stateroom without incident and she didn't mind the fact he had taken her elbow in his and guided her the entire way. The older man even opened her door with the card with a practiced skill and they paused just inside the door and looked at each other.

There was no need for conversation and they both got down to business without delay. He helped her out of her clothing and left her undies on letting her know he wanted to use them as a prop for his old man style foreplay. That entire portion of the becoming a woman process was quite enjoyable to her and she didn't mind his long fingers probing her secret places with familiar inquisitiveness.

"Are you a virgin?"

The question hit her hard but she nodded her head feeling a bit ashamed of the fact and she really didn't know the reason why.

"Well, let's get you down into a good "all fours" position and press your hands against the mirror so when I push from behind you can't go any further."

Adriana followed Dick's instructions and when his long thick cock slid into her vaginal channel from behind, the shredding of her hymen was a done deal in a matter of a single moment. She was ashamed that she whimpered a lot but at least she did not yell out when he fed his schlong to her from behind giving her each inch by delightful inch until the entire salami was buried deep inside.

After that, she just did what her instinct told her to do and they both enjoyed the fruits of passion in their own way and for their own reasons.

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