Arab Businessmen's Plaything
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - More horny fiction from my friend and e mail lover.

Work had been going well in the factory and recently David had been very occupied with a deal with a Saudi company, in fact, for the past 3 weeks he hadn't come anywhere near me, obviously this deal was massive as normally he'd have his hand in my knicks at every opportunity!

Later that morning, David called me into his office and explained that he needed to go to Saudi for 2 days to formalise the deal, but needed secretarial support, could I come? In addition to being 5 star, there was also a handy bonus on offer; I rang Mike who was working away and he readily agreed.

The flight across to Saudi business class was great, David almost ignored me in his papers whilst I enjoyed all the benefits of Emirates.

On arrival we were met by a youngish arab who introduced himself as Malik, he said he was the driver and we had a special accommodation at his uncles place outside of Ryadh, I was dressed conservatively, blouse, knee length skirt, mid height heels, stockings of course and thin sheer knicks, but he was taking every opportunity to eye me up and down.

We both sat in the back of the car and Malik said it was about a 1 hour drive, David got more documents to read and I just sat there looking at the not too interesting scenery.

I noticed that Malik had moved the rear view mirror so that he could get a better view of me, I pulled a magazine out of my bag but secretly watched Malik, I made my skirt ride up a little and noticed his reaction!

Without making it obvious, I let my legs fall apart a little, his fucking eyes were on stalks, but I stopped at that, my twat was on fire after the long trip; as we arrived at the complex David got out of the car first and I made sure that I was able to "accidently" spread my legs as I moved to get out, Malik must have seen right up my thighs and my knicks stretched tightly over my bulging minge.

I held the "pose" long enough for him to see, his eyes nearly fuckin popped!

When we arrived at the complex I was led to a big series of tents for women only by Malik wo was doing his best to hide the tent pole in his trousers!

David who was met by 3 arabs went in a different direction.

I was met by a lady called Tia who was a made, she explained that this was the wives quarters, there were 6 ladies all told and they said that they belonged to 3 husbands.

I was tired after the trip and after a meal I went to my "cot" which was like a tent inside a tent, the women were all talking normal women stuff-not enough sex etc. as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was awoken by Tia who had brought me breakfast and a robe to wear, she explained that western dress wasn't allowed in meetings for women, so I would need to wear this.

It was actually a skin tight long blue dress with a slit up one side to just above the knee, it was very tight and showed my bra and knicker lines too much, as it was ankle length, I thought fuck it and removed my bra and knicks and went commando, the material was silk and felt great on my naked body.

Tia came shortly and escorted me to the meeting room were David was waiting. On arriving I was introduced to three old Arabs, Abdul, Anwar and Ali, all looked about 60/70 and weren't particularly slim.

David kicked off the presentation and I made notes of questions asked etc., I did notice that as I was sitting opposite the Arabs that every now and then I was getting a furtive look.

About 11am, Tia brought in coffee and left, David asked me to serve everyone.

I served David and Abdul first as they were deep in conversation, when I served Anwar and Ali, they both stood very close to me, in fact there bodies were almost touching me, it was obvious that this was done on purpose, so I pretended that didn't notice and therefore didn't move, as they moved they made sure that they brushed against me.

After coffee David's presentation carried on and I took notes until Tia brought in lunch.

Again I was asked to serve and the three Arabs sat on the floor whilst I served, when I served Abdul, my dress caught on the corner of a low stool, I nearly fell, but to steady myself I put my leg out, this had the effect of making my dress ride up and exposed some of my thigh through the slit on one side. Abdul leaned forward to try and help uncatch my dress. As he fiddled with the dress and stool with one hand, his other hand was inside the bottom of my dress, I felt his hand on the inside of my calf, he looked up at me and I made no complaint as his hand moved up over the inside of my knee.

I felt incredibly turned on, my dress was caught on a nail in a stool and the guy trying to free it was touching me up!

The others weren't taking any notice and couldn't see anyway, I didn't move as his hand went over my knee to the inside of my thigh, I was tingling, my snatch was twitching, I wanted him to go all the way and shove his hand in my gash. He suddenly freed my dress and removed his hand, fuck I thought, my crack was already wet.

The meeting then carried on uneventful till about 4.30pm when more coffee was brought in, again I served all of the men, they were all walking around talking with David and themselves, again Anwar and Ali moved close to me, this time it wasn't my imagination, Ali 's hand rubbed the back of my dress.

Anwars went on my arse, the dirty bastards were feeling me up. I didn't move out of their way nor complain, it was obvious that they had hard ons, Ali brushed passed me and I could feel his knob hard against me, Anwar did the same.

This was so erotic, my twat was on fire. I wanted to get on all fours and let the lot of them fuck the shit out of me, I didn't of course but I was dying for some brown knob.

All too soon coffee was finished and all was adjourned to the next day, David was to have dinner with them whilst I went back to the female compound with a dripping wet fanny.

We all had dinner together as the previous night when the maid Tia came in, she informed the wives that they were all required that evening, this caused great excitement for the wives as they all rushed off to prepare.

As I went back to my area, I saw Tia and asked her what all that was about. She told me that this was extremely unusual, the husbands rarely asked for their wives and for all six wives to be invited, something special must have happened today, as she said this she gave me a strange look.

I was still quite tired and went to sleep quickly, I was awoken though about 2am when the wives returned with their chattering, they were all excited and were swapping stories of how hard and how much they'd been fucked that evening. They were graphic telling each other about swallowing spunk, having there arse fucked etc. etc. As I lay there listening I put my hand on my fanny and rubbed my clit. I was so turned on I came in no time and fell back to sleep.

Next morning Tia again awoke me with breakfast, she had also brought me a new dress. When I saw the dress and the shoes I looked at her and she smiled and walked away.

The dress was gold and made from silk, unlike the previous days it was only knee length and had a slit on both sides almost to the top on my thighs, there were also a pair of gold shoes, unlike yesterdays flat soled shoes, these has 6 inch heels!

I put the dress on and it was skin tight, the message being given was clear, so if I was to be an Arabs fuck slut, then I didn't want bra and knicks to get in the way, I went commando again!

Tia escorted me to the meeting room and I met the rest, everyones eyes were on stalks when they saw me but no one made any comments. The meeting started and I continued to make notes, again I was sitting opposite the Arabs, but this skirt with the slits each side was showing most of my legs, today there were no furtive glances, just open staring at me legs.

David caught my eye and smiled. I knew that things were going well and also the direction everyone wanted them to go in!!!!!!

I crossed my legs revealing even more of my legs and thighs, I then uncrossed and re crossed very slowly giving them a glimpse of my fanny. The atmosphere was highly charged when I placed my ankle on top of my knee, I was now sitting with my bald cunt on display for all of them. I was so fucking wet, I wanted their knobs, tongues and fingers in all my holes, I was gagging to be fucked.

Tia then came into the room with coffee, this broke the atmosphere, but she looked at me and smiled as she walked out.

David asked me to serve, I served Ali first, as I poured his coffee he put his hand on my thigh and started to rub up and down. I stood there and let him being watched by the others.

I then moved to serve Anwar, he did the same only his hand went further, pulling my skirt right up as he squeezed my arse. I then moved to Abdul and my arse remained on display.

Abdul stroked the inside of my thigh and then onto my fanny, two big fat fingers went straight up my hole.

I could have cum then, I'd been dying for something up me and now this old arab had two fingers up me to the knuckle and was driving me mad.

I moved my leg further apart and shouted to him, "Ccme on, finger me off!" as I pulled my dress up by my waist. "Go on shove another in Abdul, fill my cunt with your filthy brown fingers."

The dirty bastard shoved 4 fingers into my cunt. I didn't care, my gash was frothing and the noises that my cunt making was crazy. I was squelching and cunt farting until I came off on his hand, my cunt juice was running down his fucking arm.

Ali and Anwar both got up and within a second I was snogging Ali, his tongue was down my throat.

Anwar had the front of my dress down and was sucking on my tits.

Ali had also got his fingers in my cunt alongside Abdul as he fingered fucked me daft.

Anwar then stuck his fat finger up my arse! I could feel both Ali and Anwar's knobs through their robes.

I reached down and squeezed Ali's prick. Ali pulled up his robe and I grabbed his prick. I broke off the kiss and looked down, Ali's knob was about 8 inch and thin, it was a dark bown colour and it was hard, in fact it was fucking solid.

I pulled his foreskin back and his bell end was soaked in pre cum,

I started to rub his bell end like mad. Anwar had pulled up his robe and his knob was smaller than Ali's but fat, I grabbed it and started to wank him off.

Abdul was now on his knees licking my cunt, his tongue was up my hole, then he'd suck my clit while Ali and Anwar still fingered me.

I was grinding my cunt all over Abduls face as I started to cum in wave after wave, I was so turned on I just couldn't stop cumming.

Abdul then moved back onto his stool. He pulled up his robe and there stood an 11 inch dark brown, fat fucking knob as hard as a rock!

I gasped when I saw it, he wrapped his hand round it and pulled back his foreskin, his bell end was purple and covered in cheese, pre cum was dribbling out the end and it was fucking steaming!!!

Ali and Anwar then lifted me and positioned me over Abdul, as they lowered my I felt my hole start to stretch as his bell end entered, by the time I was half way down his shaft I was squirting cum all over the place.

Anwar and Ali held me to keep my balance whilst Abdul fucked me silly, his big brown knob was fucking my brains out and I was loving it!

My head was now waist high to Ali and Anwar and I started sucking on both the cocks, at one stage I had both in my mouth at the same time. They fucked my face whilst Abdul filled my hole with his rock hard knob. Abdul then started grunting and I felt my insides being flooded with filthy red hot spunk, he shot load after fuckin load up me.

Ali and Anwar lifted me off Abdul and a river of spunk slopped out of my gash. Anwar got and the floor and I straddled him, his fat knob went right up my spunk filled cunt, talk about sloppy seconds, spunk was spurrting out my hole as he fucked me.

Ali then got behind me and his long thin knob slid right up my arse. The two fucked me in tandem for ages, both holes being rammed with a cunt full of spunk was heaven. I lost count of the number of times that I came.

Eventually Ali pulled out and I felt a wad of spunk platter all over my back.

Anwar started to shout, "Face, face."

I jumped off him and he stood up and emptied his balls all over my face. What a sight I looked, spunk running out my fanny and down my thighs, all over my back and goo dripping off my face over my tits.

Abdul was now hard again, he walked up to me with his prick bouncing up and down in front of him, as he got in front of me he shoved his knob between my legs.

I put my arms round his neck and then wrapped my legs round his waist as the monster cock went right the way up my hole. He fucked me standing up like that in the middle of the room for all to see.

"Tell me you love it!" he said to me.

"I love arab cock!" I said.

"More!" he said and I was shouting pure filth to all, how I was a dirty brown knob whore, spunk swallower, Arab slut and a cum loving slag etc.

I caught David's eye, he gave me a thumbs up sign, his other hand was wrapped around his knob wanking for all he was worth.

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