No Crime in the Suburbs
Part 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Coercion, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, Black Female, White Female, Analingus, Exhibitionism, First, Oral Sex, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1 - An innocent high school freshman learns that her neighborhood is not as safe as she thought. In another suburb, two sisters discover their mom's porn collection and it gives them lots of naughty ideas. Will the two story lines intersect?

On the outskirts of a large Midwestern city, a young girl is getting ready for school. She attends a private, Catholic school so her clothing options are strictly limited. This morning she dons the regulation grey pleated skirt, white blouse, green-and-blue-striped tie, and white knee socks. She steps into a pair of loafers and slips on the navy blazer with the school coat-of-arms on the left breast. The only touch of individuality in the whole ensemble is the gold cross on a slender chain at her throat.

Before leaving her bedroom she stands in front of a full-length mirror and brushes her straight blonde hair. Everyone tells her she's pretty but she doesn't stop to admire herself. The mirror is only to make sure she's presentable. She wears no make-up.

"Amy," the girl's mother says, "it's raining. Take an umbrella." Amy rolls her eyes. Why does her mom still treat her like a child? But she grabs an umbrella from the stand by the front door.

"Goodbye sweetheart." Amy's mother kisses her lightly on the lips, which is vaguely disquieting. "Have a good day at school."

"Bye mom," Amy says as she heads out the door. Later, Amy wishes she had hugged her mom and told her she loved her. But how could she have known then that she would never see her mother again?

After all, it's just another day in late September, and Amy is only going to her school a few miles away.

As she walks past the comfortable homes of her neighbors, Amy feels perfectly secure. The hedges, the trees, the carefully-maintained lawns are all so familiar that she doesn't notice them, but they give Amy the sense that she is just as safe here as in her own bedroom.

Two blocks away, four men sit in an idling Chevy Suburban with tinted windows and stolen license plates. In the front passenger seat a man watches Amy through high-powered binoculars. "There she is," he says. "Right on time." The driver waits for Amy to turn the corner before slipping the big car into gear.

Just as the men expected, Amy steps under cover of the bus shelter. This is critical to their plan because the little structure will hide their operation from any potential witnesses. They have been waiting for a rainy day for almost two weeks. The driver eases the Suburban up to the curb directly in front of the bus stop.

Amy has just shaken the rain from her umbrella when a car pulls up in front of her. A window opens and an African American man about thirty years old smiles at her. It's unusual to see a black man in her neighborhood, but he's wearing a coat and tie and thick-framed eyeglasses. His smile is disarming. "Good morning," he says. "I wonder if you can help me. I'm trying to find Valley View Business Park, and my phone isn't getting a good signal." His voice sounds educated, refined.

"I'm sorry, I don't know where that is," she says.

"Okay, listen," the man says. "My directions say it's on Glenwood Road. This is Glenwood Road, isn't it?"

"This isn't Glenwood Road," Amy says. "Glenwood is two—no, three blocks that way." She points in the direction of the park across the street. She can't see them, but two men have exited the car on the driver's side and are moving quietly around the back of the big vehicle.

"Oh, thank you," says the man in the passenger seat. "You've been very helpful." He smiles at Amy. She finds herself charmed by the man and smiles back.

Just then, two men step out from behind the back of the car. They're wearing nondescript dark clothes, and ski masks cover their faces. Amy opens her mouth to scream but it's too late. One of the men has a large, gloved hand over her mouth, and the other has pulled her arms behind her back. At the same moment, the man in the passenger seat jumps out and opens the rear door. The two men quickly drag Amy inside. They have practiced the abduction many times, and it goes off without a hitch. Within seconds the car is moving down the street. No one has seen a thing.

Two minutes later, a school bus pulls up at the shelter. The bus driver looks up and down the street. He's never known Amy to be late, and she rarely misses school. Guess she's not feeling well, he says to himself as he drives on to the next stop.

In a somewhat less affluent neighborhood a few miles away, an eleven-year-old girl is snooping through her mother's closet, the way kids will. Her fifteen-year-old sister is doing homework in their shared bedroom just down the hall. The younger sister is an habitual mischief-maker, and though her older sis loves her dearly, her patience is often tested.

Becca, the elder sister, notices that it's been quiet for a while. "Emma?" she hollers.


"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," answers her sister. Becca knows from experience that this means that Emma is probably getting into something she shouldn't. She follows her sister's voice to their mother's bedroom. "Where are you?" Becca says.

"In here," answers Emma's voice from the closet. "Look what I found."

Becca locates her little sister on the floor next to an open drawer. She's holding a DVD case with a photo of two nude women on the cover.

"Oh my god!" says Becca. "Where did you find that? Put it back right now!"

"But ... is this what I think it is?" says Emma. "Is this a porno movie?"

"Yes, it's a porno movie. Now put it back!"

"Okay, okay," says Emma. "But look—there's lots more." She shows her sister an entire collection of porn videos at the back of their mother's dresser drawer.

Becca stares in amazement. She would never have guessed that their mother, a prim and proper school teacher, would watch porno movies. She takes another look at the cover of the video Emma is holding. The title is "MILFs and Teens" and Becca notices that one of the women in the photo is probably in her forties and the other is much younger, no more than twenty.

The whole idea is freaking her out so much she can't even process what she's seeing. She snaps at her younger sister. "Put it back, I said! Exactly the way you found it!"

"Okay, grumpy," says Emma. She places the video back in the drawer. "The sweaters were on top, like this."

Becca leads her little sister back to their bedroom. Emma settles down to finish her homework and both girls are busy until their mom gets home. Becca hopes that Emma will simply forget about the stash in the dresser drawer.

But at dinner that night, she notices Emma staring at their mom. Becca has always thought her mother beautiful, and she still does. She and Emma have inherited their blue eyes, porcelain skin, and strawberry blonde hair from her. Now, Becca can see that her little sister is looking at their mom with a new sort of curiosity. And she knows she is, too.

Becca tries not to think about her mom's collection. But some things, once seen, are impossible to un-see. The same questions keep swirling around in her brain. Why does her mom watch porn movies? More specifically, why does her mom watch lesbian porn movies? She can hardly even ask herself the third nagging question—why would her mom watch movies that show sex between older women and teenagers? Everything her mother has ever told her, including the reason for her parents' divorce, is now open to question.

After school the next day Becca goes straight to her mother's closet. She carefully lifts the sweaters out of the way and begins to examine the videos one by one. All the movies include lesbian sex and many of them have an older/younger theme. They have titles like "Cougars Seduce Kittens" and "Mom Fucked the Babysitter." And most shocking of all, "Loved by Mommy," which purports to show mothers having sex with their teenaged daughters. Becca can't believe they're actually related, but the idea makes her squirm uncomfortably.

At one side she finds a whole series of videos that also include men, but before she can look at them her phone rings. When she sees that it's her mom calling, Becca feels like she's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Uh, hi Mom."

"Hi honey, I just wanted to remind you that I have parent conferences today so I'll be home late. You need to take the casserole out of the fridge and put it in the oven for your dinner. Did you remember?"

"Okay ... um, no. I'll go do it now."

The rest of the conversation is a blur. The only part that registers is when her mom says she won't be home until seven. That means Becca has an hour to herself before Emma gets home from soccer practice. She grabs a handful of videos and heads for the living room.

The first movie she picks is called "Mother-Daughter Exchange Club." The title alone is enough to make her feel uncomfortable, but her curiosity is stronger. Becca pops it in the DVD player to watch on their 50 inch plasma TV. The movie proceeds like a soap opera, complete with bad acting. The story is about a secret society in which mothers trade their young daughters to other lesbian moms.

As Becca watches a woman about fifty years old kiss and caress a lovely young blonde, she feels more and more agitated. Her mom really watches this stuff? The girl's clothes slowly come off and Becca stares wide-eyed at the TV, her heart pounding. That squirmy, uncomfortable feeling is stronger than ever, and it's centered between her legs. When the older woman begins to lick the blonde's shaved pussy, Becca gasps. "Oh god ... oh my god..." She turns up the volume so she can hear obscene sounds the woman is making.

Becca discovered masturbation a couple of years earlier, and she knows the amazing sensations that can come from that little bump at the top of her vulva. She can hardly imagine how good it would feel to have someone lick her there. Her hand seems to move by itself to her panties. She rubs her clit through the damp cotton and sighs with pleasure.

On the screen, the older woman has removed her bra and the blonde is kissing and sucking the woman's huge breasts. Becca raises the hem of her skirt and looks down. The front of her panties is soaked. When the young blonde on TV goes down and begins to eat the older woman's hairy cunt, Becca drops her panties to her ankles and begins to touch her clit directly. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." she says. She's not even aware that she's speaking aloud.

Soccer practice cancelled, it's only a few minutes later that Emma quietly enters through the front door. She's always quiet when she gets home because Becca often naps after school. Emma closes the door and takes off her shoes. She's about to head for her bedroom when she hears strange noises from the direction of the living room.

As she stands in the doorway, little Emma can hardly believe what she sees. On the TV, two middle-aged women are undressing a pretty brunette girl who looks no more than eighteen years old. On the sofa, her sister Becca is slouched with her panties around one ankle and her skirt rucked up around her waist. She is rubbing herself with one hand while spreading her vulva with the other. Emma watches spellbound, her eyes going back and forth between the TV and her sister.

Mixed emotions flood the eleven-year-old as she watches the two older women take turns licking the pussy of the teenager. For one thing, she's angry at Becca's apparent hypocrisy. But beyond her anger is the strange excitement she feels from the action on the screen, and even more so from watching her sister. Becca's head is thrown back, her eyes half-closed, her lips parted. Little Emma has touched herself down there and she knows it feels good, but she's never felt anything like what her sister seems to be feeling.

On the TV, one of the older women sits on the face of the young girl while the other goes down on her. "Oh fuck," Becca says again. When the camera zooms in for a close-up of the teen's face as the older woman rides her tongue from above, Becca cries out as if in pain. Emma watches as her sister's lovely face is contorted as if she's about to scream or cry. Becca's feet rise from the floor, her legs quivering. She moans, "oh fuck ... oh yes ... oh fuck..."

Emma is not sure what just happened, but she is sure of one thing. She wants to experience what her big sister Becca has just experienced.

Alone in a basement room, Amy has been held captive for more than twenty-four hours. There's a window high on one wall, but she can't reach it. The walls are brick and the floor is rough concrete. There's a toilet in one corner, completely exposed. Amy has pounded on the heavy wooden door until her fists ached. She has screamed herself hoarse but that didn't get her anywhere, either. She gives in to despair and begins to cry again.

Amy's thoughts return to her kidnapping and she sobs uncontrollably, pitifully. She'd spent twenty or thirty minutes in that car, tied and gagged. They're taking me to the hood before they kill me, she thought. When the car stopped they'd put a sack over her and carried her down some stairs and into the room where she now sits. Two large black men the size of football players held her arms while two others looked on, grinning.

"Please let me go," Amy had begged. "What do you want with me?"

"You gonna make us a shitload of money," a man said. It was the man with the glasses who had spoken to Amy at the bus stop, but now his voice didn't sound refined.

"You can't get away with this," Amy said. "The police will come—"

"Shut up," the man said. "Let's check out the goods."

Amy screamed at the top of her voice, "Help! Somebody help me!"

The man who'd spoken stepped forward and pressed a small device against Amy's ribs and squeezed a trigger. She instantly convulsed, every muscle in her slim body jerking violently. He removed the thing and Amy sagged between the two men.

The man raised her chin until her eyes were able to focus. "You've just been tased," he said. "If you give us any trouble I'll do it again, only this time it will be in a more sensitive part of your body. Do you understand?"

Amy started to cry. "Please," she begged. "Let me go..."

The man held the stun gun in front of her face. "You're not going anywhere," he said, "at least not until you've served our purposes. If you do everything we say we'll take you home when we're finished with you. Now, we're going to undress you and give you some other clothes to wear. If you don't do exactly as I say, I'll give you more of this," he said, brandishing the stun gun.

"Okay," Amy said. "I'll do whatever you want." The pretty ninth-grader was absolutely certain that she was about to be raped. But maybe if she did as they asked they wouldn't kill her.

"Good," said the man. He gave Amy one of his winning smiles. "That's what we like, co-operation."

He put the stun gun in his pocket and began to unbutton Amy's white blouse. Tears of shame ran down the youngster's face. Just when she thought this couldn't be any more humiliating, Amy noticed there was another person in the room, a woman. Like the men, the woman was black. She was about the age of Amy's mother. The woman was taking photos as the men stripped her.

"Please," Amy said to the woman, her voiced breaking. "Help me."

"Hush, child," the woman said. "You just do like you're told and I won't let these bad boys hurt you."

As the two football player types held her arms, the man in glasses unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Amy stood trembling in her white bra and yellow bikini panties. She was still wearing her knee socks and loafers.

At age fourteen, Amy's body had only recently begun to ripen. Her legs were long and thin, her waist was tiny and her shoulders looked fragile. She weighed only 90 pounds. But her breasts had sprouted in the last few months and filled out a B cup. Her ass jutted out, high and round, though her hips were still narrow.

"Fuck yeah," said the man undressing her. He was examining her body the way a rancher might examine a head of livestock.

"The man gonna like this one," said one of the other men.

"Fuckin' right," said the first man. "Look at her skin. That what they call 'peaches and cream.' Not a mark on her. Not a mole, not a scar, nothin'."

Amy felt someone unfasten her bra and she began to sob. She was very self-conscious about her newly-formed breasts, and she tried to cover them with her hands, but the two powerful men at her sides held her arms fast. All four men commented on her fourteen-year-old tits in the crudest possible terms.

"Fuck, those look tasty." "Like vanilla ice cream." "Yeah, Ima shoot my cream all over 'em."

"You ain't gonna touch her," the woman said as she snapped photo after photo. "Hurry up and get her undressed."

"With pleasure," said the man who'd tased her. "Now little girl," he said to Amy. "Don't you forget what I told you. If you try to kick me or some shit like that, I'm gonna hold this motherfucker against your sweet little titties until you black out." He stroked the smooth skin of her breast with the stun gun.

Amy nodded, too terrified to speak. The man knelt at her feet and hooked two fingers in the waistband of her panties. He looked back at the woman with the camera. "Make sure you get some good shots," he said, moving to one side to give her a clear sight line. He slowly eased the cotton knickers down over Amy's slender hips as the other men whistled their approval.

"Look at that fuckin' ass!" one said.

"She a natural blonde, all right," said another. Amy's light, downy pubic hair did little to hide her pussy lips. The men's eyes drank in every detail.

No one had seen Amy completely naked since she reached puberty, not even her mother. She couldn't imagine anything more humiliating. But it was about to get worse. "The moment of truth has arrived," said the man with the stun gun. "I'll take the camera, Taneesha," he said to the woman, "if you'll do the honors."

The woman handed him the camera and knelt at Amy's feet. "Now honey," she said, "we need to make sure you a virgin. Spread your legs apart for me."

Amy couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Yes, I'm a virgin!" she said. "You don't need to check!"

"'Course you is, honey," said Taneesha. "But we still need to check. You might a lost it, you know, accidental-like. Or with your hairbrush." All the men laughed.

This has to be a nightmare, Amy thought. This can't really be happening to me. Just an hour earlier she was on her way to school like any other day, and now she's standing naked in front of five black hoodlums who want to know if she's a virgin.

She spread her legs apart as tears rolled down her smooth cheeks. The woman wet a finger in her mouth and began to work it between Amy's puffy, almost hairless pussy lips. The young blonde squirmed in discomfort, her face red with shame. The finger probed her insides for what seemed forever. Amy looked down and saw that the woman was shining a small flashlight at her private parts and peering up inside her. Finally, she snapped off the light and withdrew her finger.

She grinned at the men. "Little girl cherry, all right."

Becca and Emma sit on the couch together as another porn movie begins to play on the TV. It has taken Becca some time to recover from the embarrassment of being caught by her little sister, but that's all forgotten now. As the teen stares glassy-eyed at the screen, the familiar tug of desire has begun to build again between her legs. She's amazed that she's getting aroused again so soon after her orgasm, but watching girls have sex has an effect on her like nothing she's ever felt before.

When she burst into the room less than half an hour earlier, Emma decided to play up her anger. "You're such a hypocrite!" she told her sister. "You yelled at me for finding the movies, but now you're the one watching them and ... and doing nasty stuff right here on the couch!" She had then threatened to tell their mother, throwing Becca into a panic. Becca had agreed to let her little sis watch with her, which was Emma's goal all along.

Now, Becca sits primly on the couch with her legs together, panties restored to their assigned place. Her hands rest on her knees. She can't imagine playing with herself in front of Emma, but after watching for only a few minutes there's nothing she wants more. Like an itch that needs to be scratched, her pussy is begging to be touched. Both girls watch silently for another few minutes as two teenagers cavort on the screen in front of them.

"Becs," says Emma without taking her eyes off the TV, "can I ask you something?"

"Um ... sure, I guess."

"When I first got here you were all, like, moaning and shaking, and your face looked like you were in pain or something."

"Well, yeah..." Becca lets out a small gasp as one of the girls onscreen goes down on the other.

"What was that all about? Did you cum? Is that what cumming is?"

Becca hesitates for a moment. This is her eleven-year-old sister asking about sex! "Yeah, I did," she says. "You weren't supposed to see that."

"Does it feel good?"

"Oh my god, yes. It's the best feeling in the world."

Neither of them speaks for a while as they watch the girls on the TV maneuver into a sixty-nine. The sisters stare at the screen, mesmerized. Becca feels an almost overwhelming need to touch her clit. Her knuckles are turning white she's grasping her knees so tightly. God that's hot, Becca thinks as she watches the porn starlets lick each other. She wonders if Emma is thinking the same thing.

A few minutes later, Becca senses movement from the corner of her eye. Little Emma has sneaked a hand up the leg of her soccer shorts, and is rubbing her pussy!

"Em," she says.

"What?" says Emma. Her hand stops moving.

"I can see you. Touching yourself."

"Oh, Becs," says Emma, "this movie is making me feel all dirty or something. I want to have an orgasm like you were having when I came in. Can you show me how?"

Becca is gobsmacked. "You're only eleven and—"

"I know how old I am," Emma says earnestly, "but I know what masturbating is, and I wanna learn how. It feels good when I touch my kitty, but I don't think I'm doing it right."

Becca can't believe she's having this conversation. But as she watches the girls onscreen, her pussy is pleading for attention. Every fiber of her being longs to satisfy that impulse, and she realizes that Emma's request has given her an opportunity. Would it be so wrong to show her little sister how to masturbate? She's going to learn eventually, anyway. On TV one of the girls is lapping at the other's very wet cunt.

"Okay, Em," she says. "Take off your shorts."

Emma grins at her and quickly strips off her jeans.

"Underwear too," says Becca as she removes her own skirt.

Becca is surprised to find that she's actually excited to check out Emma's preteen pussy. Of course she's seen it before when the girls were dressing or bathing, but she's never really paid attention. Emma slides her panties down as Becca quickly removes her own sodden undies.

"Okay," says Becca nervously. "Uh, spread your legs apart." Both girls open their legs until Becca's right knee touches Emma's left. Becca stares at her sister's girlish sex. Emma's mound is plump and smooth. Her inner lips are completely hidden by the fat outer lips.

Becca's hand trembles as she reaches at last for her own needy cunt. "First," she says, "run a finger or two up and down your slit." She can barely suppress a moan as her finger squelches through her slippery slot.

"Like this?" says Emma as she drags a fingertip up and down her crease.

"You need to pull your, um, lips open to get to the good stuff."

"Okay," Emma says. With the fingertips of both hands Emma pulls apart her plump lips, and both girls watch in fascination as strands of sticky girl goo stretch between them. Together, they examine her small, immature inner labia and clitoral hood.

"Wow, you're really wet," says Becca.

"Oh my god! Is that bad?"

Becca laughs. "No, it just means you're turned on. Ah, sexually aroused."

"Okay," Emma says. "What do I do now?"

Becca still can't get over the feeling of unreality, but she presses on. "Take one finger," she says, "and wiggle it around down at the bottom of your kitty where it's really wet."


Becca is no longer watching the girls on the TV. Her attention is totally focused on her little sister's juicy split peach. "Now rub it on that bumpy part at the top."

"Oh god..." says Emma.

"Feels good, right?" says Becca. She is slowly strumming her own throbbing clit. "Keep it nice and wet. If it starts to get dry, use some spit or the juice from your kitty." Emma dips her finger into the pool of creamy goodness at the base of her cunt and rubs it in circles on her tiny clitoral hood. Her little girl voice squeaks with pleasure.

"That's right," says Becca.

"Now what?" says Emma. "Should I, uh, just keep doing that?"

"Pretty much," says Becca. "But I still haven't shown you the best part. Do you know where your clit is?"

"I've heard of it," says the sixth-grader. "But I don't really know what it is."

"Okay, I'm going to show you mine. It's kind of hard to see. You have to pull apart the top of your kitty like this." Becca uses the first two fingers of each hand to spread open her pussy lips, causing her clitoral hood to pop out. She touches it with a finger. "This little thing is called the hood," she says. She's beginning to sound like her sex ed teacher from school.

"Your clit is under there. It's really sensitive." Using two fingertips, Becca presses down on the hood, exposing her clit. She caresses it with a wet finger. "Uhhhhh, yeah," she groans.

"Where is it?" says Emma. "I can't see it."

"I told you, it's really small," says Becca.

"Come closer."

Emma slips off the sofa and on to the floor. She kneels between her sister's legs, her face less than a foot from Becca's glistening pink folds. She's hit by the scent of her big sister's arousal, and the aroma makes her own pussy seem to throb. "Right here," says Becca, drawing back her clitoral hood. "It kind of looks like a little pink jelly bean."

"Oh, I see it!" says Emma. "It looks like it's trying to hide."

"Yeah, it's usually hidden," says Becca. "But I'm making it pop out." She wets a fingertip in her mouth and gently rubs her clit. "Oh god, yes," the teen hisses.

"Wow," says Emma. "Can I touch it?"

"Um, yeah, I guess." Becca can't quite believe that her baby sister has asked to touch her clit, but suddenly her arousal ratchets up several notches.

Just as her sister did, Emma wets a fingertip in her mouth before gently touching Becca's exposed clit. She runs her finger in a circular motion around it.

"Oh! Oh my goodness," Becca sighs. Somehow, having her little sister rub her clit is way more exciting than doing it herself. She's still holding her pussy lips open. "Just like that. Yeah, keep doing that." Becca's hips slowly begin to rock. "Mmmmm, that's good. Keep it nice and wet."

Emma pauses to wet her finger. Becca moans when she starts rubbing again. Her hips begin to move faster. Emma switches hands so she can taste her finger. She thinks her sister's pussy juice is yummy. It's somehow sweet and tangy at the same time. She wants more, and she has a pretty good idea where to get some. She pokes a finger into the entrance of Becca's fuckhole.

"Oh my god, Emma! What are you..."

Her heart pounding with excitement, Emma slides her finger inside Becca's pussy. It's smooth and slippery inside, and she loves the way it seems to grip her finger. "Uhgn, yeah ... that feels good," Becca says. It takes Emma a moment or two to coordinate her movements, but soon she is fucking her sister's cunt with one finger while rubbing her clit with another.

Becca can hardly believe it, but she's pretty sure that her little sister Emma is going to make her cum. "Yes, fuck me with your finger! Don't stop!"

Becca's head is thrown back, her eyes closed. Rubbing her sister's clit is totally awesome, but Emma wants to be like the big girls in the video. She already knows she likes the taste. Emma slowly leans forward and takes her finger away.

Becca instantly knows something is different. Her eyes pop open and—holy fucking shit! Little Emma is licking her clit! "Oh my god, Emma!" she says. "You're a bad girl ... I don't ... oh, wow ... oh my gosh ... wow, that feels really good ... yeah, lick me. Just like that ... keep licking me just like that ... I'm gonna cum! Oh ... oh ... Ohhhh!" As Becca thrashes on the couch, Emma wraps her lips around her sister's clit and hood while still fucking her hole with a finger.

Becca's hips are thrusting violently, her pussy mashed into Emma's pretty face. Filthy words spew from the fifteen-year-old's mouth. Emma is thrilled to make her big sister cum so hard. Watching girls get each other off in a movie is exciting, but to do it in real life is amazing!

At last Becca's ass sinks back to the couch, her legs still twitching. "Okay, stop. No more," she says, pushing Emma's head away.

"Did I do something wrong?" asks the sixth-grader.

"No," says her big sis. "You did everything right. It's just that after an orgasm my clit is too sensitive to touch." She looks at Emma's face, now wet with her cum. She smiles. "Come here, sweetie," Becca says. "Give me a hug."

By the time the sun goes down on her second day of captivity, Amy is convinced that God has abandoned her. Never very religious until now, she's been praying fervently to Jesus for two days. Please, she begs, deliver me from these terrible people and take me home to Mommy and Daddy. On the morning of the third day she hears the door to her basement room open, and in her half-dream state she thinks it must be Jesus himself coming to rescue her.

Instead, she sees only Taneesha, the woman who tested her virginity. "Good morning, child," the woman says. "You going to see the man today, so we needs to get you ready."

Amy sits up on her cot. "What man?" she says. "What do you mean, 'get me ready'?"

"He a nice white man," Taneesha says. "He loves girls like you." Meaning: he's a very rich white man, and he loves fucking little white virgins like you.

Amy begins to ask about the man and what's going to happen to her, but Taneesha cuts her off. "You gonna meet him later, so I ain't gonna answer none of your questions. Right now, we going to get you a nice hot shower." Amy hasn't bathed since her arrival and she feels grubby. "Take off your clothes and put this on," Taneesha says, holding out a terry cloth robe. Amy turns her back to the woman as she changes.

As they are about to leave the room, Taneesha takes Amy's wrist. "Honey, you safe here with me. But if you try to run away, those men upstairs are just waiting for a reason to turn you out. They would fuck you so long and so hard you not gonna be able to walk. They animals. They might knock you up and keep you around to raise their little black babies. You still be here when your babies have babies. You be a grandmamma before you're thirty years old. So don't you try nothing, you understand?"

Amy shudders as she remembers the four men who kidnapped her. She nods and lets Taneesha lead her down the hall. Amy is surprised to find a decently appointed bathroom with a large, glass-enclosed shower. She's given a toothbrush and told to brush her teeth, which she does gratefully. Taneesha turns on the shower and adjusts the temperature. Then she, too, begins to undress.

"I gonna help you clean up," she says.

"Um, thanks, but I don't need any help," says Amy.

"You might not think so, but we gots to be sure you look your best for the man. Now go ahead and get in the shower."

The hot water feels good, and Amy stands under the spray for a moment to enjoy it. She has just finished washing her face when Taneesha joins her. The black woman's body is everything Amy's is not: round, voluptuous, and the color of dark chocolate. She figures Taneesha's age to be about forty, the same age as her mom. Her breasts are huge, the size of volleyballs Amy thinks.

Taneesha soaps up a washcloth and begins to scrub Amy's back. The young teen stiffens in embarrassment, but soon relaxes. It just feels so good to be washed and pampered. Taneesha raises each of Amy's thin arms and washes under them, then kneels to wash her sweet round bottom and all the way down her legs. Amy is actually beginning to enjoy this treatment, but she stiffens again when Taneesha turn her around to wash the front of her body.

"Girl," the woman says, adding more soap to her washcloth, "you sure got some beautiful titties. They pop right out, don't need no bra to hold 'em up." Despite her embarrassment, Amy shivers with pleasure as the rough cloth slides across her recently-sprouted breasts. "The nipples is so pink," Taneesha continues. "And you see the way your aureoles are all puffy? That means your titties is still growing. Gonna be big, two-three years from now. You so skinny they look big now."

Taneesha goes on to wash the rest of Amy's body, all the way down to her toes. Amy is horrified when the older woman washes her virgin kitty but she doesn't linger there. She just washes it casually and moves on. Next she carefully shaves Amy's underarms and then her legs. It doesn't take long. The young blonde has very little body hair, and what she has is pale, fine and soft.

Amy begins to wonder what else the woman might shave when Taneesha seems to read her mind.

"Ain't gonna shave your cootchie," she says. "The man likes 'em natural. You ain't hardly got no hair on it, anyway."

Taneesha stands up and proceeds to wash and condition Amy's long blonde hair, massaging her scalp in the process. It feels so good the teenager is practically humming with pleasure. She even catches herself thinking she could get used to this treatment, before remembering where she is. When Taneesha has finished rinsing her hair, she presses her big, round body up against Amy's small, slender one.

"You ever kissed a boy?" Taneesha asks.

Amy shakes her head, no.

"You ever kissed a girl?" Amy is surprised by the question, in spite of the Katy Perry hit.

"No!" she says. "Of course not."

"'Bout time you tried it," Taneesha says. Her body presses Amy against the tiled wall.

"No," Amy says, "I don't—"

"Listen to me little girl," Taneesha says. "I can help you. Those men who grabbed you? They don't give a shit what happens to you. They be happy to fuck you and then sell you to the pimp down the street. If you nice to me, I gonna make sure you get home to your mama after all this."

Amy doesn't know what "all this" might mean, but she'll agree to almost anything if Taneesha can get her home. She looks down shyly.

"Okay," she says. "Tell me what to do."

Taneesha smiles and presses her huge breasts against Amy. "You gonna like this," she says. "First, show me how you kiss your mama goodnight."

Amy gives the woman a peck on the cheek. These rich white people are so cold, Taneesha thinks. "Okay," she says, "now do the same thing but on my lips."

Amy kisses Taneesha's full lips. "That's nice," Taneesha says, "but go a little slower, a little softer." When their lips make contact, Taneesha puts a hand to the back of Amy's head to stop her from pulling away too quickly. She probes gently with her tongue, but Amy's lips are firmly closed. Taneesha breaks their kiss.

"Honey, do you know what French kissing is?"

"Um, I guess so," Amy says, her eyes downcast.

"Good. Now open your lips just a little." They kiss again, and Amy feels the tip of the older woman's tongue gently teasing her open lips. It feels nice, and not what she expected. Almost without volition, Amy's tongue flicks out to meet Taneesha's. Their slippery tongues circle each other. The sensation is unlike anything Amy has ever felt, and it sends a sensual thrill rippling through her slender young body.

Taneesha is patient and gentle. She has Amy pinned against the shower wall with her body, and knows a barrier has been crossed when she feels the girl's hips begin to move slowly against her own. Taneesha is quick to respond, pressing her lips a little more firmly against the teenager's.

"Mmmmm." The sound comes from the blonde high school freshman who until five minutes ago had never been kissed. Amy's tongue is still inside the older woman's mouth and Taneesha wraps her full lips around it, sucking the girl's tongue as if it's a small cock.

Amy groans with an erotic pleasure she has never felt or even imagined in her brief, sheltered life. She is not aware that she's grinding her hips against Taneesha's, trying to satisfy the urge that's building in her virgin pussy.

Taneesha releases Amy's tongue and backs away just far enough to get her hands on the girl's firm young tits. She squeezes the pink nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger. "Oh, god," Amy says. "Wow—" Taneesha cuts off her words with another kiss. She's not holding back now. Her tongue is deep in the girl's mouth. She grinds her hips against Amy's, crushing her against the tiles.

Amy feels something rising in her—a demanding animal need, as powerful as hunger or thirst. She's never felt it before, but her body seems to know instinctively how to satisfy it. She grinds her virgin kitty on Taneesha's thigh, which has slipped between her legs.

Taneesha is thrilled. She couldn't have imagined that this naïve young suburban girl would respond so quickly. She sees that Amy is about to orgasm for perhaps the first time in her life, and she wants to make the most of it. She breaks their kiss and pushes away from the girl.

Amy stares at her in shock. She feels that something amazing was about to happen.


Taneesha drops to her knees between Amy's parted legs. She looks up into the teenager's green eyes as she spreads the girl's plump, nearly hairless pussy.

"Ol' Taneesha deserves a little fun, too," the black woman says before resuming their French kiss, but this time with her tongue between the blonde's nether lips.

"No," Amy says, "no ... oh my god—" But the black woman's mouth feels incredible, and the animal desire is back, even stronger and more insistent than before. Amy groans with pleasure, and Taneesha knows she's won. She lifts each of the girl's legs until her feet are off the floor and Amy's full weight is resting on her shoulders. She eats the young blonde's cunt as if it's her last meal.

At this moment, Amy no longer cares where she is or what might happen in the hours ahead. She wants only one thing, and that is to soothe the raging need between her legs. She leans back against the shower wall and grabs Taneesha's head, humping the older woman's face. "Yes!" she cries. "Oh yes! Yes!" Taneesha takes both of Amy's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezes hard, her tongue flat on the girl's clit.

"Oh god, yes! Ooooohhhhh!" Amy screams as the first orgasm of her life overtakes her. The world around her pales to insignificance. She's riding a wave of pleasure the likes of which she never imagined. It's centered between her legs but seems to engulf her entire body and carry her aloft. Her heels are pounding Taneesha's back and she's holding the black woman's face hard against her cunt, riding her tongue. As her orgasm begins to wind down, her screams change to little, high-pitched cries and finally to exhausted whimpers.

Taneesha lets the girl rest on her shoulders as she recovers. Amy finally releases the older woman's head—she was not aware that she had been holding it. Taneesha gently laps up the delicious cream that's flowing from Amy's virgin pussy hole.

Fuckin' sweet, Taneesha thinks. Little girl can't tell me she didn't love it. Sure glad I got me some of that virgin pussy before the homeboys tear her to pieces.

Now that the ice is broken, Becca and Emma pleasure each other every chance they get. And they get plenty of chances considering they share a bedroom. After her own orgasm on that first day, Becca wastes no time getting acquainted with her little sister's plump, hairless pussy. She likes it better than any of the pussies she's seen in her mom's sex videos. It's just so ... fresh. And tasty. But it's not fully developed, and Becca doesn't know if it's possible for her sister to have an orgasm. She quickly finds out that Emma can, multiple times. And Becca also learns that it's just as much fun to give as to receive.

Becca may like Emma's pussy best, but that doesn't mean the sisters have given up pornography. Far from it. They slowly work their way through their mom's collection, picking up pointers and inspiration as they go. They learn new positions. They discover the erotic possibilities of their tender young bodies, and learn that sometimes it's better not to go for the clit straightaway. And they discover that kissing can be an end in itself.

Oddly, kissing is one of the last things they try. They've done sixty-nine, and face-sitting, and finger-fucking and tit-sucking before they ever get around to kissing each other on the mouth. Kissing feels so ... intimate. But once they try it, the sisters are hooked. They'll lie on the living room sofa, still in their school clothes, and kiss passionately. They kiss before sex, during sex, and after sex. They kiss late at night, after Emma has slipped into her big sister's bed and the house is quiet and dark.

After some weeks Chloe, the girls' mother, notices a change. Becca and Emma are getting along together better than usual. They're more affectionate with each other. They don't bicker about doing the chores, they do them together. Chloe can't imagine what's brought about this transformation, but she thinks it's wonderful.

But then she notices one of her videos is missing. One Saturday afternoon when the girls are at the mall, Chloe decides it's time for a little self-pleasure. She goes to the secret drawer to retrieve her latest lesbian DVD, but it's not there. She's certain it was there only yesterday and now it's gone. Chloe hunts through all the likely places where she might have left it, but without success.

Putting off self-pleasure for the moment, Chloe decides to do some housework, hoping the video will turn up. She's picking up the dirty laundry from her daughters' room when she sees the missing DVD on Becca's desk. It's hidden in plain sight between some young adult novels. No, she thinks. That's not possible. She blinks, but the reality doesn't change—her sex video is on Becca's desk.

She stands there frozen, considering the implications. First of all, if the video is on Becca's desk then she must have watched it, right? So her innocent, fifteen-year-old daughter watches porn. Second, if Becca has found this video, then she must have seen her entire collection. So Becca knows that her mom watches porn. Lesbian porn! And not just lesbian porn—older/younger lesbian porn. Taboo porn, between mothers and daughters. Dear god...

Wait ... what about Emma? The girls share a room. If Becca has seen the video, does that mean Emma has watched it too? She's only eleven, but Emma's entering her adolescence and of course she's curious. Are the girls just watching, or are they ... experimenting? Jesus, could little Emma really... ? Chloe's head spins with all the unholy possibilities.

After all, there's a reason why her porn collection is heavy on the mother/daughter themed movies. Mentally setting Emma aside for the moment, Chloe thinks about Becca. The idea of having sex with her gorgeous teenaged daughter is Chloe's most secret, most taboo, most outrageous fantasy. She can hardly even admit to herself that it's something she craves.

But she does. Oh boy, does she ever. Becca is exactly the kind of girl she fantasizes about. She's young, blossoming, and beautiful. As Chloe ponders the implications of finding the DVD on Becca's desk, she takes another look at the laundry basket in her arms. She sets the basket down and begins to sift through the dirty clothes. Socks, t-shirts, blue jeans. Then Chloe finds what she's looking for: a pair of Becca's cotton bikini panties. She takes a sniff. Heaven help me, she thinks.

Chloe opens the DVD case, but there's no disk inside. Where could it be? Hmmm ... Becca's iMac with the twenty-four inch screen is facing her bed. She boots up her daughter's computer.

Soon, Chloe is watching her new video and masturbating, just as she had planned. But she's on her daughter's bed, with a pair of Becca's panties held to her nose. As she gets more and more aroused, Chloe presses the absorbent lining of the panties against her tongue. But it's the thought of her lovely younger daughter that pushes Chloe over the edge. When she imagines her little girl watching this very movie and getting off, Chloe explodes in her most powerful orgasm in years.

When the girls get home, Chloe wonders if they'll notice any change in her. She's put everything back the way it was in their room, except for the dirty laundry, which she washed. She's trying to be cool, to treat her daughters the same as she always has. But she's seen things, done things. She feels different. Can they see the lust in her eyes?

Much to her relief, nothing seems to have changed. Becca and Emma are the same silly, charming, lovable girls they're always been. Chloe can detect no difference in the way they interact with her or each other. Is it possible she's mistaken, that they haven't seen the video, and nothing unusual is going on between them?

At dinner, Chloe observes her daughters closely, but she's not sure what she's looking for. Even if they are having a sexual relationship, how would she possibly know?

Later that evening Becca and Emma lounge on the sofa watching TV. Chloe is with them, folding laundry. The girls are both wearing shorty pajama bottoms and camisole tops. Nothing new about that. They lay with their bodies casually entwined, but there's nothing new about that, either.

What's changed is the way their mother studies their nubile young bodies. Their smooth legs—Emma's are long and straight, Becca's are more shapely. Their small, pretty feet. Their skin, so pale and flawless, like porcelain. Their faces, so lovely. Emma's more rounded and childlike, of course, but sharing many of the same features—the blue eyes, the rosebud lips, the smattering of freckles. Chloe has noticed all these things before, naturally. But she's never thought about them in quite the same way.

And she's never paid so much attention to their developing breasts. At age fifteen, Becca has been wearing a bra for about two years now. The last time Chloe took her shopping for bras, Becca needed a B cup. She has refused her mother's help for the last year or so, but Chloe thinks she must be at least a C cup now. Her boobs are upturned and magnificent, and they look incredibly provocative in the thin camisole she's wearing, the nipples clearly visible.

At age eleven (and a half), Emma's breasts are starting to develop, too. Chloe is pretending to watch the television program, but right now her focus is on the twin bumps in Emma's camisole. From what she can see, her younger daughter's tits are conical, the size of large strawberries or small plums. Chloe imagines how they would feel in her hands, or in her mouth...

"Earth to mom!" she hears Becca say.


The girls laugh. "I've been trying to get your attention for, like, five minutes," Becca says, "but you were, like, on a different planet. I said I'm going to make popcorn and I asked if you wanted some."

"Honey, don't say 'like' so much," Chloe says. "It makes you sound vacuous." She smiles. "That's nice of you. Yes, I'd like some popcorn." The girls look at each other and roll their eyes.

The little family spends the rest of the evening watching TV together, though Chloe's mind is not really on the television. After a couple of hours, Chloe says it's time for bed.

"Mom, it's Saturday, and it's only ten-thirty."

"Well, I'm tired and I'm going to bed. And you should get to bed soon. I don't want you sleeping all day tomorrow."

"Okay," Becca says. "We won't stay up late."

Chloe kisses her daughters goodnight and goes to her room, leaving the door ajar. She brushes her teeth and goes to bed, but she doesn't go to sleep. She's determined to find out what her daughters are up to, if anything. A little later, the TV is silenced. Chloe lies quietly in the dark. After a few minutes, she hears voices outside her door.

"Mom?" says Emma in a whisper. "It's your little angels. Are you awake?"

Chloe just breathes slowly and steadily. There's an outbreak of muted giggles from the hall, and then the sound of the girls retreating to their room. Chloe waits a few minutes before donning her robe and venturing out into the hall. The girls' bedroom door is shut, but she can see a dim glow under it. She puts her ear to the door and can just make out muffled voices.

Then Emma's voice, not loud, but clear enough: "Holy shit, Becs, I love your big boobs!"

"Be quiet!" says Becca.

Oh god, Chloe thinks. It's true.

The girls continue to talk but Chloe can't make out the words. The murmur of voices dies down and she hears nothing for a few minutes. Then, slowly, Becca's sighs of pleasure become audible. "Yeah, like that," Becca says. Chloe's hand finds its way inside her robe and under the hem of her nightgown. Becca's moans grow louder and more urgent until Chloe hears her older daughter cry out, "Yes! Oh fuck, yes! I'm cumming!"

The sound of her daughter's orgasm, and imagining what must have triggered it, has Chloe cumming herself in record time. Of course she has to do so in total silence, which somehow makes it even more intense.

Her body shudders in another climax as she hears Becca say, "God, Em, you eat me so fucking good!" Chloe doesn't think she can bear to listen any longer, and she tip-toes back to her bedroom. Sleep is a long time coming.

That's only the first time she hears her daughters having sex. Twice more in the next week she listens outside their door, and both times Chloe can hear them going at it. They must be doing it every night! Oh, Jesus ... Chloe masturbates herself to sleep thinking of her sweet little girls kissing, touching, licking each other.

Then there is her video collection. The girls have returned the borrowed DVD and taken a different one. Chloe decides she needs to keep track of their viewing habits. She creates an inventory so she can easily check to see what's missing. This time they've borrowed "Cheerleader Sleepover," one of her favorites. She loves the scene in which one of the cheerleaders is seduced by her host's mom...

Thinking about her daughters watching that movie and eating each other's pussies makes Chloe practically insane with desire.

She must be insane, because that's the only explanation Chloe can offer for what she does that Friday.

Amy's once again in the back of the Suburban, blindfolded. They're going to see The Man, at last.

Earlier that day, after her shower with Taneesha, she was told to make herself pretty. She still can't believe what happened in that shower. It seems like a dream now, so that's how she's going to think of it: like a dream, that never really happened.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked. "Like, brush my hair? Get dressed up nice?"

"That's right," Taneesha said. "And put on a little make-up, like you's going on a date."

"I'm not allowed to date," Amy said. "And I've never put on make-up."

Taneesha stared at her for a moment. Imagine, a beautiful girl like this never dating or wearing make-up. "Okay," she said. "I'll help you." She opened a drawer and took out some supplies.

"You is so young and pretty, we don't need much. Don't want you to look like a—a tramp." She had been about to say 'whore, ' but that was such an ugly word. And so close to the truth.

"Pull your chair over here by the light," Taneesha said. She clearly knew what she was doing, working quickly and efficiently. "There," she said after about ten minutes. "No one will know you're wearing make-up except you and me. Have a look."

Amy turned to face the vanity mirror. She had to concede that the mascara and neutral eye shadow really set off her big green eyes, but even when she looked closely it appeared perfectly natural. "Wow," she said. "It looks great. Thank you."

Taneesha beamed. "I do know my shit, don't I? Now it's time for you to get dressed."

Amy was almost excited to see the clothes they'd chosen for her, and she was shocked to find her own school uniform laid out on the cot. "This?" she said. "You want me to wear this?"

"Honey, you don't understand men at all, do you? 'Specially not older men. A man sees you in that outfit, it's like putting a big ol' steak in front of a dog. The man, he gonna—"

Seeing the expression on Amy's face, Taneesha changed tack. "I washed and ironed it myself. See how nice and crisp your blouse is? And I hemmed up the skirt, not too much. Don't want you to look slutty, but we don't want you to look like a old lady, neither."

Amy noticed something else. They had laid out new underwear for her, a matching bra and panty set in a rosy shade of pink. She picked up the bra. It was fine, lacy and thin, almost transparent. The fabric was incredibly soft to the touch.

"Isn't that sweet?" said Taneesha. "The man himself sent this over for you to wear. It's La Perla, from Italy. I wish I could afford it. Probably don't come in my size, anyway."

Amy was accustomed to wearing whatever her mom bought for her: simple no-nonsense underwear made of cotton. Putting on the expensive lingerie made her feel instantly different. Older. More sophisticated. Even ... well, sexy. Amy had never thought of herself as sexy before. She had never thought about sex at all, but the shower with Taneesha had proven that it was lurking somewhere inside her.

Standing there in the pink bra and panties, she noticed Taneesha staring at her. Something in the woman's gaze made her uncomfortable. Amy quickly looked away.

Over the lingerie Amy put on her white school blouse and pleated grey skirt, which had indeed been shortened. Where it had once been knee length, it was now several inches above the knee. She added the green-and-blue-striped tie, the white knee socks, and the navy blazer. As she slipped her loafers on she noticed that they had been polished.

"Don't you look beautiful," Taneesha said. "Mmm, mmm, girl you could be a fashion model."

As she looked in the mirror and brushed her long, blonde hair Amy thought, Gosh, maybe I am pretty.

Taneesha clipped a white satin bow in her hair as a finishing touch. "It's time to go," she said. Halfway to the door she stopped.

"Listen, girl. What we did in the shower this morning was very special. I know you're freaked out and you're still not sure what happened. What happened was, we had sex. And you liked it. A lot. You may not be ready to admit it, but you did. So when you're with the man, and he wants you to do stuff, just relax. He won't hurt you. He wants you to enjoy it and if you let yourself, you will it enjoy it. I promise you."

Her words echo through Amy's head as she rides toward her fate, flanked in the back seat by the two burly Negros. She prays they will be pulled over by the police, or even be involved in an accident...

But now it's time. The car slows almost to a stop, then turns. They proceed slowly and turn again. The car stops, and Amy hears the familiar sound of a garage door closing. Her blindfold is removed.

It's not true, Amy thinks. I did not have sex this morning. Taneesha had sex with me, I didn't do anything to her. She forced me—

She's led into the house and down some stairs. Oh no, she thinks. Not another basement! But this is unlike any basement she's ever seen. The room in which she finds herself is large and beautifully furnished. There's thick carpeting underfoot and several different seating areas with deep, comfortable looking sofas and chairs. The lighting is muted and warm. On one wall is a huge stone fireplace.

Along another wall is a bar with a lot of shiny bottles behind it. And leaning against the bar is a man. He's well dressed in a dark suit and tie, and has a thick shock of grey hair. Amy can't guess his age, but he's clearly older than her father, probably closer in age to her grandfather. He's looking her over carefully. Standing there in her school uniform, Amy wonders if this is the way slaves on the auction block in old Charleston must have felt.

One of her captors steps forward and shakes the hand of the grey-haired man, who hands him an envelope. They speak quietly for a moment. Amy looks around and starts to plot her escape. The door through which she's just entered looks solid and has an electronic keypad next to it. There are thick, heavy drapes on one wall—perfect. Amy just needs to open a window and get outside. Surely she can outrun this one old man.

Then the four black men leave, and Amy is alone with The Man at last.

He approaches her, smiling. "Hello, Amy," he says. "You're even more beautiful than I had imagined." He takes Amy's hand and raises it to his lips. She's seen this done in movies but no one has ever kissed her hand before.

He might have good manners, but Amy feels absolutely terrified and utterly alone.

Lately, Becca can't even wait for Emma to get home. It's Friday afternoon and she's on her bed watching yet another porn video. Her panties are pulled to one side so she can caress her vulva, which she does slowly, languidly. The reddish curls around her slit are already damp with girl juice.

"Becs," her sister calls from the front of the house. "I'm home."

"Get your cute little butt in here!" Becca hollers. Her own desire has been smoldering for almost an hour, but it can wait. More than anything, she wants to taste Emma's sweet little pre-teen pussy.

Emma enters their shared bedroom. She's wearing her soccer uniform, minus the shoes. Her long, strawberry blonde hair is damp with sweat. There's a smudge of dirt on her cheek. Becca hugs and kisses her sister. A long, deep, passionate kiss. "Wow," Emma says when they come up for air. "Did you miss me?"

"Let's get you naked," Becca says, and starts pulling off Emma's jersey.

"Becs, I'm really sweaty and stinky. I need a shower."

"That can wait. I want you now." She helps Emma remove her tight-fitting sports bra. It's soaked with perspiration. "Wow, you really are sweaty."

"I know, it's gross."

Becca shoves her sister back on the bed, grabbing her soccer shorts. She pulls them off, then struggles with the spandex that she wears under them.

"Goddammit," she mutters, tugging at the clinging fabric.

"So impatient," Emma giggles as Becca strips off her sister's final garment, the damp cotton panties.

Becca pauses to admire her little sister's body in the late afternoon sunlight. The muscles are toned from soccer. The skin is smooth and soft and creamy white, and in this light Becca can see every detail, even the indentation that still remains from the waistband of her panties. Emma's pink nipples are hard, and they point at the ceiling invitingly. She loves Emma's soft tummy and the dip of her belly button. Her eyes trail lower, to her sister's plump pussy lips. They're a little rosy, like the color of her cheeks when she blushes. In the sunlight she can see tiny, reddish-gold hairs on Emma's mound.

"Becca, I'm so yucky. Let me take a shower first." It's true, Emma smells strongly of sweat and her skin is damp in places. It only makes Becca want her more—an intoxicating, primal urge.

"No way. You can shower afterwards. You'll need a shower when I'm done with you, anyway." She kneels on the carpet at Emma's feet, pulling her bottom closer to the edge of the bed. She kisses Emma's thighs, one, then the other, back and forth. Closer and closer.

"Mmmmm, you're teasing me."

Becca looks up into her sister's eyes as she licks the plump labia. Emma's mouth is open now, her lips forming a perfect 'O.' She squeezes her breast buds as she watches her big sister eat her pussy.

Becca wraps her arms around Emma's slender thighs and spreads her honey pie with her fingers. She thinks it's beautiful, perfect. The inner lips are so small and delicate. The scent is divine, mixed as it is with the smell of her sweat. Never breaking eye contact, she snakes her wet tongue up Emma's slit.

"Oh, fuck," Emma whimpers. "That's so good."

Becca eats her sister just the way she likes it. She starts slowly, but gradually picks up the tempo. She uses lots of spit—which turns her on as much as it does Emma. When she raises her mouth for a moment, a long strand of saliva connects Becca's lips to her sister's juicy cunt. It's highlighted by the golden sun pouring in the window.

She dives back in, tongue probing as deep as it will go. Then she switches up, moving from side to side, her cheeks wet with Emma's slippery girl juice. Then Becca uses her fingers once again to spread her sister open, and sucks on the hood covering her tiny clitoris.

"Yes," Emma says. "Just like that. I'm gonna cum."

Becca stops. "Not yet," she says. "I want you to watch something."

"Please! I'm so close—"

"Don't worry, you'll thank me." Becca turns on her computer monitor and clicks the mouse a few times. "Watch this. Get up on your hands and knees so I can get under you. Yeah, like that." She slides her head between Emma's legs. "Now just sit on my face and watch."

Emma looks down at her sister. "You're so bad," she says.

"Just watch the fucking movie," Becca says, as she begins to lap at Emma's pussy again.

The movie is called "Lesbian Stepsisters," and the scene Becca has chosen is especially hot. The girls who play the stepsisters look very young, and they seem to enjoy their work.

Emma's eyes are fixed on the screen as her hips move in a slow circle, her pussy on Becca's face. Becca's hands grip her sister's round ass cheeks, moving to her rhythm. She holds her tongue flat so Emma can ride it. The rhythm increases and she knows Emma is going to cum soon. She can taste the honey leaking from her sister's cunt.

On the screen, one of the 'stepsisters' is riding the other's face, just as Emma is riding Becca's. "Oh god," Emma moans. "Oh fuck, oh fuck..."

She's very close now. Emma's hips are moving faster, her pussy grinding hard on her sister's mouth. In the movie, the camera moves in for a close-up on the face of the girl being ridden.

"Oh god," Emma says again, her voice strained. On the screen in front of her, a rivulet of pussy cream runs down the girl's cheek as she continues to lap at the juicy quim above her. Then another, and another. It's too much for little Emma, and she explodes in orgasm, her pussy mashed against Becca's pretty face.

"Oh fuck!" Emma cries. "Uh, uh, uh, uh..." Each syllable is punctuated by a thrust of her slender hips. At last, Emma shudders and raises her cootchie from her sister's mouth. Becca takes a deep breath, inhaling the funky odor of Emma's cum and sweat.

Emma kneels over Becca's face. Her nectar is running and Becca catches it on her tongue. The sisters look into each other's eyes. It's a look filled with love. Emma collapses on top of Becca and gives her a kiss.

"Oh my god," she says. "Your face looks just like that girl in the movie."

In spite of all her worst fears, it's been an hour since the others left and Amy hasn't been touched. The grey-haired man is courteous and respectful. An old-fashioned gentleman, her mother would have called him. She can hardly fathom that this distinguished older man is planning to have sex with her, a high school freshman.

"Forgive me if don't tell you my full name," he'd said, and smiled. "Please call me Jack. May I get you something to eat? I can have anything you like brought here for you." Amy just looked down and shook her head. She was much too nervous to be hungry. "No? Something to drink, then? Ah, I know just the thing."

Jack stepped behind the bar and Amy heard bottles rattling. "Try this," he said. "I think you'll like it." He handed Amy a large wine glass.

It was delicious. "It's called a Bellini," he said. "It's mostly peach juice." Amy thought it might have alcohol in it, but it was subtle and masked by the taste of fruit. She quickly drank it down and he poured her another.

He led Amy to a sofa where they've been chatting. A skilled manipulator, he's adept at making people trust him. He asks Amy about her interests and listens intently to her answers. He's witty and charming, and he makes her laugh for the first time since her abduction. Amy slowly relaxes and begins to enjoy herself. It's partly due to the alcohol, the effects of which she's just becoming aware.

The blonde teenager is tipsy for the first time in her life and she likes it. She removes her jacket and loosens her tie. Just as Taneesha predicted, Amy's school uniform sets off her youthful charms to perfection. Jack wants her more than anything on Earth. She giggles at something he says and even her laugh is adorable. It's time, he thinks. The fourteen-year-old beauty is in just the right state of mind to be seduced.

"Um, I need to p— I mean, use the ladies room," Amy says.

"Of course, right this way." He shows Amy to a luxurious bathroom. It's the first time she's been alone since entering the man's house. There's no window, but Amy doesn't notice. She's no longer thinking about escape.

When she comes out, he takes her by the hand. "Come with me, Amy." He leads her through a doorway into a bedroom. It's dim, lit only by candlelight. Soft music is playing. There's a huge four-poster bed. Like the walls, it's hung with rich fabrics.

Amy is dazzled by the opulence of the setting. It's the kind of room every girl dreams about when she thinks of love and romance, and it sure beats the back seat of a car as a place to lose your virginity.

And it hits her then: she's going to have sex with this man. This man who's old enough to be her grandfather. He's removing his cuff links. Oh god, she thinks. He's going to get undressed and he's going to want me to get undressed. He sets his cuff links on a table and when he turns he can see the fear on Amy's face. Her eyes well up and a single tear runs down each cheek.

He takes both of her hands. "Listen to me, Amy. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to show you things today that can give you joy for the rest of your life, if you choose to let them. Yes, it's your choice. You can choose to accept the pleasure that your body can give you, or you can reject it. I'm hoping you accept. I'm a very powerful man, Amy. If you're good to me, I can make you a princess. You see this room, this house? I can help your family achieve wealth like this."

"You know about my family?"

"Of course, I know a great deal about your family. For instance, I know that your father made some poor investments and now he's badly over-extended. I have it in my power to erase those mistakes, and make your family rich beyond your imagining. You can go home to a future that is very different from the one that awaits you now."

In fact, Jack knows very little about Amy's parents and nothing about the state of her father's investments. And he certainly has no intention of helping them financially.

"Home? When am I going home?"

Amy looks at him with such hope that it almost hurts to lie to her. Almost. Jack is a man with a taste for adolescent girls and the money to procure them. But a man in his position would surely be ruined if his predilection is discovered and made public.

"That depends on you, Amy. If you please me, I'll make sure you're returned to the bosom of your family. But if not..." His eyes narrow. "If not, I have the power to destroy your family's finances. You can say goodbye to your comfortable lifestyle. Your father will be lucky if he can afford a mobile home in a seedy trailer park."

Amy's mouth falls open in horror.

"But you won't have to live there," he goes on. "I can simply hand you over to the men who brought you here. I'm sure they'll be happy to keep you there in the ghetto."

"No!" Amy cries. "I'll be good, I promise! I'll do anything you want, just don't send me back to that place." She is near hysterics.

"There, there, my dear." He holds her and strokes her hair. "Don't worry. I'll make sure that doesn't happen." He kisses the top of her head. "You're so sweet and beautiful. I didn't mean to upset you. Let's have another drink and enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

Becca was horny even before her little sister came on her face, but now her need is closer to desperation. "My turn," she says, giving Emma one last kiss. She strips off her T-shirt.

Emma gets up on her knees in the middle of the bed and faces her sister. "God I love your boobs," she says, and takes them in her hands. "Have I told you how much I love your boobs?" She squeezes them gently, the stiffening nipples sliding between her fingers. She pinches the pale pink nips lightly then bends to suck them, first one, then the other. Becca sighs with pleasure.

Emma raises her head. "I love your boobs, but it's your pussy I really want." She pushes her sister back on the bed.

Becca giggles. "It's all yours," she says, spreading her legs wide.

Emma drops onto her stomach between her sister's smooth legs. "Mmmmm, yummy," she says, kissing and nibbling on the tender flesh at the inside of Becca's thighs.

"C'mon eat me, I need it bad." Becca spreads her pussy open with her fingers, and Emma takes the hint. "Oh fuck, that feels amazing. You're so good at that, Em. Yes, lick me." The two sisters are like the stars of their own porn video, but unlike the movies they really are sisters, and they're only eleven and fifteen years old. Becca even thinks about shooting video of themselves so they can watch it later. The thought excites her.

"Oh yes, baby. Eat my pussy. Yeah, just like that." Emma holds tight to her sister's thighs while slurping away at her juicy box.

"God, you're so wet," Emma says. "It's dripping down over your butt hole."

"Shut up and keep licking."

As her orgasm approaches, Becca gets more and more vocal. The dirty talk is a turn-on for both sisters, and they don't need to hold back while their mom is at work. Their late night lovemaking tends to be more restrained, or at least not as loud.

"Oh god, yes, you dirty little girl, eat my cunt," Becca snarls. "Keep doing that, don't stop."

Emma doesn't need any encouragement. She really does love her big sister's pretty pink gash and the juices that ooze from it. She gladly laps up as much as she can. But looking at her sister's little puckered anus gets Emma to thinking. Lately she's noticed that the girls in porn movies often lick each other's assholes as well as their pussies. What's up with that?

But she's pulled forcibly back to the here and now. Becca grabs her sister's pony tail and rubs her cunt against Emma's mouth, working her hips. Emma holds on for dear life. Half her face is smeared with Becca's effluvia. "Oh fuck, yeah!" Becca cries. "Just like that! Keep eating me like that! Yes ... yes ... YEEEESSSS!" She uses both hands on the back of Emma's head to hold her in place as her body stiffens, then shudders. Becca shudders again, and again, before she has to push Emma's face away from her sopping pussy.

It's less than half an hour later that Becca hears their mother arrive. Becca has just cooled down enough to get dressed and Emma is finally taking the shower that's been delayed since she got home. When Chloe enters her daughters' room, Becca is face down on her bed with a textbook in front of her.

"Hi Mom," she says.

Chloe notices the smell as soon as she walks in the room. The unmistakable odor of sex hangs in the air. The aroma of teenage pussy ... Or in Emma's case, pre-teen pussy. Oh Jesus ... the scent of her own beautiful daughters. She tries to imagine what the girls were doing before she got home and it's driving her half mad.

"Mom? Are you all right?"

"Sure honey, I'm fine. Why?"

"You just seemed kind of spaced out."

Chloe comes to a decision. "I just remembered that I promised the girls I'd meet them for drinks tonight. Do you mind if I go out for a little while?"

"It's okay with me," Becca says. She's thinking, yes Mom. Go out with your friends and leave Emma and me here to entertain ourselves. "Sure, go out and have some fun."

When Chloe leaves the room Becca gets up and opens the window. It's a warm day and the room feels a little stuffy. She wonders why her mom was behaving so strangely.

Jack pours another Bellini for Amy, but this one is light on the peach juice and heavy on the sparkling wine. He wants her to be relaxed. Amy downs it quickly and he pours her another. She feels the comforting warm buzz returning. Jack is behind her, massaging her neck and shoulders and keeping up a steady stream of flattering comments.

Amy knows what's coming when Jack begins to kiss her throat. His arms are around her and now he's unbuttoning her school blouse. She ought to be terrified but she's thinking about the shower with Taneesha. Amy had no idea she was capable of that primal, burning passion. The feeling of release at the end was amazing. She wonders if it's always like that.

As Jack removes her blouse Amy's mind goes back to what he said a few minutes ago. Something about accepting pleasure or rejecting it. They are almost the same words Taneesha used earlier. Is it really that simple? she wonders. Then Jack is on his knees, unfastening her skirt. She notices his hands are shaking and it's somehow reassuring that he's nervous, too.

Jack isn't nervous at all. He's shaking because he's so aroused. Seeing Amy half undressed has him quaking with anticipation. My god, she's beautiful! Her skin, her face, her figure—all perfect. She's so slender that his hands almost reach around her waist. He turns her body and she giggles and gives a little pirouette. Her ass is glorious! It's small but incredibly round, and it juts out in the most provocative way.

Amy's wearing the matching bra and panty set that he bought, and it looks spectacular on her. Jack kisses her neck and shoulders before moving on to her breasts. He devotes himself to worshipping them. There is no other word to describe the way fondles and kisses and sucks the young blonde's newly formed tits. The fabric of the bra is so thin it's almost non-existent, and Jack delights in sucking Amy's pale pink nipples through the gauzy material.

And then he hears that most gratifying of sounds—a sigh of pleasure from the girl. Oh, the little darling! The innocent young thing is getting turned on! He pinches one nipple while sucking the other and there it is again—another sigh, a little louder. Jack slips the bra straps down over Amy's shoulders and kisses her throat while he unfastens the hooks at the back. He's still kissing her as he slowly pulls the flimsy garment down over her arms.

"My god, Amy. You're perfect." Jack's voice has grown thick and he's gazing at her with reverence. His look sends a shiver down the young blonde's spine.

"You're so beautiful," Jack says. He's looking at her creamy cupcakes and who wouldn't? They are immune to the laws of gravity in the way of very recently developed tits, and have the fat pink aureoles that he loves. "If I were an artist, I'd paint you just like this so I could treasure you forever." He cups Amy's face in his hands and kisses her mouth for the first time. She thinks about her first real kiss in the shower. After a moment her lips part and her tongue comes out to play.

Together, they fall back on the bed. Jack's hands roam her body as they continue to kiss. Amy can taste the whiskey that he's been sipping and she likes it. She's not aware of the little whimpers of pleasure that she's making, but they are like gasoline to the fire of Jack's lust. It's inflamed even more when he notices that she's moving her hips, trying to rub herself against him. They called it dry humping when he was a teenager and he's thrilled that Amy is doing it now.

Jack was prepared to take the girl by force but if she wants it, so much the better.

He kisses his way down Amy's body, relishing every inch of her flawless skin. He skips over her barely clad loins and devotes several minutes to her long, smooth legs. Like the rest of her body, they're slim and toned and without blemish.

Amy feels a restless sort of longing which until this morning she couldn't have identified, but which is growing stronger by the minute. Jack gently spreads her legs to kiss the inside of her thighs, and Amy doesn't resist. The delicate aroma of her virgin sex hits Jack's nostrils, further stirring his animal lust. The object of that lust is right in front of him, covered only by the thinnest layer of expensive silk. He nuzzles it with his lips and Amy wills him to hurry up and get on with it.

Jack sucks her tender labes into his mouth, pressing the already sodden fabric into Amy's gooey fuck slot. Being something of a connoisseur of young pussy, he compares her flavor with other virgins he's wrecked. She tastes heavenly.

"Mmmmmm," Amy whimpers as the grey-haired man sucks her pink folds right through her knickers.

He decides the dainty silk drawers have outlived their usefulness and he peels them down. Amy helps by raising her hips. As soon as they're out of the way Amy spreads her legs wide. The wantonness of this small act is lost on the young girl who performs it, but not on Jack. He can't believe the sweet little captive is co-operating in her own undoing. He pauses for a moment to thank his lucky stars.

And he considers the Holiest of Holies before his eyes. Amy's cunt is as plump as a ripe peach and just as juicy. Her mound is lightly sprinkled with fine blonde hairs and a few tendrils frame her pink slit. Her crinkled inner lips are just visible between the fat, rosy outer lips. To Jack's knowing eye, it's a vision of loveliness.

"My god, Amy. My god..." There are no words to describe the youthful perfection that is Amy's naked body. In a few years she will reach physical maturity, if she lives that long. Her tits will be bigger and her hips wider. But he prefers the way she is now, in all her untouched dewy splendor.

He dives in and starts to lick.

Chloe excuses herself from the table to get ready for her night out. While her daughters are still finishing their dinner, Chloe goes into their bedroom and straight to the window. She adjusts the curtains so there's a small gap at the center, and crosses her fingers in hopes the girls won't notice.

A little later she kisses the girls goodnight. "Remember, you need to be in bed by eleven." Even as she says it Chloe realizes the girls probably don't need any encouragement to get into bed. She's pretty sure she sees a look flash between them. "Your rest is important," she adds awkwardly.

Emma smiles sweetly. "Yes, Mom. We'll go to bed early and get lots of rest."

Chloe turns to her older daughter. "Take good care of your sister, Becca."

"Okay, I'll take good care of her," Becca says, but her tone suggests that the words are a double entendre. As Chloe turns to leave she sees Becca waggling her tongue lewdly at her younger sister.

My god, thinks Chloe. They can't even bother to hide it from me anymore!

Shaken, she goes out to her car and drives away. Twenty minutes later she's back in her neighborhood. Her skirt has been replaced with a pair of dark jeans and her heels with running shoes. She parks the car and walks until she's at the opposite side of her own block. The dark silhouette of her house is visible through the shrubbery, but to reach it she'll have to walk directly through a neighbor's yard.

There's a full moon and Chloe keeps to the shadows as she walks between two houses, then hurries across the exposed stretch of lawn. She reaches the row of overgrown lilac bushes separating the property from her own, edges through a gap, and into her own backyard. At first she thinks Becca and Emma's bedroom is dark, but then she sees a wedge of light at the center. Chloe slips around to the side of the house to retrieve the old milk crate she'd left there earlier. Moving slowly and carefully, Chloe places the crate under her daughters' window and steps up onto it.

Standing on the crate, she can just see over the window sill. As she hoped, there's still a gap between the curtains. Her daughters are on Becca's bed looking at something on the computer. Chloe can't see the screen from her angle.

"Why do all the MILFs in these movies have breast implants?" Emma says. Chloe can hear her perfectly and she realizes the window is open.

"I don't know," Becca says. "I guess they think big tits are sexy."

"Big tits are sexy," Emma concedes. "But not when they're fake. They look like water balloons or something." She squeezes one of Becca's breasts. "I like real ones, like yours. Your tits are beautiful."

"Mine aren't that big."

"A lot bigger than my little mosquito bites. Do you think I'll have nice boobs like yours when I'm older?"

"Probably. It seems to run in the family."

"I know! Mom has really big boobs. I would love to suck on those big jugs."

"Em! You little perv!"

"Come on Becs, you know you want them, too. We could share. You take one boob and I'll take the other."

"You're twisted," Becca says. While they speak, Emma's hands are moving under her sister's T-shirt.

"I bet she's got big pink nipples like yours," Emma says, lifting Becca's shirt. She sucks one of her sister's nipples into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, you know I love that."

"Let's get this off," Emma says. She helps her sister remove her T-shirt. "If I had boobs like this I'd play with them all day." She squeezes her sister's breasts together with her face between them.

"Enough with the boob play," Becca says. "It's time for you to get busy on my cunt."

"Such a dirty word. I love it."

As their mother watches, Emma pulls off her sister's pajama bottoms. Becca spreads her legs with her knees raised, and Emma lies face down between them. "I smell my favorite dessert," she says.

"Okay little girl, I guess you've been good. You can have your dessert now." Both sisters giggle at that until Emma lowers her face between her sister's thighs. And then, as Chloe stares wide-eyed, her younger daughter begins to eat Becca's pussy. Oh god, this can't be real, Chloe thinks. But it is. Oh god, oh god...

"Yeah, that's good," Becca sighs. "Put a finger inside me while you lick my clit. Ugnh ... yeah. Keep licking me." Becca spreads her pussy lips with her fingers. "Yeah, suck on my clit. Oh fuck, yes. Put another finger in me." Becca moans and thrusts her hips at Emma's mouth.

Chloe's heart is pounding so hard she's afraid the girls will hear it.

Emma lifts her head. "Turn over and stick your butt in the air," she says.


"Just do it."

The girls don't say anything for a moment, but a look passes between them. Becca rolls over on her hands and knees, then lowers her upper body to the sheets. She looks back over her shoulder at her sister. That look, with her ass high in the air, is the sexiest thing Chloe has ever seen.

"What are you going to do to me, little girl?"

"Something dirty," she says. "Did you wash real good when you were in the shower, like I asked?"

"Yes." Becca speaks the word so softly that Chloe can barely hear it.

"Rub your clit," Emma says.

Chloe can't quite see Becca's hand between her legs, but she assumes she's touching herself.

Emma places both hands on her sister's smooth round bottom and spreads her cheeks apart. Chloe's hand slips down inside her jeans. Is she really going to... ? Oh god, oh god...

"Fuck, yes!" Becca cries as Emma starts to lick. "That feels so fucking good! Oh, you dirty little bitch! Oh my god, yes, lick my fucking ass ... Oh fuck, yeah..." Becca's mouth is open, her face transformed. Chloe has never seen such a beautiful expression of ecstasy.

"Oh my god!" Becca cries. "I can feel your tongue going right up my ass! Oh fuck, don't stop! I'm gonna cum!" She wails with sheer frenzied joy, her body quivering uncontrollably.

Chloe cums too, her eyes glued to the opening in the curtains. This is beyond her wild imaginings—she's never seen anything so erotic in her life. None of her sex videos even comes close. She wishes there was a video of what she's just seen so she can watch it again. And then she remembers the smart phone in her pocket.

She steps down from the crate and with trembling hands opens the camera app on her phone. First making sure that it's not going to give her away with any lights or sounds, Chloe presses RECORD and steps back up on the crate. Emma is lying on top of her sister and they're kissing. Passionately.

"I was afraid you wouldn't want to kiss me after ... that," Emma says.

"I told you I washed really good." The sisters giggle and kiss some more. A few minutes later Becca says, "You're wearing too many clothes."

"Do you want me to take them off?" Emma says.

"Yeah. Do a little strip tease for me, you sexy babe."

Emma gets down from the bed and dances as she takes off her pajamas. Oh god, thinks Chloe. My little Emma. My darling little girl.

Naked, her mom can see that her little girl is on the threshold of becoming a woman. Emma's chest is certainly not flat like a boy's. Chloe finally has a good look at her younger daughter's breast buds and she's instantly smitten. They're even lovelier than she had imagined. Emma's lower body is beginning to change as well. There's a flare to her hips. Her legs are long and beautifully shaped.

Emma gets back on the bed and kisses her sister. "I washed really good, too," she says.

Oh god, Chloe thinks. Oh god, oh god, oh god...

She tries to hold the phone steady.

Jack may not have the same first-hand knowledge of a woman's anatomy that Taneesha has, but he's been practicing the art of cunnilingus a long time and he knows what he's doing. Amy is gasping with pleasure only minutes after Jack removes her panties. When she cums, he laps up her cream as Amy catches her breath. She's thinking it might have been even better than her first orgasm that morning, when Jack spreads her pussy lips and starts to lick her clit again.

"Oh! No, I ... no, stop ... no ... no ... please! Oh god ... oh god ... oh ... Yes! Oh my god, yes! Please ... keep doing that ... yes, please, don't stop ... oh god ... oh ... oh my god! Ohhhhhhh!" Amy didn't know it was possible to orgasm again so quickly, but if anything this one is even more intense than the last. Jack works a finger into Amy's virgin fuckhole, careful not to tear her hymen. He begins to massage her G-spot while he sucks he clit.

The slender blonde shrieks as this new sensation sends her spiraling towards yet another climax. Amy is clutching the sheet with one hand while gripping Jack's grey hair with the other. Her head thrashes back and forth and her hips are bucking spasmodically. "Oh yes ... oh yes ... oh please ... please don't stop ... please..."

And then Amy is wailing, crying, pleading with him to stop—it's too much, she can't take any more. She's cumming so powerfully and so long that her muscles are aching with the strain. Her slender body glows with perspiration and her fingers dig into Jack's scalp so hard he thinks she might draw blood. He's lost track of how many orgasms she's had.

He finally stops so they can both take a breath. Amy's body quivers uncontrollably for a minute or two before she curls into a fetal position, exhausted. Jack quickly undresses and nestles spoon-fashion behind her. His dick is rock hard and throbbing, and Jack wants nothing more than to shove it in the blonde's creamy virgin fuckhole. He wraps his arm around her waist and caresses her. No response. "Amy, honey..." Still no response.

What the hell, he thinks. Why wait?

He finds her slippery cleft with his fingers and guides the head of his cock into position. It's a little tricky. Her pussy is dripping wet but it's super tight and her legs are together. Jack shifts his upper body away from her so he can see his target. He works the tip of his dick between Amy's labia until it's lodged at her opening.

Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, he slides his hard dick deeper into the entrance of Amy's virgin cunt. In, out, in, until the head is completely inside her. "Ungh..." she groans softly. In, out. Then in a little deeper. Her hymen is stretching and Amy feels some discomfort. "What ... what..." the girl murmurs, half asleep.

Goddammit, Jack thinks. I paid good money for her and I'll fuck her any way I want. He grabs her hips, makes sure his dick is lined up, and rams it home.

"Owww!" Amy cries, suddenly wide awake. "What did you do to me?"

"I'm sorry if that hurt, baby," Jack says. Of course he's not a bit sorry. His cock is buried in her to the hilt and he leaves it there, not moving, just relishing the sensation of being inside the gorgeous teen and knowing that he's taken something from her that she can never get back.

"I just made a woman out of you. It might sting for a few minutes but it will be worth it." He sees that Amy has tears in her eyes and he wraps an arm around her, kissing her neck. "Don't cry, darling. I'll make it all better. You'll see."

Jack slips his other arm under Amy's body so he can hold her tight with both arms. Slowly, he starts to move inside her.

"You're hurting me," Amy says. "It's too big."

There is nothing she could have said that would please Jack more. His cock gets even harder. He strokes her tenderly. "There, there," he says. "You'll feel better soon." The old lecher kisses Amy's cheek, tasting her salty tears.

And then he fucks her.

He starts slowly and gently, but as Amy begins to get accustomed to his length inside her he picks up the pace. After a few minutes, Jack adjusts their position so he can spread her legs apart. He's on his side and he watches his dick slide in and out of Amy's pink cunt.

There's a smear of blood on his cock. Fourteen-year-old virgin blood, he thinks. This is what I paid for.

He uses his free hand to caress her tits, noticing how they're not flattened out even though she's on her back. And there it is again—a sigh of pleasure from the girl. Jack is incredulous. She's had more orgasms than he can count while he was eating her. He's just taken her virginity while she was passed out or asleep. And now she's getting aroused all over again. It's almost too good to be true.

What a doll. What a perfect little fuck doll.

Jack shifts his body again. Now he's using the good old missionary position so he can look into Amy's big green eyes as he fucks her. He tries different angles and rhythms until he gets the reaction he's looking for. Yes! She's moving with him, grinding her loins against his. His cock is dragging on her clit every time he thrusts it inside her, and now Amy's mouth is open, she lets out a low moan, and another, and her moans get louder as his tempo increases, until she's crying, pleading, begging, "Oh yes ... don't stop ... don't stop ... please ... please ... yes ... please don't stop ... please..."

Jack is driving his cock into the girl as hard and fast as he can. It's a good thing he's fit.

When Amy cums she's gazing at Jack with something like adoration. She's had several orgasms already, but this feels different. This man is actually inside her body. It's more personal. She feels a connection—it's not purely physical, and the feeling is magnified when he cums with her, inside her. Looking up into his eyes, she gives herself over the feeling. The sensation is exquisite but the emotional attachment she feels is even more powerful. Amy is so overwhelmed that she begins to cry as her orgasm tapers off.

Jack is thinking he's never had a girl who is so uninhibited. Most girls don't allow themselves to let go completely even when they're in the throes of passion, but Amy holds nothing back. He figures she'll do anything he wants.

What a perfect little fuck doll, he says again to himself.

He's definitely going to keep this one around for a few days before he gets rid of her.

After watching her girls for another twenty minutes, Chloe returns the phone to her pocket. She stumbles across her backyard, shaken to the core by what she's witnessed. She doesn't even bother to move the crate from under her daughters' window. She squeezes between two lilac bushes and out through her neighbor's yard towards her car.

As she's clawing through the lilacs Chloe doesn't see the man crouched in the shadows only ten feet away. It's the owner of the house behind hers, and he's been watching her for the past hour. He had just stepped out on his back porch to smoke a cigarette when she walked across his yard in the moonlight. His first thought was of a prowler, but then he noticed the hair. Chloe and her daughters all have the same unmistakable strawberry blonde hair.

He doesn't know his neighbors well, but ever since meeting them a couple of years back he's thought Chloe and her older daughter are hot. And lately, he's had his eye on the younger daughter, too. It's hard to tell in the moonlight just which one of the three cut through his yard. After she wiggles through the bushes he watches her cross her own yard. He's hidden between two lilacs as she places something under a window and stands on it.

He gets a look at her face. Holy shit, that's Chloe! And she's spying on her own daughters. What the fuck?

He settles down to watch and wait. After a while, Chloe steps down from her perch and takes out a phone. When she gets back on the crate, she's holding the phone up to the opening in the curtains. Is Chloe shooting video of her own daughters?

He waits in the shadows for a few minutes until he's sure Chloe is gone. And then he walks over to her house and steps up on the milk crate where she stood.

And what he sees absolutely blows his mind.

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