Suddenly in Spring
Chapter 1

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Desc: Bestiality Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Like the daydreams of most college girls, Jade's are for plenty of cock. As a posh yet lonely teen her affection for her pet mongrel slips into an unhealthy sexual attachment and she becomes a dog-lover! Jade will never have to suffer boyfriend problems again!

It had been the death of my father, Dr Benjamin Jones which caused mother to bring me home from my College in the Hampshire Downs.

Greendales had been my cosy rural world; suddenly though it was gone, along with all my college-chums. So there I was, Jade Jones, a rather lost and lonely teenager.

Surprisingly it was mother who thought, a little pet dog could be the answer to my malaise. I'd always seen mother in a somewhat fusty churchgoing light; but with motherly intuition she fixed a visit to a kennels from the Yellow Pages.

At Barnet Dog Kennels we were shown round by Dan the owner and mother was charmed when shown some cute and cuddly pedigree pooches. But I was attracted to a handsome two year old brown mongrel. Dan said he'd found him abandoned and simply given him a home.

As soon as I stroked him he was wagging his tail and trying to lick me.

I sensed he wasn't the kind of dog mother had in mind but I was enraptured. "Oh mother look! Isn't he simply gorgeous!

Mother frowned disapprovingly.

"Oh please mother", I exclaimed, "he'll make a great chum! ... Oh mother, that's it! ... I'll call him Chum!"

Mother thoughtfully scanned the dog and noting his prominent cock and testicles and felt her face flush with embarrassment as she visualised the dog energetically humping her naked daughter; which put a spin on her response;

"Well Jade, you must realise, he'll be quite a hand-full before long."

That summer my father's brother had come to live with us.

What Uncle Gerald had meant to mother I knew not; but it was then she'd asked me to call her Margo rather than Mother?

But I'd found Gerald quite fun around the house after the gloomy time following father's death. Gerald was younger than father had been and more playful; I felt more like an adult.

I consigned my gym-slip to history and I changed my hair to a loose brown bob which I set off with tiny studs in my earlobes. I was beginning to feel some of the confidence that comes with youth.

It was a Sunday which usually meant Margo was at church, for Margo had a guilt complex.

She was in the small chapel, offering not so much a prayer rather than her ritual declaration of past sins:

"O Lord forgive my sins, for It's in a mothers nature to be concerned for her daughter;

Even if that mother has not been chaste herself in the past.

Yea I strayed from the respectability of my upbringing.

Lord, I was fifteen when I first seduced my brother.

It was a blasphemous and ongoing sex Lord,

which has led us deeper into further obscenities induced by the Devil himself.

To suffer that shame with a daughter out of wedlock will be my penance lord.

Forgive me heavenly father. Amen."

Then, having thus completed her purge Margo set off for the refreshing walk home.

While mother was at church, I'd asked Gerald about his photographic stuff he was busy with in the study.

Gerald began explaining about artistic portraits and how he loved taking them. "Take yourself for instance, an ordinary looking schoolgirl; but you could be made to look special. Your dark green eyes have a photogenic quality that would stand out in a portrait and your small breast could be made to appear more prominent".

Without knowing why I asked him to take my portrait; I continued listening as he arranged his tripod, he'd unbuttoned my blouse and fondled one if my tits; explaining that a little physical stimulation would bring an all important bloom to the skin.

"Although your breasts are petite," he declared, " they hang in a beautiful pointed curve, see?"

He then worked on the other one. I felt myself juicing-up below. I was bewildered but felt that's what was expected of a model.

Then he was explaining how the light and shade falling on my breast would create an artistic symphony of contrasts; and this, he wanted to capture with his camera.

He had lined up his camera but then decided my nipples were too flat; so had me tweak out my nipples between finger and thumb and as he gazed at me I had the odd feeling of being controlled.

Suddenly he took the shot. "Beautiful" he whispered.

It had all been rather fun; until my mother unexpectedly appeared. She'd stopped in her tracks to survey my nubile semi-clad form. Then with steely cold eyes she'd said softly,

"Jade, I had hoped that having an attentive well-hung dog would be enough to keep you satisfied!

If I find you getting fresh with Gerald again, I'll see to it that you return to College."

She'd paused looking disparagingly at Gerald, then to me again adding, "Now button-up your blouse Jade and leave us while I talk with Uncle Gerald."

Mother had made it obvious I had been guilty of rustling her man; now I felt so utterly foolish. In a tearful mist of humiliation and confusion, I'd made my retreat to the garden.

A wet mussel came into my hand and I was stroking Chum's head. I looked into his eyes and felt a strong need for the comforting tingle of his warm body against mine.

Together then, we'd slipped off to our secret hide-away. In the darkness of our little den I had buried my hands and head deep in the comforting warmth of his loins.

Discovering his juicy teat, I suckled from him.

I juiced up and parting my thighs Chum began snouting my snatch and when the nibbling reached my clitoris I climaxed for the first time.

From that moment, Chum and I became as one.

The coming of summer was a perfect time for us to explore High Barnet's hills and dales.

We loved to run through the wind until exhausted.

Then we'd hunker down and hug while gasping for air.

Our hearts beating against each other; my hands fondling his loins; his cock, snuggled in its sheath. It seem to have a life of its own; at any time it might peep out provocatively; causing my snatch to squeeze and juice with desire!

I realised then that I had a crush on Chum! He was my true love; and it had to be kept very secret.

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