Settle a Debt-- a Flip Flop Story

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Analingus, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jamie is in trouble and only Christina can help her. A story in the 'Flip or Flop Universe' Reading 'Flip, Flop or Fuck' will help, but not required. Story takes place some time after Chapter 10 Caution on this story for realistic abusive sex

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Christina's ringer went off. The young wife set her coffee down and fished her phone out of her robe pocket. It was Jamie, her sister in law calling.

'That's strange'. Christina said to herself. "Young people never actually speak on the phone, they always just text." she laughed as she hit the answer button.

"Hey cutie! What's up?" She cheerfully asked.


Immediately Christina sat upright. "Jamie? Are you ok? Are you safe?" She asked anxiously.

"Uh huh."

"Are you at your apartment?"

"Yeah." Came a tearful reply.

"Sit tight, I'll be right there."

"Ok. Hurry please. Bye."


Christina jumped up and ran into the office. Her husband Tom was working on some contractor quotes on his computer.

"Hey babe, I'm going over to Jamie's." She said

"Everything ok?" He asked, noting the concern on his wife's face.

"Yeah, just girl stuff." Christina replied, not wanting to worry Tom without having more information.

Christina quickly dressed and drove over to Jamie's apartment. She knocked once, and then opened the door. She found Jamie sitting on the floor of the living room, curled up in a ball with a blanket around her shoulders, with her eyes red and puffy.

"Hey sweetie! What's going on?" Christina asked, sitting down next to Jamie and putting her arms around the younger girl.

"I'm in trouble." Jamie croaked.

"What happened?" Chris asked

"So last night at the club, Dre was running his mouth about something. He made a bet on some football game or something and lost. I'm the prize." Jamie replied, looking up at Christina with her eyes welling up in tears again.

"Ok? That sounds kind of hot actually." Christina replied. In the last several months, Jamie and Christina had had many wild sexual adventures together. The idea that Jamie got traded off in a football bet didn't seem to be any worse than a lot of other things that Chris knew she had done.

"No, you don't understand. Dre lost me to Wrath."

"Who's Wrath?" Chris asked.

"Wrath is this new guy that's been hanging around the club. He's huge. Like a giant. I heard that he is rough, like really, really rough."

"Ok? I still don't get it. Since when were you afraid of a little rough sex kiddo?" Chris joked, smiling at the younger girl.

Jamie's face was cold.

"No, like, I've seen bruises on girls after they have been with Wrath. I heard one girl had to go to the hospital after she hooked up with him."

"Like, he's violent and beats them? Call the police!" Christina exclaimed.

"No, not like that. Just like, rough sex. But he's a huge guy that gets really rough and so, he, uhm, I don't know, just ends up hurting girls when he fucks them. The girl that went to the hospital, uhm, it was for, her insides you know."

"What do you mean?" Christina asked.

"I heard that his dick is like bigger than me, uhm, and that he sorta like tore her insides when he fucked her."

At that moment, Christina's pussy began to tingle.

"So what does this have to do with me?" She asked.

"Uhm, he told Dre he wanted another girl since I was so small, I only counted as half a girl and someone suggested you."

"Me? Why me?" Chris asked, surprised.

"Uhm, he said that he had seen us together at the club and that you were really hot. Wrath likes blonds with big tits too." Jamie forced a weak smile.

"Well, isn't that sweet." Christina replied with a small grin

"Yeah, so, I know that this doesn't sound good, but will you go with me and do this?" Jamie asked.

"Sweetie, I'd love to. You know I'd do anything for you." Christina replied, leaning down and kissing Jamie on the nose.

"Thanks." Jamie replied weakly.

"Who knows? It might end up being fun!" Christina replied, trying to be encouraging.

"I wouldn't hold my breath." Was Jamie's soft reply.


That night: ... It was pretty funny that at this point in their relationship; Christina didn't really have to hide her outside adventures. When she returned home, Tom asked if everything was ok, which she replied yes. She then informed her husband that she was going out that night and to not expect her home. He nodded and went back to work. That night, as she left the house in her favorite red heels and skintight white dress, Tom barely looked up as he waved goodbye. They both knew that she was going out to have some fun and neither of them needed, nor expected any details. It was a glorious don't ask/don't tell policy that had saved their relationship after the dramatics from the previous months.

Christina picked up Jamie at her apartment, who was wearing a cute black dress and heels and they made their way over to the address that she had gotten from Dre. As Christina put her car in park, Jamie reached over and squeezed her hand.

"I'm so sorry to get you into this." Jamie said.

"Hey cutie, don't worry about it. Besides, when was the last time you got a really good, hard fuck?" Christina asked.

"Oh, forever. A week at least." Jamie joked weakly.

Christina laughed loudly.

"Come on kiddo, let's meet this Wrath guy!"

The two women walked up to the door and knocked. A loud, booming voice came from inside.

"Come in."

Both women jumped and looked at each other. They stared at each other for a moment and then Jamie opened the door. The two women walked inside and closed the door, grabbing each other's hand for support.

"Took you long enough." Came the voice.

Christina turned around. The room was fairly large with hardwood floors and a huge sectional couch. Sitting on one side was Wrath. He looked like Morpheus from the Matrix movies. More specifically, he looked like someone had taken two Morpheus's and stuck them together. Though he was sitting down, Christina could tell this man was tall. Tall, and wide. His bald head shone in the light and he peered through his round classes with a scornful look on his face. Christina's heart began to race and she felt her pussy began to throb a little.

"Hello there, I'm Chris." Christina said, in her most sultry voice.

"I don't give a fuck what your name is. Do you have insurance?" The booming voice echoed

"Excuse me? I don't understand." Christina stammered, confused.

"What part don't you understand you dumb bitch. I'll ask again. Do you have medical insurance?" The scornful reply came.

"Yes. Yes I do. Why?" Christina replied, her voice shaking.

"Because I'm going to fucking rip you apart bitch."

Christina's heart sank and she felt her throat choke up in fear. She squeezed Jamie's hand, who squeezed it in return.

"And you, short stuff. My dick isn't even going to fit in you, but I'm going to enjoy trying." Wrath said directly to Jamie.

Jamie gasped a little and clenched Christina's hand with enough force to make her flinch.

"Take off your fucking clothes. I'm ready to get started." Wrath demanded.

Jamie and Christina looked at each other in trepidation, then began to work their way out of their clothing. Neither woman had worn any underwear and they wiggled their dresses down over their hips and into a pile on the floor. Jamie reached down to unbuckle her heels when Wrath stopped her.

"Leave them on, I'll need the boost to reach your pussy short stuff. Nice tits Princess, I bet those cost a lot." Wrath said towards Christina with scorn.

"Thanks." Christina replied, trying to force herself to sound polite.

"Get over here. It's time to see what your mouth can do." Wrath said coolly.

"Who? Me or her? Or both?" Christina asked, again trying to sound seductive.

"You first Princess. I'm going to save Short Stuff for later." He replied. Jamie reached up and squeezed Christina's hand in fear as the older woman slowly walked towards Wrath. Approaching the man, she slowly sank to her knees in front of him, rubbing her hands up and down his thighs

"I don't got all night Princess. You can cut out the stripper routine and get to work bitch." Wrath said angrily.

Christina quickly reached up for his zipper and pulled it down. She started to reach into his slacks when his cock suddenly popped out.

"Oh my God." Jamie gasped from behind, taking a few steps forwards.

"That's why they call me the Jaw Breaker, Short Stuff." Wrath replied, his white teeth shining in the dim light with a slight smile.

His cock was almost as large as Jamie's arm, Christina estimated. It seemed like it was about 12 inch long and as big around as her wrist. Christina wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it slowly and it appeared it was still growing. The young wife slowly licked up and down the shaft, trying to add some lube to her hand job.

"Trying to jerk me off isn't going to get you very far Princess. I want your mouth. Or, more specifically, you're throat. So, get to it." Wrath said scornfully.

Christina nodded and sat upright, her large breasts rubbing against his thighs. Sitting upright, she had difficulty reaching the end of his cock, so she grasped his shaft and tilted it down slightly as she flicked her tongue over the head. She was so focused on trying to work her magic head that she didn't notice his hands closing around the back of her head. Suddenly, he grabbed large handfuls of her hair and pulled her head backwards slightly.

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