The Club
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was invited to a men's club for a night of entertainment by a client. The client disappeared as soon as they entered, leaving him in the care of a beautiful woman. Together they have several sexual adventures with other club patrons, including participating in one of the stage shows.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   Public Sex   Porn Theatre  

I was away from home visiting a potential new client who had done their best to make me feel very welcome. My direct contact with the company had taken me to his home for a home cooked meal, and to meet his wife.

Jake was 30 years old and seemed strange to me but I couldn't put my finger on it. His younger wife (by just a year) on the other hand was very easy going, and fun to chat to. Charlotte (Charlie) was a new mother with a four month old baby boy.

Charlie was a tall slim blonde which contrasted with Jake's weedy stature.

On the last night of my three day visit, Jake told me that he had something special planned for me.

That something special turned out to be very eye-opening and pleasing.

He had taken me to a private mens club. What surprised me even more was that his personal assistant Eva was also invited.

Eva was about 25 years of age, a petite black haired beauty with a slim killer body. I had perved on her with my 35 year old eyes on numerous occasions during the last few days. I had mentally undressed her many times.

She just smiled at me when she caught me looking.

Jake signed me in, and I was provided with an orange wrist band and the combination to a personal locker. He showed me into the locker room where he proceeded to undress, placing his clothes into the locker before slipping on a loose fitting pair of white baggy shorts.

I got the general idea that I was expected to follow suit ... so I did whilst he waited for me near the door.

Just before we walked through the door he handed me a couple of pills - a blue one and a brown one.

I knew that the blue one was Viagra, and I suspected that the other one was Cialis.

"Oh fuck ... this is getting very interesting" I thought before I swallowed both of them. If they are being supplied then what was going on on the other side of that doorway must be pretty wild.

My cock was quite large normally, and with the ingestion of Cialis it was going to become quite fat.

I was pleasantly surprised when upon entering the next room that we were greeted by Eva. She was almost naked - topless with a small scrap of lace hiding her pussy. Topless revealed her full rounded tits with pierced rosy red nipples surrounded by a darker hued areola.

She walked up to me, looping an arm around my neck and drawing me into a passionate tongue-filled kiss, pressing her firm tits against my bare chest.

"Do I look like what you imagined when you were mentally undressing me?" she whispered to me.

"Every bit as beautiful and more" I whispered back.

She stayed close with her arm around my waist and her chest pressed against mine. I look around to find Jake and couldn't find him.

"Where's Jake?" I asked.

She smiled and responded "He's gone off to play with his boyfriends".

"Ah hah" I thought to myself. That was what I couldn't pick about him - he was gay, which surprised me because he had a wife and a baby.

Eva continued with "You are my partner for the night - I will be entertaining you and showing you about the club".

We headed to the bar to grab a drink each with Eva staying close and rubbing her firm ass against my crotch at every opportunity. All the rubbing, and the effects of the drugs had a quick hardening effect on my cock. My cock was soon at full stretch and feeling very fat.

Eva and I chatted to others at the bar, with Eva making no effort to hide the fact that she was teasing my cock with her sexy ass.

I noticed that she was wearing a blue and a pink band on her wrist. I made a mental note to ask her what the meaning of the various band colours were.

After about 5 minutes she excused herself for a moment leaving me to talk to a buxom ditzy blonde. On her return she led me away from the bar to a darker area of the room where she slipped my orange band off and replaced it with a green one.

"What?" I asked.

"More fun..." she responded as she led me to another doorway guarded by a security person. We showed our bands and we were allowed to pass into the next room. Once inside Eva turned to me and said "This is a nude area ... no clothes allowed".

With that comment she slipped off her tiny panties before she knelt in front of me to draw my shorts off. My cock popped free and stood tall when she removed the pants.

"Oh god ... he's beautiful ... and big" she commented as she gently grasped my cock by the root.

She stood and led me deeper into the area towards another bar where other naked people were standing and chatting. All the time she held my cock, not letting go.

"There's a show in 5 minutes ... let's go and get a front-row seat" she suggested whilst still leading me by the cock. We headed into a curtained area which had very minimal lighting, but enough for us to find an unoccupied couch that faced a stage which was only about 3 feet from our seat.

Low sensual music was playing. We sat together hip to hip with her hand still caressing my hard cock.

"We have a couple of minutes" Eva whispered before she bent over at the hips to bring he face close to my cock. She rubbed her cheek along the shaft of my cock before she licked its head. My cock jumped at the contact with her tongue.

She ran her tongue around the head of my cock before popping the top 3 inches of my cock between her lips and into her hot mouth, swirling her tongue around the head as she sucked on my thickness.

"Oh fuck" I gasped at the sensation.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. I could see no-one else clearly so I relaxed and let Eva minister to my hard cock.

"Hmmmm ... mmmmm..." she moaned around my shaft whilst bobbing her head.

Her soft hand grasped at my big balls, massaging them softly while she sucked.

The music became louder and the lights to the stage were now bright - revealing a naked couple, just in front of us. He was young, blonde haired, tall and well-built - with a nice long cock (but not as long as mine I noted with some proudness). She on the other-hand was absolutely stunning.

She was petite - a dark skinned beauty with long black hair past her shoulders. Her body was curvy with pointy tits and hard black nipples - and her pubic mound was hairless.

They moved about the stage, kissing and hugging with caresses of each other's sexual zones. The action became hotter very quickly, with his cock teasing her pussy just feet away from us. Eva just turned her head to watch whilst she continued to lick and suck my cock.

He picked her up with her legs wrapping around his waist ... with his cock resting between her ass cheeks.

"Someone come and help me" he said to the audience.

A naked busty slim redhead jumped up onto the stage and stood behind them.

"Put my cock into her pussy" he told her.

She knelt down behind them, taking his cock in hand before engulfing it within her own mouth for a few seconds of rapid-fire sucking. Reluctantly she released his cock from her mouth and repositioned it at the entrance to the black beauty's pussy.

He slowly lowered her body onto his cock, sending it into her pussy.

The redhead watched closely the impalement before she leant forward and licked the union of the black and white bodies. After about 5 seconds of licking, she left the stage to return to her seat amid some very loud cat-calls.

The black beauty humped her body up and down on the hard white cock as he walked around the stage showing everyone.

Eva suddenly releases my cock and climbed onto my lap whilst facing the stage. With cock still in hand, she lined my cock up with her pussy before pushing down to take my fatness deep inside her hot tight pussy.

"Oh yes" she yelled as she fucked herself hard and deep on my cock whilst my hands slipped up to cup her bouncing tits and to pull at her hard pierced nipples.

I could feel her juices streaming down my shaft. Her pussy was tightening on my shaft - I knew her explosion was close ... and so was mine.

I looked up and noted that the performers were stopped in front of us ... they are watching us too as they continued to fuck.

"I gonna cum" i warned Eva.

"Cum ... cum in me ... fill me up with your hot cum" she gasped just before we both erupted in synchronised orgasms. Her pussy pulsated around my shaft whilst I unloaded my abundance of hot cream into her depths.

"Fuck yeh" she yelled "I can feel your cum hosing my insides".

Peering around her convulsing body I noted that the white guy was hosing down the black beauty's face with his own load of cum.

I could hear clapping and shouts ... and the occasional noises of others fucking in their own seats around the stage area.

Eva finally leant back against me gasping for air before saying "Fuck that was a great way to start off the night".

"Start?" I moaned.

"Yep..." she whispered. 'Your pills will keep you going for hours".

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