Princess Slave

by Phil E. Hebe

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Pedophilia, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Incest, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Body Modification, Nudism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: What girl doesn't wish for a prince charming to come and sweep her off of her feet. One should watch what they wish for. A story of a marriage quite different then from one on earth.

Bett had no idea what she was getting herself into when she started dating an older gentleman while she was still in high school. It was love at first sight and a whirlwind romance. He was a Prince, and that would make her a Princess if they married. He showered her with expensive gifts, and took her to the most expensive places in town. That impressed her.

Bett was the most beautiful girl Thomoss had ever met, and he knew at first sight that she had to be his. She was a virgin. That was important to him. It didn't bother him that she was a conceited bitch; her training would soon cure her of that.

Bett had no concept of a parallel universe: science was not her strong point. All she heard was that they would live in a quaint little village far from the civilization that she knew. So what? The important part was that she would be a princess, just like in the fairy tales.

They were married by a Justice of the Peace in the town where she lived. She was delighted to be Princess Bett DeMarit. On the first night of their honeymoon, she was gagged and hog-tied. Thomoss explained this was how virgins lost their maidenhead where he lived. She fought the ropes to no avail. She saw his huge cock and swooned. It had hard bumps up and down the shaft. He told her the bumps were added while he was a child to give his partner pleasure. He plunged into her and the screams from the pain of her ripping hymen were absorbed by the sponge ballgag. She felt the bumps riding up and down on her G spot. The pleasure there made up for all the earlier pain. Bett climaxed and felt surely this must be like the heaven they talked about in church.

The next day they went through the portal. Bett had no concept of a portal. All she saw was the fading of everything around her and the squeezing of her body until she was no bigger than a dot. Then her body started to expand and new things emerged around her. They ended up standing on a cobblestone street in a village square that looked straight out of the seventeenth century. Thomoss pointed up a hill to a castle and said, "Home." Bett was excited; her fairy tale was coming true.

Bett met the king and queen, her in-laws. The queen was most certainly beautiful, with beauty to rival Betts, but she was completely naked, and covered from neck to toes in tattoos. The only adornment that Bett could see was a pink bow somehow connected to the woman's pubic mound. Bett was flabbergasted. Thomoss told her the same thing would happen to her and Bett was appalled.

Bett learned that men of the kingdom had cocks that were an average of eight and one-half inches long and thick, just like her husband's. They were permanently erect and held whatever position they were put in. When not in use, the cocks were put up against the stomach. The scrotum was the size of a tennis ball and just as fuzzy. Unlike ball sacks on her planet, they never drooped. For formal occasions men wore clear plastic cups over their genitals, otherwise they were left open and exposed.

She was told what was expected of her. Her husband had a lot of begging to do before she consented to the training. It would probably be the last time he begged for anything. Even then she resisted, and had the thin, straight line scars on her butt to prove it. They had had to break her will. They had to change her mind about everything she learned about husband/wife relationships that she had been taught by her parents and the society she used to live in. She had to learn what her husband and this town's morals expected of her.

She remembered the first time she walked out of the house completely naked. It wasn't easy. She thought for sure she would die of embarrassment. She eventually did learn to be an obedient, a slave. She was completely disheartened to learn that a princess slave was held in no higher regard than a common slave.

As a slave, Bett was told, her first and foremost duty was sexual foreplay and intercourse. The roles were reversed: it was the slave who provided the foreplay while the man laid back. For the man, the longer the foreplay the stronger the climax, so foreplay of two to four hours was expected. At first, Bett found that exhausting.

There were other peculiarities that Bett had to get used to. Public sexual affection was acceptable. It was not unusual to see a slave giving her master head in the park, or even full-fledged intercourse.

The only venereal disease in the village was caught by the slave, a common cold of the uterus, which caused the sneezing of lubricant fluid through the vagina. The cold lasted anywhere from three days to a week, and Bett found it was the most miserable way to have a cold. Since there was no blowing of the vagina, like blowing a nose, the fluid slowly leaked out for days on end. On top of all that, it was accompanied by cramps. There was no cure and the doctor could only prescribe plenty of bed rest.

Every Saturday, the villagers held a formal meeting in the Hall of Justice. The judges reviewed the slaves' transgressions against their owners or society as a whole. Punishment was then administered in the town square as the citizens watched. The slave was hung by her wrists, suspended a foot off the ground, and whipped. Most of the misdeeds were perpetrated by young slaves still in their training stages. They got a reduced sentence and a flogging with a kidskin cat. Bett was treated differently. They wanted to show that the alien from a parallel universe was not allowed to get away with anything. She was whipped with a woven bull skin whip that had been soaked overnight in heated brine. The whip loved the taste of flesh and the salt made sure the victim suffered. Bett hated Saturdays.

Thomoss traded Bett to other men for their slaves or outright loaned her to men for "favors rendered." Because she was both a princess and a beautiful alien, she was much sought after. It was not unusual for her to be with other men for a weekend, or even weeks. It was a hard lesson for Bett to learn that, to her husband, she was a slave, a piece of ass to be used however he wished. Each man had his favorite foreplay. Some liked hurting Bett, while other liked her bound in ropes. The worst, Bett thought, was the man that tied her ankles to the rafter and had her suck his cock while she dangled upside down.

"Bye, Mom," her son Greg said.

"Bye, Dear. Don't forget the sunscreen. You don't want to get your weinie burnt."


"Bye, Princess DeMerit."

"Bye, Suesy." Now, there, thought Bett, was a girl who was lucky. The only life Suesy knew was that of a slave.

For a trip to the local supermarket, Bett donned her harness, went out to the garage, and hooked up the cart to the harness. On the way, she greeted other women pulling their carts behind them. At the parking lot, she detached the cart and left it in a parking stall, before entering the store. There were other women, some with their youngsters, just as naked as she, doing their weekly grocery shopping. She knew them all, knew their names, their husbands and their childrens names.

In the store, Bett recognized Cheryl, a little girl of three. The little girl had her first tattoo, a yellow and green scaled snake whose tail started at the ankle, with the body wrapped several times around the girl's leg, and extending over her butt, across her hip and lower stomach, with the tattooed head pointing down on the mons; the start of the girl's slit opening was the snake's open mouth. It was the same as Bett's first tattoo. Next, Bett knew, would be the girl's six digit slave number tattooed over her right nipple. Once the rest of her body was tattooed, it would blend in and be hardly noticeable. Bett's number was 609825, but no one called her by that; it was only for government ID purposes.

At home, she put all the groceries away and sat down for a cup of coffee. It was a beautiful day out. She knew Greg and his girl would have fun at the beach. She couldn't believe Greg was fifteen. It didn't seem that long ago that she went through the labor pains of giving him birth. An anesthetic was not given to her since she was a slave and slaves were supposed to be used to pain. Bett taught him how to masturbate when he was two. She wished her parents taught her how to masturbate when she was two, but, of course, their stupid morals would not let them. They probably didn't even know a two-year-old could enjoy an orgasm.

She thought of his girlfriend, Suesy, twelve years old, her beautiful body covered from neck to toes in tattoos, just like Bett was. She was told that the one tattoo in the local language translated to "Fuck me, please." She thought there was truth in that. Suesy had gaily colored ribbons hanging from her sex that was held closed by the ribbon being threaded, shoe lace style, through the rings embedded in the edges her nether lips, and tied as a bow on her mons. Another ribbon hung from her butt plug. Bett envied Suesy having worn a butt plug from before she knew any other life. Bett still remembered the first time that ugly thing was shoved into her anus. Oh, how she cried. Now she felt naked without it.

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