"I Hate White People" -- a story..

by jack08180

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Incest, FemaleDom, Orgy, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Interracial Sex Story: A first person POV of a group of friends taking advantage of a couple of stuck up white kids

I know that most people won't admit it. I'm finally sick of it, so I will. I hate white people. Or, more specifically, I hate stuck up rich white bitches. Just because daddy buys you a new car every year to make up for the fact that he's cheating on your mom doesn't make you any better than us. Besides, you're still the ones that wander through our neighborhood to get favors for the parties you have with your other stuck up rich white friends.

So yeah, it's hard being a Mexican girl from a shitty part of town. Yeah, I hang with gangbangers and thugs. Yeah I got friends that sell drugs and I might run a trip or two. At least we are honest about who we are and what we do. I got friends of all colors and we are the most honest people I know. Not like the stuck up white brats that drive down here in their brand new Mustangs and Tahoe's trying to be all cool. Don't they realize that the only reason that the boys don't ice them all down is because we need their money to keep surviving? Anyway, me and my friends party hard, fuck like porn stars and don't have to go to work in the morning. Yeah, there might be a ton of people crammed into a small apartment filled with trash, but we make our own rules and live life our own way. So, who's really winning the game of life?

I usually handled the rich kids ok, but there was something about this pair that just got under my skin. Maybe it was the attitude she always had. Maybe it was the fact that she looked so disgusted every time she came over to get her favors. Maybe it was the fact that the bitch had a different car every time she came over. Or maybe it was because she always drug her brother with her to pick up her stuff. Rochelle and Randy. How fucking cute. I almost puked the first time I heard them introduce themselves. Fucking twins. They were both blond, naturally. They were Northern California rich kids hanging around LA on daddy's dime. Randy did look like a fucking surfer boy and I did have a secret weakness for white boys. She was skinny with long blond hair and perky titties. I'm sure that at some point in the near future daddy would buy her some bigger fake ones, if she didn't pick up a sugar daddy before that.

I don't know how Mario got hooked up with them, but the fucking Blond Twins were pretty regular customers. Generally just pot and Molly, which seemed to be all that their delicate white systems could handle. That's fine, Mario made good money off of their rich white asses but every time I saw her I just tried not to puke.

The funny thing was, I caught Ken doll eyeing me up more than once, so when I knew that he was coming over my skirts would get shorter and my shirts tighter. I knew he would never make a move on me with Mario and Tyrese in the room, but I sure enjoyed the hell out of teasing him. Ty was one of Mario's buddies and was black as the night was dark.

"He couldn't handle you anyway" Marissa said when I told her what I was doing. Marissa was my best friend and Mario's brother. She was a light skinned Mexican girl, whose hair color never stayed the same for more than 2 weeks.

"I know. White boys always want the brown sugar, but there's no way he could handle it." We laughed together.

"I wouldn't mind sticking in that skinny white bitch!" Tyrese commented loudly

"Ty, you'd stick it in anything with tits that didn't move!" I laughed

"True, true." Ty replied with a smile, which made us all laugh.

"Come on Ty, you'd rip that white bitch apart!" Marissa said.

"No shit Mari, that's half the fun!" Ty replied bluntly.

"Forget about that white bitch. You got me whenever you want me baby." Mari purred, standing in front of Ty and bending over, pushing her breasts in his face.

Mari and Ty weren't dating, but that didn't stop them from hooking up whenever either was in the mood. Marissa loved black dick and Ty loved giving it to her whenever he could.

Ty reached up and grabbed Marissa's full ass and pulled her into his lap. Mari eagerly straddled him and began grinding on him, rubbing her tits on his chest.

"Hey man, take it in the other room. I don't need to see that shit." Mario laughed, rolling another joint.

"Sounds good to me!" Ty exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Mari and standing up, picking her up with him. Mari wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to walk down the hallway. Halfway down the hallway, Mari looked up at me and motioned with her finger for me to follow.

So yeah, I like pussy too. Me and Marissa and Ty had hooked up more than a couple of times. Me and Mario had hooked up plenty of times also. Every now and then we'll all get busy in the same room. It bothers Mario to see his sister getting sexy but if we get him high enough he'll just look the other way. Either that, or I'll distract him. I'm good at that.

"Play time!" I announced, jumping up off the sofa and handing my joint to Mario.

"Cool, I'll be here, getting high." Mario replied flatly, rolling his eyes.

"Cool. I'll be in there, getting fucked." I replied with a laugh, walking down the hallway.

By the time I got in the other room, Ty was already sitting on the edge of the bed with his pants off. Marissa was kneeling in front of him, topless, bobbing up and down on his cock. Her thick Mexican ass was poking out of her skirt and her red thong was splitting her asscheeks.

"You playing too, or just watching?" Ty asked.

I laughed

"When do I ever just watch?" I asked, pulling off my shirt and bra

"Good point." He replied as I knelt down next to Marissa.

As much as I loved fucking Ty, he was getting predictable. Marissa and I gave him a long double blowjob. We alternated sucking his cock and sucking his balls, with plenty of making out with each other. One of us would get fucked while the other got ate out. Apparently this time it was my turn for cock.

"Get up there Mari, Karina needs to rug munch." Ty demanded, pulling his cock away from us. Marissa turned and looked at me and I replied with a wink. While Marissa would go down on me and other girls, I didn't think she was actually into pussy as much as I was. I wondered sometimes if I was a lesbian with as much as I loved licking pussy, but I was crazy for a fat dick as much as the next straight girl.

Marissa eagerly jumped up and pushed her skirt off. I pulled off the rest of my clothes as she lay down with her legs open. I admired her body for a second and then dove into her pussy. She wasted no time in wrapping her legs around my head as I ate her box.

"Shit Kat, you do that so good!" Marissa cried out.

"I know I do." I replied smugly, lifting my head up. Marissa was reaching back, her hands holding onto the head board and her firm tits heaving up and down as she panted for air. I was good at eating pussy and I loved doing it. I dragged my lounge slowly up and down her slit, teasing her. I loved making girls beg and I was in the mood to make her scream for mercy when I felt something on the back of my head.

Suddenly I was being shoved forcefully into Marissa's crotch. I jerked for a split second and then felt a huge object pressing against my pussy.

"Show time baby!" Ty called out, putting his other hand on my hip and slamming his thick cock into my dripping cunt.

I put my hands on Marissa's thighs and held on for the ride, keeping my face attached to her pussy as best as I could as Ty slammed my pussy. I moaned loudly into her cunt which drove her even more crazy.

"Fuck her hard baby!" Marissa called out, holding the back of my head. Ty grabbed my hips with both hands and started to pump me harder. I pushed back, shoving my ass back against his thick cock.

"Yeah that's it girl, fuck me back!" Ty called out, slapping my ass.

"Shut up and fuck me harder." I demanded

"She's calling you out Ty!" Marissa teased

"I know!" He replied.

Ty pulled out of my dripping pussy and flipped me over. Marissa cried out as my mouth left her pussy. Ty grabbed my legs and lifted them in the air, spreading them wide. Grinning down at me, he sunk his fat black cock deep into my waiting pussy.

"That's it, fuck me Ty!" I demanded.

"Mari, shut this bitch up, would you?" Ty demanded. I looked up to see Mari smiling as she crawled over to me and sat on my face. I eagerly lifted my head up and continued to lick her pussy Ty gave me a deep dicking for another half hour. He rolled me over so I was on top while Marissa played with my titties. He put me against the wall and fucked me from behind while Marissa licked my clit and his balls.

I clawed at the wall as best as I could, but suddenly I felt his cock pull out. I started to demand he fuck me again when I felt something warm and wet against my asscrack.

"No way Ty. Keep dreaming!" I yelled.

"Awe, too bad." Ty replied, aiming his cock down and sinking back into my pussy.

"Yeah, too bad..." I moaned, shoving my ass back against his cock.

"When are you gonna let me in that ass?" He asked, reaching around and squeezing my tits.

"Right after Mari." I panted.

"You hear that? When am I gonna get in your ass Mari?" Ty asked, pounding his cock into me.

"In your dreams!" Came the reply from down below.

That seemed to end the discussion for the moment and Ty just focused on banging the hell out of my pussy. Not that I minded, and I shoved my ass back against him as hard as I could.

"I'm gonna nut." Ty grunted.

"Fill me up Papi!" I yelled in the most ghetto voice I had. I knew that this drove Ty wild and I wanted a big finish.

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