Take Home Cowboy

by Nina Newsome

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: My time with a guy I met at a western bar

Hi my name is Nina Newsome. So about three years ago I went to this cowboy bar. There's only maybe three decent western bars where I live and this place is probably the best of them. This isn't Texas where probably every bar is a cowboy club and there is not many good night clubs. No this is where there are many good and fun night clubs and only a couple of good cowboy clubs and no one there is really western and I don't like most of the music but its a different kind of dancing and no one expects anyone to be real western anyway. Its just another place to have a good time.

I like going to Cowboy Club in that its ok to be more comfortable in jeans instead of wearing a party dress. Its not that I still don't spend too much time trying to look good but jeans, boots, and a nice top is all I have to think about for clothes and a pair of dangling earrings for extra attention and maybe a top that gives a peek at my boobs. Cleavage never hurts trying to attract guys even if I'm only 34B and guys like boobs. Duh!

SO I wear a pair of nice jeans that I feel makes me look good instead of the extra five pounds I have now and it makes my butt look fat to me at least that how it looks to me in the mirror. I have a full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door. It was November like it is now so it was a cooler night so I wear long sleeves and I have this pink blouse that isn't western but half the people there aren't dressed western either. I had a nice pair of ankle boots that I liked a lot until the heel broke and so I got rid of them but I wore them tonight to the club. So I'm in jeans and a pink long sleeve blouse with a camisole underneath and a little cleavage and ankle boots and I have my clutch and I'm happy.

I get to the Cowboy Club with my girlfriend and we find a table to put our stuff and I dance with a couple of guys and its nice but no sparks or none of that feeling like this is the guy I want to be with tonight as that's why everyone is here which is to find that someone to spend some special time with and girls are more choosy than guys are but we know what we need to do to attract you and so I like all the girls try to look hot and sexy and I'm ready to get into bed tonight but I'm ok going home alone if I don't meet that guy tonight that excites me. To say it normal I get horny just like everybody does.

So while I'm alone at the table this guy comes over and I say its ok to sit down and we talk and he's nice and his name is Will. So we get on the dance floor and he's a good dancer and later when they play a slow song and we dance close it feels good to be in his arms and he's a good looking guy and super nice and I'm thinking of spending alone time with him tonight. We take a break and go back to the table and we sit closer. He puts a hand on top of mine on the table and it gives me a tingle. I can tell he got his hair cut recently and I like that and I rub his hair above his ear where its short and I like the feel and I smile at him and I know this is who I want to be with tonight and so its a matter of making it happen. Its ok for the girl to ask and so I ask him if we can be alone. We can't go to his place but I like it better going back to my place so we agree to go back there and we stay just a little longer and we do.

I want to make out with Will right there in the back of the taxi but I'm good and just rub his thigh and tease him by getting my fingers close to something that is going to be inside me soon and I'm imagining it being hard and throbbing inside his pants. Will copies me by rubbing my upper thigh and I wish I was wearing a dress or a skirt and I could feel his hand touching my underwear and sometimes he's not such a good boy and his fingers slide over my pussy but I'm in jeans and I have to wait to touch and be touched.

The taxi arrives at my place and Will pays the driver. I fumble in my purse to find my fob to open the security gate because I'm to excited and so eager to feel so very good tonight. I tell him the place has a gym and a jacuzi but no pool and we get to the elevator and go up and in a couple minutes I'm unlocking my front door. Will makes nice comments about my place and I know its just polite talk. I place my clutch on the kitchenette table or whatever a small table is called. He's watching me and letting me take the lead because this is my place. I grab his hand and lead him into my bedroom.

"Nice," he says and again its just polite talk and that's not a problem. Its the right thing to do or else its super awkward.

I turn toward him and rub my hands on his chest. He pulls me close and I raise my head and we kiss and our mouths open right away and I feel so wonderful and tingly all over my body. I run my hand through his clean cut hair and play with his ears. His hand rub all over my back and grabs my butt and pulls me up against him and I just want to be surrounded by him and I love being held in strong arms and I'm not sure why but I just do. I try to pull his shirt out of the back of his pants and once I do he pushes me away and not forceful but just separates us and he sits on the end of my bed and he has a super big happy smile.

"I want to watch you undress," he tells me and thats common and I don't mind since we're both going to be naked soon anyway so I bend over and I take off my ankle boots and my socks and wiggle my free toes in the air. So I unbutton my blouse and I like that he's watching everything I'm doing and I wonder if his dick is doing that twitch thing that guys say they can't control and it makes it look like a dick is alive. So I take off my blouse then pull of my camisole and not I'm standing in my jeans and my bra.

I pause for you know effect and I'm looking at him and he staring at my chest and I'm not moving and he lifts his brown eyes to look into my green eyes and I flirt smile and I reach behind my back and undo my bra and I hold it against my boobs for another short for effect pause and I let my bra drop to the floor and let him see my 34B boobs.

"They're beautiful," he says and I know its probably more polite talk but he didn't have to say anything so if he likes them even if there only 34B then thats great and while I wish I had bigger boobs there's no guy I've ever been with that didn't like touching my boobs. I do a shake making my boobs bounce and making Will smile. I'm having fun.

Now my jeans and I undo the button and take down the zipper. This is what he wants to see most and this is where I can't wait for him to be but this is fun time so I slowly slide my jeans over my hips showing him the top black lace of my underwear and now the black cotton or whatever its made of. Its nothing fancy like silk. Its only a sexy black thong that I wear almost every weekend that I go to the clubs. When my jeans are below my underwear I stop making a show and take them all the way off. Now I'm standing before Will only in my thong panties.

I put my fingers in the elastic and slowly pull them down. Its a thong so it always wads up. His eyes are glued to my pussy. I show him wear I shave off my hair that grows above my pussy. All bare and clean. When I was growing up it was exciting to have hair down there because it meant I was getting older and changing to look like my mom or older girls but once I was 16 and saw how the older girls shaved it all off and once I knew that most boys like it looking all clean then I started to shave it all off too and its much easier than trying to manage a bikini trim and I just shave it regularly like I do my legs and armpits. I only have to be more careful as any girls knows but I'm sure a guy can imagine but lots of practice makes it easy to do and a good lotion and a good razor is all I need to be clean and smooth and feel sexy.

So I slip off my panties and I say to him, "What do you think?" and you know I have a super big smile.

"Beautiful," he says.

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