Mary and Marge
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A boy and his covey

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mother   Son   Cousins   InLaws   MaleDom  

I really didn't have much use for my mother's family. No one likes to think of themselves as a snob but, boy were they all lower class. Three of her brothers were on the force and were that old style of copper always with their hands out. Not only bribe takers but small timers, their idea of a big day was shaking down 4 drivers for nickles and dimes on traffic charges, the other two were union factory workers dedicated to doing as little as possible. Her only sister had tried to go to beauty school but dropped out. I mean, how hard could it be? Anyway since I had licensed my invention, it was a way to coat bearings to decrease wear. It had started with a kids chemistry kit and I had an idea. At the time I had no idea of how valuable it was. I had to thank my high school chem teacher for seeing the worth and getting me to the right lawyer, or as it was today the right lawyers. I tried to hire him outright as we grew, but he told me he loved teaching, as it was, I had him on a retainer as a consultant. I could afford it and back then an extra 5 K a year was a lot of money.

I was a pretty happy camper, just marking time in school and spending all my spare time in the lab I had built behind the new house. The house had been a big problem, my mother yelled at the idea of a lab in the house. She was scared I'd blow us all up and she hated the smell of anything stronger than Lifebuoy soap. The lady that handled my account at the CPA's office was a huge help, in calming her down and showing us how to save on taxes with certain building mods. Mom wanted an indoor swimming pool, a rec room with a bar, fireplace and a bowling alley and pool tables. Since the time I had caught my mom in a small swindle she had effectively been separated from getting anywhere near my money. Like the rest of her family it was small time, when we caught it, but who knows where it could have gone? Both my lawyer and the accountant lady Martha said it was just a bad idea to prosecute her. As the lawyer said, "With your income, I don't want to face a judge and represent a son trying to put his mother in jail for a couple of thousand, plus if the newspapers ever caught wind..." Between Mr Herman and Martha, they got my mother to sign a confession and resign any rights to my estate, in exchange she got an allowance and housing. Since then we had this frosty relationship. No kisses, no birthday or Christmas presents, but a cordial front for the family and friends.

Anyway, when I had the house built, I had a bedroom and study for myself and a bedroom, 'sewing room' for mother dearest. No pool, 3 spare bedrooms and my attached lab. Six car garage, mom's clunker. My everyday Vega, the Porsche and I was looking hard for a 1930's style four door tourer. I still think they are good looking.

With the new house, we had to have an open house. The three copper uncles came and drank all the expensive booze and offered, every one of them separately, to be my head of security. Pat, in particular, I took great delight in telling no.

"Uncle Pat. I'd love to but you don't follow through, remember last year you told me you could take care of a friend's ticket for me? I gave you the ticket and twenty dollars, four months later she got picked up for an unpaid ticket."

"There must be some mix-up, I took care of it!"

"No, unc, same ticket, I saw it when I paid her fine of fifty plus the ticket."

"Tell you what, give me my fifty the other twenty plus the fine, let's round it off to two hundred and well call it square."

He gathered up his brood of vandals and left, not before I saw two daughters grabbing some food into their purses. Later the caters showed me they were missing two sets of salt and pepper shakers. I remembered my cousin Maureen ogling them earlier in the day.

Next came aunt Marge, of the whole set of in laws she was the only one that looked half way decent. Her husband, my uncle Pete, had got promoted off the shop floor and within six months was indicted for sexual harassment. Back then, nobody had even heard of that as a crime. Apparently he was handing out overtime based on blow jobs! A week after the indictment he plowed into a group waiting for a bus, 2 dead, he was drunk, the short story was 40 years! Marge was losing her house due to law suits and from the minute she had walked in the door I had been dreading this conversation.

Well no wasting time on silly banter, "Paul, you know we're loosing everything due to your uncle, can you give me some money, I have to find a place to live?"

"Any luck with job hunting, what about your family?"

Typically of that family, it was never their fault, somebody was supposed to help them. "Oh I have no job skills, I mean I don't type, never worked in a store. What would I do?" Almost said with pride.

"Look Marge," she looked hard at me dropping the 'Aunt', "I talked to the lawyers, no way can I give you any money, not even lend it to you, those law suits would grab every penny before the check cleared. Now, what I could do, was move you in here and you could work as a maid for your room and board, and I'll even pay for night school so you can learn a way to support yourself"."

From the look on her face, it was obvious that maid was beneath my dear old aunt Marge, "You know I am your aunt. I'm entitled to a certain amount of respect. That's not what I want, I want a nice monthly income, not some hand to mouth..." Her voice was starting to raise. I put my hand out in that stop motion.

"Sorry Marge. That's all I got today, good luck to you." I turned and walked away. Respect? Your ass respect! Another in law gone. There was only one way to get rid of the rest of the freeloaders. I had deliberately not invited the few friends I had so the only ones there were relatives and friends of my mother, by 4 PM mom was telling her friends how cheap I was about not putting in a pool. I had prearranged with the caterers that four o'clock was cut off. Like clockwork, booze and food was gone in ten minutes. Now caterers were having to stop people going in search of 'just one more drink'. By 4:30 they were all gone, I was left with my drunken mother telling me how I had embarrassed her in front of her closest friends. To shut her up I gave her a half bottle of scotch and pushed her off to her bedroom. Did I mention, not one housewarming gift. In addition, the security guards showed me several bottles of booze they had confiscated from my departing guests. Family!

It took two weeks for aunty Marge to call again. I had heard that she was being evicted this week, mom keep me up to date with all that I didn't do for her family. By now, there was never any money in the house and I had arranged for charge accounts at our local grocer. Mom went shopping, she had to give me the receipt and every so often I would check to see that the food was actually there. Anything else, clothing, housewares she had to wait until the weekend when I would go with her. She hated that and in my own way, I loved it! I had thought hard about Marge and decided to see how far she would go.

I put Marge on hold and took it in my study. "Yes Marge, you wanted something?"

"Paul, I'm being evicted at the end of the week, you've got to help me, I need money!"

'Wish I could, but you know what I told you, in fact since we talked, I changed my mind."

"No look I could clean for you, really..."

"Marge, I've been looking around and since the housewarming, the agency has sent over a couple and two of them have flat out told me they would be happy to sleep with me for the job, and honestly they're both, at least, ten years younger than you." He thought to himself, as he fondled his cock, teach you bitch, next time...

There was total silence on the phone, he was about to say hello when a very quiet voice said, "Please Paul, could I come over and talk to you about that?" His already hard dick was almost vibrating! Never thought he would hear that from Marge! His turn to be quiet as a million thoughts roared in and out of his head. Fuck it, why not go all the way? "Marge, OK, come over in an hour, I want you to wear those pearls of yours and listen close now, no underwear! I'm not playing anymore, you want the job dress to prove it!"

He was so excited about fucking with his dear aunt Marge, He had to beat off before she arrived. When the bell rang he saw that Marge had worn her pearls, Leading her into his study, it was easy to see she was nervous and as she went to sit down he stopped her. "Marg, lift your skirt, before we go any further I want to see if you can at least follow instructions.


"Marge, knock off the BS, you know what I told you about my dress code and the sleeping conditions, now let's see if you can follow instructions. Now!"

You could almost see the fat falling off her soul as Marg lifted her skirt, so slowly for the first two inches and then a big heave and up to her hips, Very good, no underpants, and as an added bonus, not a garter belt but individual garters holding up her nylons. "OK sit down, at least you can; whoa, pull your skirt to mid thigh! If you work here you'll be wearing a uniform and I like looking at legs, better get used to it now." As she pulled her skirt higher she blushed. "Marg, if I hire you let's make sure we both know what's going on. Number one, you cook and clean, that includes laundry, dishes and windows. You will serve if we have guests. Don't worry I never invite the rest of the family so that won't be a problem for you. If I hire you, you get your own room but most of the time you'll be in my bedroom. You got any questions?"

Never in a million years would Paul have thought he would be saying shit like this to a grownup! If it hadn't been for his invention and the money he wouldn't have had the balls or the experience, but with the money he had learned to speak up for his own needs. He had gone through two architects before he found one who would listen to a teenager. Now his cock was screaming out it's own sort of countdown but he managed to sit still.

Watching Marge with her thighs exposed was fun, she would try to cross her legs but then the skirt would go even higher, she ended up sort of sitting sideways, knees together ankles crossed, her body language said she wasn't really comfortable. "Paul, when you say I'll be in your bedroom what do you..."

He cut her off, "Alright I thought you were smarter than that, I'll spell it out for you, in exchange for me keeping you off the streets, I expect a full time maid, you will take care of the house, in addition at night you will take care of me, now let's make sure you know what that means, I'm a growing boy with lots of needs, I don't want to waste my time with girls my age, I expect you to suck and fuck me whenever I want. 7AM, noon, over the lunch table, in the shower, where ever and whenever I want! Now deep breath and decision time, you want the job, show me your tits now!"

He held his breath. Up until that very moment he was expecting Marg to bolt and run, as he had been talking the idea grew in him, a grown up cunt as his own, what had been a fantasy was growing into a necessity in his mind, if possible he was getting hotter. Then as he watched, tears started running down Marge's face, but her hands went to the buttons on her blouse. Previously he had just thought he had hardons, but this hardon was the new gold standard of erections, He was proud of himself, he didn't move, just watched as Marge got the blouse undone and then, she grabbed it and using both hands almost ripped it as she showed her tits! Of course they were saggy, but fuck, her tits were soon to be his tits. He had drawn up a phoney questionnaire and now wallowed in opening the file folder, "OK a few questions and we'll be ready to sign the employment contract.

"Full name?" I was surprised at her middle name of Lulu.

"Age?" 34 "Let me see your driver's license." How nice she had to bend over for her purse and her boobs came even further out of the shirt.

As she handed me the license she sad " Well 39"

"Marge, that's your last lie to me, when you work for me I will punish you for lying. You work here I promise you, you are not to big to be spanked!" When she didn't object, he almost wet himself!

He ran through a whole bunch of phoney questions, dress size, bra size, when did you lose your virginity.

"Could I have a glass of water, please?"

"Sure take some", he gestured at the carafe on the desk. She certainly was brave, or desperate enough, she stood up and took the step to get to his desk without covering her boobs. As she bent to pour, he reached out and held one tit. She froze for only a moment and then weakly smiled at him. All this time Paul was waiting for this whole thing to blow up in his face. It was all he could do to stop his hand from trembling as it cupped the lower third of her boob. He really didn't know what to do when she didn't jump away. He marveled at how warm and full it felt. Concentrating, trying to control his hand from shaking, he gave what he hoped was a light squeeze and relaxed his fingers. For Paul Christmas was coming early. What had started as a way to get rid of another freeloading relative was turning into a classic teen fantasy, a grown woman, a relative was going to be his sex toy! He still didn't really believe it, but was dammed if he wasn't going to try.

He swallowed twice, to be sure his voice wouldn't break. "Tell you what Marge, why don't you finish that water, drop the skirt, and we'll finish this with you on my lap." For her part, as ashamed as she was to be damn near naked in front of her young nephew, she couldn't help feeling how hot it was to be forced to show her naked pussy.

You had to give her credit, Marge was a trooper, she finished her water, shrugged off her blouse and with a quick zip was stepping out of her skirt. He was impressed, she was still in good shape, a little belly, not wet tee shirt tits but not bad and not that big of an ass. Now with heels, nylons and garters she walked around his desk to sit on his lap, with an arm around his neck for balance he could see how her tears had ruined her mascara. He used his thumb to push away her tears. "Marge, got to tell you, your tears are a turn on for me. You don't cry enough, I may have to spank you." She sniffled and smiled weakly. "Now here come the big questions, be sure how you answer. Number one, you're on my lap, keep your legs open, I like to look." Her legs snapped open ... He was running one hand up and down her thigh as I spoke and there was no shyness anywhere in the room, He might have a tiger by the tail! "How often did you cheat on uncle Pete? Do you suck cock? Do you swallow? Ever ass fucked?'

Every question was like a hammer blow to Marge, here she was a naked whore on some kid's lap and he was asking stuff she wouldn't tell her best girlfriend. As she sat there she could feel his erection, she didn't know what to do, should she rub against it? Pretend she didn't ... then she remembered how close to empty the gas gauge on her car was and how little money she had. With a slight wiggle of her naked ass, she answered, "Never, yes, no, no"

"Marge, I think you're lying about the cheating, but we'll let that go for now. Now in this house, in my bed, you will swallow, and I will watch you, because that's a turn on for me. I plan on fucking you in the ass. If you can't do that..." The threat just hung in the air. "Let's try this, a one month probation, you keep the place clean, you spend the nights with me. If you do what you're told in and out of bed, I will give you tuition for what ever school you want to go to. Plus enough money that you can save to get out on your own. If it doesn't work for either of us I'll give you five hundred and a bus ticket to anywhere you want to go." Now understand, he had a naked lady on his lap, and except for that one touch of her tit and stroking her thigh he had not touched her. He had made up his mind, he was only taking her on his terms, not hers. Paul was totally green at this idea of owning somebody but the more he had thought about it the hotter he got. It seemed that Marge was the perfect subject.

"When was the last time you were spanked?"

"A month ago."

That surprised him, Pete had been gone longer than that. "Who did it?"

"Pete's lawyer after I ran out of money."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No, he was fat and just mean!'

He couldn't hold out any longer, "Marge go to the door and lock it, we don't want any one to bother us for a while." Marge's mind was a shambles of thoughts. As she walked to the door she tried to tense up her butt. She was glad to be locking the door. She was afraid of what was coming if her nephew wanted the door locked, but she would just die if her sister in law saw her naked with her son. She was fully aware that her ass was not nearly at taut as it used to be, what was he thinking? Turning to walk back she unconsciously squared her shoulders to make her breasts stand out. She caught herself trying to walk like those fashion models, one foot directly in front of the other, in order to exaggerate her hip swing. She heard his zipper as Paul pulled, it gave her a little thrill, and that was a brand new sensation, well at least for over twenty years. It seemed a very long walk back to his desk. She knew she was about to fuck a teenager, not only fuck him but become his paid bed partner! One part of her was proud that somebody would pay to have sex with her, another part was totally ashamed at the very idea of even being here. A whore, a paid whore, a paid whore for a teenager, an incestuous paid whore for a teenager! Her shame kept growing, And there was the part that was afraid of; what was really going to happen? Thoughts like, don't laugh, don't tell him small dick, pretend you like it, got to do it, nothing else left. She had seen the slags when visiting at the prison, there was no doubt in her mind that she would commit suicide rather than look or act like that.

Taking a deep breath she walked around the desk. Looking down, she saw his erection, her first thought was, well he wasn't that young, maybe a blow job, then I'll own him, Kid, what does he know about sex? She smiled.

"OK gal, get down there, let's see what you can do." That very unromantic command took the smile right off her face. Up until today the best he had ever done was have a girl rub him off and that had always been followed by lots of talk about how gross and so on. Marge sunk to her knees and Paul was in awe of the fact that a naked grownup was doing what he told her. Now one hand on his leg Marge got down to her knees. Unlike most women of her generation Marge didn't mind blowjobs, they were a tool to control guys, you didn't get sweaty, you sure as hell didn't get pregnant, except for the cumming it was almost pleasant, sort of a warm lollipop kind of thing. With one hand she took a firm grip of his already sticky dick right at the base.

Paul was almost frozen in place, that firm grip was so different than his girlfriends, this was somebody who knew her way around a dick! Then Marge slowly exhaled on his prick, from bottom to top that humid exhale promised so much, As she reached the head of his dick he got a soft kiss of hello. Then her mouth opened and very slowly her lips slid down to just cover the head of his dick. All the dirty books, all the locker room bullshit, never prepared him for this. If there was such a thing as Terminal Euphoria he was about to die! Jesus, wet, warm, a moving tongue, at first he was afraid to move as if he might break some magic spell, then he remembered, he was paying for this, I'm going to own this! Both hands on her head, he was about to tell her how good, but that didn't fit his program of ownership, "Marge, I think you have the makings of a first class cock sucker." He barely got the words out when he was cumming, now he had her head in a death grip, she was trying to pull away and that wasn't going to happen. "In this house, you swallow cunt" He shoved down so hard he felt his dick edging into her throat. "All, every bit, gulp cunt! Love your new dick!'

For Marge, she was surprised at how fast he came, ... kid ... many guys had tried to force her to swallow, after a brief struggle she relaxed her fight, his dick almost went into her throat and she swallowed almost reflexively. That wasn't that bad, so what, swallow, I'll own him!

At first he was scared he had gone to far, but Marge just laid her head on his thigh and softly said. "I'll do better next time I promise." That very second he knew he'd found the perfect maid.

There are two important things to remember here, one, Paul was a horny teenager and two since he had never thought he would get that far, he now thought there were no more limits for him. With one hand stroking his aunt's hair, he could feel her breath as she exhaled, it was a soft warm breeze across his cock. With perhaps the third stroke of her hair, it occurred to him that he was really petting her as if she was a pet dog! That was more fuel for his growing ego. Without moving her head, one hand moved forward to craddle his balls. Marge asked, "What do I tell your mother?"

"Marge that is not your worry. In this house, I'm in charge, I control the purse strings. I make decisions, not my mother, we'll tell her that out of a sense of charity I gave you a job, that I didn't want you walking the streets."

"What about nights?"

"Nights are our business, mom gives you any shit, tell me, I'll straighten her out."

As he said it, it occurred to him, mom and Marge! Why not, she'd already tried to steal from him, Why not fuck her?" The thought of the two of them started his dick to come alive.

Marge gave his dick a little kiss and wrapped a hand around it. "So soon? Maid Margie is going to like it here!"

For Paul, he had no idea of why Marge had become such a cock cunt but he planned on taking full advantage, Within minutes they were on the rug, dog fashion. That was another exercise in ego building, A woman, twice his age, on her hands and knees on the floor, there was no doubt in his mind, he was King Kong! All he had done was tell her to get on her hands and knees and he watched in amazement as his aunt not only quickly got down on the floor, but as she folded her arms so she actually on knees and elbows there was a sense of submission of acceptance of her new status. Just looking at her ass in the air was sort of proof of ownership for Paul. And as a further show of submission, she spread her knees to give him even better access to that pussy already pouched down and waiting!

For Marge, as she lowered her head to her folded arms, all she could do was review her last two months, she had been to her sisters in law, her own family, even some neighbors. She thought that down deep people were jealous of her good looks, it would never occur to her that her looks had brought out an arrogance in her, that just pissed everybody off. Even her one sister that she thought she was closest too, told her, you want me to help you? Did you help when you stole my boyfriend the week before the prom? Marge, even if I had it, I wouldn't give it to you! Then when she tried to borrow twenty dollars for gas from her next door neighbor, she was told to try whoring, because she had never bothered to say hello for the last five years. That fucking lawyer, spanked her and threw a twenty on her coffee table, and told her she needed more it would be $100 for the night. That was probably the last time her pride got in the way, She threw him out, and was sorry four hours later. She had gone out on job interviews and the best offer she got was $50.00 a week as a trial. One Greek restaurant owner said he'd try her as a hostess at $40 a week but it was clear she would be fucking him full time if she took the job. She remembered coming home from the housewarming and thinking that surely her nephew would relent and save her. When the phone never rang she broke down and called Paul. His demands about the sex, came as a total shock to her. For the last couple of years, she hadn't been getting much from her husband and had sort of given up on ever being happy, then the indictment, the accident and the conviction, she was totally at sea, no moorings, no safe harbor! As she sat there listening to her nephew's demands she came to the idea of taking advantage of him. Hell he's just a kid, give him a little taste and see what's in it for me, I can twist him around my finger.

Ohh, there it was, she had been surprised at how big the kid's dick was when she sucked it off, she was even more surprised as the strange thrill she got being naked in front of a teenager. Sitting on his lap naked she had never been more aware of her breasts, they seemed too soft, too sagging, then she realized she was almost dripping with excitement, she remembered, all he had done was cop a feel, a feel of one boob, and she was dripping! That blow job? Piece of cake, he comes that quick, I'll never work up a sweat. Faked it for that pig of a husband, can fake the shit out of this kid.

Now his dick, her dick? Was sliding into her, it seemed to be a prick without end, deeper fuller, she couldn't help think that it didn't seem that big in her mouth. A sudden fear filled her, what if he thinks my ass is to big? She tried to tense up her butt.

Then she felt his belly up against her ass. All the way, bottomed, "Paul can you stop for a minute, you're big, bigger than I'm used to, let me adjust, please?"

For Paul, his very first pussy, he was impressed that the old lady on her knees thought he was big. But more important, his prick, him, he, me, I He came close to thinking of the imperial "we" He was inside a pussy, a cunt, a twat, a woman, an aunt, at that moment you could not have picked what was hotter, his sense of power or the sex! "OK auntie, push back,. Make sure you got it all."

She did! He actually saw her back sway further down to improve the angle of their joining and then ass cheeks flattened as she moved him back with the force of her counter thrust. Now hands just above her hips on her natural waist line he started to discover all the joys of dog fashion sex. Laid out before him was a back, complete with vertebrae, a neck going up and down with each of his strokes, he could hear soft grunts as he went all the way inside his aunt, by leaning back he could watch his dick disappear into her. He reached forward and grabbed her hair and pulled back. Her head came up and her back arched, even better he could feel the tension inside of her change as she moved to follow her hair. Whoa pony! Was all Paul could think of.

"Not so hard honey, please!"

He slapped her ass. "As hard as I want right my little doggie?"

By now Marge was corkscrewing her ass against him trying to take some pressure off her hair. "Yes sir, what ever the boss wants." As she said it, it suddenly became true; for her, On hands and knees, a dick in her, a teenaged dick, she started cumming cumming because she had just lost any shame, she liked this boy fucking her, pulling her hair, this is what she needed, no cares, do what you're told, and it's a very nice dick! For the next five minutes Marge had a continuous orgasm. She had always enjoyed dog fashion sex, but this time was as if it was brand new! She was suddenly aware of her breasts swinging freely beneath her, by moving an inch she had her nipples rubbing across the rug as he pumped her. She could only take a little of that, it was as it her boobs were electrified and her nipples were plugged into the socket! She had never felt her tits so ... alive was the only word. And the hair pulling, she unusually hated that but this time she remembered some long ago poro book "PONY GIRL" That's what she was, his pony girl. His hands ran up her rib cage and grabbed her breasts, no her tits, breasts are for mothers she was a cunt, she had tits! When one hand reached under and rubbed her clit her metamorphosis was complete. Gone was any scheming, driving to his house, she was thinking that she could hustle this kid, you know a hug and a tickle and have him eating out of her hand.

As she later tried to describe it to a girl friend, think of a faucet, running and then there would be a bigger splash of water, like an air bubble, again and again. She was cumming in a soft loving way, it was wonderful sort of marshmallow softness and then without warning would come these huge energy bursts that would rack her body, she would come so hard her toes almost cramped. She barely noticed her knees and tits getting rubbed raw by the carpet. The next day rubbing lotion into her sore tits and knees she had to wonder if that contributed to the mega orgasm she had yesterday. Just thinking of it she had to forcibly take her hands off her tits.

She was actually lost in her own orgasmic world when she not only felt him pull really hard on her hips and then she felt him blast inside of her. With that Marge had another new experience, she came on a guy coming in her, that had never happened to her! She felt Paul collapse and lean into her back she started returning to some semblance of normal, she realized her hair was soaked with sweat, she actually had sweat dripping from her nipples, and she felt like she no longer had any muscles that worked.

Somehow she managed to twist around and wrapping her arms around Paul fell flat to the rug. Holding her nephew tight to her. "Oh Honey, best, best ever. Super, I can't wait for next one." All of those words came out of her mouth before she remembered she was trying to take over. So much for that! Paul rolled to his side and without thinking she scooted down and had his soft dick in her mouth. She couldn't get enough of his prick, his boss prick. After several licks and sucks she pulled back, "Don't want to stain the rug.", she giggled.

It's amazing how many levels the brain can work on. Marge was still wondering about who was fucking who here, she had started out trying to trick or trap her nephew into doing her bidding, but he, his dick? Had somehow turned the tables, she liked that dick, she liked being on her hands and knees, she really liked the concept, a child was fucking her, The idea that she was getting off on something she would be ashamed to tell her best friend, if she had one, that is! She was starting to realize that she had come here ashamed of what she was going to do, This was her last chance. Now her last chance had transformed itself into an opportunity! The very idea of a dirty dick in her mouth right after sex would have been disgusting yesterday, now she was licking a dick because she wanted to, she had never done that!

Paul, who had been looking forward to losing his virginity for over two years, was floating, a blow job, a fuck, compliments, shit he didn't even think a woman would lie to him. She licked me clean after, she fucking loves me, loves my dick! Without even thinking he pulled his incestuous aunt in for a kiss as she came up from her cleaning.

For Marge, she had never had anyone kiss her after she sucked their dicks, a shiver of anticipation went through her, where was this going? "Honey, where's the bathroom, I'm starting to drip." Grabbing her hand he pulled her through the door that connected his study to the bedroom. By now Marge had come down enough that her boob and knees were hurting from that rug, ( bed, bed we have to use one. ) Next door led to the biggest bathroom she had ever seen in a home. Walk in shower, a whirlpool tub and she thought, two toilets, she was later to find out the second one was a bidet, which she learned to love. Their first shower together was every young boys dream, Marge ended with the cleanest tits in Christendom. She didn't complain even though her tits were raw from that rug, Her ass crack got a hell of a workout. As he was soaping her for the third time she realized that there was no doubt she was going to get ass fucked soon. And her pussy, she had to explain that soap inside her stung.

"Paul you want to, I'll show you how I douche." As surprised as she was as the words tumbled out of her mouth, it was nothing to how those words fell on Paul's ears.

Being an only child he had no knowledge of the mysteries of womanhood, he knew the words, douche, period, curse, the rag. Tits. Boobs, words yes. Experience no! Hell bras were still a mystery to him, he still remembered his embarrassment at being told that the bra he was struggling to undo actually hooked in front. The girl had laughed good naturally but he had blushed in shame. Now in the shower with this woman who was at least three inches taller than him, he froze again as she eased to her knees to carefully wash every crease and nook of his balls and wash under the head of his dick. Marge held up her hand for help in getting up and they kissed in the shower. By the time they were done drying each other, Paul had kissed Marge more than all the girls he had ever known! They fell into his bed and much to his surprise he fell asleep, after a half hour he awoke to his prick being held by his aunt. She didn't say a word, but pushed him on his back and still holding his prick centered herself over him, two swipes up and down her pussy and she held on as she lowered herself on him. She pulled her hand away as she sank onto his dick. Paul was watching as a smile opened up her face. "Hello, ' she gave a wiggle as if to bottom herself, "Would you like the maid to do all the work this time master?"

He reached up, grabbed a swinging tit and pulled her down to his lips. Master huh, does the master get to spank his maid?"

"This master can do anything he wants, master has the boss prick" Every time, Marge would start to bullshit her nephew, still trying to con him she would realize that most of what she was saying was true. Now, sitting on him, that prick buried in her as she felt every inch of it. She would tell people that with him she swore she could feel the individual blood vessels in his cock pulsing against her vagina. Now she reached out and took his hand, sucking in her belly she put his fingers on her cunt and clit. "There baby, just stay there, let me do you." Now she took her hands and balanced herself as she corkscrewed up and down on him. As she rode him, her mind was trying to find out what was going on, she was looking down at an obvious teenager, but her body was reacting to some sort of porn star. The idea of child fucking had never appealed to her, when Paul had made his demands over the phone, she almost hung up, hell a day earlier she would have! She had come to his house hoping to con a kid out of a free ride. But there, as his dick pushed even further into her! She was Earth Mother, nurturing her child, she was the queen slut, the neighborhood whore, getting off on a kid! Worst of all she was a submissive cunt who had wanted to make a boy love her and was finding out she loved serving! Never having felt this before, she was at a loss except her pussy seemed to have taken charge. She was still trying to kid herself that she would rule this boy. Then the boy gave her another orgasm! That was the orgasm that changed her life. In the past orgasms were once and a while things, now here she was cumming again! My god, how often can I come in less than a day? With that basically all of her self respect flew out the window, she wanted more of this!

For Paul, not even his best daydream were like this, from the phone call yesterday till now he never ever thought he would be seeing this. His aunt looked down smiling, eyes twinkling she would give little extra pushes as she bottomed out on him. His hands went up automatically to grab her swinging tits. "Please Paul gently, they're sore from that rug."

Only then did he notice that the bottom third of her tits were red with rash. That was a further turn on. His hand down at her puss was awash with her lube and he watched her face as a cum overtook her. She suddenly tensed up, mouth in a grimace and his dick felt her spasm around him. That was followed by a big grin. She fell down on him, he barely got his hand out of the way! "Love you, love your dick!" And she was slathering him in kisses.

Since this was Paul's best day ever, he had to try, He brought up his sticky fingers to her mouth. Marge knew what they were, they were wet with her, with him, and better yet with the two of them. She had three fingers in her mouth and was sucking as if they was soaked in the rarest honey. He watched almost cross eyed as she got lost in the flavor bomb in her mouth.

Marge had tasted this sort of thing before, but before, before today, it had always been to con the guy, who wants to taste that shit? But now; the combination of their juices was making her even hotter! God, what a prick! What a fuck! She came twice more before he blew into her, as she slid down to suck him clean she realized, not only was this kid going to spank her, she was looking forward to it!

By four in the afternoon they managed to get dressed and after showing her the house he brought Marge to the dinner table with him. He had used the house phone to tell his mother there would be a third for supper. But he didn't tell her who.

Entering the dining room, he saw the surprise on his mother's face, "Marge, you should have told me you were coming over, I could have done something special."

"No worry mom, I called Marge, ' he enjoyed the almost subliminal jump as he didn't use the word aunt, "I thought you were working too hard, it's a big house and you could use a maid, Marge is going to do the cooking and cleaning for us, isn't that right Marge?"

"Yes," she caught herself, "sir. Paul just about saved my life, you know what happened with your brother, we lost everything." He watched as he detected a slight wince as his mother was once again reminded what deadbeats her family were.

"Well let's see what delicious meal mom has prepared for her last supper."

Dinner was a wedge of lettuce with some bottled orange dressing and packaged Mac and cheese. He was glad that he hadn't warned his mother and even happier that she had to sit there and let her sister in law see what a crappy cook she was. Not only was Mary upset at serving such a poor meal, but then to find out her sister in law was going to be a live in maid.

"You know son, I don't know if we really need a full time maid, one or two days a week should be plenty."

"No mom, look at dinner, you don't have enough time to cook fancy meals. This way, Marge can take on all the shopping and cooking and you'll have more free time."

As he said that he was studying his mother's face, when he mentioned Marge doing the shopping, he saw the sudden grimace on his mother's face and knew she was knocking down on the grocery bill. "In fact, I'm sure Marge will have enough time to keep you company if you want to go to the mall or something."

"Well if you think I'm not capable..."

"Mom, I'm sure you're capable of many things, remember how surprised the accountant was about your capabilities?" That reference to last year when the accountant caught her stealing from him, was enough to shut down that topic.

"Well what am I supposed to do if there's no shopping to be done?'

"I guess you could start a work out routine in the basement, you know you wanted all that equipment." When he thought about the five or six thousand dollars worth of gym stuff he took another look at his mother, Marge had given him a taste for grown ups, his mother was a little skinny for his taste but his own mother, the cunt that tried to steal from him! Oh so good, fuck her, make her beg like Marge, Make her suck Marge. "Maybe Marge could spot for you." Mary stopped talking for the rest of the meal.

"OK mom, I'm going to run Marge home, this is your last night to do dishes. Marge has to pack before the auctioneers arrive. Tomorrow, I'll pick her up then we have some uniform shopping. Hey, we see something special maybe we'll get you a set too. Give Marge your measurements."

As they were pulling away from the house, they could hear dishes being slammed around in the kitchen. "Paul I don't want any problems, I don't want to come between you and your mother"

"Marge, my mother and I have an armed truce, you can not make it any worse than it already is. There was a big problem about a year ago, we kept the police out of it, but mom knows she's on thin ice with me." Marge probed for more, but for once he kept his mouth shut, finally, "Whoa Marge, don't forget you're an employee. You may be my aunt, you are fucking me, but I'm the one paying wages here. If I don't want to talk about something, we do not talk about it. Understand?"

He got a very contrite "yes sir" and a grope of his dick, considering how deep the bucket seats in the Porsche were, she had to do some reaching to get there. When they got to her place, she wanted him to come in but he told her that they'd have a lot of time in the future in a nicer place.

Marge was packing, Paul had told her not to worry about clothing. He'd take care of her future wardrobe. She laughed to herself, sure a couple pair of underpants and some handcuffs. But then she had to remember that his car probably cost as much as her house, in fact that was the first time she ever sat in a car with leather seats. So there it was, some old photographs, a couple of things from her mother, and some casual clothing and shoes. Somehow she ended up with three suitcases! She went through her husband's stuff and couldn't find anything she wanted, not even a photo to remember him by. In one bottom drawer she found some computer discs, she threw them in the last suitcase. Looking around she was swamped with memories about how great things were and how now things are shit. She wished Paul had come in. She wished he'd taken her back with him. She didn't like it when he reminded her she was an employee, gonna take some time to learn that her boss is half her age. But Damn, no matter how old he is, he sure knows about fucking. Some of the best she ever had, with fingers inside herself she finally dozed off, her last thoughts were how hard could a spanking be?

The next morning she found out that Porsche's are not built to carry luggage. She had to ride with one of the cases on her lap. It was a very busy day for her, they barely said hello to Mary and she was in her room as Paul started going through her clothes. A good 85% of them he threw in the Goodwill pile, he asked about the computer discs and when she said she said she had just found them, all he said was he wold look at them later. Two things before we go shopping, one, I'm horny. Marge needed no urging, she was sucking on him in a flash, kneeling on the remnants of her old life. As Marge was tasting his cock for the second day she was also wondering what was going on here? I never was that willing before, but it's nice, he's nice and then her lust took charge, there was no more wondering, she was happy to be on her knees with a teen aged dick in her mouth. As it grew harder and longer her last rational thought was about how lucky she was to know someone with a really nice prick. Then it was swallow and lick, swallow and suck dry. Still on her knees she was putting that very pretty prick back in his trousers when she felt her head being petted. She smiled, he liked it. As he helped her to her feet she asked, "What's number two?"

Tell my mother that we are going shopping and we'll probably bring home pizza for supper. Don't forget to get her sizes!"

She found her sister in law in her sewing room still in a bathrobe, a ratty old chenille robe at that. "Mary, Paul wanted me to tell you that we're off to shopping for uniforms. He said to tell you that we'll bring home a pizza for supper, and Oh yes give me your sizes he case he sees something you'd like."

"Well what am I supposed to do for lunch, isn't that your job now?"

"I don't know, he didn't tell me, Mary please, don't be mad at me, my first day, I've never been a maid or a cook. If it wasn't for your son, I'd be panhandling today. Please don't yell at me. I'm sure we'll learn as we go."

Mary almost yelled her sizes at her sister in law, she was so scared, she had seen the smeared lipstick and when she looked hard that drop, had to be, yes that's cum! Her own sister in law was sucking her son! Shit, am I getting tossed out? Once again she thought, how could I let my asshole brother ... As Mary looking confused turned to go, Mary couldn't resist. "Best go wipe your face before you go out."

In the hall mirror she saw the cum, shocked that she hadn't noticed. Shamed that his mother knew she was sucking off a minor, she was in tears when she met Paul at the car. She was crying when she reached the car. When Paul asked and she explained what had happened. He laughed, "I saw that cum drop, I was curious if mom would notice, Margie, don't sweat small shit like that, pretty soon you'll be serving breakfast with your face covered in cum. I want the whole world to know I'm fucking a red hot broad like you. Up to me, right now, today, I'd love to take you shopping, naked on a leash, just so everybody would know I own you, that's what makes you so hot, you're worth showing off!"

"But your mom... "

"Don't worry about her" and he kissed her, as they were driving he explained that he had a guardian, the accountant and the lawyer, that he controlled all the money in the house, how his mother was not allowed any credit cards and only $25.00 a week in spending money. "Look, in two more years I'll be legally independent and then mommie dearest is getting evicted. For the time being, it's easier to let her live in her corner of the house. Try to be nice to make it easier for everyone, but she gives you too much shit, tell me and I'll be glad to correct her."

Twenty five a week spending money! She'd been eating on less than that! Was all Marge could think, she was still digesting that as they pulled up to the uniform store. Soon she was trying on different uniforms a couple of jacket skirt combos with contrasting blouses, three each of sort of wrap around house dress type things, in both peach and a soft gray. Then it was over to the costume side of the store and Marge wanted to die as she had to try on and show off a couple of french maid's outfits, lots of cleavage with the built in push up bras, skirts so short they showed her panties. He ordered 2 in black, 2 in gray and one red and black then in addition he orders one of each color in his mother's size. With the boxes loaded they were off to the mall.

"Paul, am I going to wear those french outfits in public? I 'd die."

"Just for some close friends, don't worry, if you do, you won't be the only one dressed up."

If she thought the uniform shop was embarrassing, when they entered the Lingerie shop it got worse. "Paul pulled a clerk over and told her he was looking for a complete makeover for his aunt. Marge could see the clerk looking at her, at her nephew and sort of hiding her thoughts. But soon, Paul was ensconced in a chair in the backroom Marge was standing in bra and panties and the clerk was bringing back armloads of frill. It wasn't too bad, slipping in and out of undies in front of Paul but when she had on one super revealing panty set, Paul called in the clerk and asked her opinion. Marge had to turn, then the clerk told her to bend over. She was confused.

"You heard her, bend over." As she did the clerk walked around her.

"Hon, turn and let him see, There now look, see she doesn't fall out, and look at her butt, even bent over it doesn't look that big with that cut. A couple of times Paul would reach over and grab her butt or a boob. Once he called the clerk in, while he had a hand on the see through bra she was trying. "Look feel this, I like the look, only in something that doesn't feel so coarse, what do you have that's a softer fabric?" Marge was looking at the far wall, she didn't want to make eye contact with the clerk. The clerk not only touched the fabric but grabbed her boob and gave a friendly squeeze. Paul was loving Marge's obvious embarrassment, ... but she's doing it ... money ... money makes them ... he started thinking about his mom ... her modeling underwear ... Marge was getting close to wetting her self. She had never been so relieved to have her clothes back on. One of the nice things about undies was that several hundred dollars worth fit in a small bag.

As Paul was signing, the clerk said, "If I had your number I could call you when we get in some new stuff."

"Think we could arrange private showing at my home?"

"In the evening, yes sir!"

Walking down the concourse, Marge had to ask, "Private showing, what are you planning?"

"Nothing in particular, although I saw her cop a feel of your boob, think you'd like some of that?"

"Paul, I never, not with a girl!"

"And I'll bet you never fucked a teenager until this week."

She gave a short laugh. "You got me there boss." Paul liked hearing her call him boss.

Lunch was at a Japanese restaurant,. Marge had never had raw fish before and she was pleasantly surprised to find she liked it. Eel, fish roe, raw tuna, and then a tempura, she never knew something fried could taste so delicate. She tried everything they brought to the table and really nothing was bad, Well, that stuff they called Wasabi, that she had to take carefully. As Paul was signing the charge slip she was shocked to see that they had spent over $80.00 for lunch. Well just how much money does he have?

After lunch there was a different mall, they started at Nordstram's and as she discovered, they worked their way up. As they were leaving she now had six new dresses, a suit and a couple of skirt blouse combinations plus five new pair of shoes. Enough stuff that they went back to Nordstrom's and arraigned to have everything delivered. She knew the dresses were expensive but in the last shoe store, she saw some of the prices, it was all she could do to not gasp!

She had to ride the last two miles with a hot pizza on her lap, she was so excited she barely noticed how good the pizza smelled. As they pulled into the garage and Paul grabbed the Pizza and several bags, she realized she was horny, the shopping had turned her on, she'd had a pizza in her lap before so it couldn't be that. She grabbed all the bags she could and ran to her bedroom and right into the bathroom ... Skirt up, panties down she was blotting herself as Paul walked in on her. This was far worse than the fitting rooms earlier. "Problem?" he questioned

"I'm just so excited I damn near wet myself. We got some time before supper?"

"'Fraid not, mom's already at the table and I don't want to upset her anymore. Maybe a fashion show after we eat?"

"Well did you two have a good time while I sat at home?"

Paul; ignored the venom, "You know we did, Marge is fun to shop with. But don't worry, we found some things for you." Mom pushed but he wouldn't give any details. "Wait till after we're done eating."

His Mom came storming out of the bedroom. "I'm your mother, I'm not wearing something like that."

"Oh I think you are, you don't want to wear it get ready to walk where ever you want to go. I'll have your car towed today!" She gave him another look and started to open her mouth. "One more word, and no spending money for a month.!"

She turned to storm back just as Marge entered in full french maid regalia. Thigh high black nylons, ruffled red panties with a flared one piece black mini more tutu than skirt that hid nothing, and went up to a push up bra that shoved her boobs damn near to her chin. But the outfit was cut so that not only did it emphasis her boobs but it separated them so it seemed there was a minimum of 2 inches of cleavage. On Marge it looked fantastic with her shoulder length red hair. Paul's dick was instantly hard and vibrating.

As the door slammed behind her, Marge said, "I thought your mother would have a heart..."

"Fuck her, just stand there, I've never seen anything hotter than the way you look." The door slammed again as Mary stormed in, she had on the same outfit except her panties were black and the outfit red. "OK you two stand still let me admire you." He walked slowly around the two of them. As far as he could tell, his mom had more tit than Marge did, when he was behind them he grabbed Marge's ass and squeezed, she jumped! Mom went to turn her head, "Eyes front!" He ran a hand down Marge's leg, she almost whimpered. Stepping behind his mother he just put a hand at her hips where the skirt flared, she jumped as if she had been goosed. Walking back in front of them, he said, "Oh we have to have a party, you two as maids, everyone would love it." His mother ran out of the room!

Marge stepped into him, "I guess you know, I'll wear this, but you might need a gun to make your ma wear it in front of someone." By now she had her arms around his waist. "Can the maid get the master something special? I got to tell you, this outfit gives me dirty thoughts!"

Later Marge knocked on her door, "Mary, Paul told me to bring you these, more clothing he wanted you to have." She got a dirty look from Mary. "Hon, don't blame me, you know I got no power here, I'm just the messenger. When he offered me the job, I had less than Three dollars to my name, I'm sorry, he whistles, I jump. I hope we can still be friends."

"Just leave me alone!"

The next day when the delivery truck came, Mary momentarily perked up only to be angry again as she discovered most of the clothes were for Marge. "Mom. What are you upset about, should we go look at your closet. He made a point of showing his mother the matching uniform stuff. The house wraps in two colors and those sort of bank uniform things where they had mix and match, slacks skirts and blouses and jackets. His mother was furious, Marge got clothes, she and Marge got uniforms. To further piss off his mother, he said, "Now look on these uniform wraps, unless we have company I don't care what colors you wear, on the uniforms, we got to try; no blouse, jacket only, same thing with the maids outfits. Now mom, this last box is undies, we got four sets of matching stuff at Victoria's I'll tell you gals which ones I want when"

The next two weeks were hell for both Marge and Mary. For Marge, nothing she did could satisfy Mary, food was bad, house wasn't clean enough, Redo the laundry, not enough starch, too much starch, too much fabric softener, it seemed to never end. For Mary she didn't know exactly what was going on between her son and Marge. Her biggest fear was that somehow Marge was going to replace her and she would be left in the cold. In a lot of ways, she and Marge were alike, Mary just could not accept that she might have to work for a living. Daydreaming, work to her had always been some sort of executive command position, never involving a time clock. A burger joint job was a new level of hell in her mind!

For Paul, it was a little slice of heaven, his mother was pissed and that was always a plus, the more mom yelled at Marge the more Marge clung to him. A couple of times she had actually broke into tears late at night in his bed. Three times he had to correct his mother in front of Marge, telling her to be nicer or there would be serious trouble. All that did was make Mary bite her tongue for a few days.

One night, they were laying there and as usual, Marge was holding his dick, somehow she found having a hand on his cock was somehow comforting. Although she still kidded herself about 'twisting him around her finger', she hadn't quite come to admitting that she was the one who had got twisted. Paul leaned in and kissed her, "You know we have excellent sex together, let me ask you something, what if I made my mother go down on you?" A cattle prod couldn't have got a bigger response! First a huge squeeze on his dick and then her hand jerked away, she twisted and sat up in bed.


"Come on, you heard me, I was thinking, we make mom go down on you, make her admit that you are the queen bee in this house." As he was talking, he couldn't stop admiring her boobs as she sat upright.

"I never..."

"Margie, I know you haven't but think about it, your sister in law, my mother, licking your pussy. Having to say thank you and please to her boss pussy! Come on, look, look at your nipples, don't tell me it's cold in here!' He reached over and gave a delicate little pinch to the nearest one.

"Well, would I have to..."

"Hell maybe you'd want to! I've seen how much you like your own taste."

"But that's when we make love..."

"What makes you think we wouldn't be making love while this is going on? We could make her our towel girl, in charge of prelims and final cleanup" Marge didn't say another word but dove under the sheet to swallow his hardening dick.

Later after she had him all clean again. "I'd still be able to do that, right? You know I like your dick, I never ever said this to anybody, but I like the taste of your cum, I enjoy your dick in me, my puss my mouth, it makes me feel good, shit, I even like it sometimes when you finger me back there."

He pulled her into another kiss, he had found that the slight taste of his cum was a small investment that paid huge dividends in the fervor of her blowjobs. Still holding her, "I was thinking that your ass needed further exploring."

"Paul, I made up my mind a week ago I wasn't going to say no to you ever! When you want it, it's there for you, but please, slowly! Would you make Mary clean up my asshole?" She shivered in excitement, Paul noticed, ... cunts, all cunts just don't want to admit it. He hugged her.

He had been toying with her asshole all along, Marge had learned to accept a finger or two sliding into her, She had even seen where it enhanced her cum if he shoved a finger up her butt as she was cumming. That first time it stopped her cum dead. But she knew better than to complain. Soon like everything else her nephew did to her, it was a turn on. A couple of times he had taken her out for the day with a butt plug in her. She would have told anyone, boy does that focus your mind! Now with three fingers in her ass she knew today was the day!

She kissed him, and whispered, "Honey, Paul, for the first time, can we do it face to face? I want to see your face as you take my last cherry, Please?

There is was again, his aunt, the wonder cunt! Paul knew nothing about dating, but he was absolutely sure that regular run of the mill girls or women wouldn't ask that! As he was looking, his aunt was arraigning pillows. "Come on hon, put uy legs up on your shoulders, See! How about that! Slow, Slowly please!" She had been right, the pillows and her legs up, his dick was bouncing off her asshole. Marge grabbed her tits. "Oh, oh you're in! Ahh fuck, you've got a big prick, please gently? Please? After what seemed an eternity he heard, "Maybe a little more?" With that he was half into his aunt's ass. Her face was pulled into a sort of frozen grin. She whispered, as if a normal voice would hurt more, "Damn, I didn't think it would be that tight! Damn!' He started to back out. "No Honey don't, all the way make me take it make me yours! I deserve a good ass fuck from the best fuck in the whole state!" She must have done something because he suddenly slid the last couple of inches into her. She felt his belly against her ass cheeks, "There, now, I'm your cunt, your true cunt, don't forget, you own this cunt. All yours! She was pulling at his arms and then was kissing him. From less than a quarter inch she said, "See, gave it to you! All yours, god you got a big prick, my wonderful ass filling prick."

For Paul. He actually felt her whole asshole from top to bottom loosen as if in acceptance of his dick. She got her knees back up, "Come on honey, fuck your private ass! Fuck your whore aunt! Give it all to me!" By now with the lube and his precum he could move inside of her, as he looked down, a sweaty faced Marge looked up and blew him a kiss. It was so dirty, so tight, so good, that Paul came in no time. Marge was not unhappy. In fact as his dick softened, her ass squeezed him out. He fell to the side and Marge was so weak that she just laid there, trying to accept what she had just done. It wasn't that she had been ass fucked, what panicked her a little was that she had asked for it, even at first, when it hurt the most, she wanted it, she wanted her boy, her jocker, fuck yes, her master to possess her to control and own her. She had never felt that way with anyone. Now as she felt his cum lubing her ass, she smiled inwardly, mine!

She rolled and leaned in to kiss him. "Oh Paul, I promise, I'll get better, I'll make sure you love my ass as much as my mouth!"

Late that night, she laid in bed and reviewing the day and her slightly aching ass she was still surprised she had actually pledged that to him. Perhaps even more, she was surprised, that here in the dark she realized she meant it! The next time they were shopping she got six personal size tubes of lube, his surprise showed in the check out line, she whispered, "I thought we should have some all over the house, never know when we might need them." And she gave his dick a quick squeeze in the Target store at 2 PM on a weekday.

All this time Marge and Paul were being careful, at night, when she came to his rooms she was sure to lock the door behind her, usually by 2AM she'd wake and get back in her own room. Mary who was getting more paranoid by the day, keep seeing little touches and secret smiles between her sister in law and her son. She was afraid thy were planning on sending her away. One night, not being able to sleep from worry, she went to Marge's room to have it out. When there was no one in the bed, she walked softly to her son's rooms, she had been told in the strongest terms to never enter his rooms without knocking, but now she didn't care. Trying to softly turn the knob, she found the door locked, she tried twice more just to confirm the lock. Walking in the dark, she found a bottle of gin in the liquor cabinet and sat in the dark drinking, all the while having a strange interior monologue. "locked out, my own son, locked, my own sister in law, I know she sucks, is she fucking my little boy?" There wasn't as much indignation in her mind as a sense of powerlessness, what could she do about it. She knew that both the lawyer, and the accountant had copies of the same tape she had made where she admitted trying to embezzling several thousand dollars, that tape included a statement by her that in order to avoid prosecution she was signing away any rights to her son's estate including any parental control and that the lawyer was now her own son's legal guardian. There was that second tape where her asshole brother who had told her how easy it would be, admitted guilt and helped make full restitution in an attempt to keep his job and pension on the force.

Fortunately for Mary that was only a half full bottle of Tanqueray, she fell asleep at the kitchen table. In the morning when Marge came in to start breakfast, it was pretty easy to see what had happened. Empty bottle, glass on it's side Mary passed out. Since Mary had been so bitchy at her there was no hesitation, "Paul, I think you should see this."

More than seeing it, you could smell the gin before you saw the bottle. His mother was passed out on the counter, her robe open enough that both breasts were clearly available. He stood there looking and smelling what a mess his own mother was. "That settles it, Marge, this cunt is going to eat your pussy and say thank you to both of us!" Between the two of them they manhandled Mary into her bedroom. "You hold her, I'll pull off the robe." For Marge, Mary's tits were red hot soft balls pressing into her chest, as they dropped her into bed and pulled a sheet over her, Marge couldn't help comparing,

" ... She might have bigger boobs, but my ass is much nicer..."

Paul grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a short note that he stuck on his mother's bathroom mirror. "When you're cleaned up and smell better, see me, we are going to stop this"

Over coffee Marge told him, don't be too hard on your mother. He blew up, "Look Marge, you are a fucking employee, you don't know what's going on here. I can show you a fucking tape where my mother admits to embezzling lots of money from me! The only reason she's not in jail today along with that weasel uncle of mine is the lawyer said it would look terrible in court for a rich kid to be prosecuting his own mother! So don't tell me what the fuck to do, not if you want to keep working here. I got to tell you, you ain't the only bimbo with a pussy! He stomped off to school, which today was a total waste, his mind was a million miles away, the only class he was even aware of was the chem class, he and Mr Green, were working on a concept about elasticity that seemed to hold some promise. While he was gone, Marge was trying to figure out how she had gone from favorite lover to employee in just a couple of words. It was starting to sink in to her, she had a bad case of the hots for her nephew. It wasn't the job, she didn't want to lose him.

About noon a sober but badly hungover Mary showed up. Very softly, "Is there any coffee?" They were sitting at the kitchen table, "just how much trouble am I in?"

"I don't know he was pretty angry this morning. He chewed my ass out over nothing, what can I tell you, be careful." Mary went back to bed for an hour. She heard her son come home and gritting her teeth went to meet him. Before she could say a word, he took one look and told her in no uncertain terms, "Mom, you look like shit, go wash your face, put some makeup on and comb your hair, then that pink wrap around, no underwear! We have stuff to talk about."

Looking in the mirror she had to admit she didn't look up to par, damn, I hate to take orders from him, he's the son, I'm the mother! Twenty minutes later she gave up trying to tie the wrap so it wasn't so obvious she was braless. As she walked back into the kitchen, the first thing she saw was a new bottle of Tanqueray and she could smell it from the glass in Marge's hand. Marge didn't really want a drink. Paul had ordered her to have one, in fact ordered her to have a couple, he said, I want to watch her face as you pour yourself another drink!

"I guess I owe everybody an apology, I had too much to drink last night."

"Mom, you owe more than that,. I don't care about the drinking, what I care about is the general bitchiness coming from you. I get along with Marge very well, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder, I want that shit to stop." Marge couldn't resist. She took a big sip and softly smacked her lips.

"Listen you two, I know this cunt is fucking my own son, he's underage bitch, you could go to jail! I'll send you..."

"Mom" yelling over her, "You want to watch that tape again, you're not doing anything! What Marge and I do is none of your business. No, fuck this shit, you start being nice, or fuck you, I'll have you thrown out! From now on, not a fucking penny, go get a fucking job. You want any money, be prepared to join Marge and I. Marge, give her one drink, a double, and then mom, to your room. From now on, not a goddamn thing until you show me how sorry you are, and you're only doing that in bed. Hear me!"

Poor Mary she wanted to throw the drink into his face, but the hangover was in charge of her needs, she took her drink and stormed off to her room.

Marge was pouring her third drink, "Paul, it's your house, but you were sure hard on her." With that he grabbed her and dragged her to the TV, inserting a tape, "Watch this, tell me how hard I am!"

The next twenty minutes were a revelation to Marge, she had learned what an asshole her own husband had been. But there in front of her eyes was Paul's mother admitting to taking several thousand dollars from her own son. In addition she agreed to a petition of emancipation where she relinquished all parental rights in exchange for not being prosecuted. That was followed by one of her brother in laws admitted that he added and abetted his sister in stealing from her own son, his nephew, he admitted guilt to avoid being indicted and being thrown off the force and losing his pension.

As the tape started to rewind, Marge grabbed him, "Oh honey, I never knew, what ever you want, anything, I won't let you down. You want me to beat her for you, I'll drag her to our bed if you tell me. This is one relative that 's going to be good to you." And there, on the couch, at 4 in the afternoon, Marge not only sucked him off but somehow managed to pledge herself to her new found boss lover. Even though Paul was a teenager he could feel the difference, there was a sudden warmth and love in this blow job, brand new to their lovemaking, in fact that was what was happening, before they were fucking, now Marge was making love to her nephew! Mary came out of her room about two hours later to try and apologize again. She saw the two of them dozing, Marge's mouth next to her son's dick. Momentarily angry she stopped, no not my place, and besides god knows what he'd do to me, you never interrupt a man with his dick in somebody's mouth. Especially when both people have warm smiles on their faces!

Her only thought as she went back to her room was that it looked sort of nice, miss that, I guess it wouldn't be too bad, Marge and I used to have fun together. Sitting alone, Mary was trying to find a way to not be thrown out, oh she knew she could get a job, but waitress, factory work, store clerk, she liked this life style. Even now when her own son kept her on a very short leash, it was still better than punching a time clock. Laying there tossing and turning, she finally started fingering herself, just to sleep is what she always said. Then it hit her, why not, seduce Marge, seduce her own son, that shocked her enough that she stopped stroking her clit. Could I? My own son? Marge?? Couple of times, long go, it was sort of fun, what was her name? Oh Yeah Connie, and she had a minor cum remembering Connie and her pert little boobs. But her own son, why the fuck not, little prick was going to put me in jail, fuck him! Fuck him for a happy home!

Fuck him. Get new car, spending money! She fell asleep thinking of fucking her son out of money. Teach him, thing or two!

Two weeks later, Marge turned to him in bed, since the big blow up she was now spending the entire night with her nephew, they still kept the door locked, but every morning Mary had to put up with two smiling faces. Ask any single person, seeing a happy couple is like a knife to the kidneys, just adds to your own sadness.

"Paul, your mother said something funny to me today."

He braced himself, one more round of bitching by his mother and he was throwing her out. "What now?'

"No, let me tell you, she caught me stretching, I was groaning a little, you know that python thing really pulls at my muscles, anyway your mother told me, I swear I'm quoting now, 'You ever want some help with Paul, I'll be glad to join in.'

"What else did she say?'

"Nothing, I wanted to check with you first before I did anything. Since you mentioned her doing me, I keep thinking about it. But I wanted to get your OK first."

Her hand slid under the sheet, "Well, I see your dick likes the idea!"

"Marge, after I caught her stealing, we're not mother and son anymore, but fuck yes, I'd fuck my mother, I want my mother to lick you in front of me and ask for more. I'm still a kid but nobody's going to tell me that you and I don't have something different. You're not going to tell me that this sex, sex this good, is normal. Regular people don't get this. Special people like us have it and then only once in a while, like a lightening strike. Oh yeah, fuck my mother and make her not my cunt, our cunt! Would you spank her, beat her for me?"

By now Marge was holding a raging hard on, just before she swallowed it. She said, "I swear by this holy dick, I will make your mother beg, beg to fuck you, beg to kiss my ass." with just one hand on her head, not for guidance just for affection, he looked at the ceiling and thought of his mother as a clean up cunt. During that blow job, his mother became one of his major objectives. Marge had taught him that sex with grown ups was great. Add his own mother to the mix! God Damn, that was hot Fucking mommie in the ass! Making mom suck his friends! In no time, Marge was gulping down a bigger load than usual. As she crawled up to snuggle she thought to herself, 'not turned on, not much, ' she smiled and kissed his throat.

One of the things that was happening to Paul as the sex between Marge and him got better and better, was he was gaining self confidence. He didn't know that was causing it, but his walk, his carriage was improving, strangely girls who wouldn't give him a second look were now saying Hi in the halls. His off and on teen age heart throb, even asked how come he never called anymore!

Now he was getting world class sex from his aunt but a boy and his dick, a girl shows interest, got to keep that door open! "Sorry Tams, got a lot going on, there's some lab stuff driving me nuts. I get that cleared up, we're going somewhere.

Going over the books with the accountant, he was shocked at how much was sitting in a short term account at his bank. When he questioned the accountant, she reminded him that they had had that problem with the bank before, they kept trying to keep a lot of money in non interest bearing accounts. As they were discussing various investment strategies, he finally noticed that Martha was younger than Marge. A sudden thought passed through his head, He smiled as he thought, Marge, Mary, Martha, save on monogrammed towels. He made arrangements for all his accounts to be transferred to different banks, by now it was almost 4 PM.

"Hey I've kept you so late, would you like to stay for dinner? No not a big deal, hang on," and then into the house phone, "Marge, what's for dinner tonight, got enough for one more?" A Pause, "Steak Diane, OK with you?" "Marge, open a bottle of that Forts, the '82. Paul couldn't believe that he was starting to like wine, a couple of months ago if it wasn't carbonated he didn't want it. He and Marge had started eating at this small French restaurant buried at the end of a mall. One thing lead to another and the owner took a shine to the two of them, fully aware that Paul was underage Pierre started to show the two of them about fine food and wine, He would pour then a glass of this, a glass of that and show them the differences. When the special dishes would come out of the kitchen, both of them were aware that they had never had food like that. Paul rarely tipped less than fifty and a couple of meals they were so overwhelmed with flavors that a hundred dollar tip seemed almost inadequate. So now with Pierre's advice he was building a wine cellar for the future. The most expensive stuff was the bottles they were drinking right away, Pierre kept telling him., buy for twenty years for now, that's the cheap way to buy wine! Pierre felt that no one should own less that a lifetimes worth of wine, say 75 bottles a year times 50 years, round it off to say 4000 bottles. That is if you weren't planning on doing any entertaining!,,, When his mother heard the accountant was staying for dinner, she decided to eat in her room. She hated to be reminded of how she had been caught stealing, so it was just Martha, Marge and Paul. Under Pierre's teaching, Marge was turning into a good cook. Relaxing after a good meal, Martha just blurted it out, " I got to ask, are you two going together?

Marge blushed, "Is it that obvious?'

"Well sort of, you're a nice looking young man, she doesn't treat you right, give me a call."

Paul had to say it, "Maybe I'll give you a call anyway!" Martha laughed

Marge broke in, "Maybe the two of us will call you!"

"OHH, that's exciting, I may have to come here some weekend for an audit ... or something!" There was a three way hug at the door as they sad goodnight.

Paul was the first, "You think she was serious about that weekend stuff?"

Marge was stacking dishes and laughed, well somebody stuck a tongue in my mouth by the door!"

Next Tuesday he had a call from Mrs Levy at his old bank, "Hello, may I speak to Pauly?"

With great joy he said, "Sorry there's no Pauly here." And hung up the phone. Within three minutes the phone was ringing again.

"May I speak with Paul?"

"Depends, who's calling?

"Ha, Ha, it's Mrs Levy at the bank, how's my favorite boy today."

"Mrs Levy, I don't think I'm anyone's favorite boy, but if you are asking how I am, I'm fine."

"Paul, I'm calling because there must be some mistake, I'm told you're closing all your accounts with us."

"No Mrs Levy, no mistake, perhaps if you had asked to speak with Mr. O'Connor, if you and your employees wanted to treat me like an adult, I might still have keep the accounts there. I know, and I'm sure you know the size of the business we funnel through your bank. I may be young, but I think my business entitles me to carry a big bat", Marge made a grab at his crotch, "and from now on I intend to swing it" Nothing would do except Mrs Levy invite him for lunch and that was out because of his class hours, so then it was dinner, he suggested, Pierre's and, oh yes. I will bring my accountant, we'll see if you can convince us why you value our business. Mrs Levy put down the phone wondering what had just happened. He had Marge call Pierre and tell him when he got the reservation from the bank, cost was no object.

A couple of days later, Pierre called Marge, "Mademoiselle, I thought I should tell you, your bank called and made a reservation for five, I remember you were expecting a party of three.', a quick check with Paul and Marge was now included for dinner, along with his schoolteacher Mr Green He had Marge call Martha about the dinner

"Martha, Marge here, oh no, not this time, Paul has a business dinner coming up with his old bank, He wants you there and he wants me to come along to load the table in our favor. Anyway, he wants you to take me shopping for some appropriate heavy duty woman's business outfit. He said to get you a new outfit for helping, so can we go shopping, a gal's day?" They met for lunch and each had a glass of wine, Marge could not help thinking about that touch of tongue last time they met. She kept evaluating Martha out of the corner of her eye, What, thirtyish? Attractive but not a knockout. Marge hadn't really noticed it yet, but since Paul had opened up her horizons she evaluated everyone, boy, girl, man or woman, as a potential sex partner. By the time the entrees were served she had decided that Martha could be fun.

"Well did I pass?"

"What ... I ... sorry..."

"Come on Marge, I've been watching you sizing me up. Let me put it out in the open. I like sex, I like an occasional fling with another girl, that make me bi? I don't know, I was looking at you two and there was no doubt in my mind, you and Paul are having a good time together, I 'd like a taste of that, if it's available. Look, I'd prefer the three of us, I think a guy makes it more fun. So, if it's up to you let me know, or is Paul the boss in your relationship, do I have to ask him? If no just say so and I'll move on."

Looking around to make sure no one was listening, " Number one, Paul sure is the boss, but, I told him about that touch of tongue you gave me, he's interested. I'll double check with him, but since that dinner is on Friday, what don't you bring an overnight bag, maybe spend the night with us." As she was talking she could feel herself getting wet.

Martha reached across the table and held her hand. To an outsider it was just a sincere moment among friends, for Marge it was as if her hand was being branded. "Perhaps we could go back to my place after lunch?'

Shocked at herself, "I'd like that, but I couldn't, not without his OK. She was shocked that she was talking about a date with a girl. But even more that she realized that Paul was totally in charge of her sex life. Not only that, but she wanted it that way! "You know we have a new relationship and I don't want to screw it up"

Martha pulled out her cell, punched a number, "Paul, I'm here with your Marge, she has something she wants to ask you."

As the phone was thrust at her, she felt herself blushing, As her face got brighter, she cupped the mouthpiece, "Um, er ... Paul, Martha asked me if I wanted to go to her place after lunch", Marge listened, "I'm sure that's what she means, I told her that I needed your OK..."After a moment, "He wants to talk to you." Marge handed off the phone as if was toxic. Martha listened, "Martha, Marge has told me she has never been with another girl, I can't get away from the lab right now and I don't want to miss her debut. How about next week after dinner?"

As Martha put the phone away, she couldn't help think that this was one pretty hip kid. "Well you heard him, next week after dinner, the three of us, right?"

With a weak laugh, Marge agreed. After lunch, Marge took her to a dress shop she had never heard of. The third suit shown to her was one she fell in love with. The sales girl was showing her the inside hidden belt that completely changed the outfit. Loose it was the standard ladies business suit, but depending on what buttons you hooked on the inside belt, the cleavage went from almost nothing to as Martha laughed, Dirty Lady deep! Martha insisted on her getting some 'sensible' shoes to complete the look. As they were leaving the store, Martha gave her a more than friendly squeeze on her ass.

Before the meeting it was decided that Marge would be the mystery woman, no smiles, no scowls as Martha said, let them wonder what kind of power you have. "Anyone asks, you handle special assignments for Paul. " Thinking about his dick, she laughed, "That's for sure!"

The morning of the meeting Paul said, "I look at you in that business suit and I want to rip it off you, you look so hot, so mature, what a turn on! I think we should have some surprises for Martha, she pleaded hard and he reluctantly put away the set of Ben Wa balls and the vibrating egg, but no amount of pleading could change his mind about the small butt plug, just to keep her alert. She complained but the concept was sort of hot. She made up her mind, one of these times, maybe a dinner and dancing date?

The dinner was an interesting eye opener for both Marge and Paul. Martha had them sit in the car around the corner until the bag phone rang. It was Pierre, the Bank people had arrived, as Martha drove around the corner, she said, "Hey, we're the customers they should wait for us, right?" Pierre had pulled out all the stops, candles and flowers were on the table, and to be honest, no one who sat down had ever been at a table where each place setting had so many knives and forks! Dinner started with a round of champagne cocktails followed by the biggest shrimp Paul had ever seen, he found out later that they were technically prawns. Then there was a cup of venison truffle consomme. Almost clear, but packed with delicate flavors. A leg of lamb, rare, carved at the table, the lamb was studded with olives and anchovies, a' la Mirabeau, he was told by Mr Green, who admitted that he had always wanted to be a chef. That sort of broke the ice and Mrs Levy was suddenly asking if he cooked for his dates and was he seeing anyone right now. Everyone laughed, but Paul was pretty sure Mrs levy wasn't joking.

Martha impressed the three of them as she pushed both Mrs Levy and her head of investments. She explained how their core business was the reduction of Friction through chemistry, not mechanics, the plan was to expand expand into automotive, possibly a 10% reduction in internal friction losses. See us next year in F1! The need for flexible financing. Well, I'll tell you, if you can satisfy our Mr Green here, there might be another chance for you and your bank.

Yes they could start paying a half point more interest on certain accounts, yes if they were thinking of expanding, she was willing to supply a letter of intent promising a line of credit up to 50 million. Over dessert, Strawberries Marco, a flaming ice cream thing It was decided that Martha would meet with Mrs Levy's number two over details and Mrs levy asked if she could meet with Mr. Green to get some more technical information, Marge gently kicked him under the table in case he didn't catch that. Paul was happy to watch Mrs Levy's eyes as she got the bill. He knew it had to be a ton. Outside the restaurant Mrs Levy offered to drive Mr Green home so they could coordinate their schedules. Martha, Paul and Marge smiled.

When they got home, Martha grabbed an overnight bag and almost lead the way. Paul thought he was hot over the coming threesome, Martha couldn't hide her excitement. Barely inside the door, she grabbed Marge and they were in a good one minute kiss.

Paul interrupted, "Hey girls, I thought I was invited to this party." Both women turned and held their arms out, As he stepped in for a group hug, Marge said, "How could we have a sex circus without our ringmaster? Come on Martha, let me show you the master's suite." Once inside his study and the door locked. Marge said, "Would master Paul like his cunts to strip for him or would he like to do it?

"I would like you two as naked as possible, as soon as possible." He was so busy getting his clothes off he looked up and there were four tits bouncing in front of him. "Martha, Marge here has been acquiring a taste for her own pussy, please let her find out if she likes other puss, but first, Marge bend over, let our guest remove your plug!"

At first Martha didn't understand then she saw the ring pull between Marge's cheeks. "Oh. Marge, all evening, you poor baby, let's get that out of you." First it was a straight pull, then Martha tried twisting and pulling, Marge's sphincter didn't want to give up. Finally Martha had to put one hand on Martha's ass and gave a big jerk. Out popped the plug and Marge gave a little cry and fell on the bed. In front of Paul, Martha held the plug to her nose, sniffed and suddenly the plug was in her mouth. She was cleaning it fresh from Marge's ass into her mouth! Not even in his dreams! Licking her lips, Martha rolled Marge over and looking down, "Let's see what we have here?" Then she was straddling Marge a knee on each side as she leaned down and started kissing Martha hard nipples. There was no wasted time with Martha, she slid right on down and was kissing Marge's pussy in no time. As Paul watched, Martha had Marge knees up crying in excitement.

He got on the bed by Marge's head, "Like that baby, like that tongue?" Marge wasn't talking, she frantically nodded yes as she had both hands in Martha's hair. "Martha swing your ass around, it's time for Marge's debut as a cunt lapper of the first order."

Martha reluctantly swung around, if it was up to her she would have eaten Marge into submission, in the past she had found that eating a new girl almost to unconsciousness was the best way to own them. But she also knew, she wasn't getting even a taste of this without Paul's permission, and besides Paul was her boss. With Martha's knees by her ears, she opened her eyes to look at the cunt hanging above her. As Martha lowered herself, Marge was reaching up to get a hand on an ass to pull it closer. As she took her first ever lick of a pussy she was stunned at how different it tasted from her own. Different but good! She looked up to just be able to see Paul staring down at her with a big grin. She gave him a big wink and pulled even harder on Martha's ass. At present, Paul had to settle for running his hands up and down Martha's back and ass. He gave Martha's asshole a little push and she didn't move. Wetting his finger, he was back and in up to the first knuckle. Martha responded with what seemed a pleased grunt. That's all it took, he soon had the lube from the night stand and Martha was getting an anal exercise program. Soon she was squirming more than Marge. Suddenly the two of them took off. Somehow they had managed to cum together, he found himself just a spectator as the orgasm express sped by him. Patience has it's own dividends, There they were, two shiny faces slick with spit slick with pussy juice, both looking pleased as punch. He wedged himself between them and pulled Martha into a hug and a kiss. As usual, Martha wasn't used to being kissed with a face covered in pussy juice. As Marge was pulling herself up so they were all aligned, Martha already had a hand on his dick.

She whispered in his ear, "Could our first one be in my puss? I promise, before I go home, you'll have my ass." As he was digesting that, he felt Marge's hand join Martha's in stroking his dick.

Ladies, please you too are so hot, don't tease my dick. Marge crawl over and let's get our guest in the middle." With a short scramble Martha was being worked on as if they had rehearsed it, if there was an Olympic medal for synchronized tit sucking, they would have won gold! Paul slid his hand down to Martha's pussy and found Marge had beat him there, He started to retreat.

Martha said it first, "No there's room for both, stay." After some adjustment it was Paul doing the interior work on that G spot while Marge worked the lips and clit. Martha didn't stand a chance, As she was cumming a dick suddenly bottomed in her, a big dick, but she had been so wrapped in her cum she was filled with new dick almost before she noticed. Now for Paul he was fucking a new cunt, and his steady was lying next to them holding a tit and kissing the girl he was fucking. For frosting both women were smiling in excitement! He didn't even have to point, Marge was down licking him and Martha clean. Marge went to the kitchen to get some champagne, she didn't bother with a robe and almost hoped that she would meet Mary.

While she was gone, Martha said, "Any chance I could get your Marge for a weekend, just myself? '

"Well what would you do for me"

"How about that Mrs Levy, think you'd like your dick up a bank president's ass? And I'd throw in a spanking of me."

"Deal, on Mrs Levy, but I'm spanking your ass before the night's over."

"OK, right after I get you Mrs Levy you give me Marge."

He added, "No welts no bruises right?" Marge walked in with the glasses and wine, He turned, I was just telling Martha here that I was going to spank her before I ass fuck her."

"Martha, you'll love it, there is something about a stinging ass and a stuffed ass hole that is so exciting!"

After the wine was done, Paul started, "Martha, get over Marge's lap, it's time she gets to spank someone. Your turn will come later,

There it was again, that natural air of command, both Martha and Marge realized he was the boss in this bed. Now Martha was a high priced CPA and usually brooked no bullshit from her dates. Outside of clients she didn't know many guys that made her kind of money, and even fewer that were her intellectual equal, so all in all she didn't have a very high opinion of men. In Paul's case, from the second meeting she had with him she realized this was one very smart kid. Not only book learning smart but hip and wise to the world, well beyond his years. Since the day she spotted his mother's clumsy attempt at embezzlement she had sort of kept an eye on him as a possible sex partner. She had originally n. As she looked down at the floor and felt Marge's hand stroking her ass all she could think about was trying to remember how old she was the last time anyone spanked her, 10 or 11 she guessed. She could still remember her mother yelling at her father that his daughter was too old for a male to spank her anymore. She smiled even wider as she remembered wondering why daddy couldn't spank her anymore ... why that dirty old man...

Paul watched as Marge looked down onthought a young kid would be fun. Lots of sex and no attachments. Besides his account brought in some big billings to the firm, if he kept expanding, there might be a partnership at her firm for her.

"Martha smiled as she lowered herself. The smile was for outside consumption, she wasn't a fan of pain but her instants told her that neither Paul or Marge was into heavy bondage, maybe this could be fu the ass before her. This was brand new to her, slowly her hand stroked those upturned cheeks, her first thought was, not as firm as me. This was all new to Marge, she had never ever been spanked, only once had her mother hit her and that was an instantly apologized for slap for calling her a name. Now if this ass over her lap had belonged to some rich bitch accountant it would have been easy, but this warm, soft ass she was touching belonged to the woman she had had lunch with, the woman she had gone shopping with, this was a girlfriend! Can you spank a girlfriend? Well yes, if your boss tells you to and if this ass belongs to someone who's going to go down on you. Damn right you can! The first hit was so tentative as to be almost a love pat rather than a spank. Ten hits later, Martha was squirming and Marge had worked up a sweat. Marge was beginning to see where this could be fun, she vowed to really have a look at herself the next time her Paul spanked her, how could I make it hotter for him?

"OK babe that's enough, lead our cunt to me so I can finish her off." As Marge helped her sister cunt up, Martha's face was wet with tears and her makeup was everywhere except where it should be. Marge led her to Paul who was sitting in a straight backed chair. "Here cunt, prepare to have the master whip your ass." Suddenly Martha was frightened, how far was this going?

With a hand on her ass, Paul asked, "Going to be a good cunt from now on?" A whimpered yes sir, "Going to do what you're told?"

"Yes sir, this cunt will be a good cunt!" It was only ten more swats but each one drove home who she had just admitting to being. Martha couldn't help thinking, he's right, only a cunt would take this! Oh god, I didn't know, I am a cunt, a cunt who loves this shit. The next week as she looked back she kept trying to say to herself that it was just for fun, she wasn't really that way, but even as she denied it she could feel herself getting wet just remembering

Then it was on the bed. Hands and knees! A shouted command, she scrambled to obey. Then Marge got in front of her and there was a pussy to stare at. Somehow, Paul had got his dick lubed up and she felt him pushing against her. "Get your mouth down there, eat that pussy prove your cuntdom!" She crawled a little forward and Paul's dick almost came out, As he scurried after her ass, he was in her, he had her now. Slowly he pushed, she felt her asshole expanding to not accept but tolerate the pole going into her. With her mouth solidly latched to Marge she gave a little scream. Paul's wasn't the biggest dick she had ever had, there was that black guy in Jamaica, but it sure was big enough! Paul was nice enough to re-coat his dick so soon there was plenty of lube in Martha and as Marge's hands locked in her hair, she realized she liked this; eating pussy was one of those dirty little secrets like a chocolate addiction, she didn't want it full time but it sure was fun once in a while! Still fun even when she felt ashamed for three months afterwards! She had liked it since junior high, but this, on her knees, a dick shoved up her, being held to a pussy, and every time Paul slammed into her she could feel her well spanked ass. She was overwhelmed by both sensations and emotions. God Damn, this was good! All week long, Martha was dealing in large sums, fighting the IRS, advising customers sometimes too dumb to listen. Now here she was just a dumb cunt doing what she was told, no ordered! It was liberating to have no power, no worries, she tried to bury her nose in Marge's cunt in appreciation. When Paul came in her ass, it was all she could do to not bite Marge in her ecstasy! Between the big meal, the wine, and the extraordinary sex, they all passed out. It was almost nine AM when Marge woke, she was the last one to get up. Nothing would do except Martha lead her in a double suck off before breakfast. Paul looked down, there it was two broads, two middle aged broads with bed hair, he was so proud, two grown up cunts willingly sucking him, The sight, and realization that they were sucking him off willingly, he hadn't ordered, demanded or asked! Adding to his heat was the fact that these were normal looking women, attractive, but not show gril or hooker good looking, if it wasn;t for the age difference and the fact that there were three of them in the same bed, it would seem almost normal. Maybe it isn't the money, maybe they like me ... or my cock!

He blew so hard he felt he was cumming with marbles in his dick, not just cum. He had a hand wrapped in each woman's hair and held their faces to his dick until the very last drop of cum was drained out of him. Looking down over his chest he was so impressed with the sight. Two heads, one blondish the other a solid brunette one with short hair the other shoulder length, surrounding his prick, gently licking it and by the feeling, he thought they were kissing each other around his dick; only way to live! When they walked into the kitchen, His mother took one look at the accountant and left for her own room. Bagels and coffee was all Marge was able to rustle up, all three of them were wiped from the night before. Just before she left Martha said, "I hope we can do this again, and don't worry Paul, I haven't forgotten about Mrs Levy." They walked her to the door and went back to bed for two hours.

When Mary heard the door close, she came out of her room, She had heard the three of them half the night. Marge was getting all the perks that she should have, a threesome, never tried that! For Mary these last weeks had been a version of hell, no one was particularly mean to her, she was just ignored. It was as if she was a non person. Her son and her sister in law, would laugh and watch television with her in the room but not part of their lives. They would go out, go shopping, even go grocery shopping together, nobody ever went grocery shopping with her! She just sat home. Every Monday she would get an envelope with $25.00 in it, that was her allowance for the week, she had never had to live like this, sitting with her 25.00 in front of her she would try to plot how to make it last, $7.00 for gas, 3 coffee's at the mall, one sandwich at a low priced lunch counter, maybe a movie, and a whole lot of window shopping. Every single time at the mall when she would drink from a common drinking fountain, she would be reminded of how good a Perrier used to taste! She hated her life. Once again she thought about her fucking brother Pat, that son of a bitch, telling her how easy it would be to just take a little, she finally corrected herself, it wasn't taking it was stealing, fuck I should know better, dumb fucking cop!

Well, if her own son was into threesomes who was she to deny him. Mary made a decision, She washed the dishes and straightened the kitchen and then took a shower and put on fresh makeup. When Paul and Marge emerged from the bedroom, Marge immediately noticed that the dishes had been done. Sitting at the kitchen table Mary turned and said, "Please let me talk, I've seen how happy you two are, I want to be part of that. I know what a bitch I've been and I'm willing to do any penance you think is fitting. In front of the two of you I promise to never say no, you two can own me, just let me be part of your lives."

With that she stood up and dropped her robe. Without blushing she stood naked in front of her son and her sister in law. There was a silence that seemed to go on forever, and it seemed to her that she could smell the lust coming from her crotch as she stood exposed and unprotected. Mary was suddenly frightened that her son was going to turn his back on her naked body. To be rejected by a teenager, and her own son at that, would be the final blow.

Just as her tears were starting, Paul spoke. "Are you sure about this? You can ask Marge here, I fuck her ass, she sucks me after! I spank her and she thanks me! She eats pussy when I tell her to! Are you sure that's the life you want?' Turning his head, "Marge, tell her, are you my cunt, will you make my mother eat your pussy?"

This was a new challenge for Marge, she was going to have to admit her relationship, her love, her lust her need for her young lover. She could feel herself getting wet as she spoke. "Yes sir, I am your cunt! Mary, not only will you eat my pussy you will lick out my ass after Paul fucks it. I'm Paul's cunt, you willing to be my cunt?" She couldn't help thinking, 'my boobs are nicer than hers, stay naked all the time, win on style points'.

Both Paul and Marge were surprised as Mary fell to her knees, "Yes ma'am I will try to be the best cunt ever." If there was such a thing, Mary felt the fat fall off her soul.

Paul couldn't resist, deliberately he said, "Mary, remember that maid's outfit? Why don't you go put that on and let's see how well you can serve a drink?'.

In the middle of a room with nothing to grab on to, it is not graceful to get off your knees, After she got up, "Yes sir, If I may be excused, I'll return properly dressed." After she left the two of them looked at each other.

Paul was first, "What do you think she's planning?"

In her bedroom, Mary quickly spritzed her crotch with perfume, not too much, now! A little scented talcum powder under her boobs and across her ass and as she slithered into the outfit she had once sworn to never wear, she kept reminding herself, don't say no! Remember how it used to be, do as you're told, whatever happens pretend to like it, can't live like this any longer. One last look in the mirror. With the flat of her hand on the top of her breasts she pulled her tits up even higher, and at the last minute she remembered, high, high heels, and her surprise package, play the part!

In the kitchen, Marge answered, "I'm getting the video camera, we'll get her on tape before anything happens. And no sex in her room till we look for hidden cameras." By the time Mary returned the camera was set up. Paul had to admit, that outfit was sexy in a whore house sort of way. Marge could see that Mary had fluffed up her tits so that they were pushed up even higher than that outfit normally did.

Marge started the questioning, "Mary, we're live on tape here, I'm going to ask you some questions. Why did you change your mind?"

"I'm lonely, an outsider in my own home."

"You know if you seduce your son, you're guilty of incest?"

"I don't care, I want to be happy. More, I want to be happy with you two!"

"Do you think having sex with your son will make you happy? Did you mean it when you said you'd eat pussy? I'm going to tell you right now, your son has me doing things I never even thought of, you say yes here, there's no way of telling where we end up. Be sure!"

"I won't do animals, but I promise, I'll do anything I'm told to. Please let me be part of the family again."

Paul jumped in, "Mom, you join us, you know your brothers are out. They're not coming to the house again."

"Yes sir."

"Say it!"

It took a moment for Mary to realize what her son was demanding. "I promise, I will not see my brother's anymore, ever!" For Paul that was a victory, keep those bloodsuckers out of his life, now if...

Then it was Marge, "Will you willingly give your ass up for both sex and spanking, just for pleasure not for any profit? Will you drop that outfit and give your son your tits and cunt?"

Putting the package on the table, Marge hadn't even finished talking and the maid's costume was coming down off her hips as she shimmied out of it. Holding her tits, she had seen those porn pictures, "I give my son total dominion over my tits, as her hands moved down to pull her pussy open, "He is ruler of my pussy," her voice broke as the tears started, but she continued, "My son owns my cunt and ass, he decides what happens to them. I swear, I live to service his dick. Let me give you this as a token of my submission." She handed Paul the package and fell to the floor knees wide spread and pussy still pulled open. She was hiccuping in her shame and tears.

Paul unwrapped the box and recognized the contents, it was the collar and leash from their old dog! "Well, mommie, think you can be as good as Tweedy was?"

"Sir I promise to try!"

"Marge, see if our bitch is worthy of this collar." As Marge fitted the collar, Mary was sick, she had wanted her son to collar her. To have her sister in law fit her to a dog collar was degrading but Mary felt it would add to her submission, her renouncing of her motherhood and assumption of her innate sluthood if her son had applied the collar. As she knelt there and Marge fitted her, she could not help but smell Marge's crotch, Mary had to swallow, between her tears and the smell, she was flooding her mouth with saliva. Before Marge could step back, Mary, still on her knees, grabbed her hand and kissed it. Marge jumped back, before she could lick it like a proper dog/slut slave and handed the leash to Paul. Seeing her leash change hands was somehow liberating, as her son took her leash she felt all her worries float off, be a good bitch, do as you're told, be happy, she wanted to crawl over and kiss her son's feet!

Marge checked the tape, unloaded the camera, and said, "This goes into the safe. " When she returned, Mary with the leash trailing behind her, had crawled to her son and was sucking him off as if her life depended on it. Mary discovered that sucking cock wearing the collar was something brand new! With every swallow she felt the collar and it reminded her of what she was becoming. God it felt good! Every reminder that she was no longer an adult, just a follower, a cunt, a bitch to her son, made the experience of being on her knees worshiping her new god even hotter than she could ever imagine it.

Marge and Paul shared a glance, neither knew what was going on for sure here, Paul like most men was following his cock, and right now his cock was in a warm wet place. Marge was shocked at how turned on she was at the sight of a woman with a collar sucking, the collar made it ten times hotter, erotic on a different plain! And there was the idea that this was the once boss bitch of a sister in law. Now add in the fact that outside of a porno she had never ever seen a threesome, either with two men or two women and here was her second one in less than a week!. Her relatively short time with Paul had been a life in the fast track, from that first week when she realized that his brand of ass fucking could be very good until her threesome with the accountant it kept getting hotter and better. Now she was a little surprised at herself, she was getting turned on watching someone suck her lover's dick. Ha! She used to think cocksucking was disgusting now she was jealous but knew better than to even think about stop-ping her Paul particularly when he was paying back his mother! Her thighs gave an almost involuntary squeeze as she wondered just how far today was going to go. That session with Marge had taught her that two omen could have a lot of fun. She couldn't help thinking, 'Well at least I suck because I'm broke, this cunt does her own son because she wants it!'

Mary was in a new place, she was sucking cock, not the first time for her, not her favorite thing to do but sort of the stuff women do to get what they want out of a relationship. Feeling her knees on the carpet was suddenly hot, a thing to feel, it was a turn on! Knowing the cock in her mouth was her son's was even more exciting, later she was sort of shocked to realize that she never once thought about the idea of incest, her son's prick was supposed to be in her mouth, she was the one that needed this, not him! She gagged as she tried to get more in her mouth. Oh boy, how big ... in her ass ... she tried to swallow more!

By now Mary didn't even think bout anyone else in the room. Room?, her world, was her mouth and the cock in it! Her tongue was exploring this prick in a brand new way, around the head, try to open the pisshole, feeling those veins along the shaft. How could the head be so rough, so pebbly and the shaft so smooth! She kept pushing until she gagged, went back to just licking and sucking and as soon as she had regained her breath, back to trying to bury her nose in her son's pubic hair. With a hand gently cradling his balls she thought, ... I will own this cock, all of it!

For Paul, this was a revelation, this was cocksucking with soul! His mom wanted his cock, wanted all of it and wanted it now. But just like with Marge, this was not the time to let up, push and push hard, his mother must learn she is a cunt, not a mother!

"Marge, come here, check mommy's pussy, she wet, or is she faking her love?" He felt his mother push herself further onto his dick, even as she raised her ass to accommodate Marge.

"She might be faking, but she's nice and wet." Marge was surprised as how wet her sister in law was, she held up three shiny fingers to Paul "You want me to lube up her ass for you or you want to cum in her mouth?" Both Paul and Marge were being as crude as possible, without saying it, they knew that this was the time to train Mary for her new position.

"You're going to have to give cunt Mary here some lessons on sucking, Best I come in her ass first, got to mark my territory," he pulled Mary up, "right cunt?"

Not letting his cock out of her mouth, she mumbled a version of yes sir, nodding, and was back, head down, sucking. Marge was back with some lube and as she lubed up her fingers she thought, wonder if they've got large size containers? When that first finger entered her ass, Mary really tried to be an accepting slut, she had read all about pushing out, but reading had nothing to do with someone shoving a finger up your ass. She was almost weak with emotions, she couldn't live alone in her own home but her ass, worse, her son! Those thoughts were momentarily stopped by Marge's second finger, she inhaled in surprise and got Paul's cock into her throat. That brought on a coughing fit. On her knees, stomach clenching in coughs, she kept a hand on Paul's prick as she tried to control her coughing. Mary had sucked before and her husband had come in her mouth a lot, but this, her son! This was so different, all she could think was, my boy, my dick, make happy, owe him, make up for the ... To blot the memory she concentrated on the prick in her mouth, she was using her tongue as a memory aid, trying to memorize every vein, every bump of her new master dick. Somehow, the concept of sucking her own son, of being on her knees in front of her own son, was so perverse so just plain dirty that her whole body was vibrating in excitement. Her breasts and nipples were super sensitive, she felt that her own pussy was trembling, it had to be, never felt like that ever before. Mary had come plenty of times both with and without her husband, but this was so different! She was tempted to stop sucking to see jf she could hear her cunt vibrating, it sure felt as if it was humming! But not now, now was time to be sure she was accepted.

The more she sucked and licked the more she liked the concept of serving, of servicing, her son, mother's job, cunt's, bitch's job take care of ... such a big ... my boy ... I made this big ... The cough stopped her reverie.

"Sorry, sorry, let me try again."

Paul was close enough to cumming that he welcomed the break. "No stay there, hold my dick and look at me, I want to watch your face as Marge spreads you for me."

With that Marge not only put a third finger up her sister in law, she winked over her back to Mary's son. At the same time, Marge was in awe of how great it felt to be ravaging somebody's ass, the more the hole pushed against her finger's the more she thought, bend, break you, his bitch, my cunt! Surprising to her an asshole felt different inside than a pussy, Assholes were new to her, the inside was smoother than her own pussy, she made a note to check Mary's cunt to be sure it felt like her own ... job ... prep girl ... whore house! ... She smiled as She wiggled all three fingers inside of Mary! Mary bit the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out!

For Paul as he watched, tears started rolling down his mother's cheeks. In certain ways, everyone wants to rule their parents, the normals end up happily helping them, In Paul's case, he knew what a family of assholes his mother had came from, as he watched the tears he couldn't help thinking about his cousin Maureen stealing the silverware, his mother and uncle actually trying to embezzle from him. He was still angry they hadn't prosecuted the two of them. His mother's tears of pain went a long way to making him feel better.

"Mom, you think that hurts, wait till my dick is buried in your ass!" Still holding his prick, she gave a weak smile, Marge gave an extra shove and she winced. "Still looking forward to a spanking?"

Taking a deep breath, Mary blurted out, "I'm guilty of so much, whatever you two do, I'll say thank you. Make me pay, make me love it!" She leaned in and just licked his dick

In it's own way that lick, that willing, unasked lick, was more erotic than a deep throat experience. His mother was trying to show her submission, her acceptance of not only her new position she was trying to prove her right to wear her son's collar. "Marge, think our new cunt is ready to be plowed?"

All Marge could really think of was how Mary's family had fucked her around, dumb fucking Micks! "Who cares if she's ready, take what's rightfully yours! Your mother is lucky you even want to fuck her ass!" Paul realized, his aunt was right, his mother was his, there was no need for asking, no need for please or thank yous, this was a slave cunt in front of him!

"Now! Hands and knees! face Mary, meet your new best pussy friend, learn to love it, love it as much as you love this!" She had barely turned and there was at least an inch of dick in her ass. She yelped in pain, but it went unheard as her nose was already in Marge's pussy. As her son relentlessly pressed into her she couldn't help think what a friend Marge was, if she hadn't helped lubing her up this would be terrible. It hurt a lot but that was only right, she wasn't getting anything more than she deserved. Now her head was being shook, Marge had her by the ears ans was yelling, "Use that tongue or I'll have daddy spank you!"

Mary grabbed onto that "Daddy' and hung to it, 'Daddy teach me, Daddy's right, Daddy spank, I'm the baby, the baby cunt, got to lick mommie make daddy feel good.' She felt daddy's belly pushing against her ass, she had taken all of daddy and was proud. 'Now make mommie cum, make mommie and daddy cum, be the good baby!' Keeping a finger near Marge's clit, she lifted her head, "Mommie, daddy's all the way in me! All" That's as far as she got as Paul pushed on her head, pushed her back where she belonged. Mary got so into eating her first pussy, the tastes, the texture, that strange intimate smell that she was shocked to realize that her son was still fucking her ass and it didn't hurt near as much! She had to try, she wiggled her ass back at Daddy, her son. 'My daddy, my everything. She actually shivered with excitement. Oh god, I thought it would be bad. I deserve this, it's good. My daddy's prick fixes everything!'

That wiggle woke Paul to what was happening, his mother liked this shit! 'Wonder how she'll like her first whipping see if you like that cunt!'. Now he was pounding for home, he looked up from his mother's back to Marge's face, he knew that face, she was about ready to pop! "That's it, baby, make Marge cum, make daddy cum, earn your keep cunt!" He blasted into his mother! For Mary it was all she could do to not bite the pussy in her face. As it was, she sucked up the clit and tried to vacuum it into her throat. It was sort of; take a cum and pass it on. Paul, Mary and then Marge, usually Marge and Paul had a pretty regular after cum procedure, Marge holding his wet dick till they both caught their breath and then she would lick and suck him clean. This was way different. He and his mother pulled themselves along side of Marge and everybody basically passed out, Paul was the first to wake and that was a full half hour later.

When you wake up on the rug, there is a moment's panic, what happened? Paul realized that he was in a meat sandwich consisting of his mother and his aunt, his dick still dirty from his mother's ass and as he looked, there was a faint grin on both faces. Somebody had thrown a quilt over them, but they were still on the floor! Still Paul laid there absorbing the last 24, Marge, the accountant and now his mother, can it get any better? Getting up, he thought, we're sure going to try! "Mom, Marge, upsy daisy!' His mother awoke and it all came flooding back to her, eating Marge, her ass. She came, came on her ass being fucked, or was it from eating pussy? No, it was her son! Yes, her son had made her cum! He did it, not her, not Marge, Paul was the ... she thought, but the only word that worked was, master!

Marge shook her head to get orientated, well, somebody likes eating pussy, got to be sure Paul lets me have lots of that! Suddenly Mary was there with a warm washcloth to cleanse her son, "Hey, no washcloths, use you mouth, I do it, you can too!" Mary barely took a deep breath and was lifting and sucking a rather unpleasant smelling dick, she was surprised, it smelled worse than it tasted. There was dried cum, the leftover lube and just a faint flavor of what she guessed must be shit. She barely had to remind herself of how lonely she was and her tongue was searching every nook and cranny of his dick and balls.

Then his mother amazed the two of them, unbidden she turned and started on Marge, pussy was a lot easier, it had just been licked, it was just a little natural lube and plain old body sweat, as Mary was pulling Marge's lips open to get at everything she could reach she realized, that this wasn't so bad, I can do this! She hide her smile in Marge's pussy! She looked up, "Is that good enough?" In answer, Marge pulled her up and kissed her. Mary took it as a kiss of acceptance and almost wet herself in happiness.

Paul made a point of pushing his mother, she was never going to forget today!. "OK mom. On my lap. Legs open, always show your cunt!" Now hands roaming her tits, and her crotch she was fondled, inventoried and questioned! "Did you like eating pussy?" Mary almost didn't hear the question, sitting naked on her son's lap in front of her sister in law seemed worse than getting fucked in front of her. Getting her ass reamed seemed some sort of natural progression from A to B to C, this, naked, legs spread, was open, no excuses, only whores would do something like this! She was showing Marge, that she would do anything. Each pinch or fondle was a rush of sensation, each more corrupt than the one before, as she willed her knees open she was aware that she was giving something up.

Turning his head, "How did she do Marge?"

"She has lots to learn, but not bad."

Pinching a nipple, "Yeah, you're going to have to show her how to suck cock. Maybe her pussy's a better fuck than her ass." Two finger jammed their way up her. Thank god she was wet! "How does my mommy feel about her little sonny having his hand in her twat?"

It took her a moment to realize he was waiting for an answer. "I think I'm going to like it a lot."

"Well mommy dearest, whats most important is that you make me happy, then you make Marge happy, now, before we go out; sit on my lap and get yourself off. We want to watch our new toy!"

This was awful, she knew what to do, she didn't know how to do it in front of anyone. When the frustration got too much for her, she played with herself, but even in the privacy of her own bedroom she always did it with her hand under a sheet

Still looking confused, Marge grabbed a hand and stuck three of Mary's fingers into her mouth. Marge took those soaked fingers and just shoved them into her. Mary had never ever done anything like this in front of anyone, but one look at her son's face convinced her that this was a test she had to pass. She started to move her fingers while thinking, show him, show her, slowly at first, as if she was trying to sneak it past somebody. "Come on mommy, we don't have all day!" Both of her nipples were pinched, Knowing there was no way out she leaned her head back into her son's shoulder, she took her thumb and forefinger into her mouth and snaked them down to her, her Pussy? Cunt? Whatever her Paul wants to call it. Then her thumb moving over her clit and other finger inside of her it was only a few minutes until she forgot she had an audience, soon she was rubbing her ass on her son's leg. In another minute it was just DO IT! She felt her heat growing, Just before she came she thought, did getting my butt done release something? And then she was off. As she came back she realized she was still on her son's lap and Marge was looking right at her.

Marge spoke first, "After that, you're going to have to get me off. That sure looked good from here."

Paul joined in, with a big tit squeeze and a kiss he said, "That's my momma, that's my mommie cunt,, likes her puss, likes her cums. You may turn out to be a good cunt after all. Marge don't worry, you'll get your cum after lunch, I'm hungry."

She squeezed that compliment to herself. Hope!

After showers they went out to lunch, Paul had ceremoniously removed her collar, "We'll save this for special occasions, of course, you a bad doggie, who knows where I'll make you wear it. Think about this, just give your leash to somebody and walk away and leave you with them!"

Mary automatically sat in the back seat, she wasn't sure if she'd ever be allowed in the front seat with her son ever again. But she was overjoyed, they were at a restaurant with tablecloths, for her this was almost decadent! She was all set to order when she turned to Paul, "Is it alright if I have a Perrier?" As he said sure and gave his order, the waitress thought, boy, for a kid, he runs a tight ship.

Paul and Marge were talking and Mary was luxuriating in buttering a roll, for months she had walked by places like Applebee's and Friday's and here she was with tablecloths and bread and rolls on the table! WOW! "What, I'm sorry dear. I wasn't listening." As she said that she was frightened, what if he gets angry?

"I was asking if you enjoyed this morning?"

Looking to be sure there was no one listening, "That was my first time back there, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would." And rushing to be sure he didn't take offense. "You know how big you are, without Marge's help it would have been a lot worse. Uh yeah, I did enjoy," lowering her voice even more, "Marge, that was another first for me, I hope I did it right. Paul, Marge, I mean it, I want to help, I want to be part of what you two have. I do wrong, tell me, I promise I'll change." By now the waitress had removed their salad plates and when the entrees came the plates were so good looking, Mary wanted to cry in happiness, This is where she belonged, once again she vowed,. What ever it takes! Her son hunched his chair closer to the table and she felt his hand slide under her skirt. Her half smile was frozen on her face. Swallowing once she forced her knees wide.

Paul, in a normal conversational voice said, "Marge reach under the table, feel how our cunt is sitting with her legs spread." Now there was a hand on each thigh, Mary hunched her chair as far as it could go under the table. She was afraid of where this was going to end up but determined not to back out. Marge reached down and grabbed that little roll of flesh just above where her leg rested on the chair. Grabbed and squeezed, Mary let out a little groan, "ooh"

"Baby, why don't you give daddy your panties, show him what a good wet girl you are." Without a word, Mary was up from the table, in the stall she not only took off her panties but wiped herself dry on them! How did Marge know she was so wet? Back at the table, she held out her hand to Paul, when he ignored it she swung to Marge.

Paul said, "On the table, right next to your plate I think." When Mary put them down they might have well have been a flashing neon with bells ringing, she felt the whole dining room must see them. "Finish your meal, when the waitress comes, use them as a napkin!" All Mary could think was dues, got to pay my dues. Even dreading what was coming, the meal was very good. When the waitress showed up and asked if they wanted any dessert Paul said no, they had some waiting at home. Mary took that as her cue and picking up her lime green panties so the were clearly visible over each hand she slowly blotted her lips. Looking the waitress in the eye, she said, 'Everything was delicious." Mary couldn't believe how brazen she was, the waitress kept a very straight face but Paul discovered her home phone number when he picked up his receipt!

Mary and Marge held it in until they got to the parking lot. Mary was first, "I thought I would die! Paul, I've never done anything like that. Never! I might have left a wet spot on the chair! Can we go right home?

Marge was next. "Mary you're a quick study! I'm impressed", and she kissed her sister in law. It was a very friendly kiss!

On the drive home, Paul looked in the rear view mirror. Mother, I want to see both your hands!" Marge and Mary both laughed.

When they got home, Mary was dismissed as if morning and lunch had never happened, " Mom, we'll see you later, Marge and I have some work to finish up." And the door to his suite closed. No matter how small or big a house it's always lonely when you're the only one there. Even though she knew Marge and her son were just on the other side of the door, she somehow felt she was on a desert island. She started twice to put her ear to the door to see if she could hear what they were up to, but both times she drew back, she would die if she was caught ... Out of frustration she mopped the kitchen floor.

Behind that door Marge was getting ready to suck her favorite dick. "You shouldn't be so hard on your mom."

"Well then, let me ask you, will you go down on her?"

"Sweetie, by now, you got to know, if you told me, I'd suck off Godzilla!'

"How about spanking her?"

It wasn't too hard to figure where this conversation was going, taking a lick of his dick, "Paul, how often do I have to tell you, you're my man,. You tell me, I do it, spank your mother, make her lick us clean after sex, shit I'd like to make her fuck other people just so you could watch. And as he digested that, his aunt inhaled his dick. He was a quick cum as he thought of the possibilities of his mother as sex slut sent skyrockets off in his head.

Just before they went into the main part of the house, "Marge, I like your ideas about mom, lets turn her into our resident house cunt!" She squeezed his hand in anticipation.

Mary wasn't sure what to do after lunch so she changed into one of the maid outfits Paul had given her, Not the extreme one but one with a wrap around skirt. She sat at the kitchen table with a glass of tap water, what's going on, they fuck my ass, they embarrass me in public, although that was sort of exciting, but we get home and they just leave me? She checked, yes she was wet, Ohh, I want more! She wanted to put the collar back on but didn't think she had permission. When Paul and Marge walked into the room, she automatically stood up, as a sign of respect.

"Oh nice, see you got one of the new outfits on, unwrap, let's look!" This had never occurred to her, she just thought the wrap around was like some sort of dust protector. It hadn't occurred to her that it was an easy off for her son. She undid the belt and pulled it open to stand there flat footed in house shoes, plain old everyday underwear, bought for long wear instead of for beauty. As she pulled the wrap open as if she was flashing somebody she thought, wrong! Wrong, need nicer underwear. "Oh mom, can't you dress better? From now on, good looking undies, Marge show her." Marge undid her robe and there she was in an electric blue scanty bra and panty set, thigh high nylons in dark gray and of course heels. "See! Marge, take mom to her room, go through her drawers, you remember what I pitched of yours, do the same there. Mom. mommycunt, Mary, Marycunt, well, we'll figure out what to call you, how about Tweedy?" The mention of their old dog, scared her a little. "Marge, take Marycunt to the mall, you remember where we shopped, see if you can get some matching outfits. If not buy the two of you a couple of matching outfits. I've got some lab work to do

We'll have a fashion show tonight. Mary was still standing, still holding her wrap open, she didn't know what to do unless someone told her. Paul walked up to his mother and pulled her close for a kiss, this was a kiss of authority, of proprietorship she was just a receiver not active, as his tongue rubbed her gums, his hand pulled at her panties and suddenly there were two fingers inside of her! Another new thing for Mary, never, ever, had someone just casually stuck fingers into her! Damn, this was exciting, so shaming, to have no control, to be a receptacle not a participant, she wanted to sink onto those fingers to never let them escape, she was made for this! As sudden as the kiss started it ended as quickly as Paul turned to Marge, holding his hand up, "look she's dripping! Maybe you should blot her before you get to the store. Not a word from Marge, she leaned in and sucked those wet fingers into her mouth. Without looking she heard a small gasp from Mary, take that bitch she thought as she released the now almost dry fingers.

On the drive to the mall, Marge started on her rival. "Mary, we have to get some things straight here. I'm your son's cunt; that's what he calls me, that's what I am, he says jump, I say how high. Don't look to me for friendship, my number one job is keeping your son happy. I want to say that so that you understand when I tell you, I don't want any arguments when we're in the store! My word on your wardrobe is final!

A very nervous Mary quietly said, "Yes, yes ma'am"

Marge liked the sound of that ma'am. "Now look, from now on, I want you to follow my lead in bed, if we work together we can make Paul happy, I never thought I would ever share a man but here we are so let's make the best of it. When he cums in our mouth, let's automatically share, before we swallow; we kiss and swap cum, let's show him how important he is to us! We sure don't want him looking around for others! Now you've know him all of his life, think, is there something special we could do for him?

Mary was staring straight ahead out the windshield. It was one thing to give yourself at home, but talking like this at 2 in the afternoon, in a car, fully clothed, almost too much input. "Uh what do you mean?'

"Come on, any games you played when he was a little kid?

"Well he used to get all giggly when I sucked his toes when he was three or four."

"Hell, let's try it, one suck his dick and the other play Little Piggy with his toes. We'll see" It was a whirlwind shopping trip, 2 stores and $700.00 later they were on the way home with six matching outfits and another 10 sets of ultra underwear, bras that were barely there, panties that felt like they might slid off or were so low cut, Mary had felt like some Vegas show girl. They both had a laugh as they got two matching sets of crotchless panty outfits. The salesgirl though they were a little old for hookers, but the credit card cleared. On the way home, Marge stopped at a drug store and came out with a bag of makeup and a 12 pack of Perrier, Mary had found a new friend.

When they got back home, they were early enough to have to wait for Paul to get done in his lab. Marge had them into one of the matching crotchless outfits and now Mary sat on the couch with her sister in law, teacher, lead cunt and waited for their master, Marge casually said, "We got to trim up your pubes, if not tonight, shower in the morning."

Nothing to say except "Yes ma'am"

When Paul came in they both stood. Marge got behind Mary and pulled at her panties, Paul laughed when he saw they were crotchless. "You've given me an idea. Marge I want you to spank my mother, and when her pussy is dripping, you go take a shower and I'm going to take mommacunt into the bedroom and give her a workout." His only idea in doing his mother alone was to frighten her, But excluding Marge, got her nervous and jealous. Mary didn't know what hit her, she was over Marge's knee and getting smacked, almost before she knew it! Paul had to stop Marge, she was into the beating, not the sex.

As he pulled his mother up tears were streaming down her face, he turned to Marge, "Give us an hour then come in."

As he dragged his mother towards his bedroom, all she could think about was that her son had saved her, saved her sore, sore ass, Once on the bed, her son played with her. "There, hold those knees, can't you get them further back?' Take that leg, pull it all the way, right, other leg straight." Cradle my dick with your tits!" For his part, Paul wasn't even trying to cum, he was experimenting, when would his mother say no? A finger repeatedly went from her ass to her mouth. After ten minutes her ass wasn't loose but it was accepting. "Mommie, I want you to fuck my friends, you won't mind will you?"

The finger stopped moving, "I'll do it, you point, I'll be your mommacunt."

"How would you like some teenage pussy? Will you help me fuck teen age girls?"

"You want me to, I'll hold them for you! Shit you want to fuck a snake, I'll hold it by the fangs!""

He was moving pillows, "Hold your knees open, I want to try something." Now ass elevated, knees pulled wide, he slapped her flat on her vulva, it wasn't the pain as much as the shock, her knees clamped close.

"Bad momma, open wide, just a couple of more. Paul almost came as he watched his mother force her knees open and bite her lower lip. She overcame her own fears and held her self open for what ever her son decided she needed! Three more and she was silently crying and yet she felt it, her cunt was fucking vibrating! As she was trying to figure out what was happening to her. Her knees were back by her ears and her son gave her the most punishing fuck she had ever thought possible, She could feel her hamstrings screaming at the stretching, her knees ached at the extension and she could feel the bruising as her son pounded down on her pubic bone. It hurt in so many ways that when she came it was a total surprise. He was still pounding her as she grabbed and started chanting, "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck the mommacunt. Fuck her good so good my son my master cock, love you, love the fuck. It would have been hard to say what was a bigger surprise to Mary, that she could cum with all her aches or that she could cum knowing that it was her own son's cock churning her guts, her mind, ... my son ... my cock ... I made that cock ... now that cock makes and owns me ... She was both ashamed and then a movement would focus her mind on her pussy ... Oh god, my cock is making me cum so hard! Oh God, My God, I worship him, I worship that cock My Son, My OWNER!!! SHE COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW GREAT THAT INCESTEOUS COCK FELT INSIDE HER!! By her third cum she was babbling, and really didn't know what she was saying, all she knew was that she was agreeing, to what, to where, to how, didn't matter. She had accepted everything.

Now, before sucking his prick clean she was taking it, half hard and sticky with the two of them; and rubbing it all over her face. first one cheek then the other, she even held the head to her nose and tried to snort up any extra cum left! Everything hurt, her tits from his nips and his pulling, her ass from that spanking, her cunt ached from the fuck beating she had just taken, her legs and back from the positions her son had put her through. Just before she swallowed his dick, she took one more look, so pretty, so strong, her cock, her boss! It felt and tasted so good to have this cock in her mouth! Later she realized she had never been this contented! She belonged to this prick and was finally, after all those years, home! If Marge hadn't come into the bedroom she might have spent the day with her cock in her mouth or was it, his cock in his mouth, because everything she had now belonged to her son! Things continued like this for well over a month, Mary would get a gift, a sweet good ight kiss, a fancy lunch and then a just terrible ass reaming, to the point she was surprised there was no blood on the papershe blotted herself with. One day from 9Am, till past lunch she wore Tweedy's colar and had to lick her sister in lanw and her son before during and after their sex. Maery was shocked at the idea of how hot it was to force a tongue between two lovers,. That was the day she realized she was starting to like the taste and smell of freshly used pussy!.

It took a minute but she finally heard Marge, "Well how was she?"

"Marge, you may have to spank Marycunt here twice a day, she was a great fuck." Mary wouldn't look up from her assigned dick until she was told, but she smiled around the dick in her mouth. Mary had a hell of an evening, Marge sat on her face while her son fucked her, she sucked Marge clean after a mighty ass fuck that left her jealous just from watching. Marg was siting on her facing her feet, and as she sucked and licked at her asshole Marge was tweaking her cunt, she almost pitched Marge off when Marge took a thumb and middle finger and snapped her clit. It was unexpected, it was pain, it was hot, but above all she reminded herself, it was more than she deserved. Before the three of them collapsed she had got ass fucked twice and Marge and her son had jointly fingered her to another massive cum.

Waking up was so bizarre that she didn't move for a full five minutes, there next to her was her son, a leg over Marge, Marge's tits were just laying there her mouth a little open and a touch of drool in one corner. Although she was looking at her son's back by moving her head she could see his soft cock resting on Marge's leg. Yesterday had been such a life changer, she quickly tried to review all that had happened and got lost, was that before or after Marge bit her, was that when he spanked her tit? It was all a jumble all she knew for sure was that she had made a commitment not only to her son but to her self. She inhaled and sort of pulled all her organs together, she knew she was meant to be her son's fuck puppy, his mommacunt, his momma ass, his do everything, all around cunt! On that happy note she slid quietly out of bed and got to the bathroom to release one of the largest loads of urine she could ever remember, sitting there she thought, what if he pisses on me, the answer was almost automatic, whatever he wants, she shivered as she blotted her self and realized that yes, she would drink his piss!

Still naked, she had thought about a robe, but wasn't sure she was allowed, she brought a tray with two cups of coffee into the bedroom, her son was awake and smiling as Marge was giving him a morning blowjob, Mary smiled back at him and thought how homey, even though she wished she was the one with his prick in her mouth she was happy to see her son smiling.

Following his gesture she put the tray down and sat on the edge of the bed. Paul blew her a kiss and took her hand and put it on top of Marge's head! The two of them jumped. Marge had figured out that Mary had sat on the bed when she felt the bed shift. But the hand, who was in charge here, then she accepted, he was, Paul was in charge, she renewed her sucking going into epic scale, show ... both of them! For Mary, her hand on the top of Marge was in a way hotter than anything from last night. She couldn't help it, "That's it, suck that master prick, suck for me too! Make my boy happy!"

Paul couldn't have been happier, his own mother was cheering on someone giving him a blowjob! It was not only his world, it was his universe. His hand clamped down on his mother's he pushed hard as he came. Marge resisted for fear her nose was going to be broken being shoved into her nephew's crotch. Paul thought it was because his dick was too big for her! Mary loved it,"Squirm bitch, take it! Take it, take my son's cum!"

Soon Marge was lifting her head with some deliberately leaking cum on her lips, she puckered her lips, Paul barely had to touch his mother, and before his eyes, his cunts, his two best cunts were sharing his cum, he thought how hot that was to look ar, they thought how lucky they were to be able to share.

From then on, most mornings, were some sort of variation on that first threesome, Paul would usually have to scramble to get ready for school, so Marge and Mary would shower later. At first, every shower ended up back in bed, within a month they were actually just washing each other's backs!

That day after gym, Paul was sneaking peeks at other dicks, as far as he could tell, his wasn't that much bigger than anyone else. He shrugged to himself, I guess it's all in how you use it.

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