Off to College She Goes
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An 18 year old girl gets ready to go off to college.

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My friend Tina and I have been close since we both went thru divorces.Not a relationship close yet, but were close fuck buddies.We both just wanted sex without no string.We want to see other people without the hassle of a relationship.It has worked well for a few years now.We have talked recently about me moving in and furthering our relationship.

She has a 18 year old daughter who is getting ready to go off to college in the fall.Kathy is a very shy tall slender girl, noting real big everything about the right size.One night I had dinner over there and got to talking with Kathy about going away form school. She said she was excited and afraid at the same time.I told her to enjoy herself and that there's nothing to be afraid of.Just stick with crowds and not to go any place alone.And I told her kinda fatherly and not to much drinking.Her mother spoke up and said "no drinking!!" I said ok mom no drinking, while winking at Kathy.Tina said "I saw that", we all had a good laugh.

A few nights later Tina and I were at the bar, and she ask me if I would do her and Kathy a favor.I said sure "you know I'll do anything for you too". She started talking about how close her and Kathy are, closer than most moms and

daughters.Said they talk about everything and there's nothing Kathy won't talk to her about. She looked down at her drink and started talking.She said the one thing that scares Kathy the most about going away is that shes still a virgin.And was afraid if it happen while she was away and she wouldn't be around her mom ... She wants to lose her virginity before she leaves.I ask whats this got to do with me doing you a favor.

She said "well" and after a pause.She said "Kathy wants you to do it". I was floored, I didn't know what to say.I just stared at her in confusion.I finally stuttered out I cant do that.She said ok but don't say anything to Kathy I told her she would have to ask you.I just wanted to get your opinion.

I asked her how she felt about it, Tina said she would be alright with it because she knew I wouldn't hurt her.And that is what Kathy is afraid of some guy hurting her.I did ask her why me.She said her and Kathy talk about everything and when Kathy brought up the subject losing her virginity. Tina told her she needed a gentle man.Some one that wont hurt you.

Kathy then ask her how I was during sex.She told her I was very sweet and gentle with her.Kathy then ask her mom if she would mine if she asked me to do it.

Tina said she didn't know what to tell her, at first then she said he would be easy with you.Then Kathy ask if her mom would ask me, but Tina told her she would have to ask me.

I thought about that a lot, here I am a 48 year old man having a 18 year old offer her virginity to me.I finally told myself if Kathy has the nerve to ask me I would do it for her.Kinda got turned on thinking about it, a nice firm titties and ass.

A few nights later I saw Tina out back and walked over to the fence and started talking.I finally told her if she was ok with it and Kathy had the nerve to ask I would do it.Tina smiled and said "this may sounds wrong, but thank you". I said "set up a dinner and lets see how serious she is". She said Friday night ok with you, I said sure I, ll be over about 6.

About 5 :30 or so I headed over, not knowing how the night would turn out.They both were in the kitchen finishing up dinner, they both were real good cooks so I had dinner there a lot.They cooked a good home town dinner.Pork chops, fried potatoes, greens, and apple pie for desert.Just the kind of dinner I like.

We had dinner and talked a lot.Kathy started talking about school and Tina looked over at me and raised her eye brow.Kathy started talking about the classes she would be talking about how she hoped she got a good room mate in the dorm.

I said "you will do fine, you are a smart girl don't worry about". She smiled and said but I'm scared about it too.I said "there's nothing to be afraid of, just find a few good friends and stick with them". She said yea, but there's one thing that scares me the most.

I ask her what that was and after a long pause she started talking.She said one of her friends lost her virginity while away at college and the guy was mean, really hurt her doing it and that wasn't how she wanted to lose hers.

Tina just sat there not saying a word.I said "you can always wait till you get married", Kathy said "yea, but I don't want to". If I met a guy there I want to be able to be with him ... Mom got me on birth control early so when it did happen I would be ready.Kathy said I'm just afraid making a mistake and letting the wrong guy do it like my friend did.

After a long silence Kathy put her hand on mine and said "will you do it for me, Mom said it would be alright". I just looked at her and said "are you sure you want to do this and not wait". She said "yes she was sure". I looked over t her mom and said only if its ok with mom.Tina said if that"s what Kathy wants it ok with me.I said ok then I, ll do it, but not tonight.

I wanted both of them to think about it some more.They both said ok we will talk later.

After dinner I said well lets all go down and throw a few balls at the bowling alley.When we got there Tina and I headed to the bar while Kathy got our shoes and Tina thanked me again, said she glad Kathy is doing this way and that she glad Kathy choose me.I said ok, but talk to her more about this.I want to make damn sure this is what she wants.

We bowled several games then headed home, Tina invited me in for another drink.We went in and Kathy headed upstairs while we sat at the kitchen table talking.I said "wow I cant believe this", me an old divorced man.I looked at her and said "is this really happening". She said "we will have to wait and see".

A week went by and I didn't hear anything from either one of them, thought maybe she had changed her mind.Then on Thursday evening I got a call inviting me over for dinner on Friday.I accepted of course at least I would be getting a good dinner out of it.

I was actually nervous about going over there.I got there right on time this time, and they had a big plate of pasta waiting for me.I said I could get used to this.Tina spoke up and said that offer still stands.Kathy said "what offer". Tina said her and I had talked about me moving in after she left for school. Kathy said ok and kinda looked down at her plate.Tina saw her and put her hand on hers and said It still ok dear.I understand what you are going thru.Kathy looked up at me and said is it still ok with you.I said yes, she smiled.

We eat dinner and Tina and I had a drink while Kathy went upstairs.Tina said Kathy was upstairs taking a shower.I said for me? Tina said "yes for you". I said you talked about this with her right? Tina said we talked about it a lot and that's what she wants.I took her hand and looked straight in her eyes and said "is this really ok with you". I told her I didn't want this to effect us because I wanted to move in.Tina leaned in and kisses me and said "yes it fine with me".

After a bit Kathy called for her mom and Tina went upstairs for a few minutes.When she came back down I ask what she wanted, Tina laughed and said "she wanted to know what to wear". I said "what did you tell her", Tina said "I told her a tee shirt and shorts would be fine".

Kathy came down dressed in a white tee shirt and terry cloth shorts.She sat down on the couch and looked at her mom, not saying anything.Her mom looked at me and I looked at Kathy and ask her again are you sure you want to do this.Kathy said yes and I turned to Tina and ask her the same question, Tina also said yes.

I said ok got up and held out my hand to Kathy, she took my hand and I lead her to her room. When we got in her room she stopped turned to me and ask if her mom could be in the room.I said "sure if that whats she wants", Kathy yelled down to her mom and Tina came up and Kathy ask her if she would be there with her.Tina told her yea and turned and sat down at Kathie's desk.

I looked over at Tina and she gave me a smile so I turned to Kathy took her shirt in my hand and started to pull it up.Kathy slowly raised her arms and I pulled her shirt off her.She kinda closed her arms hiding herself from me.I saw her and said you can stop this any time you want.She said "no" I want this, she lowered her arm and I could see her full firm tits being held in by her bra.I slide my hand down across her hips and pulled her shorts down, she put her hand on my shoulder as she stepped out of them.She stood there very nervously.

I again ask her if she was sure, she said 'yes' so I turned her around and unhooked her bra.I pulled her bra straps over her shoulders and it fell to the floor.I put my hands on her shoulders, looked at her mom and turned her around.She had beautiful tits, not that big but nice and fat with those little nipples.Her nipples got hard right away from the cool air hitting them.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her towards me, she stepped forward and I ran my hands across her tits.I stopped and squeezed them, told her she had nice titties.I leaned in and took one of her little nipples in my mouth.I sucked one tittie after the other, I took her nipples between my fingers and rolled them.She jumped a little and I said "you ok". She said yea, just surprised me some.I took my hands down across her ass, gave her a gentle squeeze and then pulled her panties down till her stepped out of them.

I put my hands on her hips and eased her back so I could take a look at her.She had a fine bush of light red hair on her, I rubbed my hand across her bush and she flinched.I said "you still ok", she said yea just don't know what to expect.

I stepped back and pulled my shirt off, unzipped my pants.I looked at her then her mother and said "are you both ok with this", They both said yes so I pulled my pants off.When I stood up from taking them off my cock was fully hard.Kathy looked down at it and her eyes were big a saucers.I think she was amazed at how big it was.

She looked over at her mom looked back at me.She was scared I could tell that from the look on her face.I took her hand and put it on my cock, she wrapped her hand around it.She just held it for a minute till I said "move it up and down on it". She started jerking me off, after a minute or two she relaxed and switched hands.She was just looking down at it while she jerked it.I put my finger under her chin picked her head up looked her in the eyes and ask her if she was ready.She looked at me and said "yes I am".

I took her hand and turned toward the bed and she sat down, and slid back onto the bed.When she was back far enough I climbed up on the bed with her.I couldn't resist, I slide my hands up her legs and spread them open, She was resistant at first, but slowly open her legs.I looked down a that virgin pussy and it looked so tight, I took my thumbs and spread her pussy lips open, Looking deep into her virgin pussy.

I turned and looked at Tina, turned back to Kathy and leaned in a licked her virgin pussy, she quivered as my tongue ran across her pussy and up to her clit.I settled in and licked and sucked her pussy for a while, sticking my tongue deep in her tight pussy.Kathy was just laying there not knowing what to do or how to act.I looked up across her flat stomach and on to those firm tits, there were standing up proud.I reached up and got two handfuls of her tits gave her a good firm squeeze, I licked her one more time before I rose up.I slide my finger into her slowly till I was all the way in, she felt so tight even on my finger.I fingered her for a few minutes, seeing if she would get wet.

She got a little wet but not enough, I thought to enter her with hurting her.I turned to Tina and ask her to go get some cream from her room.Tina came back and I ask Kathy one more time are you sure about this, we can always stop.Kathy said "no I want you to do this for me". I took a finger full of cream and rubbed it over the outside of her pussy and slide my finger deep into her tight pussy.

I stood up and took my cock, stroked some cream on it before I took my cock in my hand as I climbed between her legs, I again looked over at Tina.Tina came over and sat down on the edge of the bed, put her hand on Kathy's forehead and ask her if she was ready.Kathy said "yea", and Tina told her now its going to hurt at first but it wont hurt very long, but its going to hurt.

Kathy said ok I'm ready.I took my cock head and put it on her pussy and pushed in just a little.Kathy jumped a little as I pushed father in.I felt her tense up as I got father in.Suddenly I felt a rush of warmth on my cock I knew I had just taken her virginity and Kathy let a low ouch.I stopped and let her calm down, she looked over at her mom and said "it hurts mom".

Tina told her I know, it will be ok.I pushed in father and Kathy yelled out again with pain.I stopped again before slowly pushing father into her.She was almost ready to cry and I wanted to stop, but I knew it was almost over so I pushed deeper into her.

The deeper I got into her the tighter she felt, and then suddenly she just lay back and relaxed some.I slowly pushed the remaining length of my cock into her.I was fully into her now, I stayed deep into her for a few seconds before pulling back and pushing back in.

After a few long strokes, I looked down at her and she had tears running down her cheeks.Her mom wiped the tears away and told her is ok it wont hurt anymore now.Kathy said ok and looked back up at me and said thank you.I told her I was glad to do this for her.

I ask her if she was ready for some more.She said "yea" and I slowly started stroking my cock in and out of her.She would tense up as I entered her deeply, but it wasn't hurting her anymore.I reach down and lifted her legs up and re adjusted myself and pushed very deep into her, she moaned as I bottomed out into her.I gave her a few good long deep strokes, I wanted to open her up fully so I knew it would never hurt her again.I gave her one last deep thrust, held there and said "well there dear its done how do you feel". Kathy said 'it hurt at first but it doesn't now I feel good', I said good.

I pulled completely out of her and said, lets go get cleaned up.We both looked down at my cock that was covered with her virgin blood.I took her hand and we headed to the bathroom and got into the shower.

We showered together and got out and dried each other off, and headed back into her bedroom.

Her mom was there waiting for us, she ask Kathy how she felt.Kathy told her she felt fine and was glad it was over.Her mom wiped her wet hair away from her face, leaned down and kissed her on her forehead.She then took my hand and leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

Tina said to me "I guess you want to get finished off too". I said "yea I kinda do". She said I'll bet you do.

Tina turned to Kathy and told her there was more to sex than just doing it.Tina told her to get down on her knees on the floor by the edge of the bed.Kathy sat down and looked up at me, my cock was just about tittie level with her tits.Tina told her to hold out her hand and Tina took some cream and put it in her palm.Kathy figured it out right away, she wrapped her hand around my cock.Tina told her to jerk on it.

Kathy started stroking my cock with her hand. Then to Kathy's surprise I shot a big wad of cum across her chest very quickly.She stopped at first, and her mom told no don't stop.Kathy went back to jerking me till I shot several wads of cum onto her tits.I was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

I stepped away from her and wiped her hair away from her face and she looked up at me and I could see my cum dripping off her firm tits.I said to her "well you just made a man cum for the first time, how did you like it". She said it was ok.I said it was more then ok it was great.

She ask did I really do good, I said yes you did real good and her mom spoke up and said yes honey you did real good.You took losing your virginity good, Kathy said I had a good man to take it.I said thanks I was glad she choose me.

I held out my hand to Kathy, she took them and I helped her get up.I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and said.". You're a woman now". Tina spoke up and said there's more to learn if you want to learn more.

Kathy smiled, looked at me and said "only if you teach me". I said I would be glad to teach you and would probably enjoy it.Tina spoke right up and said to Kathy "he will enjoy it!"

Tina told her to go get cleaned up, Kathy left the room and Tina grabbed me gave me a big kiss right on my lips.She said "thank you, you were very easy with her". I said I hope I didn't hurt her to bad, Tina said no I think you were very gentle.Tina said a lot gentler than when she lost her virginity.

Kathy came back in and saw Tina and I kissing and said "go to your room if you are going to do that stuff". We all laughed and I said "give this old man time to recover and I'll give you another lesson". Kathy smiled and said "ok professor".

We all laughed then got dressed and went to the kitchen where we talked and Tina and I both had a drink.

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