Old Friends, Old Problems
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sal and Josh grew up together in the same old neighborhood. One became a cop, the other ended up running the family business, a business that was just a front for a crime organization. Still friends after a lot of years. And then there was the girl who had lived upstairs when they were young. This is the story of three lives.

Salvatore Zampiceni leaned back in his over-stuffed executive chair with his feet propped up on a half-way pulled out drawer in his desk and gazed out the windows of his sumptuous office. Because his office faced the west and being on the 37th floor, plus having floor to ceiling windows, Zampiceni was provided with a perfect view of the setting sun in the distance. However, tonight the gorgeous hues of gold and orange were wasted on the brooding man. Salvatore's thoughts were occupied with far more serious matters.

Salvatore's oldest friend from childhood, who was a detective captain in the cities homicide division, had called earlier in the day and asked to see him; telling him it was important. Salvatore was now very curious; for his old friend to come and see him at his office meant whatever was happening must be serious; very serious. The two old friends had never actually come to any sort of verbal agreement regarding the captain's visits, it was just understood that it wasn't a good idea for a detective captain to be seen leaving Zampiceni's office. Needless to say, Zampiceni's friend's visits were very rare. There was never any proof that Salvatore was perhaps the most powerful Don currently still alive in America, but for a high ranking police official to be seen coming from his old friend's office was not a good idea.

The phone on Salvatore's desk rang softly and he reached out and pushed the lighted button. Turning his head, he spoke towards the phone. "Yes,"

The voice on the phone was female and totally business. "Captain Howard is here to see you sir."

The man smiled at the phone as he replied. "Thank you Miss Simmons, please show him in."

"Yes sir." And the phone clicked dead.

Shortly the tall office door swung in and an elegantly dressed woman stepped into the room followed by a man who seemed to dwarf the woman. The tall man's suit was rumpled and in need of being dry cleaned. The tips of his once starched shirt were now curled and the knot of his tie was greasy and crooked from being tugged at. The Captain also looked like he hadn't stood close enough to his razor that morning; his face was now sporting a two-day growth. Captain Howard's face was seamed and lined and his eyes resembled a hound dog's eyes.

The woman leading the way into the office was dressed in a stunning cocktail dress, obviously having plans for the evening once Salvatore was finished with her. Her voice was soft and low, "Will there be anything else Mr. Zampiceni?"

"No Miss Simmons." Zampiceni paused and when he spoke again his voice had warmed as he added, "And Tanya, thanks for staying late. I hope you have a good time at your party."

The young woman smiled and nodded her head in appreciation at her bosses' comments. "Why thank you Mr. Zampiceni; that was most kind of you. I promise I'll have a great time. Good night sir." She smiled and as she shut the door, Howard thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Zampiceni's warm voice continued, "Good night Miss Simmons." As the door closed, Howard had moved the rest of the way across the office and dropped into one of the comfortable chairs arranged in front of Zampiceni's massive desk. Howard smiled at the man behind the desk and shook his head. "Damn Sal, I don't know how you do it but every time I come here your secretary is better looking than the last one; this one was breathtaking. By the way, speaking of the last one, what happened to her?"

Very few people were allowed to call Zampiceni by his first name, and even fewer were ever allowed to call him Sal. To have that honor bestowed on anybody was a rare privilege and showed a friendship he shared with few people. Detective Joshua Howard went all the way back to their early childhood. Before Josh's father died they had lived in the same neighborhood. Shortly after his death Josh and his mother had to move but the two friends had kept in touch over the years. What Josh didn't know until much later but it had been Sal's father who had provided Josh's mother with a job and had made sure Josh had a college fund. This was just one of the myriad of reasons Josh felt so beholding to the Zampiceni family.

Salvatore continued, "She attended a party with me one evening and she met a foreign diplomat. After a whirlwind courtship, they were married. She now lives part time somewhere in a villa on the Mediterranean and I don't know where their other homes are located."

Howard gave a low whistle and chuckled as he inquired, "How come you never take me to any functions like that so I can meet the woman who will take me away from all this," the detective swept his hand towards the tall dark windows towards the city beyond, "the woman who will keep me in the style I wish to be kept?".

Salvatore laughed and replied, "First off, you will never leave the force; you will always be a cop. And I am afraid that you are a bit long in the tooth my friend for any woman to take you as her boy toy. Sorry!" And they both laughed.

Sal leaned back in his oversized chair, tented his fingers in front of his handsome face and stared at his old friend. Finally he informed his guest, "Looks like you missed a few spots this morning on your face with your razor. What's with the lived in suit look? Going for a new fashion statement?"

Howard's voice sounded hurt when he replied, "Hey ... ease up there. I look like this 'cause of you." Sal's eyes widened as he continued to stare at his friend over his tented fingers. Finally Salvatore nodded his head and Howard continued, "So are you going to bust my balls about my appearance or do you want to know why I'm here?"

The Don bowed his head and when he looked up he was smiling at his old friend. "OK Josh, let's assume you have a good reason for showing up looking like you slept in your suit and forgot to shave. I assume you didn't come here just to discuss my help and why I have a new secretary. You never come and see me at the office. So, why did you ask me to stay late?"

The way Josh Howard slumped in the chair and placed his feet in the companion chair, it was easy to see he felt comfortable visiting his old friend. Josh studied his friend for a moment taking in the crisp white shirt, the carefully tied tie and the open vest. Howard cleared his throat, "Sal, last night two of our beat cops picked up one of Vincentia Costello's goons."

Zampiceni took his hands apart and held his hands out with the palms up.

"And so, why is that important to me?"

"This goon is gay and he didn't want to end up with the normal riff-raff we usually have in holding. He told us if we would keep him safe, he had information he knew we would want to know." Josh paused,

"And?" Sal asked, trying to encourage Josh to get to the point.

"Sal, Vince Costello has put out a hit on you. You are worth a million bucks dead."

The room was still as Sal scowled and stared intently at his old friend. Finally he spoke; his voice now soft and full of menace. "Are you fucking serious?" Josh nodded his head. Sal put his fingers back together, tented in front of his face. The room was still again for a moment and then Sal asked, "How reliable is this goon of Vince's?"

Josh was leaning back in his chair and hand his hands folded in his lap. With an even voice, he started to explain, "The goons name is Winston Charles. His last name was some Eastern European name I could never pronounce and he had it changed to 'Charles'."

Sal opened his hands and waved one as he responded. "I know who he is." The room grew still again with both men lost deep in their thoughts. Suddenly Sal jumped and laughed as he asked, "Oh, did you want a drink or anything?"

"Shit Zampiceni, I was wondering when you were going to get your head out." Both men laughed. "Same as usual if you got it?" Howard asked.

"I keep a bottle of your swill. I keep it on a separate shelf just so it won't contaminate my good stuff." Zampiceni chided him.

"Hey, my Scotch is the one who is grateful it doesn't have to sit next to your potato juice. Vodka, yuck!" Both men laughed again. Sal stood and stepped from behind his desk and went to his wet bar. Josh noticed even at the end of the day Sal's pants and vest were impeccable. His suit jacked hung on a hanger on a hat tree and his white shirt looked fresh. Salvatore Zampiceni resembled something right out of Gentleman's Quarterly.

Josh was most please when he noticed Sal was wearing the cufflinks he'd given him for Christmas several years ago and after a few moments at the wet bar, Salvatore turned with two glasses in his hands. One glass containing a clear drink Josh knew to be Vodka Tonic and the other a deep amber which contained a very rare single malt Sal kept for the rare times Josh visited. After Sal handed the drink to his friend, they clinked glassed and Sal returned to his stuffed chair behind his massive desk.

The room was growing dark now as the sun sank into the distant clouds; the only light in the room was the desk lamp on the immense executive's desk. Josh looked at his old friend for a long time and finally took a deep sip from his drink. Even though they were the same age, Josh's hair was totally silver as well as his moustache; however his eyebrows remained black while Sal's hair was still black with just a little silvering at his temples. His wide Mediterranean face with soft brown eyes was still very handsome. Anybody seeing him on the street would never guess he was rumored to be one of the most powerful men on the east coast; perhaps even America.

After a long pause and then a deep sigh, Josh asked, "Sal, I really want to know what you are planning on doing, but I know better than to ask. So instead I will ask if there is anything I can do to help."

Sal smiled warmly at his old friend as he shook his head, "Giving me the head's up was a lot; thanks, I owe you." Josh hung his head and nodded it in understanding. Sal's continued and his voice grew a bit more sinister as he asked, "Is telling me what you've shared with me going to create any problems for you down at the precinct?"

The Captain gave a bark of laughter as he replied, "Naw. We put the fear of God in Charles and then shook him loose. He's not gonna let it out. Other then myself, only one other person heard Charles' confession."

"Who else heard it?"


"Charley Stone?" Sal asked.


"Cool. I'll make sure something good comes his way." Josh nodded his head again in understanding. Sal took a deep breath and continued, "Ol' Vince has been quiet for a long time now and I've been wondering when he was going to make a move. It sounds like he's finally decided to make it. I really didn't want it to come down to perhaps a street war, but it seems that may be just all wishful thinking. I can tell you this much old friend, there are plans in place and tonight I will set things in motion. I'll be leaving town tomorrow and I don't really know when I'll be back. I'll call you and let you know when I plan on returning."

Josh leaned back in his chair and took another long draw from his drink. "Sal, trust me, I'll know when it's time for you to return." Both men smiled at each other. Josh continued, "I have something to discuss with you on a different matter. You'll never guess who I had lunch with the other day."

Sal took a long sip from his drink, placed it back on his desk and let out a deep sigh. "OK?" The way he said his next question it was as if he knew the answer. "Who?"

"Judie Cooper."

Just hearing her name made Sal's stomach tighten. The three of them went all the way back to the old neighborhood. Judie had lived in the flat above Josh and from the first time Sal had seen her, he was smitten. For some reason Judie could never make up her mind just how she felt about Sal. Sometimes she would be sweet and loving and Salvatore would do anything for her. Then for no reason at all she would get mean and treat him like dirt. Josh was working 2 jobs and didn't really have time for girls and when Judie was treating Sal poorly, he would go to Josh to talk things over.

Josh knew exactly what the problem was, but he didn't know how to tell his friend what it was. How do you tell your best friend that his girlfriend was scared ol Sal's father? Sal's father Federico was basically second in command of the local crime syndicate when they were all kids. The head of the syndicate was Federico's brother, his older brother. The front was the produce business all of them were involved in, but the word on the street was Federico and his brothers were really using the produce business to laundry all the money from their illegal enterprises. No matter how many times Sal had told Judie he didn't want to go into the family business, she was still frightened of the whole family. "How did she look?" Sal asked.

"Really good. I don't know how she does it, but she looks just like that kid that lived upstairs from me."

"Did she ask about me?"



"My friend, you have a lot going on right now. Do you really want to hear this?"

"Hell yes." Sal had raised his voice. "Sorry about that. You know I still have a thing for that woman. What did she say?"

"She wants to see you. I asked her if she thought it was wise to see you and she said she didn't care; she wants to see you."

"Any idea why?"

"None. But we spent most of lunch talking about you."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her you were getting out of the family business. I told her you were selling your share of the produce business and that you wanted to step back. Basically you wanted to retire."

"Well, I don't know if I'd say I wanted to retire." Sal chuckled at the idea.

Josh looked long and hard at his friend, "Sal, if you ever expect to have a chance with Judie, you have to get out and stay out. Sell your share and retire. I have no idea what she wants to talk to you about, but I do know she wants you out of the family business."

Salvatore leaned back in his chair and placed his feet on edge of the extended edge the drawer again. His features were partially in the dark as he nursed his Vodka tonic. Josh could tell his friend was mentally back in the old neighborhood. Without any preamble, Sal started speaking, "I'd done anything for her. It wasn't my fault my uncle and dad were taken out by that fucking car bomb. I really didn't want to have a damn thing to do with this business. That night sitting on your roof, remember?" Josh grunted in agreement, "When she found out about the bombing she cried so hard. She begged me to go away with her."

"I know Sal, I know."

"But I couldn't; somebody had to stay and take care of things. There were a lot of people who depended on dad and Uncle Paul. I just couldn't walk away. I tried to explain ... she just wouldn't listen to me." Sal brought his feet off the drawer and leaned forward, "And you ass hole, why didn't you help me? Why didn't you help me explain?"

Josh's voice was so soft Sal had lean forward and listen carefully. "My friend, I did try and help you. I told you what I thought you should do. Remember?"

"Yeah, you told me to go away with her. Big help you were."

"Sal, your dad and uncle tried so hard to keep you out of the business. They had plans for you. They had big plans and it did not include you running the business. You chose to take over the reins and if they had been alive it would have broken their heart. Why didn't you let 'Tubby' Colon take over? He was really pissed when you took over. Actually he was so pissed you had to have him taken care of; remember?"

Sal voice was low and each word was said with a deep menacing tone. "Careful Josh, you are headed someplace you really don't want to go. I think you need to stop this discussion right now."

Josh's voice sounded hurt when he replied, "Fine, you can be that way about it ... but babe, I'm telling you this, you have no idea how much crap I deal with down at the shop due to you at times. I just ignore it as long as you don't flaunt it in my face. But you and I both know what happened to 'Tubby' Colon. And while we are on this whole affair, do we want to talk about what happened to Leon Solomon?"


"God damn it! Come off it. We both know our boy Leon was the one who put the car bomb in the vehicle that took out your uncle and father. And we both know he's somewhere down in the Florida Everglades feeding God only knows what now days. Do you want me to give you the make, model and license plate number of the car you used to drive him down there?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Josh raised his voice, "Bull shit Salvatore." Josh only used his whole first name when he was really angry with him. "I knew how pissed and angry you were about Federico and Paul getting whacked. We all thought the wars were over and it was going to be more peaceful. I looked the other way and I covered for you because of the old days. I told you then you should take care of Vince Costello. I warned you he would be back and you would eventually have to deal with him. You told me you could handle him. Guess what buddy ... you now have to handle him." Josh tossed off the rest of his drink and stood up. "Do what you will, but be aware of this; I have to take care of me now."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that if it comes to a decision between you or me ... this time it will be you that ends up under the bus. I'm getting tired of pulling your nuts out of the fire all the time. Good night. I'm going home."

Salvatore watched his friend walk out the door and heard his heels walking down the marble hall. He heard the elevator door ding as it opened and then it was silent. Salvatore Zampiceni leaned back in his chair and stared out the windows looking out over the lights of the city. His thoughts wandered and he remembered a day long ago.

A day when life was so much simpler...

The day he first met Judie Cooper.

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