Tijuana Springbreak
Chapter 1: Getting Permission

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Slavery, Lesbian, Zoophilia, BDSM, Gang Bang, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Double Penetration, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Getting Permission - 16-year-old Alexis convinces her father to let her go solo on Springbreak, however her older boyfriend takes her down to Tijuana where things go terribly wrong for the young teenager.

My name's Richard Quinlan, Rick to my friends, and we live in Los Angeles. And at 45 I've always tried my best to be a good father to my kids.

That's why my two boys, Jeff and Jeremy, got to go to Springbreak when they were 16, and I wasn't about to deny their sister the same. So when Alexis turned 16, I offered her the same opportunity that I gave her brothers at that age. How was I to know that she'd choose to go to Tijuana with some of her friends.

"Alexis," I told her. "Your mother and I have given a lot of thought about this and we both decided that it would be a great experience for you to join your friends on springbreak."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Daddy," she showered me with kisses.

I just sat there and watched as my nubile daughter scurried away to her bedroom to let her friends know the good news, her long red hair flowing down her back almost all the way down to her heart-shaped ass.

What can I say, even a father can't help but notice a tight ass, even if it is his own daughter's. And with Alexis wearing one of her many skin tight dresses, this time it was black and white striped one, which didn't help matters.

Alexis has been competing in cheerleading since she was 12, and now at 16, her well-toned body showed it in every noticeable way. And the dress she had on for her date tonight showed off every womanly curve that she had, from her budding B-cup breasts, to her muscular thighs. And as any concerned father, Rick had to keep his eyes out for wolves, especially on date nights.

'Snap out of it, Richard!' He admonished himself for ogling his daughter in such a way. 'She's your kid for godsakes!'

At 5'6", Alexis was indeed a stunning beauty. Her lithe figure and great smile, not to mention her bubbling personality would always capture any guys attention at school. And unfortunately for her father, a great many older men as well.

What her father wasn't aware of at the time was that his 16-year-old had been dating this college guy by the name of Roger Kincaid, a 22-year-old frat boy. Alexis had been lying to him these past few months by telling him that her new boyfriend didn't own a car so that her friend Victoria Reynolds had to pick her up for their double-dates all the time.

And on tonight's date with Roger, Alexis was going to let him know that she would be able to join him on springbreak after all.

A few hours later, Alexis' friend Victoria showed up to pick the young redhead up for her illicit date with Roger. The slender brown-haired 16-year-old had been a cheerleading teammate of Alexis for almost as long as his daughter had been with the team. And just like his daughter, Victoria showed all of the same physical attributes that Alexis was now showing off. And of course as her friend, she knew all about her older boyfriend, and like any loyal friend, she kept her secret from Mr. Quinlan.

There was one slight difference between Victoria and his daughter, Victoria didn't seem interested in dressing provocatively the way Alexis seemed to. In this respect Richard Quinlan found this somewhat appealing to him.

"Hi there, Mr. Quinlan," Victoria said cheerfully.

"Oh, hello, Tori," Richard smiled back at the beautiful teenager. "So, where are you girls off to tonight?"

"Just your regular double-date at the movies, sir," the young brunette replied. "We've been looking forward to this Sandra Bullock movie for weeks now."

"You still not going to let me in on Alexis' new boyfriend, are you?" Richard asked, knowing the answer already.

"Eh-eh-eh," the teenaged brunette giggled. "Aw, c'mon Mr. Quinlan. You know I can't do that, it's totally against the BBF code."

A few minutes later Alexis joined them in the living room and gave a peck on the cheek of her father before rushing out the door with her cheerleading teammate.

Unlike with Alexis, Richard Quinlan did ogle his daughter's 5'7" brown-haired friend's curvy young body with lecherous thoughts in his mind.

'Damn!' He thought as he watched the two young girls getting into Victoria's car. 'What it would feel like to bury my mug in that pussy.'

And a few seconds later he heard the car roaring out into the night.

"So, your Dad gave you the okay for springbreak, huh," Victoria smiled.

"Yeah, and I can't wait to tell Roger about it," Alexis grinned back.

"So, where do you think he'll want to take you?" Her brunette friend asked. "Corpus Cristi, maybe Fort Lauderdale."

"I don't know," the red-headed teenager said with a shrug. "But I'm sure it'll be a whole lot of fun."

Ten minutes later Victoria pulled up the Roger's fraternity house and let Alexis out. There was already a crowd of older fellows on the stoop drinking and partying.

"I'll be back to pick you up at 11:00, okay?" Victoria reminded her friend.

"Right," Alexis smiled. "See you then. You sure you don't want to come in? I'm sure the guys would love to have you hang around."

"No way," the brown-haired teen told her. "I'm not as adventurous as you are, Lexi."

And with that the car pulled away and drove off. Alexis then turned and made her way up to the fraternity house to meet up with her older boyfriend for some fun.

Roger was inside the frat-house smoking some pot when Alexis walked in wearing her tight fitting dress.

All conversation suddenly stopped as every guy in the place quickly noticed the sweet young thing that walked pass them toward Roger.

"Hey, baby," he grinned up at her, lost in the midst of drug induced stare. "Been waitin' for ya, Lexi. Ya wanna toke?"

"You know I don't do that stuff, Roger," Alexis rejected the offer.

To that Roger took another toke and blew the smoke into the 16-year-old's face, which Alexis unintentionally inhaled. Though not as effective as smoking the pot herself, it did give her a light buzz.

"I've got some great news, honey," Alexis told him. "It turns out that I'll be able to go on springbreak with you after all."

"That's cool, babe," he smiled, taking another hit of the drug. "We'll be takin' off next Friday, that okay with you?"

"Sure thing," the redhead smiled back.

"Just make sure ya got your passport with ya," he told her.

"Why?" Alexis was caught off guard by this announcement.

"Because we're headin' for Mexico, honey," he informed her with a wiggle of his ass in celebration.

"Ar ... are you sure about this?" Alexis sounded a bit concerned about this trip. "I mean, I've heard some nasty stories about the things that go on down there."

"Hey, no worries, babe," he told her. "I'll be there to protect ya."

Alexis relaxed because he seemed so calm about this, forgetting that he was also high on drugs at the moment. And the small amount of pot that she had breathed in also helped in reducing her misgivings.

"C'mere, babe," Roger reached up to her.

The teenaged redhead allowed herself to fall into his arms on the soiled couch of the fraternity. She didn't take notice to all the leering eyes that was watching her every move. If she could have read their minds she would have run out of that house as fast as she could.

"C'mon, baby, gimme some lovin'," Roger told her as he pushed her down until she was now level to his crotch.

With that Roger groggily got up to his feet and unbuckled his belt to drop his pants down to his knees. He then pushed Alexis down so that she was now level to his protruding cock and encouraged her to give him some lip service.

Alexis allowed her boyfriend to guide down, but she still refused to kneel on the floor of the fraternity house because she'd seen firsthand what these men allowed to drop there. Instead, she squatted down until her face was level with Roger's cock and reached up with her hand to grasp it.

"Oh-h-h-h! Yeah-h-h-h! Lexi!" Roger groaned. "That's it, baby! Go for it, sweatheart!"

Though still very inexperienced in sex, Alexis really didn't want to disappoint her older boyfriend. And so she leaned forward and allowed the tip of his cock to touch her young sensuous lips. It felt so warm and velvety against her mouth, but she still wouldn't go all the way and actually allow his penis to go any further than just kissing its tip.

Roger had been after this 16-year-old beauty for months now, and he didn't know how much longer he could hold off before losing all control. But he knew how old she really was, and he wasn't about to get charged with rape if he could help it.

That's why this springbreak trip to Tijuana was so important to him. This would be his chance to do something about it. He figured that anything that happened there couldn't be held against him even after they returned to the US.

All around them Alexis could hear the vulgar comments of Roger's fraternity brothers. About how good her lips looked kissing a cock, and how much they want a piece of her ass. And every once and a while she would feel one of them 'accidently' rub up against her tight dress, sending shivers down her skin.

And yet, despite doing such a sexual act in front of these men, she didn't dare pull away from Roger's throbbing cock. She would simply do what she always did and jerk him off until he came, giving him kisses now and then to keep him hard. But her boyfriend would always warn her when he was about to cum so that she could catch his slimy jism in a cloth that he always had handy just for this.

This is how most of their dates were, which she believed to be enough for Roger. And this is why Alexis trusted him so much despite their age difference.

Little did she know that he had a long term plan in mind for her from the moment he first picked her up at the mall those many months ago.

Just before 11:00, Victoria arrived as planned and both girls drove off to return to their homes.

About fifteen minutes later Victoria dropped Alexis off at her place and drove on home herself. Alexis used her keys to get inside and walked into the living room where her family was sitting around watching the local newscast.

"How was the movie, dear?" Her mother asked.

"It was fine, Mom," Alexis lied. "Nothing surprising about it, though. It was so predictable."

"I guess if you've seen one Sandra Bullock movie you've them all, eh Sis," her brother Jeff quipped.

"Ha-ha, very funny," Alexis countered as she stuck out her tongue to the 23-year-old. "Well, I'm off to bed, see you all in the morning."

"Now Jeffrey, stop teasing your sister like that," her mother repremanded her eldest son.

"Goodnight, sweetie," her father nodded.

"Goodnight, Daddy," she gave him a peck on the cheek before turning around and head up the stairs toward her bedroom.

"'Night, Sis," Jeremy echoed, though secretly leering at his sister's long legs and tight ass as she swayed her way up the staircase.

Her 21-year-old brother knew that it was wrong to look at his own sister this way, but he just couldn't help it. In all his years he still hadn't met any other girl that could measure up to her well-toned and sleek body. And she didn't help matters with him with those body-hugging dresses that she was always parading around in.

Even now he could feel his dick stiffening under his belly as he lay on the floor watching the TV.

'Damn!' He swore silently. 'Now I'll have to wait till Mom and Pop leave the room before I even dare get up off the floor.'

Jeff was more disciplined than his younger brother. Sure, he thought his baby sister was beautiful, but he also recognized that she was his SISTER, and not some common girl off the street. He just saw her as his sister, end of comment.

Once in the privacy of her own bedroom, Alexis stripped off her dress and put on her sexy lingerie nighty. She always felt so sexy wearing it, even if there was really no one around to admire it on her.

Now that she was ready for bed, she pulled out the erotic novel she hid under her mattress and began reading it. This always got her aroused as she read about the raunchy adventures the heroine found herself in.

She especially enjoyed it when the novels heroine would be captured and raped by her attackers. She found that very erotic and arousing in her young naïve mind.

These chapters would always get her nice and worked up to the point where she would have to relieve herself with her fingers as she read on. She would find herself slipping a finger or two in her virgin pussy and punctuate the goings on in the novel, imagining herself as the helpless heroine being assaulted sexually by men, usually in groups.

So it wasn't rare that she would have to change her sheets the next morning for fear that her mother would notice the stains on them.

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